He Did It Again: Rand Paul Caught Plagiarizing Word for Word in Washington Times Op-Ed

Rand PaulWhen I covered the story about Rachel Maddow calling out Rand Paul’s plagiarism of the Wikipedia page for the movie Gattaca, I didn’t think it was a huge deal—just a little interesting.

To be honest, I was still a little shocked at the outlandish fear-mongering he was perpetuating with his pathetic attempt to link advances in science, paired with abortion, to claim that some day we might try to create some kind of “master human race.”

Then came Senator Paul’s response to Maddow’s story, where he essentially tried to pin the media backlash he had experienced due to his plagiarism on her.  He basically claimed that she had been out to get him for years and this was just another example of her trying to slander his name.  Because, after all, she’s the one who forced him to plagiarize a speech from Wikipedia, right?

He actually went as far as to say he had never “intentionally” plagiarized anything and that her report equated to something of a “duel challenge.”  Alluding to the days where people in disputes sometimes settled them with a “duel to the death.”

But that wasn’t all.  Shortly after his attack on Maddow, another story broke where evidence showed that not only had Paul plagiarized the Wikipedia page of the movie Gattaca, but he had done so with articles written by the Associated Press as well.  The story was accompanied by evidence that surfaced about transcripts vanishing from Paul’s website of speeches he had given in the past.  The removal of these transcripts would obviously make it much harder for anyone who might be investigating the history of Paul’s speeches to pinpoint more plagiarism.

Following that revelation, there was another story about parts of a book he had written being plagiarized.  Honestly, I don’t believe that story was completely accurate because he did give credit in footnotes, he just hadn’t properly cited the Heritage study.  Besides, can we really call Heritage a credible source for anything?  So I basically dismissed that report.

Mind you, these are stories that have broken in just the last week.

Now there’s a whole new report from Buzzfeed about an op-ed Rand Paul wrote for the Washington Times which is filled with blatant plagiarism from an article written a week earlier by Dan Stewart.  But not only was his op-ed plagiarized, he apparently gave testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 16 using the sections he had copied from Stewart’s article and put in his op-ed.

In the original article, Stewart wrote:

It’s the automatic imposition of a minimum number of years in prison for specific crimes — usually related to drugs. By design, mandatory sentencing laws take discretion away from prosecutors and judges so as to impose harsh sentences, regardless of circumstances.

Mandatory sentencing began in the 1970s as a response to a growing drug-and-crime epidemic, and over the decades has put hundreds of thousands of people behind bars for drug possession and sale, and other non-violent crimes. Since mandatory sentencing began, America’s prison population has quadrupled, to 2.4 million. America now jails a higher percentage of its citizens than any other country, including China and Iran, at the staggering cost of $80 billion a year.

Is that a good thing?

Most public officials — including liberals, conservatives, and libertarians — have decided that it’s not. At least 20 states, both red and blue, have reformed their mandatory sentencing laws in some way, and Congress is considering a bipartisan bill that would do the same for federal crimes.

And Paul wrote in his op-ed almost a week later:

Mandatory-minimum sentences automatically impose a minimum number of years in prison for specific crimes — usually related to drugs. By design, mandatory-sentencing laws take discretion away from prosecutors and judges so as to impose harsh sentences, regardless of circumstances.

Since mandatory sentencing began in the 1970s in response to a growing drug-and-crime epidemic, America’s prison population has quadrupled, to 2.4 million. America now jails a higher percentage of its citizens than any other country, including China and Iran, at the staggering cost of $80 billion a year. Drug offenders in the United States spend more time under the criminal justice system’s formal control than drug offenders anywhere else in the world.

Most public officials — liberals, conservatives and libertarians — have decided that mandatory-minimum sentencing is unnecessary. At least 20 states, both red and blue, have reformed their mandatory-sentencing laws in some way, and Congress is considering a bipartisan bill that would do the same for federal crimes.

Hell, not only is the majority of Paul’s section taken from Stewart’s piece word for word, even the punctuation format is exactly the same.  But that’s not all, there’s more.

