He Did It Again: Boehner Tweets Link Attacking “Obamacare,” Actually Exposes Republican Sabotage of Law

boehner-smileThis guy really should learn how to actually read what he posts on Twitter, because for the second time in less than a week House Speaker Boehner sent out a link on his account which claimed one thing, while exposing another.

This time he tweeted a link to a story from South Carolina which proclaims rates in South Carolina will “rise 50-70%.”  Which the article claims is true—for some.

See, these numbers only cover individuals who get health insurance on their own, instead of through their employer.

It also goes on to say that the hike in premiums is going to vary depending on age, health and a variety of other factors.  It claims that rates could rise as small as 2% or as high as 164%.

Though it doesn’t go into detail as to who might see a 2% hike and who might see 164%.

But here’s where it gets fun.  At the bottom of the article, it gives the link to the Affordable Care Act website and their phone number people can contact to find out more information—such as how much in subsidies they might quality for due to their level of income.

Because as always, when Republicans quote these “drastic hikes in premiums” they never mention that these are rates before subsidies are factored in.

It’s like showing someone the MSRP price of an item, saying that’s how much it costs—except the actual price in the store is much cheaper.

Then, and this is the best part, the very end of the article goes on to show the Republican sabotage of the law.  Their refusal to enroll in a state exchange.

It admits that South Carolina refused to sign up for the state exchange, and of course the state exchange is the real catalyst which makes the whole law valuable to begin with—especially for those who don’t get insurance through their employer.

Of course, South Carolina claims rates wouldn’t be lower even if they had signed up for the exchange.  That’s funny, because states that have signed up for the exchange are revealing premiums much lower than expected.

But, in South Carolina, they’re claiming that premiums wouldn’t be any lower.  Just don’t ask them to prove that, because they can’t.  You’re just going to have to take their word on it.

And therein lies the sabotage many of us have known about for quite some time.  In the states which want the Affordable Care Act to work, it will work.  The states which oppose the law, will find ways to make it not work.

Here’s my “bold” prediction: Almost every state which strongly opposes “Obamacare” will see premiums much higher than before and almost every state which supports the law will report health care premiums lower than expected.

Which, so far, is exactly what you’re seeing.

Many of these Republican controlled states have done all they can to try and sabotage the law, driving up health care premiums, because they don’t want the law to work and are doing all they can to ensure that it doesn’t.  While states like California, New York, Oregon and Washington are all reporting premiums lower than expected because these states have done what they were supposed to do and have allowed the law to work.

And if Boehner had read the rest of the article, that’s exactly what he would have seen.  But in his haste to bash “Obamacare” (which quite frankly, if you look at his Twitter, this man is obsessed with 2 things: “Obamacare” and the Keystone Pipeline) he once again failed to read an article he was sharing.  If he had read it, he would have clearly seen the real reason why health care rates in South Carolina will be going up for many residents.

Which isn’t the Affordable Care Act itself, but the continued efforts by Republicans to blatantly sabotage the law—and leave average Americans paying the price.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • MrWereman

    Bitches running wild man.

  • amandamore

    There is a huge “donut hole” in Florida you could drive a truck through. This makes no sense. Because they refused to take the 6 billion from the feds to fund it if you don’t have a kid you are eligible for health insurance at say 12,000 but you need 16,000 if you have a kid. So now if you are poor you don’t qualify for government help but if you are not poor you do. Crazy? Thank a republican.

  • mikeatle

    My best guess is that when people in South Carolina begin to see what people in California and Massachusetts are paying for health care, they will demand some big changes in Columbia.

    • Pipercat

      You basically just identified the main reason for our bated anticipation for number 41. Once the realities surface, the major fallacy, fear and falsehoods of the anti-ACA argument will become apparent.

    • LydiLouiKats

      You never check or ask a Massachusetts resident how we feel about our health care, do you? We love it! — We are happy to have it. — I guess all the whiners about the cost of health care don’t mind paying for some idiot who’s in the Emergency Department bleeding (who does not pay for health care) to death because they just shot their thumb off with their shot gun (accidentally of course) or took out their eye because they looked into the barrel of a loaded shot gun. Or etc., etc., etc. of course I could go on and on forever! 🙂

      • Diana Reichardt

        For you information, there are people out there who can’t even afford to feed themselves. So I guess if they are injured or sick they should just expire!!! You are one selfish individual. Not everyone is blessed with the good life.

