Here’s Why Trump’s Thursday Celebration Proves His Presidency Has Been an Epic Failure (Video)

There are many facets to Donald Trump’s ignorance and stupidity. It’s not just that he’s legitimately an idiot, it’s also that he’s such a moron that he frequently contradicts himself without seemingly even realizing it.

It’s a good thing that Trump’s supported by mindless sheep who seem to believe everything he says, while never holding him accountable for anything — just ask him.

An example of Trump contradicting himself is his recent insistence that his first 100 days in office were some of the most successful any president has ever experienced. Unsurprisingly, he’s attacked the media for not reporting enough on all of his “successes” — which are nothing more than executive orders he signed. The only requirement for him to have “accomplished those achievements” was for him to sign his name on a few pieces of paper.

However, even as Trump and members of his administration have publicly acted as if his first few weeks in office have been successful, it’s painfully obvious that they’ve been in full-on desperation mode to get Trump a “win” on something other than being able to sign his name.

Cue up Thursday and the laughably over-the-top celebration by Trump, his administration, and House Republicans over the passage of Trumpcare 3.0, which is nothing more than the very slight tweaking of the previous epic failure of a health care bill from a few weeks back.

Before going further into this, I feel it’s important to mention that this bill still barely passed 217-213, meaning there was still more than a handful of Republicans who didn’t support it.

The passage of this bill was essentially pointless. The Senate isn’t even going to vote on what was passed Thursday because Republicans there know it’s terrible. In fact, several members of the Senate have spent the last few weeks working on their own health care bill.

Yet those realities didn’t preclude House Republicans from wasting time, and lots of taxpayer dollars, writing and passing this worthless bill.

Looking at the reaction from Trump and House leadership, you’d really believe that some major piece of legislation had just been signed into law. These clowns even set up a ceremony in the Rose Garden to “celebrate” that one chamber of Congress passed a bill, with Trump boasting during his speech about such a big “accomplishment” happening in a short period of time for a new administration.

This is not an accomplishment. 

Let me repeat: Senate Republicans have already announced that they are not going to vote on the bill that was passed Thursday.

The only thing Trump and House Republicans “accomplished” was a symbolic vote on a bill that’s dead on arrival in the Senate. This was as much of an “accomplishment” as the 60+ other Obamacare repeal bills Republicans passed during the Obama administration which they knew were pointless.

The fact Trump’s behaving like what happened on Thursday was a huge deal is proof of what a total failure his administration has been. As I just pointed out, it was really no more of an “accomplishment” than all the other bills House Republicans passed during the Obama administration they knew were never going to become law.

Yet there they were in the Rose Garden, celebrating this non-achievement, because Donald Trump’s frantically trying to prove that he hasn’t been a total failure who can’t get anything accomplished even though his party controls all of Congress. Hell, Trump himself said later in the day that Australia has better health care than we do, basically admitting that universal health care is ideal — which is pretty much exactly the opposite of the type of system this bill pushes for.

While Donald Trump and Republicans try to spin this as some sort of a “win,” the truth is, this was one of the saddest days of his administration. A “Commander-in-Chief” forced to celebrate the passage of an awful bill in one chamber of Congress that the Senate isn’t even going to vote on because that’s been his biggest “accomplishment.”

What a loser.

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Watch his comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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