Hey, maybe this “Obamacare” isn’t such a bad thing after all?

barack-obama-happyOkay, okay… not that I personally ever thought it was bad, but I really just wish it had gone even further and been a truer universal model — less like the plan Governor Mitt Romney signed into Massachusetts law in 2006.

Let me also state that I fully support “Obamacare” as a good start, and love that the right so badly wants it to go away. Their numerous votes to repeal and endless stream of lies have repeatedly failed to backspace it from history — and now that people are seeing it work for them, it speaks volumes on who was really telling the truth about it from the start.

A CNN poll conducted earlier this year said just a meager 36% of the adults surveyed would like to see the law repealed. I may be way off base here, but if I’m a politician wanting to keep my job, I wouldn’t touch the “repeal Obamacare” requests with a ten foot pole. Logic would suggest these people should be out of jobs, but I guess that’s where gerrymandering comes into play.

It’s no surprise that so many righties out there can’t seem to grasp the grand reality of what Americans truly want. However, this isn’t the only issue the majority of Americans are being ignored on.

Yet each of the above mentioned things still seem to be either taking place too slowly, not at all or going in the complete opposite direction. In some cases where pot and same-sex marriage are now legal, states are still facing federal challenges while trying to move forward. Healthcare is just another target in the cross-hairs of the GOP firing squad that is repeatedly attempting to hold this country’s progress hostage, even in the face of news coming out in areas of the country showing that the new healthcare laws taking effect are actually working — despite their efforts to tell you how it’s going to destroy the world.

Recently, Clint Murphy, a 38-year-old former GOP staffer, had his eye-opening story shared with the nation.

In 2000, the young RNC staffer was diagnosed with testicular cancer, and over the course of a few years and several successful chemotherapy treatments he was in remission as of 2004. At the time he was insured and treatments were covered. In 2010, after the sudden passing of his mother, he decided to take a break from politics to become a full-time real estate agent. It was only then that he realized just how hard it was to purchase cost effective healthcare as he was denied for, you guessed it, a pre-existing condition. You would immediately think, well… cancer does have a tendency to come back from time to time; however he wasn’t denied for having undergone cancer treatments in the past but for another entirely different pre-existing condition altogether — sleep apnea. You could probably only begin to imagine his surprise in getting that news.

“When you say you’re against [Obamacare], you’re saying that you don’t want people like me to have health insurance,” he said.

The laws concerning pre-existing conditions have already been in effect for those 19 and under, but for adults the laws aren’t set to begin until 2014. Some states are said to be starting ahead of schedule which is a good thing, but for many Americans it can’t come soon enough. It’s just a waiting game for many people who are struggling with no insurance, or who have to fight for temporary access to affordable care through provisions available in extreme cases only until broader policies are enacted.

To me, this just seems at odds with what should be the right of not only Americans, but all people in general. The right to life and healthcare should be a basic human law. I believe this is yet another misstep by Republicans who claim they are followers of Christian teachings, and that the Constitution is the infallible law of the land handed to us not only by the founding fathers, but moreover by God himself.

Hey, wait a minute? What’s that in the preamble to the Constitution about promoting the general welfare? I’m pretty sure what I know about Jesus, tells me he would agree that no person should have to choose between life and death because of the question, “Can I afford it?”

Not only that, but where are those very same pro-life nuts when insurance companies are sentencing some people to death because they were sick before they got more sick? Oh wait… they only care about a “right to life” when it’s still in the womb. After that you’re on your own.

Michael Wunderlich

Mike Wunderlich is a single father originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania currently residing in Richmond, VA.He is the founder of Center Ice News (a popular Facebook group dedicated to hockey news), and a self proclaimed professional appreciator of music and art. You can follow him on Twitter @mwunderlichFP.


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  • Diane Walter

    In 1998 I moved from NJ to SC. In 2000 I was diagnosed with a rare cancer. I was still covered under. COBRA policy from a former employer in NJ. Five years later the cancer returned. Unfortunately, I was self employed at the time and could not get insurance do to pre existing condition. I was forced to sell my home and my business in order to get life saving treatment. It cost me more than $125,000 and unbelievable stress at a time when I should have been dorcusing on getting healthy. It is disgraceful how we treat people who are sick in this country. I paid more for my treatment/surgery because I was a self pay, because insurance companies can negotiate charges etc. I have been left financially ruined due to no fault of my own.

