Here’s Another Indisputable Way to Prove Creationists Wrong and Make Them Look Even More Foolish

creationism-1While I try to avoid it, I recently had a discussion with yet another creationist.  They were completely civil, polite and otherwise sane, but the nonsense I heard them spew out against science and reality in general just astounded me.  Though I’ve had many debates with creationists, it still never ceases to amaze me just how delusional these people are.  The main reason I even bother engaging with these people is to see if I get anything new from their side of the “debate” that I might not have heard before.

In this particular discussion, the weather was brought up.  Of course they don’t believe in climate change because they believe God controls the weather.  They even believe that massive storms are the “hand of God.”  Though, to their credit, they didn’t believe that God used storms to punish anyone.

Then suddenly a thought that was glaringly obvious, but for some reason I had never thought of, suddenly sprung to mind.  If God controls the weather, as many creationists believe, then why do we have seasons?  Not only seasonal changes such as winter, fall, spring and summer, but storm seasons as well – like hurricane and tornado.

We never see hurricanes form in months like December, January and February.  Tornados are at the peak when weather conditions are prime in spring and early summer months.  We never see two winters in a row or two summers.  Every season is like clockwork.  Because seasons, and the causes for them, are based on science – not faith.

If God controlled the weather, it wouldn’t be at all predictable.  Seasons would be far more random and we couldn’t predict the likelihood for severe weather.  There wouldn’t be a such thing as “hurricane season” or “tornado season” because these events would occur whenever and wherever.

But they don’t.

You know how many hurricanes have hit Seattle, Washington?  Zero. 

Is that because God favors Seattle over say, Houston or New Orleans?  Of course not.  It’s because the oceanic conditions needed to create a hurricane aren’t found in the Pacific Northwest, but they are found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

When I confronted them with these simple and indisputable facts, they really had no response.  It was no surprise that it was around that time that they wanted to change the subject.

If God created the weather we experience, then it wouldn’t be at all predictable – but it is.  Sure we have freak weather occurrences, which are easily explained by science, but what we don’t have are seasons flipping order or massive storms like hurricanes occurring outside of when science tells us that they’re more likely to take place.

Just more simple, irrefutable facts brought to the world by that little thing called science.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • shopper

    I don’t agree with their time line and I don’t believe the Bible is totally accurate, but when they claim that God created the Earth with fossils, bones, etc. just to confuse us………….that’s possible because I do believe that God probably has a fantastic sense of humor. Since I also believe that God created the entire universe, he could have created the weather patterns so that they could be explained with science. God’s time and methods are not ours to understand just as His existence has to be based on faith. I just want the Creationists to accept that they may not have all the answers but they still believe.

    • Alan Foxman

      Yeah…sure…God is Alan Funt…God is Daniel Tosh….God is Ashton Kutcher and the world is just one big episode of Punk’d. God is a dickish comedian. #headdesk. Then again…in a world were the likes of Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin can get elected to office…where a Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or Kim Kardashian are celebrities…maybe you’re right. Maybe God does have a screwy sense of humor.

      • Rebecca Lawrence

        God does have sense of humor. For example look at the crazy people around (lol) but if you mean to say God laughs at the wrong and sick or bad things that happen you are wrong. The wrong in this world is caused by people and their choices. God choices not to control them because he created people with free will. (he does control other things like circumstances or gravity or your pumping heart.) In fact he hates the terrible things that happen and one day he will exact revenge for every murder and rape and for every wrong sinful choice people make

    • Rebecca Lawrence

      Dear shopper,
      What parts of the bible do you believe? If the parts you dont believe in arnt true what makes the parts you believe in real?

      And while creationist dont have all the answers neither do evolutionists therefor the same could be said for evolutionists they dont have all the answers but they still believe it to be true.

  • Alan Foxman

    Allen, you can’t have a rational discussion with a creationist because they arent rational. I realized this when I confronted one with the reality of fossils and the length of time it takes to create one as proof that the world is older than 6,000 or even 10,000 years. The response I got was that they believe God put fossils in the earth to “test man’s faith”. It was then I realized that they will never…ever…change their beliefs. Even when I asked them why God would try to “test” mankind by making something appear in every way to be one thing but, in reality, make it something else? I asked them…wouldn’t that be like humans making a perfect replica of a lake out of glass just so ducks and geese would intentionally crash into it? Would you blame the birds for being too stupid or would you say the humans were being kind of dicks to do that? I asked them if God really did put fossils in the ground to test us, wasnt God being kind of a dick? Their answer…as expected…was Noone can know the mind of God. You’d have a better shot at teaching a poodle physics than convincing a creationist of the true age of the Earth.