      • Olde_Geek

        For your information those people are covered under Obamacare,UNLESS they live in one of your Republican states.

      • redmjoel

        If you can’t afford to feed yourself due to your income then 1. you can get foodstamps, which will at least subsist you, and 2. you are eligible for Medicare under the expansion, unless your state opted out.

      • Mamie Vanwinkle Guy

        You are eligible for ‘Medicare’? I thought one had to work and pay in, in order to get Medicare.

      • redmjoel

        Pardon me, Medicaid.

      • Erin Krumenacker

        Not everyone is eligible for assistance. In Michigan you literally cannot be working to get any assistance at all. Otherwise you ” make too much to qualify”.

      • redmjoel

        Hence the expansion, which your governor chose not to take.

      • girlcousin

        We’ve got Governor Vaginal Probe Pence here, also. He says he won’t expand Medicare, but there are enough medical industries here, I think he may face some real backlash from not expanding medicaid. Cook Biomed, IU Arnett, Lilly, just to name a few. Plus, if they don’t do the exchanges, maybe United Healthcare and Arnett may not be able to completely monopolize the market. Wahh.

      • C Monroe

        I governor did, it was his fellow repukes in the state house who refuse to do anything about it, regardless how much Snyder begged.

      • girlcousin

        That’s the truth.

      • CarolO

        And thank you to another Republican……….Gov Snyder.

      • girlcousin

        No problem! Plus, you get Medicaid also, whether or not you have worked. Duh. I would imagine you are poor and unable to feed yourself because you are one of the unemployed.

      • girlcousin

        Nope. It’s there for everybody after age 65. Whether you paid into it or not.

      • Donna

        So true. There is a saying, “Someday there will come a time when this country will run out of other people’s money.”

        LydiLouiKats You must live in a nice little bedroom community in our lovely state of Massachusetts. I challenge you to come to a hospital emergency room in any city, big or small in our lovely state. Then you can write a pretty little blog about what you observe during your 8-10 hour wait on “the fast track” to get behind the emergency room doors. Then you get to wait another 2 hours. Massachusetts is a sanctuary state and we looooove Obama. When we shoot with our illegal guns, we usually don’t miss. If we overdose or get caught in the middle of a friendly neighborhood dispute, someone gets hit bad or stabbed…you know. We just pick up our free phone, call an ambulance, that were not going to pay for and ride on over to our personal healthcare system. The waits not great, but hey, it’s free…for us anyway. We’re sure pulling the wool over our politically correct, more affluent friends who we can always count on to do the right thing. Have another baby Mama, we need to populate. The more babies the more checks. Not to worry Massachusetts loooves Obama. We have a right to burn these stupid people…were entitled, we’re poor. Or we can always make it look that way. Way to work the system. Thanks Obama.

      • girlcousin

        Wow. You should move to Indianastan. You would love it here. Plus, everybody sounds like you. Rant rant rant. gummit. Damn guumit. AND everbody’s got guns and they usually hit something. Whether it is what they are aiming at is another thing. And the wait in the emergency room? Maybe if they weren’t the primary care for 10% of the population you could get it. And as far as overpopulating? My repuke sister in law who votes for Mike vaginal probe Pence popped out 7. Plus, you are a Blue state. You get less of your tax money back because we here in the red states keep sucking it up while screaming about the damn gummit. Yeah, you are in the wrong place. Progress and civility are certainly wasted on you there, missy! So come live in Indianstan. Take your shoes off at the border, and make sure you got a bun in the oven (more than half the births here in this boostrap state are paid for with medicaid). We’ll sure to tell the Shiite Christians you are coming.

      • Dee_Lemon

        I’m stealing “Indianastan”!! Perfect description

      • doridori

        Wow.. You should be in someone else’s shoes.. like mine. A broken ankle requiring surgery cost $55,000. Guess what ? No insurance, no property in my name.. so YOU paid for me. thanks.. AND now, until Obamacare kicks in, I go uninsured tho I would love to have it…. because a middle aged woman is considered to have ‘pre-existing condition’ if she has broken a bone! Thanks, insurance a$$hole companies! So I cannot wait to PAY what I can .. and HAVE insurance. I don’t WANT YOU to have to PAY..