In another section of the original article, Stewart wrote:

When a friend asked John Horner if he could buy some painkillers, the 46-year-old father of three didn’t see a problem. The Osceola County, Fla., resident had been taking prescribed painkillers for years after losing his eye in an accident, and agreed to sell his friend, “Matt,” four unused bottles. After the pills exchanged hands, Horner discovered that “Matt” was in fact a police informant, and he was charged with dealing drugs. At the advice of his public defender, Horner pleaded guilty, and was later sentenced to the mandatory minimum of 25 years in jail. He will be 72 by the time he is released, and his three young children will have grown up without him. “Matt,” who turned out to have a long history of drug offenses, was more fortunate — he received a reduced sentence of just 18 months after informing on Horner, and is now free.

And from Paul’s op-ed:

John Horner was a 46-year-old father of three when he sold some of his prescription painkillers to a friend. His friend turned out to be a police informant, and he was charged with dealing drugs. Horner pleaded guilty and was later sentenced to the mandatory minimum of 25 years in prison.

John will be 72 years old by the time he is released, and his three young children will have grown up without him. The informant, who had a long history of drug offenses, was more fortunate — he received a reduced sentence of just 18 months, and is now free.

Again, not just nearly identical wording, but even the techniques for which the punctuation is used is identical.  That tells me not only did Rand Paul plagiarize Dan Stewart’s article, he basically copied and pasted it into his own.  And he did so without giving it a single shred of credit by way of a citation or link back to the original source.

Now I know some won’t think this is that big of a deal.  However, with these continued examples emerging where Rand Paul has plagiarized time and time again, along with the fact his website is now deleting past transcripts of many of his speeches, this definitely shows a pattern where Paul has stolen the work done by others and passed it off as his own.

Then when you recall Paul’s comments where he claimed he would never intentionally plagiarize anyone, he’s obviously lying about that as well.

I’ve always said that large indiscretions exhibited by an individual obviously shows signs of other flaws in character.  I mean, that’s just obvious.  But when someone goes so far as to lie this often, and rip off the work of others this blatantly, to me that shows a real deep-seated mental condition that exists within Senator Paul’s head.

And something tells me this is just the start.  The more people keep digging, the worse it’s most likely going to get.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Gary Menten

    A possible explanation for this is that Paul just isn’t capable of thinking on his own. Other people have to do it for him. This is a common problem in the GOP.

  • DrDon

    Drug laws need to be reformed. Good luck with that, Rand Paul.

    • Lavender Pitt

      Since no-one is ever going to take him seriously, I’d back another horse if I were you.

  • Val

    I love that there is an ad for a plagiarism check website in the midst of this article

    • Robert Bergman Jr.

      It’s a targeted ad, you must of looked up “plagiarism”. Clear you browser cache 🙂

      • Don Smith

        No, Robert, it’s on my page too ….. and I did not look up plagiarism

      • Meg

        Don’t be a dick. I also have an ad for a plagiarism-check website, and I didn’t look up “plagiarism.” It’s a targeted ad based on keywords in the article itself.

      • Jeff Mace

        How is he being a dick?

      • college girl

        no, it showed up without any google or looking of any kind. related to the article I suppose, that is how it works now. sadly…. google knows everything

      • darbea

        *must have looked up plagiarism.
        not must of….

      • EvidenceBasedDecisions

        “must have”.

    • jdubhub68

      I have Ad-Block, which is why I don’t see ads, but Google’s spiders crawl anything posted openly online and the algorithm assigns ads by relevancy. Since the article on this page is about plagiarism, it would make sense that “relevant” ads are the same or similar. (I used to write articles for Google AdSense and studied how to make articles more search-friendly.)

    • mscoyote

      Google is like walking down main street having a loud conversation. If you don’t like that, you can use email, or a number of other less sophisticated search engines. Or use your phone. Or code your correspondence. Or get in your car (turn off your cell phone and other locator devices) and have a face to face conversation. It’s just the reality of the world today. Little privacy but increased flow of information so we all know more about what’s happening. All this exchange of information might actually get the world moving in a better direction in spite of the irritations.

