Hey Morons, India Isn’t an Arab Country and It’s Miss America, Not Miss White America.

nina-davuluriSunday night, Nina Davuluri (aka Miss New York) was crowned the winner of the 2014 Miss America pageant, making her the first Indian-American contestant to ever win the crown. To be honest, I wasn’t watching it because the season finale of “The Newsroom” was on (a great finale, might I add). But when I woke up this morning, the very first thing I saw in my Facebook news feed was a Buzzfeed report that, “A lot of People on the Internet [Were] Very Upset that An Indian-American Woman Won the Miss America Pageant.” So of course, I clicked on the link to see what all the hoopla was over. Sure enough, it appeared that many of the ignorant, racist, and bigoted morons had come out to play on Twitter last night, which prompted me to write this article.

First, India is NOT an Arab country. It’s not even remotely in the same geographic region as the “Arab World,” and furthermore the majority of people living in India do not speak Arabic or practice Islam. But, since it seems so many people need a brief geography, language, and religion lesson, here goes.

The “Arab World” consists of the Arabic speaking countries in the greater middle east and stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Arabian Sea in the east, and from the Mediterranean Sea in the north to the Horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean in the southeast. It includes Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, Somalia, the UAE, Libya, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Mauritania, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Behrain, Djibouti, and Comoros. Notice what country is not on the list? If you said India, DING DING DING, you would be correct. That’s because India isn’t geographically an Arab country. Also, they do not speak Arabic in India – they speak Hindi, English, and various other “mother tongues.”

As for religion, the major religion of the “Arab World” is Islam. On the contrary, the most popular religion in India is Hindu. Islam does not equal Hindu. Not even close. Islam is based on a book, the Koran, has a single founder, Mohammed, and Muslims pray to a single god, Allah. Hindu finds its roots in the historical Vedic religion, is based on many different Sanskrit texts, and Hinduism is a polytheistic religion, meaning that Hindus pray to many different deities, who are all expansions of the primary deity, Brahman. I’m not going to go into a detailed explanation of Islam and Hindu, suffice to say they aren’t even remotely the same religion.

In fact, the only thing that I could find that links the Arab world to India, is the etymology of the word Hindu itself, which was was taken by European languages from the Arabic term al-Hind, and refers to the land of the people who live across the River Indus. However, this Arabic term was itself taken from the Persian term Hindū, which refers to all Indians.

Second, for those that mentioned Al-Qaeda, terrorism, and 9/11, are you guys serious? I won’t waste time re-hashing my above comments — consider them repeated. Seriously though, how exorbitantly stupid does it get? The people who attacked America on 9/11 (presuming, of course, you believe the official account of what happened) were members of Al-Qaeda, a terrorist organization based out of Afghanistan with cells in Pakistan and other parts of the Middle East. Moreover, while you would be correct to point out that India is geographically located one country away from Pakistan – one of the countries that may have contained Al-Qaeda cells and the country where Bin Laden was ultimately found –  you should also note that India and Pakistan have historically hated each other and have fought wars against each other. If it’s not clear, what I am saying in all of this is that Al-Qaeda, terrorism, and 9/11 have little to do with the country of India.

Finally, now that we have gotten through our geography, religion, and “who are the terrorists?” lecture, we can get to our racism and bigotry lecture. The pageant is called Miss America. It’s not called, “Miss White America,” and it’s not called, “Miss ‘What I think Miss America Should Look Like’ America.” It’s called Miss America. Moreover, a quick 30 second search would reveal that the requirements to compete in the pageant are that contestants must:

  • Be between the ages of 17 and 24.
  • Be a United States citizen.
  • Meet residency requirements for competing in a certain town or state.
  • Meet character criteria as set forth by the Miss America Organization.
  • Be in reasonably good health to meet the job requirements.
  • Be able to meet the time commitment and job responsibilities as set forth by the local program in which you compete.

Notice, being a white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant female isn’t a requirement. So, when people say things like, “Darn..I wish Miss Kansas would’ve won! Real American woman,” what they are really saying is, “I am a racist bigot who thinks only pretty white girls are ‘real American woman.'” And don’t even get me started on the people that were just outwardly racist, saying things like, “Miss America? You mean Miss 7-11.” Really, can those of you who think this way please crawl back into whatever dirty hole in the ground you crawled out of?

Furthermore, Nina Davuluri was born in Syracuse, New York. Which means she is just as American and just as much a citizen of the United States of America as anyone born in Wichita, Kansas, or Houston, Texas, or Boise, Idaho, or any other damn place in the Union for that matter. The fact that she is Indian-American does not make her any less American than someone who is Irish-American, or Italian-American, or  British-American. The fact that people are saying things like, “our new Miss America isn’t even American,” just goes to show how exceptionally stupid and racist some people in this country really are.

In closing, Miss America isn’t an Arab, she’s not a terrorist, and she is just as American as you and I are. Deal with it.

PS: And even if she was a Muslim Arab-American, why would that make a difference anyway?

Ilyssa Fuchs

Ilyssa Fuchs is an attorney, freelance writer, and activist from New York City, who holds both a juris doctor and a political science degree. She is the founder of the popular Facebook page Politically Preposterous and a blog of the same name. Follow Ilyssa on Twitter @IlyssaFuchs, and be sure to check out her archives on Forward Progressives as well!


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  • Donna Hayles Price

    I fucking love you.

  • Guest

    I agree with

  • Karen Bradley Ehler

    Bravo!!!!! Great response! I hate racists. They make my head hurt with their stupidity and lack of intelligence and they make my heart hurt with their hate. I spit on them all. Congrats to Miss NY on her accomplishment.

  • Dianne Stanley

    I agree with you 100%. But I still wish Miss Iowa had won. She’s from my small hometown and a sweet and lovely young woman. As is Miss New York.

    • Andrea Rapp

      what makes you think the gal that won is not sweet and lovely? Because she is ‘dark’?

      • Jennifer

        Miss New York is the girl who won, and the woman who you are replying to just said that Miss New York is “a sweet and lovely young woman” just like Miss Iowa.

      • Terry Cooper

        “As is Miss New York” that was the last line. Lets not lump a person with a hometown rooting interest in with all the jerks.

      • Ani G

        Andrea, please re-read Dianne’s comment. (“As is Miss New York.)

      • Dianne Stanley

        You, obviously, cannot read.

    • Jacquie_H

      It is one thing to wish the person from your hometown had won instead – a very natural thing to do – and quite another to wish the person that won had not because she is not the right race.

      You are perfectly right to wish the person from your hometown had won.

  • Jayne E Thompson

    Thank You!

  • Mr. Smith

    It would be nice if all the ignorant bigots that infest this country would just go back to where ever it is in the world they are descended from.

    • SHIRLnaarkali

      Your country is what it is majorly because of these ignorant bigots. Scientists, Scholars, Doctors, Teachers, Businessmen.
      Furthermore, you even outsource your jobs because your original American citizens aren’t nearly capable of doing simple tasks.
      How much of an American are you? And how much have you contributed to the growth of your country?

      • Mr. Smith

        Ok SHIRLnaarkali lets address your ignorance.

        1. Mr Obama didn’t call Ms. America names and berate her. In fact Mr. Obama has zero record of any bigotry of any kind.
        2. Mr. Obama has started no wars and in fact positioned a victory in Syria without one dollar spent, one shot fired or one life lost.
        3. Since when does being a Scientists, Scholars, Doctors, Teachers, Businessmen make you a hateful bigot?
        4. Our jobs are outsourced so that corporations make bigger profits, not because we aren’t capable of doing them. You can thank a republican congress led by Newt Gingrich for that. Its not our fault Americans do for $50.00 an hour what you will do for .50 cents an hour.
        5. How much of an American am I? Don’t know what that has to do with anything but since I was born here I am 100% American.
        6. How much have I contributed to the growth of my country? Not sure what that has to do with anything either but since I have worked full time for 30 years and own my own business and spent over 1 million dollars in that time I have not only contributed to the growth of this country but several other countries as well.

        Its a shame your such an idiot, I bet you have the personality of a septic tank as well…. Pity.

      • SHIRLnaarkali

        If you are old enough to know so many things, then why make such a big deal out of a beauty pageant? Where the person fulfilled the criteria and won on her own merit. I don’t see anything wrong in that.

      • Mr. Smith

        I didn’t make a big deal out of a Miss America pageant. I made a comment to the bigots berating her for not being white. Some other joker went on a tangent that had nothing to do with the article directing those comments at me. There is nothing wrong with her having won a contest.

      • Josy Coke

        Would you stop calling him Mr. Obama. He is President Obama.

      • Mr. Smith

        First of all Mr. is appropriate as in Mr. President so that makes you stupid and second of all whats your problem? Did you forget your meds today?

      • Josy Coke

        It’s a sign of respect. You didn’t say Mr. President Obama. Why are you so hostile? Did I forget to write your prescription today?

      • David Gibson

        Maybe you forgot your meds, chump. Show some respect to the POTUS, asswipe!

      • Cliff

        The POTUS has no respect for this country… I truly believe he only cares about his public image and how he’ll be remembered in history. It’s sad because I supported the guy in ’08 and now I regret it dearly…

      • TXreader

        Oh, Cliff!!! Misguided rhetoric…I suppose the alternative candidate now looks good to you?