      • doridori

        No, you have to qualify for Medicaid by an acceptably low income.. Everyone just doesn’t ‘get it’. BUT if you get old and have to go to a nursing home, you will be begging for Medicaid to please help you because Medicare does not cover any long term care situations.

      • girlcousin

        The original comment was made by someone wondering if you had to have worked and paid into it to receive it.

      • jyoung53559

        not unless you are disabled…..SSI

      • jim

        Except the Republicans are doing everything they can to do away with food stamps because, as they see it, everyone on that program is cheating the taxpayers, even though those who cheat with food stamps constitute about 1% of the people getting them. You know, it’s exactly like voter suppression laws for the almost nonexistent voter fraud “problem.”

      • Connie Perkins Hunt

        Come on, do some reading. Low income people will receive Medicaid. This IS insurance in case you haven’t heard of it. No, not a full 100% of us will qualify for the ACA, but those that don’t qualify will not be penalized for not having insurance.

      • LydiLouiKats

        Yes, that’s the problem, people don’t take the time to read. They just spout what they hear, and copy what their friends say and do. Pretty sad!

      • LydiLouiKats

        Well if you can’t feed yourself, you don’t have to worry about health care, because you are going to die from starvation! — And if and when you do end up in a hospital dying from starving to death, once again those who pay for health care are going to end up paying for your health care while you starve to death dying in a hospital!

      • Lorraine Tucker Mack

        If I were you, I would take your complaint up with your republican representatives. Unless your state is rejecting the ACA, low income families would qualify for the subsidized insurance.
        Let me bring up another point: Our healthcare system (before the ACA) allows insurance companies to deny coverage to those (such as myself — I have a hereditary muscular neuropathy) with pre-exsisting conditions….do you think that’s fair?

      • Dee_Lemon

        I think that is LydiLouiKats’ point. Because of Obamacare, fewer people will die because they get sick or injured.

      • Mase

        I think you have mistaken Lydi’s point.

      • dancer61958

        I live in MA and at least 98% of us now have insurance keeping alot of people out of emergency rooms. My premiums have NOT gone up and our health insurance is great! If people think about it…Obamacare was started with our health care…Romneycare….ask Mitt how great his healthcare worked! He isn’t a democrat!

      • LydiLouiKats

        Well said! 🙂

    • XD

      My best guess is that people in the South can’t read.

      • jyoung53559

        or won’t

    • CarolO

      Mass loves their health insurance. And why they have taken no steps to try to get rid of it.

      • dancer61958

        Not only that…everyone blames the President for it but Romney started it in our state. Last I checked he was Republican and took credit for it too!

  • BigTBone

    Upstate Greenville News called out Haley and said it was foolish to not accept the expansion. People here would benefit tremendously from preventative care. They’d also benefit from knowledge, but they are resistant to both because of the source.

    • janalyce

      I talk about “preventive care” and get a blank stare here in Texas. “That’s going to cost money!” Yes, but treating a cold costs less than treating pneumonia. Treating high blood pressure costs less than dealing with a full-blown stroke. Cholesterol-lowering meds cost less than heart attacks. Treating diabetes costs less than loping off limbs. Teaching healthy eating costs less than obesity. God, I just wish people would THINK. Instead of simply regurgitating what they heard on talk radio each morning!

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Thinking usually requires education. Republicans are against education that makes people think.

      • girlcousin

        What do you expect in a state where people think the emergency room is their primary physician because they don’t have health care.

  • CharlieL

    Everybody is missing a big part of this. HOW will the people of South Carolina ever KNOW that other states are getting lower premiums? From their local news outlets? Nope. From Fox News? Nope. From their “friends” in those states? I doubt they have any. The South is INSULATED from the rest of the country by their state governments, local media and well-bred hate and bigotry. They’ll believe whatever they see in front of them, and that’s about it.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      South Carolina: Too small to be a country, too big to be an asylum.

      • Haterpatrol

        And yet, STILL BAT SHIT CRAZY!

      • Terry Shannon


      • Ken Reed

        South Carolina. Where reality is a liberal plot.

    • Olde_Geek

      They will learn when the federal exchanges start Jan1. Then all those insurance companies will be out in the open as to what a scam they have going.