  • DAV

    Odds are Paul will simply blame his staff for writing the material and go on his merry way without blame. Unfortunately it is unlikely that the idiot fringe who support him will ever bother to understand the definition of plagiarism.

  • marianna

    Time to go and look at his work in medical school….

    • Dave

      There is already an investigation into that…..and I hope they find something and pull his doctorate.

      • WC Smith

        He owns his own Licensing Board, even though the AMA doesn’t recognize it.

    • mscoyote

      I find more and more of the de-greed people we hire at my corporation these days seem to think that taking credit for someone else’s original work to get ahead is an acceptable part of the game. The rational seems to be that if you don’t have the smarts (read lack of ethics) to politic your work in front of the powers that be you deserve to have it stolen. Consequently, we increasingly have management that really hasn’t a clue how to proceed on their own, but has so totally alienated the people under them that no-one will give them a clue. So goes corporate life and politics In this country. Increasing communty pressure from the internet may turn this around in time. Nothing like public disclosure, as uncomfortable as it is, to catch people up on this behavior.

    • dave

      What medical school? This POS is “Self Certified” and a total academic joke!

  • Nancy M

    Assuming he even writes his own stuff… What a wanker.

    • Geoffrey Feldman

      Even assuming that he doesn’t. it’s got his name on it. It’s not isolated or rare, it’s constant.

  • Lisa B Hawkes

    More evidence that not only are these so-called patriots unethical, but also incapable of original thought…

  • Bruce L Arvidson II

    This takes care of 2 out of the 3 running for the 2016 presidency. Rand Paul will never survive this, Cruz will never be elected since he is Canadian born, has a Cuban father and his father has claimed his son is the 2nd christ. Now if we could show how much of a bully Christie is, then we can eliminate him too.

  • college girl

    I would have been kicked out of my many college English classes, and anything else that required independent thinking and writing if I had plagiarized anything, even one sentence… and he should have his ass kicked out

  • aloryandaneaglet

    this is really not surprising to me at all. i’m sure he did this throughout college too. it seems rather typical of his personality type.

  • Robin Berss Ross

    I can`t say that any of this is surprising.

  • maxiemom

    I wonder how long he’s been doing this. Middle school, perhaps?

  • Tanya Hopper Murrah

    Whenever he speaks without plagerism he sounds like one of those folks that wear aluminum foil on their heads!

  • Matt

    Is this a good time to point out that he created his own medical certification board because he didn’t like the requirements of those that have been responsible for the certification of medical doctors for decades? And that most of the high ranking positions on his self-created board are his relatives? Or that none of the tried and true certification boards recognize him as a medical doctor?


    • Shari D

      It’s a good thing for all of us that he’s not attempting to “practice” that profession then, hmm? I can’t imagine what a debacle that would be. He’d be blaming his office staff for his constant malpractice, assuming of course that he could find any patients to begin with. Oh yeah ~ anyone stupid enough to vote for him are probably the only ones…

    • Ms Cynthia K Dalton

      All you have to have to be a medical doctor is a degree and a license to practice. Specialty boards do testing for competance in a specialized area of medicine (pediatrics, oncology, cardiology, for example). So he is recognized as a physician, but not as a qualified opthmologist.
      Creating his own board and stocking it with his relatives, many of whom are not physicians, seems an gross overeaction to the board requirements for contcation to me.

  • Shari D

    I don’t believe for one second that any of this is his “first time” doing it. It’s just the first time it’s been brought out into the open and exposed to the rest of the world. And I also strongly suspect that at his age, he didn’t just start doing it recently either. This sort of behavior generally starts young, because if he had been able to think for himself before this (and that’s a big IF) why would he suddenly stop now and start copying other people’s work as his own? His pitiful attempts to blame others for it just falls in line with his other blatant character flaws that have already been so apparent from the beginning.

    • mscoyote

      The sad part is, that if he realized it, he would look much more widely read and informed if he did acknowledge quotes and made it obvious he had various sources instead of acting like he was god and knows everything on his own.

