Here’s Why Vladimir Putin Wants Donald Trump To Be President

trump-supporters-signVladimir Putin has been fawning all over Donald Trump recently. It’s a bromance between two egotistical maniacs, and Donald Trump has welcomed the attention from Russia’s elected dictator. Just a couple of decades ago, if a Russian leader had endorsed a presidential candidate during the Cold War, it would have been the end of their campaign – and rightly so.

Although there are probably many people on the far right who see Putin as a strong leader who is trying to restore Christian values to a country that spent many decades under Communist rule, the fact is Vladimir Putin has been trolling the United States and the West since he came to power. His endorsement of Donald Trump is just the latest card Putin is playing out of his deck of tricks against the United States.

There are also quite a few folks on the left who claim that our media is biased and owned by corporate interests, and have turned to “alternative” sources for their news. Gathering your information from multiple channels and then coming to a logical conclusion based on critical thinking is a sign of an informed individual, but that isn’t what is happening here.

Let’s take Russia’s state-owned media (RT) as an example. I see a lot of people on all sides of the political spectrum share news stories from them as if they were factual, without realizing that RT is little more than a propaganda arm of the Russian government. A couple of years ago, RT was banned from Reddit for spamming and vote manipulation, allegedly on the behalf of Russian propaganda agents who used the website to make news stories from RT trend on the Internet.

Russia does not have our best interests in mind, and it regularly publishes news stories that attempt to undermine our government, our foreign policy, and our economy. If you review Facebook pages like Free Thought Project, March Against Monsanto, and others like them, they often source RT for their claims.

Vladimir Putin is endorsing Donald Trump because he knows that a Trump presidency would severely injure America’s credibility in the world. Putin wants Trump to be president because nations around the globe would be put off by Donald Trump, and the Russian media knows that they have an audience in the West that will accept their misinformation over the news from their local stations.

It’s a safe assumption that organizations such as the ones I mentioned before are supported directly or indirectly by the Russian government and others who want to damage the American government and economy. That’s not to say that some of their claims don’t bear further investigation or activism, but I would be wary of anything that comes from a foreign, state-owned media source that does not have our best interests in mind.

You can rightly believe that our country has a problem with police brutality or corporate greed, but you should form your opinions based on facts instead of a propaganda arm of the Russian government.


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