      • girlcousin

        Actually, I have been notified to sign up now. Open enrollment starts October 1st–even in Indianastan!!

    • disqus_1iBc

      I know how to break through to South Carolinians, “Health exchanges are to HC what gun shows are to guns”.

    • Nancy

      That’s the problem with most of the sheeple who vote for republicans these days. They don’t have all the information because they’re being mislead and indoctrinated. Repubs are deliberately playing on their prejudices and fears to control them because it works. It’s so bad that when a rational person trys to point them to facts or reality, their minds just can’t accept it. Deep down they realize they’ll be ostracized from their circle of friends (and their church) if they don’t conform. For them, it’s much easier to conform than to look at issues objectively. It’s very much like a cult. We may need to start sending some very brave missionaries of science and logic there. I totally honor and respect the progressive thinkers in the south for their perserverance!

      • Mino

        good points and well said, Nancy

      • Dave Brown

        Don’t forget that they are arming themselves!

      • BeNice

        I think that goes both ways. Anything a Repub likes a Dem hates and anything a Dem likes a Repub hates. I’m so tired of being bashed by Dems for this when they are just as bad. I am the only person I know who watches both CNN AND Fox AND AlJezeera to see as many side as possible and decide for myself. Please STOP putting down an entire portion of the population that votes different if you all do the same with following without all the truth! There is no way Dems have it all right nor Repubs! This country is fast turning into a hate machine. AND stop being children and changing the names of the other party to sound offensive. We don’t let our kindergarteners do that why as adults do we do that! Calling someone stupid because they believe different? What is wrong with you all of you. I’m disgusted with what you are all acting like!

      • PitoDaddy

        Excellent summation! I’d like to add that there are also hook, line, and sinker devout GOP/Tea Party followers who live outside of the south and have access to factual information. However, to those people as well, facts are like Kryptonite to Superman. I think that they reject any facts that do not fit inside their ideological box because for them to accept facts as facts would mean that they would then have to take the next leap to
        cognitive awareness. They would have to accept the fact that they have been duped and voting against their own self-interests for years, possibly decades. This is probably where their pride kicks in which causes them to dig in deeper
        on their position.

    • onetokerighteous.com

      have you read ACA? If you did, I bet you can’t interpret it.

      • standbehindtheyellowline

        That’s why we pay $174,000 per Senator to do. And to see it in our best interest.

      • onetokerighteous.com

        The problem is, they did not read it. And couldn’t if they tried.

      • Wicked_mom

        So tell me what legislation can be read by a lay person. I am so sick of this line. Let me explain it so you won’t have to read it. You can have insurance if you have a pre existing condition. If you get sick the insurance company can’t drop you. There are no more lifetime caps.
        Do yourself a favor and stop parroting the empty talking points. It really just shows you can’t think for yourself.

      • memmy

        And your children can stay on your insurance plan until something like 26–At least through college. Enjoying that benefit now.

      • onetokerighteous.com

        I read it dipshit, and continue to read it. I do understand many facets of it.
        You are the one parroting.
        Tell me what section referring to the subsection tells us where there are no longer lifetime caps. Because there are many exceptions to that and I bet you can’t name one.
        But go ahead and continue your spread of ignorance, it seems a catchy fad…

      • Scroff

        See Dick run. Run, Dick! Run!

        ACA is a bit higher reading level

      • Dee_Lemon

        Have you? Or have you looked at the website, dedicated to explaining the ACA? Or do you just listen to what Fox “News” tells you it says? If you only pay attention to sources that scream that it’s soshulizm, you’re not going to understand what it does.

    • jim

      It’s not just the South. I live in Kansas, or as many Kansans now call it, Brownbackistan in honor of our illustrious governor. Governor Brownback has also refused to allow Kansas to participate in the exchange, so we will see the same hike in premiums, and Brownback will sit back and say, “See, I told you Obamacare wouldn’t work.”

      • standbehindtheyellowline

        Yes, but if you live near a border, say Missouri and a lot of the people within 30-40 miles of the state lines work on the opposite side. They will see it and tell it.

      • WellhungHippie

        And yet healthcare is the least of the problems we have with Brownback. He’s really screwing over Kansas in so many ways that it’s going to take decades to recover from. But still Kansas will keep voting in these idiots to govern them.