      • Cliff

        Yeah, if the alternative was Gary Johnson 🙂

      • lewrites

        Just to preface this comment, I haven’t been happy with the past several presidents (in fact, Ike was the last good one we had IMHO), so don’t come flaming me for being an Obama hater, cause I wasn’t a huge fan of Bush either but:
        Did you respect Bush at all? Because a lot of people saying “Respect him, he’s the POTUS!” showed no respect to Bush. Just saying. And again, even I did not like Bush, but I have to laugh at the hypocrisy going on.

      • strayaway

        I agree that the use of ‘President’ as an adjective is respectful to the office; no matter how one feels about a president’s policies. However, calling someone an “asswipe” does not enhance your status.

      • boxofivehands

        “MR.” is NOT appropriate. “Mr. President” is. Get your facts straight. Who’s the stupid one now?

      • Tony Baker

        I though his name was Barry something

      • Bill Rubin

        Personally, I think you belittle yourself by your comment. Mr. is plenty respectful for President Obama, and I’m sure he would agree.

      • Estella L G

        I like you Mr Smith!! Well said!

      • Ash

        Smith,this is the problem,some people read half,understand half of what they have read and comment double.
        America and Americans is about talent.When US can have President of African descent then what is Mr US.
        I have worked with Americans and people of different origins and I feel its Americans who respect talent.
        In the present case,I dont think so the lady is beautiful but anways she has overcome big obstacles.
        So many people are spending so much of time for people who do not have basic knowledge.

      • Cliff

        I will only fault you for #2 of your argument. President Obama used force in Libya and now its a failed state. He only backed down from Syria because of the huge domestic and international backlash. It is very fortunate that the Russians jumped on Secretary Kerry’s rhetorical comment about Syria giving up its chemical weapons. Otherwise, the President would not have had an out while facing humiliating defeat in the Congress. Not to mention he has been drone striking Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan at his discretion with no declaration of war to authorize the use of force on sovereign soil.

      • Bill Rubin

        You are welcome to your opinions, but some are based on warped truth. Obama didn’t use any force in Libya other than helping to enforce the UN-sanctioned no-fly zone and protecting innocent civilians–which permitted the Libyan resistance to overthrow the Qaddafi gov’t. Kerry’s “comments” have been played offhand, but the jist of that discussion was previously discussed by President Obama and Putin in the previous G20 meeting a year before. ONLY Obama’s threat to use force pushed Putin to actually push forward on the Kerry approach. So like it not, I’d say Obama is wholly responsible for that at best, and at least equally responsible as Putin. Obama had also reserved the right to STILL strike Syria even had Congress not authorized force–which again reiterated the seriousness of his threat and offered Putin the reason for his push of the now Russia-US agreement. You are forgetting serious details in your want to blame Obama for not doing something–without ever knowing what exactly that seems to be. Drone strikes? You might oppose them, fair enough, but that has nothing to do with the Syria question. You belittle your own argument by needing to draw elsewhere for support.

      • Daddycool67

        Drone strikes are the way wars are fought and ended in 2013. And apparently in 2008 – 2009 as well since that’s when the drone attacks went full throttle!

        Lest we forget …The current POTUS still has one of the two wars he inherited yet to finish. He finished the first one already. And we expect him to finish the second one as well. If drones are the way to get that done … that’s what he needs to do. Personally … I’m in favor of droning THE HELL out of whatever needs to be droned, so we can safely pull our assets out of the area never to return.

        If someone is against drones but not against the war that the drones are being used in … And have conveniently forgotten about the POTUS who started the drone program, and the WAR itself … they need about a dozen solid karate chops to the throat!

      • boxofivehands

        With you 100%!

      • Cliff

        It’s not really a warped truth, sir. I choose not to blindly trust any politician. By the tone of your rebuttal to my argument, it seems you’ve already thrown your lot with the Obama administration.

        My whole crux of the argument is that President Obama has indeed used force and if you define war in the most literal of terms then he has indeed taken us into war no matter what the premises were in Libya. If you choose sides in a conflict then you’re involved. I think you might be the one who believes in a warped truth and a revisionist history if you think our actions helped protect civilians.

        The old adage that perception is truth applies in the President’s perceived fumble of Syria. The whole world sees Russia as the counter-party that helped save face for the President. You can say the threat of force finally pushed Syria to the bargaining table but you could also argue the threat of a loss in Congress pushed Obama to accept diplomacy as a viable alternative. I don’t know what sort of media outlets you were watching but the past month I saw a media blitz with neo-con along with progressive senators alike trying to push us into action in Syria. The President’s address itself was not really about diplomacy but a need to act even when the facts do not directly blame the Assad regime. It has always been the Chinese and Russians in the UN Security Council that have opposed direct military action. In addition, the UN along with Russia found that the rebels used chemical weapons back in March but we did nothing. Why now? Why wait until the Assad regime to purportedly use the chemical weapons to finally do something in Syria? It’s not often mentioned in media but it is widely known that the Saudis back the rebels while Iran backs the Syrian government. This a proxy war for influence in the region. Since the Saudis are our allies our gov’t naturally support the rebels, too, even if the majority of the factions are radical Islamists…

        To my point about drone strikes. It has EVERYTHING to do with foreign policy. To say it doesn’t is a denial of its consequences. I agree that terrorists need to be stopped but the haphazard approach along with our VERY broad definition of enemy combatants has lead to an inordinate amount of collateral damage. The Drone policy alone does more harm to U.S. national security than any Al Qaeda propaganda video can ever do. The fact the the President has killed American citizens without due process abroad sends chills up my spine. However, that is an entirely different argument that I won’t go into….

      • carowe

        LOL, Cliffiepoop, so now you speak for “the whole world” do you. Big britches, much? No, YOU want to see it this way so you are projecting what FUX Noise is telling you. Most of the world recognizes that this plan was made long before Secretary Kerry’s not-so-off-the-cuff remark and the only one who appears ‘weak’ is Assad.

      • Cliff

        I actually pay attention to many international media outlets. Of course, the “whole world” comment is a generalization and should not take it literally. But yes, most of the world views Putin as having the upper hand over Obama when it comes to Syria. Even the cover of Time’s international edition concedes this view. No one is defending Assad. But I don’t want to support the other side either.

      • ditomagik

        T Cliff, comments like, “it seems you’ve already thrown your lot with the Obama administration.”

        Lol..What? Well, ummm…yup. About six years ago, along with the majority of voters in our country, and guess what. We are not unhappy with the job he is doing. The Miss America contest has very little to do with how O’Bama is doing his job. How ridiculous! But guess what. The majority of Americans, once again, are very happy with the “Miss America Contest”. What this article points out is that we are not happy with is the bullying, name calling, and bigotry running so rampant right now in our country. In voicing that, we are not being bigoted, bully or not name calling to your views about our President.

        Cliff, when you get so outraged at our comments on bigotry, and start once again throwing all of these accusations, and name calling, etc., you are only fueling our fires. You are not helping your cause.

      • Cliff

        I agree that my comments do not relate to the original article at all. My argument actually had nothing to do with the bigotry displayed after the Miss America pageant. My first comment was merely to point out some inaccuracies of another commenter regarding President Obama and it sort if went off tangent from there…

        I don’t want to go into the divisiveness and ignorance of this country which our education system, media, and government help fuel. That will create an even longer chain.

      • strayaway

        No UN resolution authorized the overthrow to the Libyan government. Even loosely interpreted, the UN motion did not require the US to bomb Libya. No Act of Congress empowered President Obama to bomb Libya. President Obama attacked Libya using an executive order in violation for the Constitution and even the War Powers Act.

        Russian is now calling the shots with regards to Syria thanks to President Obama’s bad moves. Assad countered with the request for a billion US sequester dollars to cooperate. President Obama keeps getting in more messes. Russia will stall and perhaps show some empty CW casings to show that progress is being made. Yeah, right, Obama is a great chess player. Whatever…

      • Daddycool67

        If the President actually wanted to attack Syria … he would have just done it.

        If this was an article and a discussion board about the POTUS … we should be talking about him. But since it’s not, WHY are we talking about him?

        Answer: RWNJs who have been suffering from ODS for the last 5 years have been instructed to make their presence known on the internet and to turn EVERY conversation about EVERY subject into a conversation about Barack Obama.

      • LostinTranslation

        RWNJ and ODS?? I am enjoying this chain .. but I may lose comprehension due to the acronyms.. Thank you for the clarification…

      • Cliff

        I didn’t bring up the POTUS. Someone else did. If someone is saying something that is factually not true then he must expect the other side of the argument to respond. It’s Forum Etiquette 101.

      • carowe

        Cliffiepoo, if you think that the use of establishing a no-fly zone was in any way responsible for Libya’s status as a ‘failed state’ then you were not paying attention and you are a complete tard. Perhaps our intervention did not end up in saving Libya, but we did not hasten its decline. Get your head out of your backside before you embarrass yourself more.

      • Cliff

        Insults are a lazy person’s way out of an intellectual debate. Providing air support for the rebels tipped the scale. It doesn’t seem like you are taking the time to dissect my argument. You just see me as attacking Obama and automatically shut down conversation. Lets agree to disagree because no one is going to change anyone’s minds over a comment chain…

      • strayaway

        Actually, the overthrow of Khaddafi did hasten Libya’s decline. As middle east dictators go, Khadafi was relatively generous in providing welfare and educational benefits. His overthrow has led to a societal breakdown with higher crime, subjugation of women, breakdown in oil export capacity, and the collapse of the Libyan economy. While President Obama did not intend such things, those are the byproducts of the overthrow of Khaddafi.

