Here’s Proof that Hillary Clinton was 100% Right About “Deplorable” Trump Supporters

Much has been made over Hillary Clinton’s poorly worded comment about how “around half” of Donald Trump’s supporters are a “basket of deplorables.” While this feeds right into the hands of those who want to take one sentence out of an entire speech to fabricate a “story” that isn’t true based on the context of what she was saying — she wasn’t actually wrong. In fact, I’ll go even further in saying she was actually being kind when she only said “half.”

And there’s plenty of evidence out there to support Clinton’s comment.

Let’s run down some of the facts, shall we?

The categories she listed in that comment were: Racist, Sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic.

Here’s a poll from back in February showing that 37 percent of Trump supporters either disapproved of, or weren’t sure if they supported Abraham Lincoln freeing over three million slaves. Now, that’s not “half” – it’s only nearly 4 out of every 10.

Then there’s always this poll where two-thirds of people backing Donald Trump think President Obama is a Muslim. I would say that falls into the categories of racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic.

But that wasn’t all. In that very same poll, 61 percent of people supporting Trump didn’t believe President Obama was an American citizen.

A poll from March showed that 84 percent of his supporters backed banning Muslims from entering the United States.

Here’s this Reuters poll that found:

  • Just over 30 percent of Trump supporters viewed blacks as “less intelligent” than whites.
  • 40 percent of Trump supporters viewed blacks as “more lazy” than whites.
  • Nearly 45 percent of Trump supporters viewed blacks as “more rude” than whites.
  • 48 percent of Trump supporters view blacks as “more violent” than whites.
  • 46 percent of Trump supporters view blacks as “more criminal” than whites.

For the record, supporters for Ted Cruz and John Kasich were also included in that poll and those supporting Trump were found to be much more racist than both of the other Republican candidates — and it wasn’t even close.

Then there’s this eye-opening PPP poll from South Carolina that found among Trump supporters:

  • 38 percent wished the South had won the Civil War.
  • 76 percent either wished the South had won or weren’t sure if they would have rather seen the North or South win.
  • 31 percent supported banning homosexuals from the United States, while 16 percent weren’t sure if they support banning homosexuals from coming to this country.

While I didn’t come across any poll that related to sexism, based on Trump’s past comments about women, it’s clear most of the people who support him don’t seem to mind that he’s called them “fat pigs,” objectified them, tweeted that they should have expected to get sexually assaulted when they were mixed with men in the military or has stated or implied on several occasions over the years that a woman’s looks largely determine their ability to be successful.

Now, I’m sure Trump supporters seeing these numbers will dismiss them as “liberally biased” like they do everything else — except to do so is absolute nonsense. Most of these were conducted while other Republicans were still in the race during the GOP’s primaries and Trump’s supporters were nearly always found to be more racist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic than every other Republican running for president.

No matter which company did the poll, the sample size, or what time during the 2016 campaign it was conducted — every single time — the people backing Donald Trump were found to be the most racist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic of any of the other candidates.

So, Donald Trump, the GOP, his supporters and the conservative media can whine all they want about Hillary Clinton’s comment, but she wasn’t wrong. In fact, as I said earlier — and these numbers prove — she was actually being quite generous only saying “half.” Based upon this evidence, more than half of Trump’s supporters fall into one of the categories of “deplorables” to which Clinton was referring.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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