Here are the 5 Main Types of Donald Trump Supporters

While the media spent the last year playing dumb as it relates to the rise of Donald Trump, many of us should have seen this coming. Most people (myself included) initially mocked the idea of Trump running for president, but we really shouldn’t have. As I said months ago, the truth is, Trump might have been the perfect Republican candidate.

To understand Trump’s rise you really have to realize who’s supporting him. So I thought I’d list five of the main types of Donald Trump supporters I’ve dealt with since he launched his campaign.

1. Angry white people: This one is obvious. While not all of his supporters are white – most are. I’ve dealt with many Trump supporters over the last few months and they are probably some of the most hostile and vile people I’ve encountered. These are people who feel good when those they oppose are miserable, in pain or suffering. They’re also typically the people who claim they’re not racist – but most definitely would prefer to live in a “whites-only” country.

2. Uneducated people: If there’s one demographic with which Trump excels, it’s the least educated among us. While I’m not saying an education is the only standard by which intelligence is measured, it is telling that a good chunk of Trump supporters are those with a high school diploma or less. So it shouldn’t be at all surprising that one of his weakest demographics is people with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

3. Racists and bigots: These are the angry white people from #1 who don’t hide the fact that they openly loathe people who don’t look like them. These are the folks who see groups of people like Muslims, African Americans, Mexicans, immigrants and basically anyone who isn’t a straight, white Christian like second-class human beings who don’t deserve respect. These are typically the people who blame everything that’s wrong with this country on someone of color.

4. Paranoid people who think America is no longer “America”: These are the people who typically say things like “we’re losing this country” or believe in Trump’s rhetoric about the United States no longer being great. These folks are not new to society. Pretty much every generation has that section of the population who always believes that the “country is changing for the worse.” You can research back decades and this is typically the battle cry of those who are always on the wrong side of history.

5. Fools who believe anything as long as it’s what they want to hear: Let’s be honest, this group is not exclusive to just Trump – or Republicans, for that matter. These types of people are found within any group of supporters. That being said, you have to be willfully ignorant to believe the nonsense Trump sells. I have never seen an instance of a candidate who literally just makes stuff up on the fly that his supporters never question. In fact, even after his massive 9/11 lie about seeing “thousands and thousands” of Muslims cheering in the streets of New Jersey, you began to see people claiming they saw the same thing – even though it literally never happened.

Hell, this is the same guy who got thousands of his supporters to fall for a tweet he sent out saying former Republican Senator Tom Coburn called Ted Cruz “one of the most dishonest people in DC” – when it was really me who said that about Cruz, not Tom Coburn. You seriously can’t make this shit up.

Many of his supporters are so devoid of reality, and so incredibly enamored with everything he says, that the only “truth” to them is what comes out of his mouth (or gets posted onto his twitter – often these are one in the same). When he says ridiculous things like unemployment is really at 42 percent (a statement that’s not based on any reality known to sane people) – they believe it. Why? Because he said it and that’s what they want to hear.

While there are obviously more (and many of his supporters fall into more than one of these categories), these are the main groups I encounter. I gave up trying to debate them months ago. It just wasn’t worth wasting my time. You can’t convince people that something is factual or real when they simply don’t believe in facts or reality.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • rejectrepublicanlies

    Trump would be an unmitigated disaster for this country. Come to think of it, any Republican would be.

    • Dorothygraynor

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    • Dorthyepeeler2

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  • strayaway

    The following quote addresses smarmy point number 2; “uneducated people”. Trump says he appreciates and said thank you the support given to him by such people. He also received the highest percentage of support from college educated people in Nevada.

    “The machine, (is) the obscenely money-mad and soulless juggernaut that the Democratic Party has become. Perhaps there was a time, during the Hubert Humphrey era, when Democrats could claim to be populists, alive to the needs and concerns of working-class people. But the party has become the playground of white, upper-middle-class professionals with elite-school degrees and me-first values. These liberal poseurs mouth racial and ethnic platitudes, acquired like trophy kills at their p.c. campuses, but every word rings hollow, because it is based on condescension, a patronizing projection of victimhood onto those outside their privileged circle.”
    – Camille Paglia, Salon 2/26/16

    6. The disenfranchised Reagan Democrats; those sacrificed for the benefit of the elites.

    • Carole McCabe-Joy

      Right on!!!