      • NATO used force in Libya. Obama gave congress the chance to put their money where their mouth was and they declined to do so.

      • Outzie

        Cliff — PL 107-40 provides the authorization for use of force. Those drone strikes are entirely legal. As far as seeing it as “fortunate” that the President got the Russians to step in to do something on the nerve gas issue; remember that for over 30 years the Syrians have been building up that stockpile — did Bush II do anything about it? No. Did Clinton do anything about it? No. Did Bush I or Reagan do anything about it? No. So it’s not fortune that smiled on the US, the Syrian people, and so on, it was the actions of the President of the United States.

      • Cliff

        Which drone strikes are you referencing? The ones in Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen? As far as I know, there have been no international agreement to preemptively strike a sovereign nation. There may have been secret agreements between those two countries for the U.S. to do strikes but those discussions should not rest with the CIA or the Executive branch.

        I have strong criticisms against Reagan and both Bushs as well. However, it was President Obama who ran on a pro-peace and pro-constitution platform. He even won an undeserved Nobel Peace Prize from his empty speeches about peace and how GW was overstepping his executive powers…

        I do not deny Syria’s chemical weapons but international law does not allow us to punish after the fact especially when there has been no international mandate to go into Syria. The fact of the matter is that peace through bombs is never the answer. Killing innocents in the name of protecting them is an absurd idea. You create a quagmire that can easily escalate in a region that is so dangerously polarized against the United States. Most liberals once agreed with that point when GW was in office but now since Obama is the POTUS, people seem to just tow the party line and blindly support his actions no matter the consequences…

      • Cliff

        Also, Please read my earlier arguments. Chemical weapons were used back in March by the rebels yet we did nothing. Why wait until Assad used them? My whole point with this chain has been that Obama is being hypocritical in his actions in the Middle East. That’s just not me being a right wingnut Obama basher either. I want what is best for America and I don’t see it in either party right now…

      • strayaway

        the full title of PL 107 -40 is the ” Joint resolution to authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against those responsible for the recent attacks launched against the United States.” Please explain which attacks againt the US were launched by Assad so we can make sense of your comment.

      • Outzie

        Read the message, strayaway — we’re talking about the drone strikes. In Yemen, mostly. Against Al-Quaeda. Sooooo … your comment about Assad is a complete non sequitur, and your comment makes no sense.

      • strayaway

        Perhaps I need to explain in more detail. You brought up PL 107-40 as providing the authorization of force. Killing people with drones under this resolution is, according to you, completely legal. I pointed out that a requirement of invoking PL 107-40 is an attack upon the US before your drones can be used.

        Glancing up the thread, Libya, not Yemen, was mentioned with respect to drones. No matter, neither, Yemen nor Libya attacked the US although the USS Cole was bombed while in Yemen thirteen years ago. In either case, the requirement that the US be struck by either small nation was not met. Assad has not struck the US either. PL 107-40 offers no basis for the US to strike Syria. The President didn’t get the Russians to do anything except become the senior partner in their relationship with regards to Syria.

      • Tyrone


        Don’t worry Obama only has 3 more years left…Can’t wait because he is Bankrupting us into submission.

      • Rob Mas

        Smith, you are a complete moron.
        I can’t believe you support Obama. Do you even News, Bro?
        If Obama had a son, he’d look like Aaron Alexis.

        And Obama got completely outameuvered by Putin. The whole world knows that, except Morons like you. Try breaking away from the worthless rags you normally read. Obama is making America look like a laughing stock to the world.

      • priyabrata_tripathy

        Very well put Sirjji. I think, he could not understand what you are saying. Sympathy.

      • Deepika sati

        Racist douche bag like you deserve to die if u cannot respect other human beings. Pity on you, that you think like this!! You don’t even have the personality of a septic tank as well. Dude you need to clean yourself else die and save humanity!!

      • Victor

        wow…. someone needs to calm the fuck down.

      • Rob Mas

        Guy, not only am I a US Marine. But I also went to a top 20 Global business college. Not only can I out think you, but I can also beat your ass so quick, you wouldn’t have time to feel the pain before you pass out if I wanted.
        Secondly, I’m racist for what? Because I know Obama is a shit president?
        Also, I’d like you to know that all KKK members are Democrats. Because democrats are ignorant people.

      • boxofivehands

        I believe the correct term is “President Obama ” or “Mr. President.” He is due the same respect as any other President.

      • Rob Mas

        See, in this society where you get a trophy for showing up (or in Obama’s case a Nobel Peace Prize), yes, I can see where you would automatically give him your respect.
        But I’m the type that doesn’t reward failure and race baiting. I’m funny like that I guess.
        He got elected because Americans are ignorant and taught by teachers that are openly Socialist. And they fight anyone who thinks that bad teachers should be fired while good teachers are rewarded…because then they’d have to really teach.
        Now Obama has a new Education policy where the kids can get 100% credit on a test question even if they answered wrong. Yea, that’s your President who thinks failure is okay and should be rewarded.
        I might also add that most military, Past and Present, are against Obama. Because we swear to the Constitution and not him. So he had to build his own private Military that’s only answerable to him, the DHS.
        You cling to your hope and change and hide behind the DHs. But remember, they are Obama’s hired guns and he doesn’t believe in the Constitution. Lets see how that works for you.

      • Amol Wankhede

        interesting dedate… i thought the only 100% americans were the wiped out ‘red indians’… if born and brought up in a country makes you original citizen of the country then what is the debate about and for the new ms america?

      • M.E. DeFillo

        Respectfully, “Red Indians” (Native or Aboriginal Americans) are not “wiped out”. Native Americans have in fact survived through centuries of epidemics, oppression, and attempted (but failed) genocides; and now are just starting to recover.

      • Strapkovic

        Um…. Hello? We don’t outsource jobs, corporations do with shareholders who believe that their net worth of 100 million dollars just isn’t enough. They saw how amazing their profits were paying an American $15 an hour to make a product and decided to ship it overseas to only pay $8 an hour and almost double their profit. Jobs are outsourced out of greed! Americans work hard!

      • Patryk

        “Greed”?!?! What a silly thing to say. Jobs are out-sourced because it makes economic sense to do so. Business is about profit and loss it is not about charity.

      • haikukitty

        Yes, greed. A reasonable profit that also allows you to sustain your employees and give back to the country that supports your business IS good business. That’s not charity.
        Businessmen in this country have forgotten that people make the business succeed. Caring only about profit and not the workers who help you earn it is GREED.

      • Rob Mas

        Now I see why you like this news source. If you aren’t fully socialist, you are on the verge.
        And what’s a reasonable profit? Who makes those standards? You? It’s your fault that you have a low paying job and life isn’t working out how you want. Don’t blame anyone but yourself for your failures.

      • Ash

        absolutely !!! cant agree more.
        And there are other idiots who beleive that Americans are dumb or Indians are smart or vice versa.

      • Rob Mas

        Now American Men are outsourcing wives because American Women feel they are entitled to everything, and are selfish, with no respect (in general).
        So yes, Americans are outsourcing.

      • Ash

        What does that mean.

      • Rob Mas

        I wrote it in English

      • Ash

        But not the conventional one which an avg. person can understand 😉 .Its ok.

      • Diane Sampson

        Can anyone spell “misogynist”?

      • Cathryn

        Wooow, you’re stupid. You obviously have no idea what’s going on in the United States. A country that you obviously don’t live in, and have no place judging. Jobs aren’t being outsourced to other countries because Americans are incapable of doing the jobs. It’s because the leaders of several major corporations are greedy assholes, and decided that instead of paying american citizens a working wage, it would be better to outsource the jobs to people who will work for $8 per hour instead of $15. Furthermore, anyone who works, pays taxes, and buys products from local businesses contributes to the country, and obviously anyone who is living here as an American citizen IS an American. And since when are Scientists, Scholars, Doctors, Teachers, and Businessmen all “ignorant bigots”? Next time you decide to put your fingers to your keyboard, try doing some research before making dickish comments about countries that you don’t live in. Please and thank you.

      • lolzer

        Here I was, hoping to see some redneck bigots going at it.. Instead I’m shocked to see that its mostly idiotic indians. As an Indian, I’m dissapointed and a little surprised. Guess it goes to show there are morons everywhere

      • Bill Rubin

        Our country is hardly what it is because of bigots. Certainly, scientists, scholars, doctors, teachers, and businessmen who helped build our country are not all bigots. I’d say our country is what it is despite the bigotry of plenty of our citizenry, but that is still (now) a minority, thankfully. Your comments are suggestive that you don’t really know what you are talking about. Your questioning someone’s “American-ness” because of their opinion, whatever it is, is inherently small-minded…and totally unrepresentative of everything that is actually celebrated by America.

      • Neo

        youre a fucking retard

      • Rodney Levenduski

        “SHIRL”” You are entitled to your opinion. Yes, we have a lot of work to do to fix our problems. I see the biggest one being greed by rich people. The solution I see is holding all people to higher standards of behavior. We have a President I think that does that; now I want the people to vote out the politicians who don’t. Each of us must do what we can to preserve and forward the goals of our constitution. From the poorest of us who can only help a neighbor a little but does so honestly to the very rich who agree to pay 30% tax knowing full well that they can not spend all the money they have now. E pluribus Unum: One out of many!

