Here’s How Republicans Are Planning To Defeat Hillary Clinton In 2016

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Unless we are very careful, Republicans will win again in 2016 and further solidify their grip on the House and Senate. Sadly, they will also very likely take the White House as well, setting us up for at least 8 years of Jeb Bush or Scott Walker.

While this might sound improbable considering the fact that we’ve been told Hillary Clinton is “inevitable” and President Obama won two terms pretty easily, that isn’t going to stop Republicans from trying to take us back to the Bush years.

America’s demographics are changing, and not just along ethnic lines. People who identify as Christians continue to decline in numbers, while those who claim no religious affiliation are rising. Republicans are doing a very poor job of connecting with the new pool of voters and instead of changing their platform to align it a little more closely with the views of 21st century America, they’re resorting to tricks to stay in power. These tricks include repeating the false narrative that there’s no difference between the two parties, and trying to encourage apathy on the left which translates into less people showing up at the polls. It’s Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” applied to politics, and it can be incredibly effective, especially in today’s social media where you can target specific areas of the opposing party.

In Sunday’s opinion piece at The New York Times, “The Right Baits the Left to Turn Against Hillary Clinton,” we’re warned about how there is a very real and concerted effort from Republicans to erode support for her on the left.

No one thinks attacking Mrs. Clinton from the left is likely to turn the most liberal Democrats into Republican voters. But Steven Law, president of American Crossroads, said the goal was simply to erode what should be her natural core of support.

“It can diminish enthusiasm for Hillary among the base over time,” he said. “And if you diminish enthusiasm, lukewarm support can translate into lackluster fund-raising and perhaps diminished turnout down the road.”

This year, Zac Moffatt, a co-founder of Targeted Victory, a right-leaning political technology firm, who handled Mr. Romney’s digital operation and has worked with groups like America Rising and American Crossroads, laid out the strategy in a memo to several clients. “There was a hole to fill in the market,” he said, and if Democrats were not willing to challenge Mrs. Clinton, Republicans could do it themselves. (Source)

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of Bernie Sanders and plan on supporting him in the primaries. Hillary Clinton is not my first choice by any stretch of the imagination, but if she is the party’s nominee, then I will vote for her in the general election because I know that not showing up to vote isn’t protest, it’s surrender.

It seems that some people on the left are unable to realize that you can back one candidate in the primaries, and a different one in the general election if your favorite didn’t get enough votes for the nomination. It’s like a little kid who doesn’t get everything they want so they take their ball (vote) and go home – and this is exactly what Republicans are planning to exploit in 2016.

We all have our favorite candidates and issues that we think are the best and most important. Sometimes our candidates and causes win, and quite often, they don’t. From now until November of 2016, there will be an all-out effort by Republicans to convince the left that both parties are the same and that Hillary Clinton isn’t worth turning out to the polls for. They’re keeping the Benghazi scandal on life support in order to maintain the aging conservative’s hatred for Hillary Clinton, knowing that these people will vote in 2016. Republicans are hitting Hillary Clinton from both the right and the left, and they’re hoping you’re too stupid to notice. It’s a clever and ruthless strategy – and it just might work.


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