Harry Reid Nails It: Trump is the ‘Natural Evolution’ of the Republican Party (Video)

The rise of Donald Trump within the Republican party caught many by surprise, but when you really think about – it shouldn’t have. I’ve often referred to him as a live-action version of the comments section of any right-wing blog you can find on the Internet. All Trump has really said throughout his campaign is basically what I’ve heard Republicans all around this country saying for years. So, in a lot of ways, Trump is the perfect candidate.

You won’t find many within the GOP who’ll admit that. In fact, many Republicans have tried playing dumb concerning Trump’s popularity and how he managed to become the candidate who’s going to represent the party this November. With every vile and highly controversial statement, many within the party condemned his views as not “representative of what the party stands for” – yet his popularity continued to grow. At times I laughed at Republicans who were claiming Trump didn’t represent their party’s values as he skyrocketed to absurd popularity and, ultimately, an overwhelming victory in the GOP presidential primary.

Well, on Tuesday Sen. Harry Reid absolutely crushed the Republican party for continuing to try to deny that Trump is a very accurate representation of the values for which their party stands.

“Donald Trump is the natural evolution of a party that spent eight years honing a platform that is anti-immigrant and anti-woman, anti-Obama and anti-working people,” Reid said on the Senate floor.

He then went on to say that Trump sat back and watched how Republicans “embraced the darkest elements of their party” while building his strategy that eventually propelled him to become the party’s nominee. Furthermore, he slammed Republicans for blocking President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, instead choosing to let someone who’s mocked Sen. John McCain as “not a war hero” be the person who decides the balance of power in the highest court in our land.

Then he went after Republican senators (and Republicans in general) who’ve been trying to distance themselves from their party’s nominee.

“Republican senators need to stop waffling about Donald Trump,” Reid stated. “Republican senators need to say whether they’re gonna vote for this guy.”

If you have a few minutes, check out the whole speech below. I wouldn’t call myself the biggest fan of Sen. Harry Reid, but I thought he did a damn fine job laying into Republicans concerning Donald Trump and how many seem to be in denial about the reality that their party has been pandering to some of the worst aspects of our society for years – and it finally has caught up with them.

As I’ve said before, the GOP is no longer the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt or Eisenhower. The nomination of someone like Donald Trump officially marked the end of any hint of that sort of legacy within the Republican party.

Watch Reid’s comments below via C-SPAN:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • BeeBea

    These off brand news media are pitiful with their drama, using descriptions like, destroyed and crushed. The above video/article did nothing to the Republican party and is nothing but one man’s opinion. The Democrats and Republicans have simply burned themselves out.

  • strayaway

    Reid described the Republican platform as “anti-immigrant and anti-woman, anti-Obama and anti-working people.” Well, why would Republicans support the leader of the opposition party? They go along with Obama’s spending, bombings, amnesty, and foreign government overthrows too much as it is.

    Republicans don’t support abortion as much as Democrats if that is what being anti-women is about. The White House pays women 15.8% less then men. Sen. Clinton paid women in her office 72% of what she paid men. “Working women have gotten crushed under the weight of Obama policies. During Barack Obama’s six-and-a-half years in office, women have suffered steeper declines in take-home pay than men have. Women have also experienced sharper declines in employment and a faster rise in poverty.” -Real Clear Politics 10/27/15 Recently, Democrats initiatives directed at women include running men, at least those who feel like women, into women’s shower rooms and voted to subject women to the military draft.

    Harry Reid doesn’t understand that immigration hurts US workers. Ask former Disney employees or unemployed union meat packers or roofers. The Democratic Party has simply prioritized massive immigration over the interests of US workers. Workers understand this. Reagan Democrats, even coal miners, are turning on the Democratic Party. One exit poll claimed that 44% of West Virginians who voted for Bernie, prefer Trump over Hillary. Bernie would be a better Democratic candidate against Trump for that reason.

    • Smarter Than You

      Completely wrong.

      • Gabe98

        Yes, you certainly are !


    If anything, Reid was too kind. There is also a more than forty year history of the ‘southern strategy’, decades of right wing hate radio, and Faux Noise to consider. This couldn’t lead to another Reagan, much less an Eisenhower. Trump, Cruz, and the lesser clowns on the bus are not unexpected outcomes.

    • Gregoryjford2

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  • Gabe98

    Who would believe anything Reid has to say – he confirmed that he lied about Romney on the Senate floor, so Dems could win..