    • CptSmashy

      Of course he appreciates the support from those that fall into the “least educated” category.. He has nothing to fear from them in regards to being fact checked or any kind of analysis of his bumper sticker slogans.

      Trump’s campaign is simply brilliant. He is tapping into the raw, unspoken realities of the underbelly of (predominantly white) American society and magnificently capitalizing on the years of carefully crafted fear mongering headlines of the mainstream media. Immigrants, minorities, muslims, “THEM”, etc, etc, etc and has distilled it down into a carefully crafted batch of Kool-Aid that the fearful are getting drunk on.

      • strayaway

        You made Camille Paglia’s point about the condescending “racial and ethnic platitudes” that drive away potential voters into the arms of Donald Trump. Remember when Democrats fought for Americans’ jobs instead of for the TPP(Obama) NAFTA(Bill Clinton), and open borders(most Democrats)? Sanders promises to oppose the likes of those trade agreements, and Trump claims he will do that and protect US workers from having to compete against cheaper foreign labor at home too.

      • CptSmashy

        Yes i do remember those days.

        Once you get past the carefully scripted rhetoric of Trump’s talking points, it is actually quite remarkable how close Sanders and Trump are on a number of issues like trade and even major aspects of tax reform policy. You have to dig a lot deeper into Trump’s stuff, but it’s there.

        I’m Bernie all the way at this point and will be voting for him on Super Tuesday, but if the DNC continues to torpedo him like they have been thus far and Hilary wins the nomination, I would be inclined to vote Trump in that race not because of anything great or wonderful Trump has said or promised, but for the lolz of seeing him burn it to the ground.

      • Priscilla Zink

        And when he has burned it, what will you do? Where will you go? And, just out of curiosity, whom will you blame?

      • Annie Coffman

        He will get his lolz watching millions of Americans go without health care and thousands dying.

      • Priscilla Zink

        Actually I was hoping for a reply from one of the Bernie-or-Busters…but not counting it.

      • CptSmashy

        Yes i do remember those days.

        Once you get past the carefully scripted rhetoric of Trump’s talking points, it is actually quite remarkable how close Sanders and Trump are on a number of issues like trade and even major aspects of tax reform policy. You have to dig a lot deeper into Trump’s stuff, but it’s there.

        I’m Bernie all the way at this point and will be voting for him on Super Tuesday, but if the DNC continues to torpedo him like they have been thus far and Hilary wins the nomination, I would be inclined to vote Trump in that race not because of anything great or wonderful Trump has said or promised, but for the lolz of seeing him burn it to the ground.

      • Jet Maier
      • strayaway

        I hadn’t realized that factcheck was such a corporatist shill. The politifact article, at least, brings attention to the disastrous trade gap in Mexico’s favor after NAFTA. However, it made light the number of UAW jobs last to Mexico. I found a Huffington Post article claiming 1M jobs were last due to NAFTA, blamed NAFTA for most of the $181B annual trade deficit with Mexico, and even blamed NAFTA for displacing a million Mexican farmers; some of whom find jobs in the US. “NAFTA at 20: One Million U.S. Jobs Lost, Higher Income Inequality” by Lori Wallach March 8, 2014

      • Tom Ludwig

        NAFTA was signed early in the Clinton administration. Clintons administration was the #1 job creator in last 40 years with 22 million jobs created in 8 years. Jobs and manufacturing are always changing. Saying jobs went to Mexico is yawn ho hum. They are always seeking the lowest cost of production.

      • strayaway

        In 1994, When Clinton signed NAFTA, the balance of trade in goods between Mexico was $149,800,000 in favor of the US according to the US Census website. In 2015, it was $41,568,100,000 in favor of Mexico. You are correct though they they are always seeking the lowest cost of production. That is one reason why so many billionaires support Hillary as the candidate who supports free trade and open borders.

