Here’s One of the Best Examples of the Ignorance of Trump Supporters You Might Ever See

Since he announced his candidacy for president well over a year ago, I’ve struggled to put into the right words the overwhelming ignorance it takes to be someone who supports Donald Trump.

For me, there’s no “gray area” or “well, I respect your difference of opinion” on the issue of candidate Trump. If you are someone who truly believes he should be our next president, I fully believe that you’ve cemented your place in one of the most shameful parts of this country’s history. These are folks who we’re going to look back upon with embarrassment that there were millions of people stupid enough to think this vile, self-admitted sexual predator should be this nation’s leader.

Though it wasn’t until I had a fairly heated debate with a friend (let’s call her Laura) the other day that I finally had the perfect representation of the ignorance, hypocrisy and flat-out delusions it takes to support Trump.

Here’s the following text debate I had Saturday with Laura:

Laura: I bet you’ve had a long week, all the news about Hillbilly.

Me: News that’s not even concerning her. But way to prove you don’t research anything.

Laura: Of course not. If the investigation was reopened on her… it’s about her. Spin it anyway you want, but that bitch is crooked.

Me: It’s concerning emails found on devices owned by an aide of hers the FBI came across while they were investigating the aide’s husband on an unrelated matter. So, no, it’s not “reopened” because it was technically never closed.

Laura: Spin, spin, sugar.

Me: That’s not spin, those are called facts.

Laura: I bet you believe that shit, too?

Me: Yeah, sorry, but I do tend to believe facts — yes.

Laura: I voted for Trump. She’s got more controversy than anyone… that, too, is a fact.

Me: Made up controversies. Meanwhile, your boy is too much of a coward to even release his tax returns. Mr. “Bad Ass Businessman” is too spineless to even prove his success.

Laura: When it’s relevant, he will.

Me: I bet you believe that shit, too? He will never show them — ever.

Laura: He’s not infallible, at least he admits that, but all that b.s. about him is nothing compared to that evil bitch.

Me: No, he doesn’t. Name one thing he’s apologized and took the blame for? One. Single. Thing.

Laura: If it’s true he does. He admitted he said those things in the locker room and apologized.

Me: First, he didn’t say those things in a locker room. Second, he only apologized because he couldn’t lie about the fact that he said that. Though even when he “apologized,” he instantly tried to make excuses for what he said by calling it “locker room talk” and saying what Bill Clinton had said around him was much worse. Then when women came forward accusing him of sexual assault, he called them liars, ugly and disgusting.

Laura: Those comments were out of context, kind of like your thought process. That was all b.s., just lies from the left. None of those women have proved a thing.

Me: Wow, really? So, if I came over right now and sexually assaulted you by grabbing your p–sy without permission, how would you prove it?

Laura: If you came here and said you didn’t and I said you did, how would you prove you didn’t?

Me: Then when you factor in character and the accusations being told. He has a long list of horrible comments about women, including a video where he brags about sexually assaulting women. Some of these women even have friends and family who remember them talking about these encounters when they happened.

What I find funny is all these investigations that have concluded that Clinton wasn’t guilty of anything aren’t “proof” that she’s not corrupt. However, someone like Trump, a guy who was caught on video bragging about sexually assaulting women, is someone who you blindly believe, because, well, he’s just so honest, right?

Laura: I wish I cared. It’s all b.s.

Me: Yeah, well, I hope your daughter is never sexually assaulted and the guy who did it calls her disgusting and a liar who can’t “prove it.” Though I’m sure if that happened then you’d change your tone.

Laura: I have been sexually assaulted, asshole, and there was no way I could prove it, either.

Me: Wow, yet you have the nerve to sit here and ridicule these women as liars accusing a man of sexual assault who, just like your assailant, is basically telling them to “prove it”?

So, should I say you’re a liar? In fact, what if you did try to go after the person who sexually assaulted you, only for them to call you a liar, try to slander you and say you weren’t attractive enough for them to assault? Would you think that person should be president simply because you couldn’t prove it?

Laura: You can say what you want, it makes zero difference to me if you believe it or not. Even if that were true, which I don’t believe it is, I would trust him at the helm before her, that’s what y’all can’t grasp. People are assholes, Trump is just less of an asshole than Hillary.

Me: You don’t even know anything factual about her. Tell me one fact about Trump that qualifies him to be our nation’s president.

Laura: He loves America!

Me: Is that why he outsourced most of his company’s jobs to foreign countries and didn’t pay taxes that fund the military, veterans and other vital services for nearly 20 years?

Laura: He’s smarter than our laws. All business people outsource because it’s cheaper.

Me: So, he loves America so much that he stole jobs from Americans for his own business? Please, show me an actual example that proves he “loves America” as you claim.

Laura: He’s done more for vets and Americans personally than the Clinton Foundation  has ever done.

Me: How? He spent months lying about how much money he raised for vets until he was busted by the media; he won’t show his tax returns to prove if he’s donated to vets over the years; he belittled a Gold Star family of an American hero; and belittled POWs when he said he likes people who weren’t captured. How has he defended and supported vets?

Laura: It really doesn’t matter. I’m not going to waste time discussing it with you. The people will vote and we will know what matters to us then.

Me: So, you make claims about how much he loves vets and Americans, yet can’t provide a single piece of evidence to back that up? Typical Trump supporter. You make big claims, then when people ask for proof of something you’ve said, you can’t do it.

Laura: I have all sorts of ideas, it’s just moot. I don’t care to waste my time convincing a patsy of the left to believe what I believe. You feel justified because you think you have facts. What you have are more lies by the media. You won’t ever see wrong unless it’s pointed at Trump. It’s hard to watch y’all defend her, pity is what I feel.

Me: That’s funny, because pity is what I feel about people like you. What I have are actual facts. Clearly you can’t prove the things you say about Trump because you can’t. And, unfortunately, you’re naive enough to believe that the media pointing out facts is a conspiracy against him.

You have nothing to back up anything you claim makes him qualified. So, like someone who’s been brainwashed by a cult, you get defensive, then claim all the facts that prove you’re wrong are part of some conspiracy against what you want to believe.

You claim a man who outsourced jobs, lied about how much money he raised for vets, won’t show his tax returns to prove how much he’s donated to vets, belittled the parents of a fallen hero, mocked POWs is an American-loving person who support vets. Yet when I ask you to do something simple like back up your claims about Trump, you can’t, because there’s nothing factual out there to back up your ridiculous claims — and you damn well know it.

Laura: I’m done with this. Goodbye!

And that’s where it ended.

Normally I might try to elaborate on the mind-boggling ignorance of what Laura said, but there’s no need for me to do that. Nothing I can say will come anywhere close to being as effective as Laura’s own words.

Though as I sit back and read this conversation again, it is truly amazing that there are millions of people in this country every bit as ignorant as Laura.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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