    • FD Brian

      The problem that creationists have, and they kind of fall into the same category as conspiracy theorists, is that they think if they believe in science, they deny their belief in God. And that’s the same for truthers, if they don’t believe in the conspiracy then they can’t think that the government is totally corrupt, self serving and evil.

      • Cathryn Sykes

        I think a god who could create one spark of life and a system–evolution–that would result in millions of species developing over hundreds of millions of years is a god who’s a lot more impressive than a celestial magician who waves his hands and–poof!–here’s a whole planet of creatures!

      • Rebecca Lawrence

        which is more impressive? Someone going through the effort to build a house, Getting all the wood and stone and cement and paint and finally after a year the house is there and beautiful, or claping their hands and a house already built appears?

    • Rebecca Lawrence

      You are right this argument for creation is weak. To say that God put fossils in the ground to test man is not really rational thinking. A better argument would be that fossils don’t take super long to form. For example if Noah’s flood happened it would churn up the earth and lay down sediment very fast, trapping animals and all sorts of things in the ground killing the animals and creating fossils very fast. I have not looked at this topic in depth before so if you have a reasonable counter argument i will.

  • Suzie Bollinger

    Wow, really? Your use of the photo/caption is as bad as the thought processes of the creationists you speak of and is highly stigmatizing to those who live and suffer with symptoms of mental illness.

    Science has proven that mental illness is genetically/biologically based or is trauma induced. To attempt to ascertain otherwise is as delusional as the thought processes of the creationists.

    The creationists are not having psychotic breaks from reality, which often occur with untreated schizophrenia or PTSD. Medications will not assist them with flawed thought processes.

    • Jacob Benjamin Taylor

      Religion is a mental illness.

      • Rebecca Lawrence

        depression, death, actual mental illnesses are mental illnesses but what is so wrong about someone trying to make themselfs and the world by extension better? If there was no evidence for creation at all i still think it would be better to believe somthing is in control of this crazy world

    • Rebecca Lawrence

      i didnt hear any evidence about why Madnesses logic was flawed

  • Kay Rowell

    Next time don’t argue with the creationists, just tell them to read their Bible where it says that in the eyes of God one day is as a thousand years! That might convince them that the literal time frame ( time as we all experience it) is not God’s time frame. To God there is no specific time such as 24 hour days or 52 week years. And who are they to say that God did not use the big bang to create our universe. And further more God probably created a lot of universes out there and people. Do they really think we are the only intelligent species in the vastness of space. DID I REALLY SAY INTELLIGENT? Lol

    • Dom

      quting a fictional book as if it’s non fictional=mental illness

    • Linjos

      Thank you Kay. Well said!

    • Kevin Dickinson

      “in the eyes of God one day is as a thousand years!” Since 1 day equals 1000 years and the Earth was created in 6 days; the Earth is 6000 years old. I have friends and relatives that seriously believe this and will not listen to reason. Recently had the argument about “behemoth”; I say scripture describes an elephant. He said that the scripture describes a brontosaurus.

      • deanne

        Not quite, the world would have been created in 6000 years, not 6000 years old. But I should noty boyher making excuses for those that live in a “science free” zone..

    • Carol Lynn

      Even if a day is a literal ‘thousand years’ or a just some gloss for a ‘very long time’, it doesn’t help. Plants can’t survive for a thousand years (or more) without the sun.

      Day 3 – Dry land, the seas, and vegetation.
      Day 4: The sun, the moon and the stars

      What do they think god did, plug in a grow light?

    • Rebecca Lawrence

      Have you ever watched dr. who? I love it. I love all things timey wimy. I love to read a book about the future or traviling though time. If God created everything and is not bound by any of the laws He created why would he exist within time?

  • Madness

    Why couldn’t god make the seasons predictable? It could be just as easy to have unpredictability in science. That’s just my question that comes from reading. That’s all.

  • Becky

    I am a Christian and I believe God created everything. However, that doesn’t mean I believe in the literal 6 days of creation as man simply puts it. If the sun and moon were created day 1 but the planets day 2, then how was a day measured? We think a day is 24 hours because we are on earth but what if we were on Jupiter? The location of our earth gives us a perspective of day and night like no other planet, no other universe. The location of our earth gives us seasons and the moon helps the weather patterns. To be a creationist does not mean I don’t believe in science. The only way for humans to understand, predict and know about their environment IS science. That doesn’t mean I have to stop believing in God.

    • DoctorButler

      The means you’re not a “Creationist”. Your reasonable person how happens to be Christian. The colloquial term “Creationist” means someone who denies scientific theory whole-hog, believes the “Young Earth” Theory, and believes we will be raptured during the apocalypse, scheduled ten years from now, for every ten years from now on.

