Here’s Why I Still Don’t Give a Damn About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

I have a confession to make. Even though I still fully believe Hillary Clinton will be a great president, for me, this election stopped being about her a while ago.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t believe in her — I absolutely do. However, because the alternative to her is so unbelievably terrifying, I don’t care if she doesn’t pass a single piece of legislation her entire time in office. As far as I’m concerned, keeping Donald Trump out of the White House while protecting all of the progress we’ve made over the last few decades is all she needs to do.

For starters, I don’t believe anything is going to ever come from any of this email nonsense. Not only did the FBI already spend over a year looking into this (at which point they found no criminal wrongdoing), but the truth is, nobody really cares about these damn emails.

This is a classic case of fake outrage and people pretending that they care about something because it involves a politician they oppose.

You’re going to tell me that Clinton should be in prison over these emails but George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and other people from his administration shouldn’t be even after they blatantly lied to Americans prior to the Iraq War and admitted to committing war crimes?

Then there’s always that little “email controversy” where 22 million emails were “lost” by the Bush administration, yet I don’t recall Republicans caring too much about all of that. And these are emails that relate to what was said prior to the Iraq War and pertained to the possibly politically motivated firing of nine U.S. attorneys — among other things.

As I said, this is a classic case of fake, partisan outrage driven by folks who wouldn’t give a damn if a politician they supported had done the same thing.

For me it goes back to my belief that there’s simply nothing there. It was a mistake, she owned up to it, apologized and after an extensive investigation, the FBI concluded that nothing illegal had taken place.

Yes, I know what some people are going to say: Then why did they “reopen” the case!?

First, they didn’t “reopen” the case. During an unrelated investigation the FBI is conducting into Anthony Wiener’s alleged sexting with a 15-year-old, emails related to his wife Huma Abedin’s time working with Clinton when she was Secretary of State were found on devices owned by the couple that need to be reviewed to determine whether or not any were classified — that’s it.

This is not a “reopening” of an investigation into Clinton’s handling of emails. If anything, this would ultimately land at the feet of Abedin if she mishandled classified information when she worked for Clinton at the State Department.

Now, with all that said, does that mean there’s zero chance that something could ultimately be found within these emails that lands Clinton in a lot of trouble? Of course not. There’s always a slight (though unlikely) chance that there could be something found that might turn out to be extremely bad news for Clinton. Based on her response to this situation, and strong push for the FBI to tell voters more about what’s going on, it seems rather clear that she’s not too concerned with what they’re going to find within these emails.

Oh, but I know what some people might say to that: But even the chance that something might be found to incriminate her, isn’t that enough of a reason not to vote for her?


Again, because I don’t believe that anything is going to come from this, it doesn’t matter to me. If the FBI didn’t find anything before, they’re most likely not going to find anything now.

Plus, until I start seeing the private emails of the RNC, Donald Trump and everyone else who’s claimed her emails (even the ones Russians hacked and gave to WikiLeaks to distribute) “prove she’s corrupt,” she’s being held to a standard that nobody else is being held to. I don’t see the RNC or Donald Trump eagerly publishing thousands upon thousands of pages of their personal emails for everyone to read. Hell, Trump won’t even release his tax returns, something every presidential candidate for the last 40 years has done. I have no idea what these folks are saying in private correspondence to friends, staffers, campaign managers and trusted confidants.

How do I know that what they’ve said and done in private isn’t worse than what many of her critics are accusing Clinton of saying and doing?

Fun Fact: Donald Trump has his own email controversy where his companies have been caught destroying or hiding emails, digital records or other documents in defiance of court orders to produce those materials during numerous court proceedings.

The truth of the matter is, even if you told me 6 months from now that the FBI was going to indict Clinton for mishandling classified information, I’d still vote for her.

I don’t think that’s going to happen (making it a moot point), but if she was forced to resign from office, Tim Kaine would then become president — and I’m perfectly on board with that. I’m more than willing to roll the dice on the extremely unlikely chance of Kaine becoming president if Clinton was removed from office just as long as it keeps Donald Trump from becoming this nation’s president.

Hell, right now if you told me Clinton was dropping out and Kaine was now the presidential candidate — I’m voting for Kaine.

Donald Trump is the most dangerous presidential candidate we’ve ever seen reach this level of success. We are one election away from electing the closest thing to an authoritarian dictator this country has ever had this close to the White House.

This is what I mean when I said that, for me, this election hasn’t really been about Hillary Clinton for a while. Yes, I still proudly support her and I’m looking forward to electing our nation’s first female president on November 8th. Yes, I still fully believe that she’s going to make a great president. Yes, I still think when it’s all said and done, this FBI nonsense is going to turn out to be nothing — just like all the other ridiculous conspiracies she’s dealt with throughout her career.

However, if I’m going to make a list of my “priorities” for this election, keeping Donald Trump out of the White House is at the very top of that list — and nothing else comes anywhere close to that.

And I am absolutely unapologetic for feeling that way. So call me whatever names you feel like — I couldn’t care less.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Owen Fisher

    Again the argument is around who not to vote for vs. how to get this country back on track as a respected leader in the world. Your position is more evidence other candidates besides the two bozo front runners should be given more consideration as we continue to the polls.