  • strayaway

    Rachel has also been accused of being a plagiarist. Where was Rachel, by the way, when Rand Paul led to fight to restrict Obama’s usage of drones on Americans in the US, when the rollout of the (un)ACA so dramatically failed amidst cronyism, or as the NSA spying activities on Americans is revealed? Now we know. She was making a case that Rand Paul quoted something from wikipedia. Calling it “plagiarism” makes it bad. Thanks Rachel. Too bad you are also accused of plagiarism. Sheeple: look, look Rand Paul quoted wikipedia. Haha

    • Robert Cook

      It’s not the fact that he quoted wikipedia – it’s the fact he did so and claimed it was his own words, which they were not. Further, the reason this is being brought to light is the fact that he quoted a movie synopsis as a valid argument against abortion and genetic engineering, but never stated he was using a movie as a point in his argument. He acted like he’d consulted with folks on the matter and were bringing their findings to light. If he wasn’t doing wrong, why would he pull his prior speeches? Simple, because that means things could be traced back and proven, and nobody likes being proven wrong.

      • strayaway

        Right. He quoted wikipedia which apparently is a huge deal to fellow “plagiarist” Rachel Maddow. Yawn, I think its time to crank up the computer to find out what’s in the news. Hey, President Obama yesterday claimed that he said something he didn’t despite 23 or more pieces of video evidence proving otherwise. Democrats should believe his lie about his lies. Lying President on one channel. Rachel all upset about Rand Paul lip syncing a Wikipedia opinion on another. Hmm, better go with the “plagiarism” story if it is more compatible with one’s beliefs.

      • Kismet

        What, exactly, has Rachel Maddow plagiarized? Please provide actual evidence before you defame people’s character.

      • strayaway

        I’m not an investigative reporter but I answered your question on the related thread with direction to links when someone else had your response. It wasn’t me that defamed her character such as it is. it was the fellow whose blog had been ripped off that made the charge and he was a Rachel Maddow fan.

      • darbea

        You have answered nothing. There are no links. You have provided no proof that Maddow is a plagiarist. You are, on your best day, a moronic troll.

      • strayaway

        Since you are the third person in a row too lazy to do your own Google search or even refer to an earlier thread where i had to respond to similarly lazy people, I will provide you with some intellectual welfare. Think of this offering as charity.

        I posted this yesterday. “I accept your challenge. Not only is Rachel also a plagiarist; she is a serial plagiarist and hypocrite.

        “The plagiarism in question involves a comparison Rodgers made between the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 with the often-forgot about 1979 Ixtoc I oil spill in the same area. The liberal blogger noted that “the oil industry hasn’t advanced their methods of plugging holes in the ocean floor or cleaning up their messes.”

        Rodgers then became perturbed upon seeing his own unique angle being copied on Maddow’s program: “I’m sitting there Wednesday evening watching MSNBC and there is Rachel Maddow…TELLING THE SAME DAMN STORY!!”

        Rodgers complained, “she stole my scoop of a lifetime and now it’s plastered all over MSNBC with Rachel getting all the credit. Granted, the segment she did Wednesday night covered more ground and was more professional than my little feature, but then she has more resources at her disposal than I do.”-

        Another blogger made a similar allegation against Maddow just this month. In a post titled “A Remarkable Coincidence,” an anonymous poster writes:

        A friend of mine emailed me a link to a short video from the Rachel Maddow Show. He had just read my previous piece on the debt crisis, entitled “Nantucket Sleigh Ride.” Several days after I posted, Maddow and Co. had created a little skit about the debt crisis using an obscure metaphor from the days of whaling: the so-called “Nantucket Sleigh Ride.”
        -from rareDOTcom

        The original Rodger’s piece, containing more detail, is titled “Rachel Maddow Plagiarized my Blog” and can be found at openDOTsalonDOTblog “

      • Pipercat

        rareDOTcom, describes itself as this:

        “We’ve been on the scene under the Rare name for 25 years, and as Ultimate our legacy stretches back further still.

