Here’s the Petty, Childish Reason Why Trump’s Trying to Slander James Comey

Following James Comey’s testimony to Congress, most people knew it was just a matter of time before Donald Trump went on some unhinged, out-of-control rant accusing the former head of the FBI of being a liar, denying any and all charges levied against him. After all, to believe Trump, he’s never lied or done anything wrong — ever.

So I’m sure it shocked absolutely no one when Trump accused Comey of being a liar, claiming he’ll gladly testify under oath that some of the things¬†Comey said happened simply aren’t true.

However, Trump’s reaction to Comey, especially his recent testimony, has been extremely hostile, petty, and personal. From the moment he fired him, Trump began painting Comey as an unpopular figure at the FBI who had lost control of the bureau and the respect of his peers. Then after he spoke to Congress, Trump almost immediately began calling him a liar, with his lawyer apparently planning to file a complaint against him for “leaking” an unclassified memo to the media. Which is rather hilarious that they’re actually going to seek legal action against Comey for “leaking” a personal, unclassified memo to a friend that’s nothing more than his own personal accounts of Trump’s behavior.

But that shows you how petty Trump’s trying to be in all of this. This goes way beyond a professional spat or disagreement — Trump wants to go after and slander Comey.


It’s simple: Jealousy.

When Trump can’t “beat” someone, that’s when he gets petty and personal, because that’s when he realizes they’re much smarter than he is.

Sure, he fired Comey, but he didn’t really get what he wanted. Which was, of course, for Comey to do what Trump was clearly trying to pressure him into doing. Once he realized Comey wasn’t going to “pledge loyalty,” the only thing Trump could do was exercise the only power he had over him by terminating him.

Ultimately, the only actual power Trump had over Comey was to fire him and that’s really what infuriated him. Especially when utilizing that power only made him look even more guilty and weak. Plus his decision to replace him is what led to the former FBI director testifying under oath about what an unethical liar Trump is. Trump’s so obviously untrustworthy that it took just one meeting with him for Comey to immediately begin documenting their interactions because he felt, if something happened, Trump would lie about what the two men discussed.

In summation, James Comey said to everyone: Not only do I believe Donald Trump is an unscrupulous liar, he’s someone I felt was actively trying to obstruct justice, and wants people to swear loyalty to him — not the country.

In Trump’s world, it’s a “cardinal sin” to dare stand up to him and expose how unethical of a person he is. From here on out, Trump won’t care how much damage he inflicts upon himself because he’s going to obsess about trying to slander Comey for committing such a “sin” against his massive ego.

Trump knew what Comey could expose about their communication if he were to speak publicly about their meetings. That’s why he blatantly threatened him on Twitter, suggesting he might have recorded the conversations the two men had. Tapes nobody knows if they even exist, administration officials have avoided addressing, and Comey, himself, has said he’d gladly like to have Congress hear. Of course, it’s unlikely that these recordings are actually real. That tweet wasn’t anything more than a desperate threat Trump aimed at Comey, hoping to intimidate him into not speaking out publicly about what the two had discussed.

Trump’s disdain of Comey is similar to the mindset he has toward Barack Obama.

During Obama’s eight years in office, Trump was never able to “get” the president. That’s why he’s going out of his way to undo practically anything and everything Obama did or supported. His decisions aren’t about what he feels is best, it’s about “sticking it to Obama” by trying to erase as many of his accomplishments as he can. Barack Obama stood up to, and even mocked, Trump — so he’s going to do everything in his power as “president” to effectively try to erase and undo anything linked to the Obama administration.

For Trump, it’s almost always about petty jealousy. When he can’t control the situation, force someone to kiss his backside, or he’s dealing with someone who’s clearly much more intelligent than he is — that’s when Trump gets personal and tries to slander whoever he feels is “beating” him.

This is why I’ve said Trump never wanted to be “president,” he wants to be a dictator. When a federal judge rules against him, it disgusts him they have the power to override him. How dare someone block him from unilaterally ruling as “president.” When Comey didn’t bow down to his demands, he fired him. Everything about Trump is his belief that he should have the final authority and ultimate, unchecked power to do whatever he wants — exactly like a dictator.

Donald Trump thought he’d “show” James Comey by firing him, completely unaware that the former FBI director kept records of their conversations. Now the person he couldn’t bully or control as FBI director has become an even bigger thorn in his side as a private citizen.

At the end of the day, Trump thought firing Comey was his way to “beat” someone who wasn’t obeying him. However, because Comey’s far more intelligent than he is, that move could very well have been the first big step toward the end of his “presidency.”

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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