Here’s Why Donald Trump Meeting with Kim Jong-un Should Worry Everyone

Under normal circumstances, a United States president agreeing to a meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un with the hope of getting the dictator to end his nuclear ambitions might be a good thing.

Unfortunately, we’re not currently living under normal circumstances.

Right now we have an incompetent, unhinged buffoon named Donald Trump as “president” who doesn’t even seem to understand how our own government works, let alone grasp complex international diplomacy. Especially with serial-killing tyrants like Kim Jong-un, someone who brainwashes his own people into thinking he’s a god.

By all accounts, practically no one advised Trump prior to him announcing that he would meet with the North Korean dictator. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson wasn’t even in the country and it doesn’t appear that he consulted with Republican lawmakers, many of whom know much more about international diplomacy than he does, prior to making his big announcement.

Meaning that, in all odds, probably the least-equipped and most ignorant person in our government relied on only himself to agree to such a historic and complex meeting.

While some have praised such a move, even a few critics of Trump, I have no idea why.

Have these people not realized yet that every decision Trump makes is based upon what he believes is in his own best interests? After all this time do they really still not understand that Trump has absolutely no idea what he’s doing? Furthermore, do they really believe that Trump’s going to care that one of the main issues the entire world has with the North Korean dictator is his horrific record of human rights violations?

Time after time Trump’s proven himself to be an admirer of authoritarian tyrants. Not only has he frequently praised and even defended a serial-killing quasi dictator in Vladimir Putin, but he’s also spoken in favorable ways about Kim Jong-un and Saddam Hussein. Then there’s always the fact that he’s made it clear that he feels the media, our judiciary, Department of Justice, FBI, and even Congress should all serve and work for him — not the American people.

He’s also proven that he has absolutely no ability to care about the suffering of others, nor can he even fake showing legitimate empathy.

Donald Trump is someone who:

  • Has repeatedly exploited terrorist attacks to push anti-Muslim bigotry.
  • Bragged about his “crowd size” at a gathering of Hurricane Harvey victims when he visited Texas.
  • Spent days ignoring the devastation in Puerto Rico caused by Hurricane Maria. Then, when he was called out by officials on the island for the inaction of his administration, he proceeded to criticize them and make everything about how “great” his response had been. (By the way, much of Puerto Rico still doesn’t have power.)
  • Told a Gold Star widow her husband “knew what he signed up for” — then called her a liar when she publicly confirmed he made that statement.
  • Lied about calling all of the families of the soldiers who had died while he’s been in office trying to make himself look better.
  • Told a father of a soldier who had been killed in combat that he’d send him a $25,000 check, but never did. It was only after the father called him out months later that this “president” finally sent the check.
  • Treated handing out supplies to victims of Hurricane Maria like a game where he literally tossed some to them like he was shooting a basketball.
  • Used a photograph taken of him visiting the survivors of the shooting at Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in an email asking people for money for his reelection campaign.

So, what this country has is a “president” who’s completely incompetent, only cares about himself, lacks the ability to feel empathy, admires authoritarian dictators, and is easily manipulated.

But he’s a brilliant businessman and a master negotiator!

No, he’s not.

The fact that Trump seemingly agreed to this meeting without consulting many — if any — of his top international advisers, including the Secretary of State who was in Africa and, just a couple of days prior, said that he didn’t think the time was right to hold talks with North Korea, is proof of how piss-poor a negotiator he is.

Barack Obama could have met with the North Korean dictator. The difference is, our 44th president would have required a lot from Kim Jong-un before he’d even entertain giving him such a meeting (which is how a negotiator would have actually operated in this instance), whereas our inept 45th “president” seemingly jumped at the chance to make himself look good — and probably to distract from the growing scandals that have sprung up over the last few weeks.

As “president” his single biggest accomplishment has been congressional RepublicansĀ passing a massive overhaul of our tax code. He had almost nothing to do with it. No matter what Republicans sent him, he was going to sign it.

We’ve seen his “negotiation skills” on such matters as his failed attempt to repeal Obamacare, secure funding for his stupid border wall, his ability to make Mexico pay for that wall, and even the government shutdown.

Each and every time he failed, while the vast majority of Congress, even leaders from his own party, mostly ignored whatever nonsense he was saying because they all knew that he was going to sign anything they sent him just as long as they could convince him it was in his best interests.

Going into these negotiations, Trump isn’t concerned about trying to get North Korea to end its nuclear program for the betterment of humanity, nor is he hoping to push the country toward treating its citizens with more humanity and giving them more freedom.

He’s going into this meeting with one goal only: To get North Korea to say they’re going to end their nuclear program so he can use that to make himself look good.

And I’m willing to bet he’ll give them damn near anything they want to make that happen. He knows full well if he gets Kim Jong-un to publicly state that his country is going to begin dismantling its nuclear weapons, then he can use that to try to call himself one of the “greatest presidents in history.”

Except, there’s almost no way that Kim Jong-un would ever really do this. Sure, he might say that’s what he’s going to do, and he might even “behave” for a few months, but anyone who believes the North Korean dictator is going to end his nuclear program without getting a lot in return is a fool.

And that’s what we have going into these apparent negotiations.

We’re going to have an easily manipulated, incompetent fool, who lacks the ability to feel empathy and only cares about doing whatever he feels is in his best interests going into a negotiation with a murdering, authoritarian tyrant who’s well aware that his adversary doesn’t know what he’s doing and will likely agree to anything asked of him if he can twist the end “result” to make himself look good — especially heading into a midterm election where some are predicting huge losses for his party.

If practically any other Republican was president and agreed to this meeting, I’d be slightly more optimistic about something good possibly coming from it. However, knowing that Donald Trump will always put himself and what he feels are in his best interests ahead of everything else, including the American people, I don’t view this as a positive event. Especially considering the fact that, unlike most presidents would have, Trump didn’t conduct exhaustive meetings to consult with any experts on North Korea, or international diplomacy, prior to agreeing to meet with Kim Jong-un. As with everything else he does, this is all about Donald Trump thinking he’s smarter than everybody in his eternal quest to try to make himself look good.

And if Trump screws this up like he has with so many other negotiations, the consequences could be dire.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.