        Established in 1985 to focus on the expanding console market, we partnered with Nintendo and sealed a reputation for quality with titles ranging from Donkey Kong Country to GoldenEye.

        The acquisition of Rare by Microsoft Game Studios came about in 2002. We went on to support the Xbox 360 debut with two of the three launch games, Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero. Subsequent years saw us innovate with Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, the Viva Piñata franchise and our pioneering work on Xbox 360 Avatars.

        We continue to target top-tier development at our custom-built rural HQ in the English Midlands. The boundless opportunities afforded by Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor are our current source of inspiration,
        with the multi-million selling, double BAFTA-winning duo of Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports: Season Two already under our belts.

        His fallacious Condescensioness meant to cite:


        Cox Media’s incantation of Breitbart, Blaze and the like. Once you read the “article” and take into account of our fearless commenter, Also, it’s:

        openDOTsalonDOTcom /blog /michael_rodgers/2010/05/27 /rachel_maddow_plagiarized_my_blog

        First thing you notice about Mr. Rodgers, he has no idea what the word Plagiarize, means…

        Which of course begs this question: Just whom is in need of the “Intellectual Welfare” so proudly proclaimed!

      • strayaway

        Pipercat, Thank you for for correcting the one address and ultimately verifying what I said about Rachel Maddow being a hypocrite and serial plagiarist. Sorry you didn’t like the source, or Mr. Rodgers definition of plagiarize (Rachel running with his story as if it were her own) but did you really expect the DNC or Rachel herself to bring this to our attention?

      • Pipercat

        Do you ever make an argument that isn’t fallacious and so full of holes that it wouldn’t make Aristotle giggle and Swiss cheese envious?

      • strayaway

        Pipercat, You are in denial because your research proved what i was claiming. I think I like you. At least you aren’t so lazy as these others. I consider it normal for liberals to attack the messenger because the messenger, openDOTsalonDOTblog, is to much like Breitbart or whatever. So I don’t hold that against you very much. This is so much fun having a plagiarist journalist taking on Rand Paul for reading out of open sourced wikipedia while the President lies about his lies and keeps a strait face.

      • Pipercat

        You see, Stray old bean, to commit plagiarism, one must do more than have a perception of stealing an idea; no, one must take the words from one person and claim them as their own. In this case, Rodgers was semi-satirical in his subsequent blog post; moreover, when you read his original piece and compare it to the Maddow segment, there is no word for word plagiarism. Furthermore, it’s quite a stretch to claim that the Maddow show couldn’t have come up with the same conclusion, just like Rodgers, that Macondo wasn’t the first deep water spill to happen in the Gulf of Mexico. All one can do is put this Boolean string into Google:

        gulf of mexico oil spills history

        Go down to number four and five and look at how easy it is to come up with the spill in question. Then see how easy it is to come to the same conclusion using things like facts and recorded history.

        Oh, and sorry big fella, I’m married…

      • strayaway

        How about stealing Mr. Rodgers work and presenting it as her own? That is the essence of plagiarism and disreputable journalism.

      • Pipercat

        Wrong sorry, you don’t get the car, the trip to Las Vegas and the subscription of Popular Fallacy Magazine. These are Rodgers last two paragraphs in his semi-satire piece:

        “Anyway, I suppose it’s possible that I wasn’t plagiarized and that someone on Rachel’s research team cracked the code and may have done a Google for “oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico” just like I did and found the same information. It could have happened that way.

        But, in the long run I think I would rather believe that Rachel secretly reads my blog. Maybe I’ll skip the fifteen minutes of fame and just hold on to that thought for a while.”

        Nobody, especially you, have proved anything other than how to jump to conclusions after a simple google search. And really dude:

        “If a Google search is too much for you then look through this list and you will find it except Pipercat says one of my links had the wrong address and suggests that what Rachel did was closer to intellectual theft than word for word plagiarism.”

        A double whammy of a false attribution and a straw man to bale out your sunk ship. Really pathetic, even for your usual subterranean standards…

      • strayaway

        Good point about “I suppose it’s possible that I wasn’t plagiarized…” but you have to read a bit more carefully.