      • Prasanna Kundu

        Really!!!??? God!!! Its people like you who have been responsible for us Indians to be stereotyped!
        Don’t you even think once before saying anything?
        What you actually did now is piss-off some more people who actually thought that the article above, in fact, mentions really valid arguments.
        It was really cheap!

      • Yan

        Who says Shirl is Indian? They cud be anybody…..don’t take your own case…..

      • Prasanna Kundu

        I never said he/she is… but almost all comments and replies by the Shirlnaarkali are pointing to that conclusion (for most people who commented here)

      • LOL we outsource because people from other countries do the job for cheaper. Not because our own citizens arent capable of doing the job.

      • R. Walker

        Black people have contributed. It’s interesting to me how the Indian populace is getting kicked around now and being inundated with all of the racist commentary about her win and their people. So many of them come to America and treat black people horribly, look down on us and constantly discriminate and exploit, trying to be like “the white man”. They even find the thought of a black person marrying into their family abhorrent. They constantly push the immigrant notion of the great American dream and refuse to acknowledge the oppression here against black people and the long history of struggle that black people have engaged in so that they can have opportunity. No matter how dark they are, many of them refuse to consider themselves to be black or associated with being black in any way and many of them regularly disparage black people. It seems to me that now they are getting a taste of their own medicine. Karma is a funny thing. One can only wonder if after being barraged with all of this commentary, they will now see and understand just how racist this country is and that black people complaining about white supremacy, which fell on deaf ears when it came to so many of them, has been true all along….

      • “Your original American citizens aren’t nearly capable of doing simple tasks.” – really? That must be one of the most abhorrently racist and offensive comments I have ever read. Shame on you!

    • SHIRLnaarkali

      Your president is African American. Send him back to where he descended from. That would be nice. At least some innocent countries can be in peace, rather than being attacked and bombed in the name of healthy immediate intervention.

      • thebigzeus

        Since Bush wasn’t old and white and bombed and invaded countries… fool

      • September Waites

        These comments you have been posting have absolutely no relevance to this article. Just thought I would point that out, for everyone else who was thinking the same thing, you’re welcome 😉

      • Erin Freight Train Macoy

        You’re a troll right? You know that these comments are in favor of Nina Davuluri becoming Miss America, right? The comment above said to send the hateful people who didn’t approve of her being Miss America back to whatever countries their ancestors came from. That means these people think SHE SHOULD BE MISS AMERICA and anyone who doesn’t agree should leave America.

      • Prasanna Kundu

        Finally!!! someone worth replying to.
        I was dying out here!!! Thanks a bunch!

      • Julian Phillip Anderson

        OMG, you’re a moron

      • Pipercat

        Yeah, you’re right! Back to Hawaii with him!

      • ReadingIsFundamental

        People are really over you bigoted knuckle dragging teabillies. Nobody gives two farts what any of you think or say.

      • Pipercat

        Um, that was a joke. Sorry, but that is a variation of an old Redd Foxx schtick where he would answer: Back to Africa with who? Not me! I’ve never been to Africa. Send me back home, send me to St. Louis Missouri. You really should lighten up…

      • GimmieIceCream

        And that was my laugh for today. Piper, Thank you.

      • Bill Rubin

        Wow. So you reveal yourself to be a bigot. Now everyone can recognize why rational and intelligent argument won’t matter to someone as small-minded and ignorant as you. Our African American President is a wonderful, bright, engaging, and worldly man. You are no such thing.

      • alex

        You all do realize that this guy is a troll dont you?

      • Royale W. Cheese

        He descended from America. It is evident that you, on the other hand, descended from the Idiocracy.

      • Be nice Mr.SHIRLnarkali ,
        He is just a person with his personal opinion dont take it as general. We Indians are not like him and wont speak like him.

      • frumpus

        lol who is this retarded maggot? SHIRLnaarkali I hope we nuke the crap out of you and your entire family. You are a worthless pathetic piece of shit.

      • notasimpatientasyou

        Yes, we could kill innocent people in a civilized manner, like pouring gas on them and lighting them on fire, beheading them, or stoning them to death (but only if they’re women of course). I’m not 100% in favor of intervention, but my advice to anyone who doesn’t want to be “intervened with” is: don’t be a dick.

    • Geneva Chapman

      Why punish those countries? Sign them up to go to Mars!

    • reveller

      Why don’t you do it rather whining over internet, you little keyboard warrior !

    • Hari Uday

      @3def38058baa48465606d4d6ee2aad41:disqus Dont even bother to reply to these half educated, sorry assed Indians…. They hate us for migrating abroad while in the real sense, they want to live an American lifestyle…

      • wakeupcall

        did you say ‘migrated ‘??? ROFL

      • Rattus Canadiensis

        That’s the proper term. ImMIGRATING is to move into a region (or politically speaking, a country), emMIGRATING is to leave a region, and both are forms of migration – movement between regions.

      • VIkas Godara

        Not all of us want to live the American lifestyle many of us choose to stay and build the country so nobody else have to migrate

      • mindmilk

        spoken like a true ABCD dickhead. You didn’t migrate abroad on your own merits, your parents just happen to take your sorry ass along with them or give you birth into the ‘American lifestyle’. If you actually had migrated on your own merits then you wouldn’t be talking like such a chut.

      • Hari Uday

        I think I should grab a popcorn….

      • Hari Uday

        Dear chutiya, why did my parents move in the first place?

      • Ash

        Due to shortage of baseless asses.

      • Hari Uday

        You can’t hide it, if given a chance you would love to get the VISA too… Wannabe asshole!

      • Ash

        I do have US visa but dont wanna come there.
        Better to live away from permanent assholes like you.
        Shame that I have replied to you but I had to let you know that beyond US and US visa there are other things too.
        Request not to reply back.

      • Hari Uday

        Indian looser! Did you was your ass properly when you poop-ed today? Filty boy

      • Ash

        What else can a asshole like you worry about more than poop.And if you like cleaning it then come and do it though I would like better class to do it.

        Learn English first,its loser and not looser,you asshole.

        BTW,are you American loser..no..you are just a big loser only, ?ABCD.

      • balls187

        Major lulz. Looks like you hit close to the mark.

      • Ash

        Hari,people like you are shame to India and to US even.Growup.

    • suavemezie

      including you Mr Smith.

    • Pipercat

      Unfortunately, some are hybrids…

    • Etien de Lamothe-Cassel

      Send them for a visit to their new friend Vlad Putin.

    • Selva

      Mr. Smith
      Nice. If every one goes back to where they are descended from, USA will be left only with Native Americans. Find out where are you descended from.
      Be happy with where you are and what you have. God created the earth for the mankind. Why you and me differentiate our self. Let us live happily with the blessings God has given each one of us.
      God Bless you all.

      • ennaxor

        We wouldn’t even have Native Americans, they “migrated” from Asia/Europe originally.

      • Angus

        if you want that mindset, didn’t we all “migrate” from Africa?

      • is that were the garden of eden was?

      • Eleyse Gottman

        Eden was in Iran, they used the description in the Bible to find it.
        Neanderthals are not from Africa, and their blood is in whites, whilst
        there’s a theory there was a native homonid in Asia before the Africans
        got there. However, we are all at the least related to one woman from
        Africa, no saying who she mated with though.

      • Daniel Brant

        This does not account for those who report multiple worlds during the billions of years this Earth has been around. One Earth, multiple worlds.

      • Daniel Brant

        This is a theory not fully proven, it may be one of those things unable to prove so ask the people themselves. They say they have always been here. The big deal in accepting the land bridge migration as the only explanation for the original population of the Americas is that it supports the Americas as somewhere always free for the taking.

      • Eleyse Gottman

        All land was just somewhere free for the taking. We’re the only species that has to pay to live, and we made it that way.

      • TheGettus

        He did specify “the ignorant bigots”, not “every one”. I think you might have agreed if you’d read more carefully.

      • Robert J. Guadagno

        But that would have required “reading” and we all know, no one does that anymore.

      • smarty

        Excuse me,but I read all the time everyday it may be books.news paper,internet or what ever I read it.I just have a different opinion them some.Isn’t that what makes the world go around?

      • not so smarty


      • smarty

        Somebody always has to have a garbage gut mouth when you can’t think of anything else to say.With a face like that it goes along with the mouth.Stay with the subject.!

      • Robert J. Guadagno

        Sure…. And if my reply was directed at YOU, I’m sure your reply to me would make sense… Since my original reply had nothing to do with you, or anything you’ve posted, I’ll ‘double-down’ on my initial reply and say this… “It would also require comprehension of what they are reading.” as it’s obvious to me you are just looking for someone to bitch at, because “winning on the internet” is so much fun.

        My reply was to “TheGettus”; why you are involving yourself, and DEFENDING yourself in a unrelated to anything you’ve said conversation makes me question your motives, and your ability to comprehend how online communication works.

      • smarty

        Well excuse me.It just seemed like you were directing that comment in my direction. Sorry

      • Diane Sampson

        “them some”? OKAAAAAAYYYYYYYY……………..

      • Rodney Levenduski

        People who quote God don’t believe in reading accurately or they wouldn’t keep misquoting the Bible.

      • Harsh

        The world isn’t just here for mankind.

    • Arun

      Sorry dude, most of the guys got you wrong….they did not understand what you tried to day..