      • Dee_Lemon

        Indiana too – my fellow citizens have no idea what the law does, but know it’s bad. They WANT the governor to sabotage it, because they don’t understand the benefits it will bring to them.

      • Pamela Jackson

        Same here in Mo. even though we have a democratic governor. The majority republican legislature voted down the medicaid funding, so many folks in need will go without. It’s a damn shame! ! !

  • Vicki Trusselli

    the question that i have is why do certain peeps not want health care and kiss the insurance peeps and the koch brothers ass. what is wrong with getting health care that does not cost and an arm and a leg. these peeps who hate health care are just haters running around quoting the tea bag hags and the haters of the do nothing congress. they want us to all die and especially the baby boomers and want to privatize education and the prisons…wake up people…wake up……

    • redmjoel

      Mostly lack of foresight.

    • Gene

      It’s not that they hate Healthcare.. It’s that they hate the person who signed it into law. I guarantee you that if Bush passed the exact same law… those that hate it would be warmly embracing it.

      • Mino

        well, we saw that w/ Romney in Mass

      • Lulus

        So true look at the Patriot Act who signed it and who is getting flack for it?

    • girlcousin

      I’m pretty irritated that it will take 10% of my income to pay for it. That’s more than I spent on house payments. Hopefully this all does lead to the end of for profit health care and leads to single payer.

      • Sean Jones

        I would be happy with 10%. My wife makes 30K a year, our insurance is just over 6k a year. We pay 20%. Under the ACA that number drops to 1200 a year. Sounds pretty damn good to me.

      • girlcousin

        Well, Duh. You get help with your premium. I don’t. My insurance goes up because we have a for-profit health care. Glad you are only paying 1200, but it bites for me.

    • LydiLouiKats


    • artdude102

      Because those peeps and their re-elections are funded by the kochs and the health care industry. Kaiser Permanente (who abandoned elderly patients on skid row here in LA after soaking them dry of what lttle money they had) called GOP/ big indurstry shill jim DeMint a “true american hero” (vomit) Look up the big money contributors to to DeMint’s election coffers. It’s no wonder as he’s the biggest health industry lap-dog there is.

      • Vicki Trusselli

        i moved from LA in 2003. wow when i had kaiser they were good to me. my doc in the clinic at van nuys even called me at home and would set up an appt when i did not or forgot. those were the days my friends. damn. i really find it disgusting that such big money has taken over our society. my opinion the sociopaths and the murderers have taken over our society. the KOCH brothers and GOP/big industry are sociopaths.

    • doridori

      Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan just snuck off the New Mexico for the posh elitist KOCH BROTHERS secret meeting… so they know WHAT the Kochies want them to say to their constituents while they are at ‘home’ all of August, lol..

  • anamericancynic

    Ba Bye Boehner and gang in 2014…

  • Mamie Vanwinkle Guy

    It is not ‘Republican’ care. It is ‘OBAMA CARE’. Blame that embarrassing piece of scum.

    • Mike Riley

      Mamie Vanwinkle Guy – and we have the final play. When you can contribute nothing intelligent to the discussion, roll out the name calling. You have completley exposed yourself as a shallow thinker, who has nothing to contribute. The thing that is embarrassing is you popping off in an otherwise intelligent conversation.

      • Mamie Vanwinkle Guy

        At least, you got my point. It is ‘OBAMA CARE’. I dare say I am as intelligent as you. I am happy to embarrass you at any time. If you cannot see it is ‘OBAMA CARE’, then you need to ‘deep think’.

      • Greg Weaver

        It *is* Obamacare, and it’s working. Where the Republicans block it, people are paying more money for less coverage. Where people embrace it, costs are going down dramatically and coverage is expanding.

        So if you’re paying more for insurance this year, check to see if your state set up the exchanges. If they didn’t, you can thank your local Republican Legislature.

      • girlcousin

        Oh, greg, she gets it, she’s just throwing her little teabagger tantrum.

      • standbehindtheyellowline

        Yes, she does get it. So do we, that her hate is stronger than her brain. It is sad to see some eat their own young in the name of “God” instead of seeing the light that he has plainly laid out for one. You know like the guy that kept passing up boats and helicopters to be saved from the floods because “his” God was going to save him and when he got to the pearly gates he asked God why didn’t he save him? God’s reply was “I sent you 2 boats and a helicopter!