        However, Mr. Rogers also wrote, ““I’m sitting there Wednesday evening watching MSNBC and there is Rachel Maddow…TELLING THE SAME DAMN STORY!!”

        Rodgers complained, “she stole my scoop of a lifetime and now it’s plastered all over MSNBC with Rachel getting all the credit. .”

        That’s Mr. Roger’s claim, not mine. But then, as you point out, maybe Mr. Rogers was being semi-satiricle.

        Mr. Rogers apparently covered the story first. Mr. Rogers wrote that she “stole his scoop”. Wasn’t it you that was pointing out that this wasn’t actually plagiarism because it wasn’t word for word copying? Mr. Rogers does say 1) she stole and 2)supposed it possible that she didn’t plagiarize. Those two statements are compatible although I’ll hold that using someone’s work (“she stole”) is the essence of copying words. No it’s worse, if she did, but not nearly as bad as having a President lie about his lies.

      • darbea

        How many languages besides English, and how many times here does it take for you to understand that what she did is not plagiarism? Are you really so frigging dense? A real man, which you obviously aren’t, would admit his error and move on.
        I’m sorry you have such a tiny dick, but you have to accept your shortcomings, and learn how to best use them.

      • strayaway

        Are you projecting or do you think that sexual humiliation barbs increase your status in the progressive community ?

        So let me get this straight. Mr Rogers said she stole something and added that maybe Rachel did parallel research after he printed the scoop of his lifetime. Thats’s not either stealing or the lifting of someone’s ideas? It must not be plagiarism if ideas aren’t lifted word for word. When President Obama made 23 recorded promises that we could keep our insurance to sell his plan and then says after the fact that what he meant was that we could all keep our plans if they met his added criteria. You are at least consistent. In your mind, Mr. Rogers really didn’t mean that Rachel “stole”the scoop of his lifetime. and presumably when the President didn’t really mean that we could keep our plans the 23 times he was recorded saying that. I’m thinking about all the possibilities, like in your world, if we could all just say things and make promises we don’t mean.

      • Pipercat

        … and ends with the usual false equivalency.

      • darbea

        Strayaway: you need to look up the definition of “plagiarism”. You got it wrong. Very wrong.

      • strayaway

        “Theft’ might work better.

    • Carolyn Gollaher Holloway

      First, the only thing that has failed on the ACA is the launch of the website, people are still getting insurance through the ACA and the website will be fixed completely soon. Not to mention that the failure of the website was a major story on EVERY news channel, including MSNBC. They also covered drones; relentlessly. The NSA spying activities have also been a major story and I am guessing you are talking about Paul’s filibuster? That was covered as well. The fact is both the drones and the NSA spying are pre-Obama and although NO liberal is happy they are still occurring at the same or increased rate we do wonder where all that condemnation was when these programs began?

      • strayaway

        Yes, I was referring to Paul’s filibuster. It was what swung the Senate around to at lest put some restrictions on drone spying on US citizens and related 4th Amendment concerns. There haven’t been many successful attempts at slowing down the growth of the national police state coming out of the Senate. Senator Paul led that charge although Democratic senators Wyden and Udall should also be given credit for their support on these issues. They aren’t going after Bush. This is happening now under Obama even if you listed off similar affronts to the 4th Amendment going back to Reagan or Roosevelt or Lincoln. Paul is leading the fight now against this abrogation of our rights unlike most Democrats and Republicans more favored by Rachel Maddow.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        y’ mean the american law/right to abortion?( fed law in case U forgot) I do hope U enjoy the delightful atrophying of the now hated tea (bag) party. SEE: Cuccinelli

      • strayaway

        I support the legal right of women to kill their fetuses. Did I suggest otherwise? I guess you decided to not address all that other civil liberty stuff championed by Paul.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        why are U wasting time on some small dicked–and smaller brained– regressive white trash crybaby such as strayaway??? he is wearing a HANNITY T-shirt as he types

    • regressive rightwing trash

      Rachel is NOT running for a position in politics– so comparing the two is akin to comparing drone strikes ( which absoluuuutely eviscerate Taliban and al Qaeda hierarchy) with out killing US soldiers to GW BUSH sending thousands ( THOUSANDS) of our brave military to death and disfiguration. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE CHANGE strayaways DIAPERS???