    • veera

      Oh Mr.Smith, I pity your ignorance. because you also wouldn’t exist in this country if you are saying the natural born american to get out of the country (obviously you are not a native american!)

      • veera

        sorry, my mistak Mr. Smith. You mean in a nice way!

    • Andy

      Mr. Smith you should go back to Europe or whatever country your grand parents descended from.

    • Andy

      Mr. Smith you should go back to Europe or whatever country your grand parents descended from.

    • Andy

      Mr. Smith you should go back to Europe or whatever country your grand parents descended from.

    • Keyur

      Unfortunately we are all part of this planet. It’s like shoving the dirt under the carpet just to make the room look clean.

  • Peanut

    Is it strange that Im getting Muslim Dating ads?

  • JoeJoe

    And furthermore, beauty pageants are STUPID.

    • Tommy

      And who made u decided that???

  • Fgoosse

    What if she was of Arab descent and a Muslim, then would it be perfectly fine to call her a terrorist etc. and be less accepting of her? I thought that we should be respectful of all races, religions and creeds, and yes even if she was Arab (ethnicity) and yes a Muslim. We are equal. While your article was informative, and noted the differences between Arabs and Indians in regards to geography and religion, it left me with he impression that somehow because Miss America was not Arab or a Muslim, then it was fine not have any prejudices towards her.

    • Ilyssa

      Absolutely not! It would not be fine at all. We should be respectful of all races, religions, creeds, and cultures because we are all equal. I apologize if it left you with the impression of anything other than that.

      • Fgoosse

        Thanks for clarifying! There is such intolerance towards Middle Eastern people and Muslims, it becomes almost acceptable in our society. Kudos to you for standing up to racism.

    • MNA

      Spot on comment!!! Hats off to you

    • enkelin

      I thought it just illustrated how ignorant the haters were. They got all of the details of her Bio wrong, from the language to the geography. I think that this author as well as most of the posters would support an Arab/Muslim winner just as well.

    • reveller

      If she was a Muslim (doesn’t matter Arab or Paki), her own people would issue a “fatwa” against her as Islam doesn’t allow girls to wear western clothes, show their skin, and all the crap you can imagine. That’s the very basic difference between stone-aged Islam and other liberal and tolerant religions.

      • Bare_facts

        I don’t wanna start a debate here but you really have to get your facts right before you start typing complete bullshit. Islam isn’t stone-aged. It is a much younger religion as compared to Christianity and Judaism. Also, people don’t release fatwa’s just for the sake of it. It would be frowned upon by people of various schools but no one would issue a death warrant. You really need to stop believing what biased media feeds you. No religion is liberal they just change according to changing times. There was a time when anything said against the church would be punishable by death. Get your facts right.

      • reveller

        First of all my comments were not for the people who are so naive or pretend to be one, not to get the real meaning of it. Any other person would have got the meaning of stone-aged there, which was an indication towards the stone-age beliefs and practices, not the literal age of that religion. Believe it or not, nobody gives a rats arse to how old is your religion or my religion. To a common person like me, a religion which allows you to stone a person to death, behead a woman for adultery, chop off hands for petty thefts is a stone-aged religion. Yes, christians were intolerable towards other religion but its a thing of past unlike the Muslims. On the other hand you still see these brutal laws being implemented in Islamic nations.
        Coming to the fatwa thing, can you deny the fact that Muslims killed people who spoke, painted or wrote something which according to Muslims insulted their Prophet. In India, a fatwa is issued for stupid things, for instance for banning a girls’ band from singing, for wearing a skirt in a tennis match or against Tasleema Nasreen who was shamelessly attacked by a bunch of goons for writing a book. And you are asking me to get my facts right? I’m absolutely flabbergasted !! I have lived with muslims all my life in India and abroad, and I don’t need to be fed by media to understand the common reality on the ground.

      • Ash

        well said.
        We dont find enough time for our own religion and bare facts is busy giving tutions on Islam.

      • Ash

        Hey,dont take it otherwise but this is the precise problem with Muslims that they are way to sensitive on the topic of Islam.
        This the reason why people are afraid to share views with Muslims leading to several other problems.
        Reveller has shared his opinion and if you can not then just move on.Dont take out your sword and get ready to preach

      • John T

        Not all Islamic people are fundamentalists, like that. Just like not all Christians are hate-filled homophobes and archconservatives. In all religions you find examples of fundamentalism, it’s simply due to our media, we do not see moderate or progressive muslims very often. There are just as many backwards customs found in other religious texts, but that doesn’t mean that observant members of those religions follow them. I mean, you see Christians at Red Lobster, after all.

    • Bill Rubin

      Well said! The author presumably was trying to make the point that the twitter comments were racist and ignorant from the lack of education on what it means to be Arab. He unfortunately missed the more comprehensive point that it wouldn’t even matter were she Muslim OR Arab. She is American, period. Whether Christian right wing morons recognize it or not, we ALL are Americans.

      • Mel

        Excuse me Bill Rubin…I might be a Moderate – right of center Christian, but I am certainly NOT a moron, nor am I a bigot or a racist and it is people like you who lump all people into boxes that cause the most uproar in this country. Wording in conversations is EVERYTHING and the minute you start calling names it only shows your lack of intelligence.
        That being said, I agree with you that Nina Davuluri – a BEAUTIFUL, stunning and talented AMERICAN woman deserved to be crowned Miss America as much as any of the other 50 did. Please notice I did not lump her into a category as Indian-Hindu American or Arab-Muslim American — she is an AMERICAN with Indian heritage AND her religion should have no bearing on anything! In fact religion isn’t even mention in the Miss America pagent, so for those asking the questions about an Arab/Muslim being Miss America…the answer is NO…an Arab/Muslim cannot be Miss America. An AMERICAN of Arab decent who happens to practice Islam – YES. Why is it so important for that hyphenated name “xxx”-American to be in there? If you were born in this country then you are an American. If you immigrated to America and became a citizen – you are an American…WE are AMERICANS with different heritages, but the most important thing is that WE ARE AMERICANS!
        (and before anyone goes off because I am posting as a guest…I usually do not post on these things!)

    • ms.pumbaa

      Btw, at the last part of the Ilyssa’s article, there is “PS: And even if she was a Muslim Arab-American, why would that make a difference anyway?” which you may have missed.

  • balls187

    This is the internet, which is full of racists dickheads. Why is this news? If Miss America was white, there would be an equal number of sexists tweets about her vapid intellect.

    • Mr. Smith

      Only if she was as stupid as the last one.

  • Kholoud

    I was fine with the article, yes apparently the majority of Americans would need several very basic lessons, until the last sentence. “Miss America isn’t and Arab” as if that was a crime that you purify her from. How about an Arab Muslim American, that would be a terrorist by default I suppose. Sigh…
    What’s wrong in your head people!

    • Robin

      I am certain that she did not mean for it to sound that way and she has already clarified that point with someone else. Personally, I would love to see an Arab Muslim American in the Miss America pageant – in full hijab!

    • Ilyssa

      I did clarify already but I absolutely did not mean it that way. We should be respectful of all races, religions, creeds, and cultures because we are all equal. I apologize if it left you with the impression of anything other than that.

    • ms.pumbaa

      Btw, at the last part of the Ilyssa’s article, there is “PS: And even if she was a Muslim Arab-American, why would that make a difference anyway?” which you may have missed.

    • Kalyan Chakravarthy

      she is a girl from India, from a town called Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh.

  • Angel Rivera

    We have not invaded India, so Americans don’t know where India is… Seriously, the only ones that can claim American as an ethnicity are the Natives that were mostly wiped out. America is the idea that a person is important and has the right to live free as well as pursue happiness. The fascists that make the current right claim to be patriots think that they own what it means to be an American. But, they are too stupid to realize that the reality that a nation of morons that talk, think alike and look alike is the opposite to what has made this country be great…

    • oespino

      Even after we invade some countries…most of the population cannot locate the countries in the world map nor spell the country’s name correctly…that’s sad but a fact…

  • Robin

    Amen, sister! Bravo to you for using your position to stand for ALL Americans, regardless of where their ethnicity lies!

  • TMT

    YES YES YES!!! Nicely written.

  • bobm

    At least a chink didn’t win

  • AMJ36

    I agree; that Newsroom finale was GREAT! 🙂

  • Maryana Serpinina

    I thought that America was country built by immigrants… so there is no “american”! it´s a mix of cultures and religions, so just stop fighting guys, none of you is truly “amercan”, all of you is “child of the world” 😉

    • Geneva Chapman

      Actually, there were already people living here and discounting their right to call this their home is really not fair. They kept the land, air, and water unpolluted and used the natural resources wisely. What was built here was a new kind of nation, but there were already many nations here. And you’re right about this new nation being made up of many people. Among them are the Original People who were here first.

      • Martin S

        @Geneva, Thank you for that comment. I am of Native American descent(No, I DO NOT speak for all Natives!). I personally am of the opinion of my ancestors. The land is for ALL PEOPLE, to use…to care for…and to share. We are all of the land, and countries don’t matter.
        To ALL: I once told my teacher that I was “part Native American”. He asked me “What part? Point to what part is Native and what is white. Being of The People is not something in your blood…it is in your heart. There are some very white people who are more Native American than some tribal members.”. We are ALL AMERICAN, no matter if our ancestors were born and have always lived here or if we traveled from another country and took the life of America and made it a part of our lives. It is in your heart…not your breeding.
        I didn’t watch the pageant either, however I will guarantee that EVERY contestant was not only beautiful, but talented…and they were ALL AMERICAN.