      • wizowl
      • Annie Coffman

        But Trump’s a liar.
        He jumps through hoops to avoid hiring Americans.

        And his merchandise is made in China and Mexico.

      • strayaway

        Agreed but Hillary is a bigger liar, crook, and her record in the Senate and as Secretary of State is one of wars, impoverishment, destruction, and death. Foreign contributors to the Clinton Foundation have received wondrous and coincidental favorable rulings from the State Department. She received $675,000 for two speeches at Goldman Sachs (her largest contributor in 2008). Guccifer claims a number of other parties had delved into her emails. Maybe they found the top secret ones. Any government employee would be fired and possibly imprisoned for that lapse. It hardly qualifies her to be president. While Trump has his faults and he wasn’t my candidate, I voted for Bernie in the primary, at least he hasn’t left behind a trail of death, destruction, and general evil. I forgot to mention that the last time I checked, the Soros Foundation was Hillary’s number one contributor in this election cycle.

      • Susan

        All bogus accusations. Go jump back into your basket oh deplorable one.

      • strayaway

        One correction. The George Soros Foundation has slipped to third place among Hillary contributors having contributed $10M. In 1st place ($13M) is Paloma Partners a hedge fund whose CEO is or was married to a Democratic Congress woman. In second place is Renaissance Technology ($11.5M) another investment firm. In fact, Hillary’s top five contributors are all investment related.

        Power to the plutocrats! Hillary 2016.

      • LynnJordan

        Oh! One of the willingly blind, I see. Well, it’ll be okay, sweetheart! I’m sure that when the REST of the LOONS move out of the country, you will be most welcome to join them. Too stupid for words. Has anyone ever told you that you were dumber than a twice baked brick? NO??? Well…….let me be the first. Congratulations!!

      • Virginia Liberal

        Sounds like someone hit a nerve huh? No one is leaving the country because they aren’t going to leave it in the hands of the Republicans.

      • Virginia Liberal

        Oh yeah and it looks like people like you are still on this kick that has absolutely NO basis in fact. Let me list the crimes of Mr. Trump. Hillary isn’t any more perfect than you are and it’s stupid to keep trying to convict her or something she never did. Newsflash. Republicans have always lied and always been threatened by strong women. All through out history Republicans have always been for two things. Money and power. The first of which provides the base for the second. I don’t know everything but know enough to have learned over many years exactly who is in yours and my corner and it actually WAS Hillary, not the Republicans. It is sad that people like you are just so gullible to what those people tell you. You owe it to yourself and your family to get the truth. They will NOT give it to you.

      • strayaway

        Hillary was never in my corner when she instigated overthrows and contributed to hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions of refugees, the renewal of the cold war, voted for Bush’s Iraq war and Wall Street bailout and trade policies advantaging the rich over the poor. You can haver her.

      • John Cross


      • Gloria Martel

        WHAT A MORON!!!

      • Susan

        Trump out sources much of his manufacturing to China and Mexico. He bought the steel for his building projects from China. White man speaks with forked tongue and you are too blind to see it. He is part of the problem. So why do you think he will stop using cheaper foreign labor when he is already doing that now?

      • strayaway

        Trump does outsource to be competitive. Its not a good thing but its that or he out of business. That’s how our trade agreements have markets set up. You bring up a good point. One major difference between Trump and Hillary is that Trump is campaigning to change our trade agreements so there would be essentially import taxes and it would no longer pay for anyone to import products that could be made here. A corollary is that Trump, unlike Hillary, also wants to open jobs up for US workers by sending illegal aliens home. Those two policy changes would create a relative shortage of domestic workers allowing US workers to again demand higher wages. High school and college students would be able to find work to pay for their college expenses. Welfare and unemployment costs would diminish. So many problems would be solved. When Hillary was a senator, she even opened up a TATA office in Buffalo, NY to help that company replace higher paid US IT workers with lower paid Indian workers; a form of corporate indentured servitude. Hillary is such a betrayer of US workers.

