Here are 7 Words and Phrases Republicans Should No Longer Use to Describe Themselves

Since Donald Trump has ridiculously banned the CDC from using seven different words and phrases (you can check out that list here), I decided to come up with a list of seven words and phrases Republicans should no longer use to describe themselves.

While I know some of you are likely thinking, “There are far more than seven,” I agree. However, in the nature of mocking Trump’s ignorance in banning the CDC from using seven different words and phrases, I wanted to limit this to that same number.

Let’s begin!

1. Christian: While it’s been my belief that Republicans haven’t had the right to call themselves Christians for quite some time, after electing a self-admitted sexual predator and adulterer on his third marriage with five children from three different women, then embracing and supporting a credibly accused child molester, for Republicans to claim that they’re “the party of Christian values” is completely ridiculous.

But yes, tell me more about how Jesus Christ would be a gun-loving, anti-immigrant, poor-hating advocate for unregulated capitalism and greed, who felt it was acceptable to hoard wealth and discriminate against people based on his teachings.

2. Fiscally conservative: Another phrase Republicans have called themselves that doesn’t make much sense. The GOP hasn’t had a president from their party balance the budget since the 1950’s, with Ronald Reagan, the “conservative icon,” nearly tripling the national debt during his eight years in office, Now with their latest tax bill projected to add trillions more to the debt, it’s even more absurd that Republicans try to claim that they care about being fiscally responsible or that they’re in any way “fiscally conservative.” The truth is, the only time Republicans pretend to care about deficits or the national debt — is when a Democrat is in office.

3. Patriotic: The Republican Party currently has as its “president” a man who claims to be “America first,” yet has repeatedly criticized and slandered the integrity of U.S. intelligence agencies, including very personal attacks against the ethical behavior of the FBI and Robert Mueller, a decorated war veteran who dedicated most of his life to serving this country — all while frequently praising and defending a Russian tyrant in Vladimir Putin, a quasi-dictator who ordered a cyber attack against the United States aimed at trying to undermine our democracy. You lose all right to call yourself “patriotic” when you trust the word of a Russian dictator who hates this country and wants to see us weakened over our own U.S. intelligence agencies that are telling you he ordered a sophisticated and multifaceted cyber attack against us.

4. We respect our military and veterans:

I like people who weren’t captured.” — Donald Trump claiming that Sen. John McCain isn’t a war hero because he was captured during Vietnam.

That statement in and of itself is enough to disqualify Republicans as people who actually respect our military and veterans.

Except, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Trump’s blatant disrespect for our military and veterans. In just over two years he’s:

  • Used raising money for veterans groups to shield himself from criticism for skipping a GOP primary debate because Fox News wouldn’t give in to his demands.
  • Spent months lying about how much money he had raised for veterans groups until the media called him out about it.
  • Attacked Gold Star parents.
  • Stood in front of a memorial meant to honor CIA agents who had died in the line of duty and proceeded to brag about himself and his electoral college victory.
  • Signed an order banning transgender Americans from being able to serve in the military.
  • Lied about calling the families of every solider who had died since he was sworn into office.
  • Told a Gold Star father that he was going to send him a $25,000 check — only to never send it until after the media reported the fact he never sent the check.
  • Didn’t mention a single word about four soldiers who were killed in Niger until the media finally called him out for not saying anything, nearly two weeks after the attack.
  • Said to the widow of one of the soldiers killed during that attack that, “He knew what he signed up for.”
  • Repeatedly called that same Gold Star widow a liar for publicly confirming that he did, indeed, say that to her after he initially denied making that remark, as well as stating that he didn’t even know her husband’s name.

This is also the same party that, during a 2012 GOP presidential debate, saw audience members boo a solider serving in Iraq because he was gay — and not a single candidate on stage said a single word to condemn the shameful showing of disrespect.

Yet with all those examples, Republicans still have the gall to claim that they respect our military and veterans.

It’s disgusting.

5. Anti-Politically Correct: While I’ll be the first to admit that the far-left can be ridiculously “PC” on a lot of things, many conservatives are far more whiny than the “PC” liberals they like to call “snowflakes.” Especially Trump supporters who are some of the most easily-triggered, insecure, and sensitive folks I’ve ever dealt with. Saying the slightest negative thing about him, even if it’s just quoting him verbatim, can send them into fits of rage. I’ve had plenty of political debates throughout my life, but I never lost friends over politics until Trump came along. Since then I’ve been blocked by several people who I had known for years simply because I pointed out something factual about him.

And we don’t even really need to get too much into the reactions some of these same people have shown to gay people getting married, or wanting to order a cake for their wedding.

While conservatives like to present themselves as “strong, anti-PC Americans,” as we’ve seen over the last few years, the exact opposite is true. They’re often weak, insecure, and frequently even more “whiny” and “triggered” than any of the so-called “sensitive snowflakes” they like to mock on the left.

6. Pro-life: Aside from using the issue of abortion to manipulate people into voting against their own interests, there’s no other aspect to the GOP where they can claim they’re “pro-life.” They frequently cut programs that help provide essential benefits (such as food and health care) for the poor; are huge proponents of the death penalty; oppose providing every American with access to health care; refuse to do anything about our nation’s rampant gun violence problem that claims thousands of American lives every year; all while attacking programs and organizations that help provide access to birth control — which helps lead to more unplanned pregnancies, the leading cause for abortions! 

Again, the only thing “pro-life” about Republicans is a social/religious issue they’ve realized they can use to manipulate gullible people into voting against their own interests.

7. Family Values: Similar to #1, you don’t get to claim you care about “family values” when you defend and support sexual predators, adulterers, and child molesters. Though I think it’s important to remind everyone that this is a party that:

  • Has a former speaker of the house who was found guilty of sexually abusing teen boys.
  • Currently has a member of Congress who used taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment case.
  • Had two married anti-gay members blame homosexuals for their affairs.
  • Had a staunch anti-LGBT lawmaker in Ohio resign after getting caught having an affair with a man.
  • Had a representative from Arizona ask his staffers if they would have sex with him and bear his child as a surrogate.
  • Had a member of Congress urge a woman he was having an affair with to get an abortion. –and–
  • Had another current member of Congress (who’s running again) urge his ex-wife and mistress to have abortions.

The list goes on and on.

I’m not saying that Democrats haven’t had any similar issues among their ranks over the years. But then again, Democrats don’t present themselves as some “morally superior Christian party focused on traditional family values” that vilifies homosexuals and transgender Americans as “sexual deviants trying to ruin the sanctity of marriage and wholesome family morals.”

Much like abortion, these Republican frauds and hypocrites have realized they can manipulate millions of Americans by preying on ignorance, fear, and bigotry against the LGBT community, while being nothing more than hypocrites who cheat on wives, have affairs with homosexuals, molest children, and sexually assault and/or harass women. All while claiming they’re morally superior to Democrats and they give a damn about “family values.”

Again, this list could have been much longer, but I wanted to keep it limited to just seven to mock the absurdity of Donald Trump’s ban on the CDC using several words and phrases.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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