      • Maryana Serpinina

        i didnt actually find the “like” bottom 🙁 but you are absolutely right 🙂

  • Suzi

    And she’s beautiful.

  • Don T

    The only thing that pissed me off is that Miss New York won 2 years in a row! The pageant world is so biased to the big states and the little ones get screwed year after year!

    • smarty

      Let me see,It is called Miss America,not Miss Citizenship,Miss Legal or Hundi.It is Miss America Not by color but blood. If you can’t stand some of the back-lash then you dont need to be in at all.

      • FD1984


      • Prasanna Kundu

        Really “Smarty”??? you seriously aren’t justifying your Username!

      • Dylan King

        Are you for real with that comment? You might want to re-read and re-think Don’s comment from another perspective. lol

  • Naveed Mikhail Hasan

    It’s not called Hindu. It’s called “Hinduism”, whose members are called “Hindu”. Really ignorant mistake, which is awkward in and of itself.

    • bobm

      Really?!?! Hindu shmindu. U must be a hinduism. Did I say it right?

      • Naveed Mikhail Hasan

        I’m not remotely Hindu, just educated in the English language.

      • BobbyBarker

        You’re well-educated in the English snobbery, too.

      • Sky

        bobm… what are you? Are you a Christianity? Or are you an Islam? you know what … most likely you are just an ignorance.

    • Ilyssa

      Sorry about that. Thanks for clarifying.

      • Naveed Mikhail Hasan

        Sorry Ilyssa if my words came out a little heated. I understand your intentions are there, but this blog really showed you have some learning to do yourself.

        India has had an Arab presence for more than a thousand years, as many Arab seafarers and Muslim missionaries came to that land. Eventually there were several Muslim and Arab kingdoms within India which were eventually taken over by the Mughal Empire, also Muslim. This is the empire that built the Taj Mahal. Note: during this era there was relatively harmonious relations between the Muslims (who had now assimilated as Indians and the Hindu populations) It is also during this time that many Hindus converted to Islam,creating generations of Indian Muslims with absolutely no roots to the Middle East.

        The British Empire changed everything, creating a massive divide between the Muslim and Hindu communities and reviving the Western notion that Indian=Hindu, Muslim=not Indian. Eventually, the situation escalated until the Partition of India in 1947, which created the new nation Pakistan out of the Muslim majority areas of India.

        Despite a massive migration, many Muslims stayed in Hindu-Majority India. How many you ask? The second biggest Muslim population IN THE WORLD!

        Essentially,Muslims and Indians are not mutually exclusive which you’ve seemed to hint at. Moreover, correcting a racist’s ignorance of a different culture with an equally misinformed and semi-offensive tone is not remotely effective.

        Excuse the rant, but I couldn’t help myself.

        A proud Indian-American Muslim who can trace his ancestry to Arabia.

      • reveller

        I must agree with you partially. The barbarians like Babur from Uzbekistan and several others from the Arab invaded India, killed, raped and forcefully converted Hindus to Islam. There existed peace during the reign of a few Arabian rulers like Akbar, but largely those invaders are known for their fanaticism, robbery, barbaric acts etc. You proudly mentioned that Taj Mahal was built by one of them, however, you didn’t mention how many ancient Hindu temples and shrines were demolished by those Arabians. Babri Mosque is one the many such examples.
        Finally I’d like to remind you that Muslims are as much Indians as Hindus are, but when they start supporting notorious Islamic neighbors like Pakistan and Bangladesh, then its but obvious to create a divide among Indians. Muslims are only loyal to their religion, not to their country which is why we believe that god forbid, if there is a situation where Pakistan invades some parts at the border, Indian Muslims will take their side, as happened in Kashmir, purely because they share the same religion. Again I’d clarify that not all indian muslims are like that, but yes their overwhelming majority is of uneducated, brainwashed, religious fanatics who would not hesitate to join hands with an enemy nation.

      • indian

        u said it bro……………. pakistan promotes terrorism in india thrw masjids n religion………….

      • Naveed Mikhail Hasan

        If they are so fanatic, why didn’t they move to Pakistan? Think before you start shitting your BJP racism all over a civil dialogue.

      • reveller

        Moving to Pakistan and religious fanaticism are totally different issues. Who said that you have to move somewhere else to be a fanatic. Its about the dangerous concept like Jihad, perception towards non-muslims, religious intolerance that Muslims all across the globe are exhibiting. Al-Qaida, LeT, Hezbollah, JuD, Taliban etc etc….. are all Islamic terrorist organizations after all.

      • Naveed Mikhail Hasan

        You said the majority of Muslims in India are overwhelmingly fanatic. Can you back that up with facts? Data? Indian Muslims are for the most part uneducated and poor and are concerned about feeding their families, just like other human beings. They are forced to live in slums and discriminated HEAVILY especially through Hindu-FUNDAMENTALIST BS! ( BJP, RSS) Why aren’t you talking about those savages?

        Being a “patriot” is pretty hard when Hindu nationalists have done everything they can to erase Islam and Muslims from the national identity, so can you blame them?

        Muslims are intolerant compared to other Indians? Is that a joke? Every religion has an extremist element, not just Muslims. Stop playing the typical fear-mongering brain game.

      • reveller

        You answered yourself by saying Muslims are mostly uneducated and poor…. that’s what I said… the fanatics are coming from those places. And not to mention even IT experts like Yaseen Bhatkal are not exceptions.
        Ask yourself, haven’t u seen muslim youths cheering openly for Pakistan during Indo-Pak matches? Haven’t u seen Indian Muslims (esp in Hyd) accepting lakhs of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh with open arms. Is this patriotism? And do you expect other Indians to congratulate them for supporting these activities?
        The biggest irony is, whenever someone tells you the fact, you guys start playing the age-old victim card. Muslims are suffering, muslims are being discriminated and all that rubbish. As if only Muslims are poor in India.
        I didn’t even want to start this conversation, but your affection towards the Arabians made me to do so.
        As far as Hindutva is concerned, you are absolutely wrong when you say its anti this and anti that…
        Go and brush up your knowledge, read about Hindutva which has welcomed people from all castes, color and religion to India since ages. People like you are fed by the rhetoric from Congress and its paid media.
        And by the way nobody supports killing of Gandhi, not even the RSS people unlike Muslims who take pride on their Prophet Osama.

      • Aarthi

        Exactly reveller. When they dislike us Hindus so openly, how can they expect us to love them in return??? That’s so hypocritical.

      • Aarthi

        Excuse me for saying this, but us Hindus do feel a bit prejudiced when we are being bombed and shot left and right by your Muslim terrorist sleeping cells. Do you think acts like that make us feel good about you? When you kill our women and children with no heart, do you think we should still NOT discriminate against you and call you Indians?

        If you don’t want to be discriminated against, then stop your men from polluting our land with their terrorist acts. No state is safe from you people. Who gave you the right to treat us like this, when you people are not even originally from India.

        We even give you reservation in my state because you guys are a minority, but we still don’t get treated right. Respect your country and your people, and you’ll be treated right. If you think of your own nation and your fellow citizens as enemies and think bombing them is nothing, then expect to be hated.

        People think Muslims are not good news because we’ve seen enough muslims turn out to be killers in our country.

        I’M NOT saying you are, but a lot of you are and the proportion of good to bad is way off in your religion. Make that right and you’ll not be discriminated against.

      • reveller

        Why are you so hostile anyways? Just because I stated the facts from the black pages of Arabian rulers’ history in India? BJP racism? BJP talks about Uniform civil code…. what’s wrong with that? Why there should be a separate law for muslims? If you are an Indian, you should follow the same rules as every other Indian does. What on Earth is wrong in that? That’s not racism, that’s called nation building..

      • Naveed Mikhail Hasan

        Hostile? No I’m trying to put you in your place. My main point is that this ARTICLE WE ARE COMMENTING ON is implying Muslims have nothing to do with India which is a straight up falsehood. Everyone knows the Arab rulers did horrible things, but so did every nation of every time. Hindus were/have been responsible for horrific atrocities as well.

        Hindutva is anti-muslim , anti-christian, anti-everything not Hindu and promotes a narrow exclusive version of patriotism. Let’s remember who killed Gandhi.

      • Naveed Mikhail Hasan

        If they are so fanatic, why didn’t they move to Pakistan? Think before you start shitting your BJP racism all over a civil dialogue.

      • the sailor

        wt all shit ur talking my dear friend…..???? pakistan created from muslim majority place of india …..?????
        1. do you what was the muslim population at the time of partition @ 1947 ???

        2. do you realy know the story of taj mahal…??? ( emprr who tok the thump fingr from all works who made taj mahal, converted hindus to muslim by force)
        3. for you what harmony mens???? attack,kill etc ?????? ur grt king tipu sulthan who killd allmost all hindus n south indian n his state and stolen all gold,etc from hindu temples….?????
        4. why u forget indian presence in arab n old bc times……..????? n wch arabian mathematics, science wch influnced by indians ????????

        liv all thes… bt please explain me how indian muslims got ancestry to Arabia. ????????????? u dnt kw enything abt indian history………. atlest go n goggle it…. den post……….
        by an Indian ( not hindu indian)

      • Naveed Mikhail Hasan

        Please find one thing that wasn’t correct.