    • girlcousin

      You’re right about that, Mamie. Using Republican and Care in the same sentence is truly an oxymoron.

  • David Fuller

    Florida’s Republican Congress refused to allow the insurance commissioner to “negotiate lower rates with companies or refuse rates that are too high” under Obamacare. Senate Bill 1842, which among other things, suspended for two years the requirement that insurers get state approval for rates for new plans — such as those that will appear on new marketplaces. Companies would still have to file rate changes with the state. But they are free to act on those changes without the approval of the Insurance Commissioner. Funny how that time table falls right in line with the time that the insurance exchanges go into effect. Florida grants its insurance commissioner a range of powers. He can negotiate lower rates with companies. He can refuse rates that the state determines to be too high. But this law, passed by a republican congress and signed by a republican governor prevents him from doing so. Florida’s U.S. House Democrats say the governor and legislators refused to allow the state insurance commissioner to “negotiate lower rates with companies or refuse rates that are too high.”Unlike many states that had laid groundwork to implement the Affordable Care Act since it became law in 2010, Florida repeatedly refused.

    But with the law upheld by the Supreme Court and President Barack
    Obama back in office, the state had refused federal money to help with the transition. A state Senate committee sought to do as little as possible to meet the law’s requirements.

    • girlcousin

      Actually, as someone not eligible for medicaid, I am in a little better shape being in the federal exchange due to the teabagger mentality in Indianastan. Any exchange Indiana came up with would have two choices–Anthem or United Healthcare. Both really suck.

  • stainpouch

    When these imbeciles finally get it through their thick skulls that their tax dollars are being spent on other states, they will come to their senses–not even Southern Republicans are that stupid. There’s only one drinking bowl in a room full of dogs, and sooner or later they’ll all come around.

    • girlcousin

      So how much do you think it costs to vote down obamacare 40 times?

      • Connie Perkins Hunt

        I think I heard 1 1/2 million each time they vote.

      • doridori

        I wish more people would TALK about how much the House SPENT of our hard earned tax dollars just to .. what? Brag that they ‘tried’? They knew it was an exercise in futility but STIll spent MILLIONS doing it.. INSANITY REIGNS ON THE RIGHT, FOR SURE!

      • stainpouch

        For the Republicans? Everything.

  • Nancy Snead

    i am from n.c where pat mcdingaling is governor of course he is 1 one ofd repugnuts and is refusing obama care he doesnt care about any of us except his pocketbook and his u know what

    • girlcousin

      You watch, The for profit health care industry is not going to let these repukes refuse forever–they will lose too much money. After all the grand standing and d*ck swinging, they will get in line for the money. Look at that idiot Rick Scott–even he caved as soon as he had gotten all the mileage he could out of being a dilettante.

  • girlcousin

    In Indianastan, being the home of Anthem and United Health Care, you can just bet what premiums are going to be here, after our local NPR affiliate, being the steno-pool for the republican pols here, reprinted the 73% increase, just like Todd ‘girls have cooties’ Rokita predicted. In other words, to make that jackass happy, the Dept of Insurance here in the northern most southern state gave a green light to increase premiums. However, if WBAA had looked into the matter, they would have realized the 73% increase is to the teaser rate to singles for about $50.00 a month health insurance going up a whole bunch because it’s crappy health insurance that doesn’t pay any claims, anyway. Under the affordable care act, even my crapola insurance policy has had to pay back a few bucks for annual exams, birth control, and a few other things. cry me a damn river. I have paid in thousands for pretty much worthless coverages, but that was all I could afford, and I can get a bronze policy for a little more than what I am currently paying for a $10,000 deductible (per family member) policy that only covers hospitalization, no doctor bills (apparently I get to pay the attending physician who takes care of me in the hospital myself) and happily took my $7000 a year in premiums and paid out -0- in medical bills year after year. Nice work if you can get it. So, yeah, those good for nothing policies are going to get big increases. Of course, since the insurance lobby wrote the legislation, there is very little cost control (if any) in the legislation. Note–hip replacement in the US-in excess of $100,000. In Belgium the entire procedure, including air fare and rehab and housing cost $13,000. In the US that $13,000 would have bought the replacement hip.