      • Virginia Liberal

        Bernie Sanders is just a front name. Bernie talks the talk but does NOT walk the walk. He took what was left of his war chest and bought another 600,000 dollar home. He never did show his tax returns and has never passed a bill he ever tried to write. Bernie is another one of those fantasies that some people want to believe. He’s not even a Democrat and it’s time Dem’s started keeping people like Bernie from running on our ticket. If they can’t commit to our party then they have no business running with us. He should run as an independent and on his own steam. He’s been like a tick of a fat dog ever since I can remember. I know a lot about his history and the people he has duped in Vermont.

  • old enuf!

    Apparently most Repubs are not aware of his statement that if he ever runs for President , he will run as a Republican, because they have the dumbest voters.Lol.

  • Donttouchmymedicare

    This damned page won’t let me share this article. baaa humbug

  • Angela Dudley Alvarez

    I am college educated and I don’t care about the stupid crap Trump says. However, I am sick of seeing (which I have with my own eyes) illegal immigrants receiving benefits and afforded the same entitlements as American citizens. I do want something done about our lopsided trade agreements and I want to see a resurgence of companies coming back to the states. I also want a President that does not need money from lobbyists because he/she didn’t go into politics to get rich. I for one, do not consider myself uneducated or racist. Allen, who wrote this article, is obviously a hater of anyone that disagrees with him. I do not insult or harbour nasty feelings about those who support other candidates. Perhaps Allen is the vile, racist, uneducated one?

    • Virginia Liberal

      Declaring that you have a college education means absolutely nothing unless you use it for something good. I know plenty of college grads that are absolutely STUPID of how the government works and exactly how our government was set up. I know engineers who are completely void of understanding and empathy for people who have done nothing to deserve your animus. Most of you have never missed a meal or had to wonder where you are going to sleep tonight. I have found that most of you “educated” people aren’t really educated at all. At least not in matters that effect us all. You are obviously NOT a student of history nor are you familiar with anything having to do with government programs, laws or the structure on which immigration is built. Whatever you THINK you saw with your own eyes, is obviously only half of the story and you are the one who is stupid, uneducated racist and lack the ability to be a critical thinker. Before you call someone a racist, look in the mirror first Angelia.

    • oldwolf1951

      And exactly how did you know that person was an immigrant? The color of the skin? The accent? Illegal how? I have an in-law that is third or fourth generation Italian and still hear his roots in his speech.

    • umlaut

      HOW can illegal immigrants receive benefits? You have to have a SSN to receive any kind of benefits. Why do people not know this??

    • Lilledegarde Pogh

      NO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS GET BENEFITS. I have been hearing this lie strengthened by a statement of “I saw it with my own eyes” for decades. the structure of the laws doesn’t allow benefits to any illegal immigrant.
      Once I was at the unemployment office, there was a long line. 3 couples seeming weary of the long wait tried to find a way to jump ahead by elimination. The elimination was factored on people who didn’t look like them, sounded different. they walked over to the booth and told the clerk that a few people in line were not supposed to be there since they weren’t citizens thus ineligible for food stamps and unemployment compensations. I was included in the ineligible group due to my ethnicity. So I immediately pulled my ID and showed it to them. They were shocked to realize that I was a citizen, Then every other person who was ahead the angry and inquisitive couples followed my lead and showed their ID. 2 of them were legal residents but the ignorant couples took it as illegitimacy and had an “aha” moment. Accused those two people of having never paid taxes and living off the rest of the taxpayers money through benefits received. the 2 people just schooled and repeated to them this: they came here legally, then became legal residents ready to be citizens soon. before they had their green card, they couldn’t have health benefits only trough the privates sectors. they worked legally paid taxes social security, medicaid, medicare but once they lost their job they couldn’t collect unemployment because they had to prove that they had a green card. They couldn’t even have charity for emergency room trips. Once they had their green card, those benefits didn’t include the funds from their hard working pre-green card period, they lose it. meaning it is used for the citizens benefits.
      The stupid couples chose not to believe them, still demanded to cut in. Security had to intervene and calm them.
      So when you say immigrants get benefits,,,provide proof.. don’t pretend that whatever is wrong in your life it is because of those”benefits”

    • John Cross

      Yet another red-neck racist posing as a liberal.

