Here’s How Trump’s Already Preparing for His Potential Impeachment

Even as legitimately ignorant as Donald Trump is about pretty much everything, he’s definitely very skilled when it comes to saving his own backside. That’s why nobody should be surprised by his behavior concerning the Russia investigations, James Comey’s testimony, and special counselor Robert Mueller.

Case in point, this tweet he sent out Thursday morning:

For those of you who might not have picked up on it, that’s the “president” calling the FBI and its agents “very bad and conflicted people.”

He’s doing this because he knows they’re likely going to find a lot of information he definitely doesn’t want people to know about or believe is true. Since taking office he’s done just about everything he can to obstruct the investigations into his campaign and some of his associates. Everything from frequent public tantrums claiming it’s all “fake news,” apparently even coordinating with Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) to fabricate “evidence” to support his ridiculous Obama wiretapping conspiracy, to even firing the head of the FBI for not giving into his attempts to obstruct justice by intimidating him — Trump’s gone to incredibly desperate lengths trying to undermine the credibility of the investigation into whether or not his campaign colluded with Russia.

Rather peculiar behavior from someone who claims he’s completely innocent and none of this is true. I’m not sure why an “innocent” person would fear investigations that, if they’re telling the truth, would vindicate him, make the media look really bad, and give him the ultimate “I told you so” moment.

For an arrogant egomaniac like Trump, that should be exactly what he wants.

But it’s not.

Instead, if it were up to him, all these investigations would be immediately terminated, and people would have to take his word that he’s completely “innocent.” You know, just like he was completely honest when he said he would release his tax returns.

Oh, wait.

Donald Trump has sent out many notable tweets, but I feel Thursday’s was particularly newsworthy because it reveals his ultimate defense: Act like those investigating him are out to get him, while claiming anything they find is fabricated or not credible because this has all been a “witch hunt” to take him down.

It’s obvious Trump’s in full-on “survival mode.” He knows there’s information out there, even if they haven’t found it yet, that can bring him down. Even if it’s not outright treason, there are still plenty of other things they could potentially find that could not only end with Trump being removed from office, but possibly sent to prison, as well.

A guilty person knows what crimes they’ve committed, which is why Trump’s behavior indicates to me that he’s likely guilty of some very serious stuff.

His only real course of action here is to brainwash his cult (even more so than they already are) into believing that, no matter what happens, everything they’re told is a lie and any evidence proving he’s guilty of — whatever it is they may ultimately find — isn’t true. It’s just fabricated evidence that was “planted” there by “very bad and conflicted” people who, via the “witch hunt,” were working within a corrupt system to take him down.

And, sadly, millions of his supporters will believe that. For many of them — if not most — the only person they trust is Trump, himself. They’ll turn on anyone and everyone who says anything negative about him. In their minds, the only “beacon of truth” is Donald J. Trump.

That’s why, just a few hours after sending out his tweet calling the FBI “very bad and conflicted people,” he sent out two other tweets bringing up Hillary Clinton, comically insinuating there’s some conspiracy at the Justice Department taking place to not investigate her for the fictional crimes he seems to think she’s committed. I say that’s comical because, even as Trump publicly bashes the Justice Department, he’s apparently too stupid to understand that it’s being run by his people.

So is he suggesting that people he picked to run the Justice Department are now working against him and for Clinton?

That’s how rattled and desperate Trump is right now. He’s lashing out against a Justice Department run by his own people, suggesting there’s apparently some sort of a cover-up taking place to go after him and ignore Clinton’s supposed “crimes.”

Even if this ends with Trump knowing he has to make some sort of a deal to avoid even harsher punishments, I can see him still declaring his innocence, while claiming that the only reason he took a deal is because these “very bad and conflicted” people who’ve been out to get him gave him no choice. I can never see Trump ever admitting he did anything wrong — even if investigators find a mountain of evidence proving that he had committed several crimes.

But make no mistake about it, Donald Trump probably knows how this is all going to end. He’s already laying the foundation for his defense against what may lead to the downfall of his “presidency” by acting as if this is nothing more than a nefarious plot by corrupt people who are out to get him.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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