        1) That doesn’t make sense grammatically.
        2) The story of the Taj Mahal? All I said is that it was built during the Mughal Empire… which is a FACT
        3) I said RELATIVE harmony… big difference..
        4) Once again no idea what you’re asking..?

        Conclusion: I’m guessing you have no education considering your English is very poor and your “fact checks” are based off Hindu Right Wing Propaganda. Why don’t you pray to Saraswati to give you some brains? What would India be without the Mughal Empire? It would be a hundreds of Hindu Kingdoms ruled with a backwards caste system. Try denying that fact.. lol

      • Ilyssa

        I was talking about the The “Arab World” which is defined by the Almanac was ONLY the 22 countries I listed. I was describing
        specifically the “Arab World,” not Muslim countries in general. I was extremely SPECIFIC about the words I chose for a reason. I also
        did not say that India did not have any Muslims, I said Islam was not the
        religion predominately practiced there. As for your other assertions, I specifically wrote in the article that for the purposes of keeping it concise I wasn’t going to get into a long discussion about religion.

      • Tommy

        Love your article llyssa

    • Prasanna Kundu

      By the way, “Hinduism” too should not be used as the term for the religion. It actually is “Sanatan-Dharma”.
      Search it out your self.

  • September Waites

    This article definitely points out some extremely valid points, but not my main concern. My issue stands as this, even if she were arabic, why does that matter? And when I say arabic I do mean arabic-american, as in her being an american citizen for all the bigots that will read this. If you’re an american it’s not supposed to matter what color your skin is or who you descended from. This is one of the many reasons the rest of the world has a hit out on this country, the inbred hate! So all of you conservative, redneck, incest-born racists continue to think something is wrong with that beautiful girl winning that crown! I hope she goes on makes the rest of you wish you were half the person she is!

    • Ilyssa

      I did clarify already but I absolutely did not mean it that way. We should be respectful of all races, religions, creeds, and cultures because we are all equal. I apologize if it left you with the impression of anything other than that.

      • September Waites

        Oh I didn’t ever think you meant it that way. This was for all the jerks that would read it lol. I knew you didn’t after reading 2 paragraphs of the article. Thanks for taking the consideration to clarify though. It’s greatly appreciated.

  • Drew

    thing the author does get wrong is that India and Pakistan are not one
    country apart, they touch, and were the same nation until Great Britain
    granted India it’s independence, and Pakistan was created as a place for
    the Muslim peoples to gather (a division that Gandhi was very opposed to). Also, Muslims are a sizable minority in India.

    said (I love talking about History, what can I say?), people getting
    upset about an India-American woman winning a beauty pageant, even the
    biggest one in the nation, are COMPLETELY FUCKING RETARDED.

    • Ilyssa

      By one country away I meant that they touch but sorry if it was confusing. Glad you liked the article!

    • Geneva Chapman

      I work with cognitively disabled people (the term “retarded” is obsolete and antiquated). They are intellectually impaired not stupid. Would be really nice if we could give up all prejudice and bias toward ALL people.

      • bobm

        Retard is a good adjective. And is not obsolete. It doesn’t mean stupid it means they are a re-tard

  • PepeSF

    It all comes down to brown. The nutjob racist element of our country sees a person with a darker skin tone wearing that sash and crown and it just makes their blood boil. Well, I say let it boil. Let ’em get used to the fact that white people aren’t the only real Americans (and I say that as a really pale white person). There are many, many shades of “real American.”

    And, while I think beauty pageants are silly, I still offer a hearty congratulations to Ms. Davuluri! May her reign explode the heads of a million and one right-wing jackasses.

    • TXreader

      And, I want to know why it’s okay to have “Miss Black America” but would be offensive to have one that is “Miss White America” – just a thought…..

      • FD1984

        Well, why don’t you revisit the policies of Miss America, count how many non-white women have been selected and then ask yourself that question again. “Miss America” has been, essentially, “Miss White America.”

      • PepeSF

        I don’t support the idea of a Miss Black America, either. I’m for everybody being in one inclusive group that is America. However, everyone in our society needs to be on board with that, and I’m afraid at present, they’re simply not.

        And your avatar is correct, nurses do rock!

    • lewrites

      You know what, I’m very offended.
      My family leans right, and while I’m moderate, growing up right wing has colored some of my viewpoints. And it’s GREAT that New York won.
      It’s not always right-wingers who hate everyone of other races. I’ve come across plenty of left-wingers who were as such, and were racist toward me. (I’m not 100% white, and actually, if you looked at me, you wouldn’t think I was white even though there is white in there, just to clarify.)

      • PepeSF

        I’m sorry, did you have a point in whatever you just said? I’m not sure you communicated the thing about which you were offended.

      • lewrites

        The fact that you said “may her reign explode the heads of a million and one right wing jackasses”
        So, yes, I did make a point about why I was offended. My family is primarily right wing, and they’re perfectly happy that Miss America is someone of a different race. Obviously, they’re disappointed it’s not Miss Kansas because we’re Kansans and so of course we’d root for our home state unless there was a big reason not to. But just because they’re right wing doesn’t mean they’re racist or a bunch of jackasses.

      • lewrites

        I did read things first. Yes, there are a lot of right wingers who are racist, BUT NOT ALL OF THEM ARE. I have met plenty of Democrats who are just as racist as some of the idiots on the right wing, some of them even more so.
        I never said the comments weren’t racist because they are and it sickens me. Did I once say that they weren’t racist? No. But thanks for putting words in my mouth. To say that every right winger is racist is an over-generalization, though. I was raised to celebrate diversity. I am actually part Native American, on my mom’s side.
        My “offense” was mostly sarcastic. I’m pretty used to people making over generalizations about people because a few jerks get all the attention when there are plenty of right wingers who were really excited about Miss New York getting crowned. Actually, several right wing friends of mine along with my democrat friends posted both stories saying they couldn’t believe that people would say such things about Miss New York and how sad it was that people could be so hurtful. That’s how I found all this in the first place.

  • Durr

    Cool, I bet a lot of people who this is addresses to will be reading this.

  • mike953

    India isn’t Muslim because all the Muslims insisted on their own country after Ghandi. See Pakistan. “In India especially, the Muslim urge to political power was clearly demonstrated. As British rule there drew to an end, many Muslims demanded, in the name of Islam, the creation of a separate Pakistan state. Its emergence in August 1947 remains one of the major political achievements of modern Muslim history.”

    • David J

      Couldn’t it be possible that “big states” with larger populations win more often because they have a larger pool of candidates competing within those big states, and therefore, a larger likelihood of people with superior talents? It’s how the odds of probability work, sometimes; those with more potential players entering, (as in the Olympics) often have larger pools of talent from which to select, so that the USA and Russia and China win more often than people from the Netherlands do.

    • Guest

      FYI: India has a bigger Muslim population than Hindus.

      • Fact Checker

        That’s not true. 160 to 180 million Muslims live in India. 828 million Hindus in India, they make up over 80% of the poulation

    • Naveed Mikhail Hasan

      FYI: India has a larger Muslim population than Pakistan.

      • Tommy

        And yes their are lots of Pakistani people still living in India and happy to still be there. Their are all one, just separated by religion.

      • Naveed Mikhail Hasan

        NO!!! You are so confused! There are literally NO Pakistani people in India. They are INDIAN Muslims!

  • A_Catholic_Indian

    Actually there are some people in India who speak Arabic… just as there are Muslims and Christians in India… but seriously does it even matter? What has race/language/religion got to do with anything? She’s American and she won a beauty contest..

  • Mike

    It does’t matter where your from , only if you belive in your self is what count .
    Has very body forgot this a free country. Just remember opinions are like buttholes every one has one. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • TED

    Miss America Pageant = meh.

  • Michael La Rocca

    Fabulous article!!! I worked with the Pageant for ten years from 1985 to 1995 and I could not have put it better. Thank you…

  • Lyola M Roeske Shafer

    I believe that the USA is at its most ignorant and uneducated phase in history.
    I guess we get what we pay for..

  • Thompss110

    I am alright with your article other than the fact that you said something about people wanting Miss Kansas to win because she is a “real American woman” because she is white. Miss Kansas is a US soldier. That is why people believe she is a “real American woman”

  • JaySFO

    Thanks for writing this.

  • Xgaray

    I LOVe this article!

  • Melissa

    Well said. Why aren’t you in office helping this sad country?
    I’m from Syracuse originally, proud she won. I suppose these hateful people forget we ALL come from our descendants from other countries.
    America is vast and diverse due to that fact. What the world needs now is more love. Less defensiveness, hatred, blaming, entitlement without responsibility. Peace on Earth. ♡

  • DN

    well said, just one thing: there is no existing place as palestine.

    • Ilyssa

      Well aware, but the “arab world” is defined as 22 countries including “Palestine”.

  • sanscommentary

    in 2010 Rima Fakih, a Lebanese born Muslim immigrant won the Miss USA pageant, and it didn’t get anywhere NEAR this much backlash, and she happened to actually BE a Muslim. here we have a drop dead gorgeous native born New Yorker who beat out another contestant who was also Asian and people are FREAKING OUT that the Blonde girl who hunts didn’t win, SHE WASN’T EVEN RUNNER UP!! I’ve actually seen people proposing that this was a liberal conspiracy!!!! unless a full blooded American Indian enters the contest, ANYONE who wins is of foreign born ancestry!!