      • Rebecca Lawrence

        hahaha i like that last line very clever
        the truth is no one knows when the apocalypse will come

    • Carol Lynn

      That doesn’t mean I have to stop believing in God.

      Well, no. Not technically. But it would help.

    • Julie Wickstrom

      The people running the Creationist Museum sort of hi-jacked the term Creationist for their own uses. There needs to be a new term for Christians who realize science isn’t a threat. I don’t understand how this unprovable pseudo science of a young earth is getting press.

    • Rebecca Lawrence

      Sorry but again i must beg to differ to quote ken Ham if you believe in evolution/creation you believe that death was around before Adam and Eve because of the fossil record according to evolution which means the world wasn’t perfect when God first made it.

  • Dom

    I’m just glad to see religion dying out. there is still hope to rid the world of mental illness!

    • Robb Warwick

      So is Jesus. The greatest anti religious man to ever walk the earth.

      • Rebecca Lawrence

        You are right Jesus was the most anti religious man to walk the earth. I believe the definition of religion is

        :the belief in a god or in a group of gods

        : an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods

        : an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group

        But you see Jesus had a new outlook on things. He was not like Muhammad or Buddha or countless other religious leaders. what made his teachings different was that Christianity is not a works based religion. If you accept Christ as your lord He adopts you into his family you have a free ticket into heaven, no matter what you do. Now in Christianity God does reward you for doing good, but doing evil will not bar your way into heaven if you have accepted Jesus. I say he was an anti religious man because he didnt preach you have to follow an organized system of ceremonies and rules in order to get into heaven. You see we can never earn our way into heaven the only way is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. I dont think i am a religious person but i do believe that Christ saved my soul and because i owe him and love him i will do my best to follow his law but works is not what biblical christiansity is basted on and to me religion is doing set rules and ceremonies and thinking that will save me.

  • Robb Warwick

    Science is all about researchable evidence, there is so much iffy science being thrown around and treated like truth, that it does not matter! When you are on your death bed, pleading with the God you denied, that only ever wanted to love you. Will this matter to you then?

    • mrwitticism

      Science, unlike religion, is willing to examine itself and throw out theories that are proved untrue. Religion, on the other hand, arrogantly asserts that it knows everything and it won’t ever change despite evidence proving that it’s wrong (i.e., Noah’s ark, slaves from Egypt fleeing into the desert, the existence of Jesus, etc, etc).

      “When you are on your death bed, pleading with the God you denied, that
      only ever wanted to love you. Will this matter to you then?”

      Pascal’s Wager? That old thing? Like we haven’t heard that before, again and again (since Christians always rely and the same stupid and tiresome arguments)? What about all the gods YOU have denied? I don’t think Zeus or Neptune or Odin, or Cthulu for that matter, are going to be happy when, on your deathbed, you don’t confess to their existence! When you understand why you dismiss all the thousands of gods that came before, you’ll understand why we reject yours.

  • Thyrymn

    Allen, please document your sources to prove you had these conversations. I think you are making things up. I think I am going to start a blog with pretend conversations with atheists where they answer silly, straw men arguments that no atheist has even used, except on anti-a theist website,

  • rossbro

    Idiots are idiots !

  • fairness_rules

    There are lots of things we Christians will never know this side of Heaven. We are not ment to have all the answers now, and this is one of those things. Besides, focusing on this is a form of “legalism” that takes away from the main things we are to seek such a our personal relationship with God. Don’t try to figure out something in the Bible that can’t be figured out, spend your time getting closer to God and living the life He has for you.

    • Rebecca Lawrence

      Hi fairness_rules,

      i am afraid i beg to differ the bible can always be figured out. God meant for us to explore creation and draw closer to him because of it.
      I feel like in this post you are excusing facts and not even trying or prove the bible true ( and though i agree it doesn’t need to be proven posts like this just prove evolutionists right when they say creationist believe blindly.) Next time if you dont know the answer you should look it up answers in genesis is a great site to look

  • Shari D

    Stegosaurs? 5,000 years ago? Really? I bet those ancient Egyptians (3150 BCE – 332 BCE) were really upset over THAT! I wonder why they were never mentioned in ancient recorded history, since that’s about the same time writing was developed? I mean, you’d think they would have said SOMETHING about it!?

    • Rebecca Lawrence

      Have you ever looked up those cave paintings that include dinosaurs?

  • David MacDowell Blue

    Sure you can explain it–the way most theologians have for a long time now. God created the universe in such a way that it made sense, was logical. Which is why “Creationism” is bad theology, not least because it denies evidence of the world around us.