    • Nancy

      Thank you for sharing that Diane. I hope you are able to share that story with republicans and conservatives who are against the new health care laws as much as you can. Although they frequently ignore statistics and facts, they are often moved by the personal stories of those around them. It’s important for people with stories like yours to tell them whenever the subject of healthcare comes up – the more voices and personal stories that are out there, the faster we will see change!

    • PitoDaddy

      God bless you, Diane. It’s stories like yours that prompted the Democrats to want to do something to help all of us receive proper and adequate healthcare without having to face financial ruin. The Republitarian opposition to the Affordable Care Act and other things that that the president and the Democrats are trying to do continue to move our country in the right direction for all Americans nothing short of pure evil. Best wishes to you.

  • Pipercat

    The next big step is the exchanges. Thanks to my Gubner, Bigus Rickus Perry, there will be no state exchange here in Texas. There is, of course, the Federal exchange. I have a pre-existing condition, it’s called, getting older. Those exchanges cannot be any worse than the useless policy I had for two years. All the caveats, exclusions and worthless prescription coverage basically meant I was paying for nothing. So, my premiums may double. At least there should be some actual coverage and, along with the subsidies, some issues resolved at lower premiums.

  • VT Girl

    In the end the GOP (and most if not all politicians) are controlled by their wallets, which are in turn controlled in this case by lobbyists for the health care and insurance industries. This program will bring skyrocketing charges for everything from an aspirin in the ER, to the rounds of Chemo, to organ transplants back to reasonable rates everywhere. Too long have healthcare professionals, corporations and insurance companies preyed on the sick. They have literally made a killing of the people in this country. Granted the cost of healthcare also increased do to the insurance the practitioners were forced to carry for oftentimes frivolous lawsuits, but the system as it is is nothing more than one more defining factor of the “have’s and have-not’s”. Maybe someday we will see this new distribution of healthcare morph into the very much needed re-distribution of wealth. Money is truly the root of all evil.

  • Garrius

    Such ignorance! Do people keep forgetting all those who don’t want insurance? What about those whose premiums are going to drastically increase? Another case of making the middle class suffer, but no libtards seem to care about that.

    • csharpe90

      Actually, many states that have already implemented the law are reporting lower premium costs than expected. But you just keep your head in the sand and wait for it to all blow over, the rethuglicans will find something else to brainwash you with soon enough, never fear.

      • strayaway

        Which states were they? “The average employer-provided family health insurance premiums have climbed $2,976 since 2009, according to an annual Kaiser Family Foundation survey released this week. They’re up $3,671 compared with the year before President Obama took office. That’s despite Obama’s repeated promises that the health care reform law he championed would cut premiums by $2,500 in his first term.”

      • Karla Ibsen

        Yes, healthcare has been increasing in cost, but those costs are prior to full implementation of the law. One of the goals of the law is to slow the increase in health care costs. We need to wait until the law has been in effect for a few years to really assess the full effect. Something people should realize, however, is that this is a big program and it’s unrealistic to expect it to be initially perfect. Why do you think computer programs have version numbers? It’s a wonderful start, though. A problem is that it’s hard to tweak because of the irresponsibility of the Republicans in the House. The President has already talked about this. He described how, if government were working as it has for many years prior to the current Republican insanity, the President would simply negotiate minor changes to laws and the Congress would oblige. That doesn’t happen now, but needs to. Afer all, it is the responsibility of our elected officials to govern our country, not tear it apart.

      • strayaway

        Karla, Obamacare costs did not decline $2,500 by the end of his first term as promised. Instead, the average family health care premium increased $2,976. That’s a difference of $5,476 from the promised sticker price. So, you are right, it isn’t initially perfect. Also, the average family income has declined $2,400 since the beginning of the “Obama recovery”. I disagree that those numbers indicate a “good start”. Any corporation that sold something that vile would be in court on lemon law violations. The 10th Amendment doesn’t even allow such a program except at the state level since the federal government has no delegated power to run health care insurance programs. Why not instead have an affordable single payer plan, such as those offered by Canadian provinces, run by your state instead of this unaffordable corporatist monstrosity with trial lawyers, insurance companies, and bureaucrats getting fat at the health care feed trough?