  • Norman Clark

    I followed Johnny Boys Twitter account for a while, and it sure sounds like someone else is doing a lot of the typing for him and without him…..

  • CarolO

    Do you know how many millions were allowed to live alone, without the aid of their children paying for them until they died, due to social security benefits? Republicans hate social security, always have and 75 years later still are trying to get rid of it. There is nothing that they don’t do to make it harder for the poor and the elderly and Affordable Health Care is just one more thing. If this was something that was give huge breaks to the rich, they’d be jumping all over it.

    • standbehindtheyellowline

      Yet, they didn’t mind “borrowing” (in real terms means, stealing) from it! Goofballs, I say!

    • Sean Jones

      they hate it, but none of them turn it down when its their time to collect it.

  • Thanks

    Subsidies…yeah that’ll work

    • standbehindtheyellowline

      I get the biggest kick out of you die hard, hard heads! HAHAHAHAHA

    • Pipercat

      Sure they do, ask corporate America…

  • jollyjeff

    The sad thing is that if the exact same law had been proposed by a Republican president, the Republicans would be all for it. In fact the exact same law was proposed and passed by a Republican Governor–Mitt Romney

  • Designer_Rants

    I was under the impression that if a state refuses to set up an exchange, the fed gov’t will do it for them? That there is just no NOT having an exchange?

  • Gina M. Nardoianni

    This is hardly detrimental ploy on Boehner’s part. People who would follow Boehner’s tweets and give any credence to his B.S. are the type of people who will never read the article, just the byline. And if they did start to read the article, they would never get all the way to the bottom of the page and follow a link for further information that would require deductive reasoning to reach an objective conclusion. They have short attention spans, are not really interested in obtaining knowledge, but rather subsist on memes and glaring headlines that sum up their ignorance as valid proof in as few words as possible.

  • Patricia Houghtalen

    I live in Florida and they have refused all benefits for Floridians leaving us with the worse health care options. Those of us on Medicare are being hurt the least by Scott and the Republican Legislature but nobody in Florida can escape in some area the horrendous effects of this bought and sold Government that we enslaved by. Just look at the Duke Energy (Progress Energy) deal with the Nuclear Plant money they collected from all Floridians who received power through them with an extra charge we have been paying over the past couple of year . Now they announce that they are not going to bother building a new or repairing the old Plant but they are going to keep the billions of dollars collected as a special fund to be used just for that. Since they have scrubbed the project the monies should be returned to customers in billing credits over the next few year but with the blessing of our GOP bosses and some big donation to their Party they have been told by our scam men they can keep our monies. To all you Republicans, your party in Florida is so corrupt it boggles the mind so I guess if you still support them you are mindless.

    • PitoDaddy

      I believe that much of what’s happening with people across the country who continue to vote for the GOP is doing so largely out of their natural and programmed hatred for our president. Many of them are likely glued to their TVs watching FOX News, and listening to right wing brainwash radio all day. Their hatred for the president is stronger than their love for themselves or their families. They would rather be pushed into poverty by white Republicans than be helped by a black president. What’s happening in our country is truly tragic and dangerous. The right wing, sadly, may have even made some on the left to feel that the president’s race has become a liability resulting in unprecedented obstruction that is holding up progress in our country. I’ve noticed over the past few years an uptick in attacks on the president. Had Hillary or Joe Biden been president and had President Obama’s accomplishments, i.e., saving the country from falling into a depression; saving the American auto industry; signing into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law; killing Osama Bin Laden, etc., we probably would have maintained the House in 2010 and 2012, and picked up more seats in the Senate. The president’s race has become a rallying point for working class racist Republicans to vote for the GOP to stop President Obama and the Democrats from helping them improve their lives and that of their families…unf***king believable.

      • Patricia Houghtalen

        I do agree with a good deal of what you say.

  • Mike_Martinez

    Maybe the House needs to put in place a rule against Drunk Tweeting.

  • Dianna Perrotto

    Wow, a few of you know how to make sweeping and pejorative generalizations about the people of the South. Please understand, as you curl your lip at us as a whole, that there are many people in the South who do not accept what is happening here and are doing what they can to affect positive change. Your prejudice is showing and it’s as ugly as anyone else’s.