    • rene1220

      You’re right. He does not need money from lobbyists because he gets all he needs from the Russians.

    • Dartsblaster2011

      Ms. Alvarez, if you are of the opinion that jobs are coming back to this country because The Donald told you so, you might wish to inquire as to WHEN he is going to start bringing his own families schemes back to America and how about that Carrier plant he saved the jobs at? Carrier got 7 m illion dollars from Pence and are still moving to Mexico, the lay offs are starting NOW. Trump isn’t rich as recent history has shown and he DID take monies from others. He did NOT self finance. No, he did not have to get into politics, he got his the easy way, he INHERITED the start and borrowed the rest.

  • LynnJordan

    Forward Progressives, huh? Backward Regressives would have been a better name for this LOON FILLED DUMPSTER. What a friggin’ JOKE.

    • BoldChapeau

      So why are you here, Deplorable? Slow news day on crackpot cable news?

  • drthomasedavis

    Mr. Clifton I first spelled it Clinton because subliminally You sound a tad like Hillary whom you emulate. Se too is pathetically stupid. I am a 92 year old retired career military man and I do NOT fit a single one of your criteria. I am superbly educated; I am concerned but not angry. Nether am I a racist and I accept no stupid remarks such as yours just because you think you have all the answers. You definitely do NOT. You are phony, egomaniacal blowhard whose rhetoric arouses anger within the masses who read or hear your bovine excrement. So, can it or go peddle it in Mexico. Donald Trump will do just fine even with negative idiots like you pontificating from their soapboxes.

    • Virginia Liberal

      With all due respect Mr. 92 years old. It sounds to me that you have conveniently gotten very rusty in your thinking over time. I hope when I am that old if I get that old, I have a broader view of what I am actually reading. What I find fascinating about you is that you should be old enough to spot a flim flam man a mile off and you have not. Either you are independently wealthy and don’t have to worry about money or you are just a self serving narrow minded old poop that still feels threatened by the fact that the world is getting browner every day and you think your wonderful white race is still superior to everyone else. I thank God that at 2/3 your age I am not that self aggrandizing a person such as yourself. I hope you live a very long time.

    • don

      Your involvement with the industrial military machine, your education, and your white privilege, does not endow you with the compassion and WISDOM needed to make the correct choice to vote for Hilary. That is the difference between most drumph voters and Hillary/Sanders voters. Just because someone is educated and credentialed and even an expert in their field, as stated before, does not make one wise.

    • John Cross

      LOL. You are so stupid you just have no idea how stupid you are.

  • wizowl


    The above shows there’s enough BLAME to go around. Who knows what goes on behind CLOSED doors?

  • Virginia Liberal

    We all know that people have a bad habit of waiting until things get really bad before they get off their asses to something about. It seems that we are at that point again. What makes it worse is that failure act will cost a lot of innocent people their lives as well as their health. For some, believing a lie is much easier than believing the truth. Truth however always wins out and like it or not, eventually we all have to face it. Willful ignorance will kill you in the end. It always does.

  • Jerry

    I voted for Trump, and I can’t align myself with any of the groups you listed. This is typical for me in my life, where i don’t fit in, regardless of where i go. So, what about me? Going to leave me out completely? The reason i voted for Trump: Hillary Clinton is a criminal, and may be implicitly involved in murders and/or murder coverups. I cannot trust her. At all. One particular case, and one close to my heart, would be that of Jeremy Michael Boorda. If you ask me to pick the lesser of two evils, I will pick who I consider to be the lesser.
    I suppose there’s no room for my group in your article. It’s alright, I’m used to it.

    • John Cross

      LOL. Check the stupid box on this one.

    • Alethea

      So you used made up shit to rationalize your vote for an unrational person? Okaaaay. Fact is all that crap was spewed by rhe right to make people like you believe it and vote for him not her. Problem is with the Russians involved it was not a real election and he is not a real president. Would you still support him when or if Russia takes over abd we are not free anymore or will you blame that on Hillary or Obama too? Smh