Harry Reid: Ted Cruz Pushed for Government Shutdown to Help His “Run for President”

cruz-reidFollowing the reopening of the government this past week after being shut down for over two weeks, there have been plenty of comments from both sides as to who’s responsible and just what the heck happened.

And while I put the entire blame for this fiasco on the Republican party (when Boehner willfully blocks a vote that would have kept our government open, that’s entirely on the GOP) there is one man who most Americans see as the ring leader behind this whole fiasco.

That parasite man is, of course, Senator Ted Cruz.

He was clearly the leading voice behind the scenes as it relates to this pointless shutdown.

And while many Americans are still scratching their heads as to why this whole shutdown happened to begin with, Harry Reid didn’t pull any punches when discussing why he thought Ted Cruz was so adamant about shutting down our government.  During an interview that will air on Sunday, Reid said, “In an effort to help him run for president, he has done some stuff that’s really damaging to our country.  He has hurt average Americans.”

And Reid is absolutely right.  As I pointed out in this article covering a few of the lives that the shutdown did devastate, many Americans suffered greatly due to this shutdown.

Reid also went on to point out the fact that Cruz has raised a lot of money during his political stunt.

I actually said something similar a few weeks ago in a piece where I wrote that I believe Ted Cruz is using his position as United States Senator as a taxpayer-funded presidential campaign.

And you’re fooling yourself if you don’t believe that is exactly what Cruz is trying to do.  He has spent his extremely short political career staging one political stunt after another, pandering to the tea party, doing everything he can to solidify himself as the face of the GOP.

As this poll even showed, Ted Cruz’s name recognition drastically increased in the weeks leading up to the eventual shutdown of our government.  Unfortunately for Cruz, that poll also showed that the more people got to know him, the more they disliked him.

However, he has accomplished his goal of positioning himself as the “leader of the pack” thus far among potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates.  Which is really what this whole government shutdown was about to begin with.

It was Ted Cruz using our government, and the American people, as tools to further his own political ambitions.

But luckily, as that poll indicated, the more people get to know Ted Cruz—the more they can’t stand him.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Keith

    Ted Cruz doesn’t stand a “snowballs chance in hell” of being elected as the President of the United States of America. Give it up, Teddy, and hike your sorry ass back to Canada. PS: I hope the door slams you in the ass on the way out, asswipe!

    • Cheryl Lynn

      thanks but we don’t want him either … maybe a nice island somewhere in the middle of the ocean where he can’t get off or mingle with the human race

      • Errol

        OK, but leave Australia of of this plan!

      • Cheryl Lynn

        i do believe you have some people in Australia there Errol so no … your island will not do …. it has to be an island that is empty of all but mr. cruz and maybe a few unknown to still be living dodo birds … but then again why would i wish him on defenseless birds … so i guess no dodos either lol

      • KrSpo

        His father was Cuban, send him home! OMG, just realized, he might be the illegitimate love child of Desi Arnez! Baba-looooo

  • Chris

    Can he run if he was born in Canada?

    • Pipercat

      Yes, but he sure can’t hide!

    • Ellen H.

      If his mother was an American citizen at the time, I think he can. However, that argument never worked with birthers.

      • NCB

        I don’t think that he can if he wasn’t born here, and I know republicans who would not vote for him based on that. I never use that argument with birthers because it doesn’t apply to President Obama. He was born here so it doesn’t matter if his parents were citizens or not.

      • Ellen H.

        I know the President was born here, but I bet the tea party people would say he’s a citizen because his mother was one. However, that never worked with them with Obama even though he was born in Hawaii. (maybe they don’t realize it’s part of the country).

    • KrSpo

      No Idea, but did he use their Free Health Care? hmm ?

  • mickey

    still think he should be arrested for impersonating an American

    • gemma liar

      he is simply being a true tea party regressive – lets all call michelle ” no tits” malkin and remind her that she is so anatomically gross we now see WHy she is always so PISSED OFF in her interviews on FOX “news”….she knows we don’t want her skanky body

  • elSurfeador

    Democrats everywhere should change their party affiliation so they can vote for Cruz in the primaries to insure he’s the Presidential nominee.

    • Jim D.

      For sure, that way we know Hilary will be elected. Or anyone but a Republican.

  • gemma liar

    I luv how FOX “news” is osculating with his obligatory meatus,,,,just as they did with pawlenty,,,,Bachmann,,,,trump(UGGH),,,,,santorum,,,,cain,,,,,,perry,,,,,,, this is WHY the tea party scumbag white trash religious shitbags will fail: they are knowing that they bare full of shit; the “candidates” just want to serve a few terms to get wealthy and get that nice LIFETIME pension

  • jeff zimmerman

    I can run for president too…was born in Britain..but by TWO REAL AMERICAN PARENTS not one..so that makes me MORE AMERICAN THAN TED CRUZ…I know i’m smarter than he is..that is for sure…lol

    • dave561496812

      jeff zimmerman 2016. Got my vote.

    • Joshua

      One thing I hear from people who know him, he is not dumb. As much as I hate this vial creature to under estimate him seem foolish

  • doyIII

    The more outrageous his behavior and comments, the more national recognition he gets. That’s all he’s after. He doesn’t care if the press is good or bad, as long as they spell his name right. Luckily, he’s a nutbag and has no chance of winning a national election. Look what happened to Romney, who had all of the Fox News polls showing him to be a winner.