      • strayaway

        Plagiarizing journalists of course are a credit to their profession. Drone strikes not only kill bad guys, they have a habit of taking out a lot of “collateral damage” children. The President has even joked about killing people.

        ” It seems that President Obama is very much aware of the effects of his drone campaign, as he reportedly told aides he’s “really good at killing people.”

        The quote comes from a new book called “Double Down,” by journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, which chronicles the inside story of the 2012 election. The Washington Post was the first outlet to expose the quote in its review of the book.” -rtDOTcom

        Don’t forget to add that President Obama kept our troops in Iraq until a month before he had to take them out under Iraqi law and that 73+% of US troops who have died in Afghanistan died under Obama.

        What exactly are we still in Afghanistan for and still bombing Pakistan for anyway? You didn’t mention the reason.

        No comment re your fecal fetish.

    • Barbara Leary

      If you produce actual proof that Maddow is also guilty, then I’ll believe it. However, I’m a high school teacher and “he did it too” doesn’t fly as an excuse of cheating.

      • strayaway

        I’m not an investigative reporter but I answered your question on the related thread with direction to links when someone else had your response.

    • Ms Cynthia K Dalton

      I would like to see evidence that Ms.Maddow committed plagerism. Otherwise you are just repeating gossip

      • strayaway

        If a Google search is too much for you then look through this list and you will find it except Pipercat says one of my links had the wrong address and suggests that what Rachel did was closer to intellectual theft than word for word plagiarism.

  • Dave

    Maybe he’s a Manchurian Candidate….he can go look that movie plot up on Wikipedia.

  • Dennis Baxter

    Rand Paul is proof that the “Peter Principle” is alive and well.

  • You silly liberal Obama sycophants. Paul has some great viewpoints on removing mandatory minimum sentencing, something you lefties purportedly agreed with at one point before your Messiah ascended to the Presidency. And of course he shouldn’t be plagiarizing, he’s a literate enough speaker to come up with his own words. But it’s like liberals to be more concerned about the symbolism of the GOP than the substance of the actual topic he’s expounding upon. Meanwhile, your demigod has raided MMJ dispensaries at twice the rate of the evil Bush, never closed Gitmo, never reined in the NSA, and escalates drone strikes at a frightening pace. Take off your rose colored glasses, or better yet, extricate your cranium from your rectum.

    • harry

      Hey teatard. Run along, your fox news talking point cliches have expired.

    • regressive rightwing trash

      billlllleeeeeeebobbbb white trash regressive!!! nice to have your typical crybaby rant to “balance” the liberals on this thread. NOTE: unlike the rightwing scum preceding OBAMA- the drones totally F*CK up the Taliban and al Qaeda ministry without killing usa soldiers( which I guess all of U rightwing charletans do not care about) Our so-called ” messiah” or “anointed one ” ( SEE: crybaby Hannity) is just getting the progress started in our great country! Hope U enjoy crying about 8 yrs of Hillary which will have FOX “news” pissing all over themselves. Lets all hear it for billybobb white trash!! he is gonna go complain about Benghazi and abortion today !!

    • Ms Cynthia K Dalton

      Please stay on topic

  • Dan

    I love the fact that Paul is considered the “intellectual” of the Tea Party/Libertarian movement, when both his ideas and the expression of them are stolen from others.

    • regressive rightwing trash

      I believe the word is “ineffectual” not “intellectual”

    • $71171541

      No libertarian embraces Paul. Misinformed statement.

      • Loraine_in_NY

        There seem to be quite a few who do if you do a google search.

      • YouKnowMe

        Of course, rats always desert a sinking ship.

  • Ann-Marie Heschle

    I an sure his father is so very proud of him!

  • AGTW

    Plagiarism IS a big deal; it’s stealing.