    • Proud Nasty Woman

      I do not believe he said that. I would also never call HRC a bozo. She is an accomplished woman with more qualifications than probably any public servant in this lifetime. The sad truth is the deep seeded misogyny that is prevalent and rearing its ugly head at the thought of a woman at the head of the free world. Which, by the way, is a great thing. It is truly sad and disheartening to see a country so completely divided by the absolute hate and ugliness that he stands for.

      • Lars Palmarini

        Could you list her qualifications? Not the positions she held but what she did when she held them? Her time as SoS was not good, when she was a senator she didn’t have any major legislation passed. I have NO PROBLEM voting for a woman thats A)conservative and B) not a lying criminal C) not corrupt.

        Stop blaming rightful hatred of hillary clinton on misogyny

      • Proud Nasty Woman

        Really?! She has actually done a lot and I could list some! maybe do some homework. There is also this thing in the effed up Senate that blocks anything and everything that Democrats try to get done. Republicans are all about keeping the rich richer.

        You talk like your morals are so high and mighty but you don’t mind voting for an admitted known tax evader (which is criminal), a liar ( more than 100 false statements during 3 debates) and a thief (putting businesses in bankruptcy and not paying staff, contractors and anyone else owed), a clear sociopath. and by the way, HRC has never been convicted of a crime. And if you want to talk about emails…seriously?! what about the 2M that went missing during Bush? What about Powell’s admitted use of a personal server?? You want to talk about Benghazi? What about the republicans blocking funding so that more military could be deployed. Yeah, things are not so simple. and yeah I do think that it is more about her being a woman.

        And finally, “rightful hatred”? Hatred is pretty strong. not rightful at all.

      • Lars Palmarini

        Everything Trump has done in regards to taxes was legal so deal with it and everyone knows taxation is theft. In regards to Bush if he runs again i wont vote for him ok? so don’t be like obama and his supporters always deflecting to him when things don’t go your way. You know it (but won’t admit it) that if you had a job with a security clearance and did what she did you’d be in jail for years but we know the laws are for little people. Again with Powell, what he did wasn’t anything like she did (and btw i dislike him as well since he is a RINO) he didn’t put CLASSIFIED materials on any server where they weren’t supposed to be. As to trump lying 100 times, i could put a video of 13 minutes of straight lying by Clinton.

        There were plenty of military assets that could have helped them in Libya. You can think whatever your diseased brain can come up with but i will never EVER vote for a liberal/democrat no matter what get it? She is a corrupt lying criminal and even though she can evade justice (Just like OJ did) we all know she got away with breaking the law, laws that the common man would have been jailed for

      • Lars Palmarini

        I still haven’t gotten a list of what she has done, i didn’t ask for a critique of Trump by the way.

  • Bonta-kun

    There’s a massive (some might say YUUUUUUUGE) chance that Drümpf is a world-class fraud and weapons-grade child rapist. He’s got court cases coming up on both this AND next month – way before inauguration in January 2017.

    That right there is a FUCK sight more of a reason not to vote for him than anything the Republican Director of the FBI can pull from his readily-prepared archives on Hillary.

    • Lars Palmarini

      Ya hillary just tried to shut up 4 women that accused her husband of rape and put our national security at risk and has the biggest pay for play slush fund ever and got 4 people in Libya killed and rigged the primary against sanders to name a few things

      • Bonta-kun

        Oh look, a Benghazi reference *downs a shot of Fireball*

        Asked Chris Stevens’ family about that recently, have we?

      • msb810

        Oh look, another troll living in his mom’s basement.

      • James Torres

        You may be able to shrug off the Benghazi reference but others can’t for the simole reason that it was preventable. 4 American citizens begged for help. Not only were they citizens but they were my brothers in arms. We willingly lay our life for each other but to lose them so recklessly is an insult. Thats why the majority of the military is against Hillary. We may move past her corruption, her husband’s issues, and most of her policies. But complete disregard of our brothers life is unforgivable. In the Army’s warrior ethos it clearly states never leave a fallen comrade. Those men were failed by their own government and she had a role to play in that. Thats why we won’t support her. If you believe that verbal insults is worse then you’re priorities are just out of whack. And no I don’t like Trump much either. I am hispanic and a soldier and until he does something concrete against my people he will have my support over a woman that obviously does not have my 6.

  • Trump supporters approve of Trump saying he probably would be dating Ivanka if she were not his daughter?

  • Former Secretary of State, US Senator, First Lady, Attorney Hillary Clinton.

  • RJ (TO)

    “This is a classic case of fake outrage and people pretending that they care about something because it involves a politician they oppose.”


  • angeells

    Its not the critic that counts. Its the person inside the arena marred by dust and sweat. Its so easy for sideline CNN viewers to act self righteous in knowing what is best and that just means no Trump. Congrats. You drank the kool aid. Until more and more folks actually grow a set, take time off work and their lives to campaign, carve out time to speak to your representatives, knock on doors, host organizing events, read and share information with others then you are just being sheeply led. Its so unbelievable to see so many good democrats play right into their plan. The DNC is corrupt and until we all stand up and take our party back we are no better than the GOP. This article is like the visual of the lady trying to rally a cheer at a Clinton rally last year….pathetic.