    • $71171541

      So is taxation. You guys love that though.

      • Kismet

        So, I guess you’d like to start paying for your own roads to be paved, then? And for the police and the fire dept to be privatized? … Don’t for a second compare plagiarism to paying one’s dues.

      • $71171541

        I absolutely would. There would be competition to drive down prices. People that take their jobs seriously because they don’t have the protection of the state, etc… Private beats public every day.

      • YouKnowMe

        Anything can happen in Teabertarian Disneyland. You can imagine any damn thing you want. Why, in your Teabertarian jackoff fantasies, you build the whole road yourself. That’s why Teabertarians and Dribbletarians love it: it has NO counterpart in the real world, so it can mean whatever they want.

      • midwstgirl

        what are you going to do build competing roads side by side? think about your ridiculous statement. Most roads are bid out in my state – thus getting the best price. With large infrastructure it is not feasible to building “competing” roads. Have a brain.

      • $71171541

        Lol. Just like a tolerant progressive. Telling me what to do. Wanna know what you can do?.

      • DC

        You don’t have to be taxed if you are Amish and don’t use the roads, bridges, army or Soc. Sec that taxes built. Go.

      • darbea

        Amish pay taxes just like everyone else.

      • DC

        Here they hold a relief fund dinner. You buy a plate and they use the money to pay their property taxes. I know they would be subject to income taxes but they are not claiming any….

      • YouKnowMe

        So go live with them, whiner.

      • YouKnowMe

        We’ve heard from the babypants Teabertarian whiner. You need a change, bitsy.

  • regressive rightwing trash

    hey liberals,,,,,,its PK because he is a CHRISTIAN– remember the Christian mantra: U can do ANYTHING as long as U “sincerely” apologize to “JEEEEESUS” and lo and behold: U are a forgiven sinner and heading to “heaven” once again!!! PRAISE JEEEESUS and please now tithe in that tax-free hoiuse of superstition

    • Ms Cynthia K Dalton

      That is definitely not what I was taught in Sunday school

  • $71171541

    I’m a bit confused here. This is a cause progressives would normally back and you’re worried about proper sourcing?

  • Jeremiah

    In a duel of whits with Maddow, she’s be challenging an unarmed opponent.

    • Ms Cynthia K Dalton

      It’s wits, not whits but I agree with your statement

  • JTaylor184

    And the reality is that college and university students can be expelled for this kind of behavior.

  • brett23

    Geez, all I can think of after reading that is how in the hell can a dude get 25 yrs for selling some painkillers to what he thought was a friend in need? Wow.

  • theabby

    The great pretender!!

  • Scott Davis

    Broke too early. Would have been devastating had he been the 2016 nominee. This finishes him as a presidential contender. We’ll see if he continues to hold his seat.

  • NotoLepage

    One wonders how much of this article will appear in Sen. Paul’s next book.

  • Warner W. Johnston

    On the book, the report I saw was that he gave general credit in chapter endnotes, and did not specify exactly what came from exactly where.

    Now I was taught in 10th and 11th grade that quotes from elsewhere

    “were in quotes, were indented – fill to try and get this to a
    second line – and were tabbed in on both ends. I hope this
    survives the posting. Now, and then in printing we would change
    the face or the font, but I can’t here’

    -pretend quote from the Rancidization of Rand, 2013

    • Warner W. Johnston

      Indentation did not survive

  • Kevzplace

    With this kind of track record and no law degree, or any other formal experience with drafting legislation, it is very likely any amendments proposed by Paul are written by ALEC, or some other Koch financed drones.

  • Renee O’Sully

    Impeach his ass

  • Dennis Meinert

    I’m a computer geek, and I use a compare program to check for changes between two different versions of a program. It’s a quick way to see exactly what changed. Just for grins I ran one of Rand Paul’s quotes thru my compare. Not too much changed; my screen looked REALLY green (no changes.) I wonder how many original thoughts he has?

  • Dick Marti

    Didn’t Dan Stewart know that Rand Paul was plagiarizing him?