  • Bill Rubin

    The same racist morons who are freaked out because African-American Barack Obama is President are similarly freaked out because Miss America is an Indian-American. Give ’em credit: at least the ignorant racists are consistent in their stupidity.

    • Tommy

      This is too funny. ” FACT” consistent in their stupidity.

  • Me

    Suck it up…. Morons…..

  • chibo

    i agree with your position, but you should correct the part about india’s geography. it borders pakistan and is one country away (less than 150-200 miles) from afghanistan. also, i’m pretty sure “arabia” doesn’t come anywhere near the atlantic ocean. good to have the facts straight if ya wanna be taken seriously. again, i agree with your position and thank you for sharing it.

    • Ilyssa

      The “Arab World” which is what I was describing specifically, is geographically defined as written. My facts are straight. According to the World Almanac, The “Arab World” consists of the Arabic speaking countries in the greater middle east and stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Arabian Sea in the east, and from the Mediterranean Sea in the north to the Horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean in the southeast.

      ARABIAN SEA! I never said Atlantic Ocean. Reading comprehension!

      It includes Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, Somalia, the UAE, Libya, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Mauritania, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Behrain, Djibouti, and Comoros.

      When I said one country away about Pakistan I was referring to the fact it was next door.

  • Eddy Acosta

    Well said Mr. Smith!!!!!!!!

  • Asheville Andy

    PS While in you are correct in much of what are saying, actually India has hundreds of millions of Muslims. Also, the “Muslim World” stretches east to the Philippines. The largest numbers of Muslims in the world are in south and south-east Asia: India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

  • DV

    Unless you are a Native American (the people who originally lived here before the white immigrants invaded) you are also an immigrant or descended from an immigrant invader/colonizer. Nina Davuluri is an American just like all the ignorant white people who think they own this country. BTW, whites are now the minority in the US. Get used to it.

    • FD1984

      “you are also an immigrant or descended from an immigrant invader/colonizer.”

      Slaves neither immigrated nor invaded.

  • DolanDuck

    to all the bigots, a question:

    Has anyone ever really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  • Melissa

    This was great, thank you! I am grateful that I did not see a single newsfeed on FB commenting the terrible things you saw.

  • TuraLura

    All this nonsense over the Miss America pageant makes me wonder whether Irish, Italian, Dutch and German Americans are even aware of the deep prejudice and hateful caricatures of their own immigrant ancestors that were so prevalent in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.

    The Irish were presented as subhuman apes, the Italians as backward beggars, the Dutch as fat and silly in their wooden shoes, and the Germans as provincial country bumpkins. None of them were considered “real Americans” by the descendants of immigrants of English ancestry. No one in America needs to look very far to find a strain of hated, belittled and mocked people- we would all do well to remember this when we feel the urge to condemn African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern or Asian immigrants as less-than-real Americans.

  • FranM

    Very well said. Unfortunately, bigots have skull so thick, nothing gets in, but hate.

  • newmoonlmt

    Beautifully said. Thank you! I can’t fathom where the rampant ignorance and racism have come from.

  • Martha Fogleman

    I agree with everything in this article. i think Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, will make a great Miss America. She’s beautiful, intelligent, talented, compassionate, and well spoken. However I WAS rooting for Miss Kansa, Sgt. Theresa Vail to win. No, not because I’m a white bigoted racist. But because she is also beautiful, well spoken, etc. But mainly I wanted her to win because she isn’t the typical Miss America/pageant girl. She’s a girl who likes to hunt deer, do archery, get dirty, and most importantly has served her country! The other reason was her platform: empowering women, breaking barriers and overcoming stereotypes. I mean she proudly showed her tattoo in her bikini- as the first contestant to do that on the Miss America stage, if that’s not breaking barriers then I don’t know what is. I didn’t want her to win because she was white, southern, or Christian. i wanted her to win because of the type of modern girl she represented and the platform she stood for.

    • Tommy

      Love u Martha you said it right, Nina Davuluri, will make a great Miss America. She is indeed beautiful, intelligent, talented, compassionate, and well spoken. Those were all my words. You said it for me… 😉

  • Hema

    Great article but Hinduism is closer to monism and is not polytheistic. 🙂

    • DV

      I believe Hinduism has numerous gods. Shiva, Kali, Vishnu, etc. The gods and the people all play in life together. The goal is to get past the illusion that all the drama on Earth (unconscious) such as what is exhibited by these ignorant people is serious and to still your mind and achieve higher states of consciousness. You are correct in that they see only one God . . however everything including all mankind is part of that one God . . we are like drops of water falling into the ocean.

      • Hema

        This is why I say it’s closer to monism – because we believe in only one God and all of creation is part of that One Source, including the deities like Shiva, Kali etc. 🙂

  • Tony Baker

    Miss America Title and 2 bucks you can get yourself a good cup of coffee

  • Ramesh Menon

    Someone cracked this on hearing about the racist remarks !!

    Nina Davuluri, of Indian origin, wins Miss America and lots of American janta start cribbing about it.

    Arey, Miss America is always won by the descendant of some immigrants. Except 1926 when a Native American won.

    • Julie Wickstrom

      Nice! I did not know we had a “real american” win. I’m glad to have the first East Indian American win this year. She is just as American as any other person born here.

    • Julie Wickstrom

      Nice! I did not know we had a “real american” win. I’m glad to have the first East Indian American win this year. She is just as American as any other person born here.

  • James

    …and so was your President! Bigots, retreat!

  • I think standing up against racism is great. It’s even better to do it in a factual way that actually reflects knowledge about the topic being discussed. This article demonstrates a total lack of understanding about what the muslim world is. Fuchs describes the borders of the Islamic word, for example, and neglects to include within those borders the Asia-Pacific region, where 62% of people who identify as Muslim live. Oops. The author seems to be unaware of major difficulties between the Hindi and Muslim population in India — in fact more Muslims live in the India and Pakistan than in all of the Middle Eastern/North African world. The country with the largest number of Muslim people? Indonesia with 209 million. The country with the second highest Muslim population? India with about 176 million.

    Of course — Fuchs is talking about two things here — Arab phobia and Islamophobia. I think the average racist person going off about Miss America is likely conflating the two — seeing Muslim and Arab as interchangeable topics. I’m not totally sure the author isn’t conflating the two together, too.

    • Ilyssa

      Jason, while you make a good point it’s a non sequiter. The “Arab World” which is what I was describing specifically, not Muslim countries in general, includes ONLY the 22 countries I listed. I was extremely SPECIFIC about the words I chose for a reason. I also did not say that India did not have any Muslims, I said Islam was not the religion predominately practiced there. As for your other assertions, I already clarified this in the comments like 5 or 6 times, but I absolutely did not mean it that way. We should be respectful of all races, religions, creeds, and cultures because we are all equal. I apologize if it left you with the impression of anything other than that. But also, do you think I would have wrote this article if I was racist against another group? Of course not., it’s common sense. My editor is supposed to add in a PS: And who cares if she is Muslim Arab-American anyways but since the server keeps crashing he hasn’t been able to.

      • While you are so busy defending your point, you’ve missed mine. It’s easy to conflate the notion of Muslim and Arab. If you are spending a significant amount of time clarifying this in your post, it suggests that your efforts at being specific weren’t effective.

        It’s also important to note that much of the press reporting the racism surrounding the Miss America winner conflates Arab and Muslim together, uses them interchangeably, and expressed distorted views of both.

        You wrote an opinion piece to address these distortions.

        You’ve written an opinion piece with a broad brush, in a few words, trying to express a complex idea. Your broad brush did, indeed, discuss both Muslim religion and the Arab world, two related but different topics. This has nothing to do with you being racist (I didn’t mention that, or suggest that). The issue, as I’ve mentioned, is the easy conflation of two different but related topics.

        That’s what I’m saying here — you could have done a better job in making an anti-racism argument that separated out the conflation the western world does with the topics Muslim and Arab. This is especially important since a good deal of the racism directed toward the Miss America winner conflates these two things. Just as you did.

      • Ilyssa

        I hear what your saying and appreciate the constructive criticism.

      • Fact Checker

        I agree with what you’ve said Dr. Mihalko. If the author is going to call people morons because they don’t know the religion and geography, then should have taken much more care in wording. As you say, Arabs are NOT the majority of peoples who identify themselves as Muslims. Why single out just the Arabs in her article without even mentioning the vast numbers of Muslims who live in India? Thanks for calling out the author on this!

  • lolzer

    Its hinduism sweetie, not hindu

  • Nikia Damali Anika AsahniiRuff

    Sheesh!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself!!! That’s what’s fit to print!!

  • Fem Rebel

    Ilyssa Fuchs, you are AWESOME

  • Raghu_1

    Why wasn’t this an issue when non-American Caucasians won the pageant, is all this hatred becoz she is not white? no colour is superior to the other, she looks lovely (we indians are very beautiful btw). Get a life you racist morons!!

  • The rest of the world is beginning to understand what is meant by American Exceptionalism…Exceptionally bloody stupid. Pathetic.

  • Charlotte

    Even if she was from Arabic decent, so what? Would that justify the racist attitude towards her becoming Miss America? I don’t understand why those who are trying to point out the stupidity of the racists keep on saying “she is not even Arabic”. The fact that the ignorant racists are calling her Arabic is not even the bigger problem here. The bigger problem is that there are racists with narrow minds who see themselves superior to others who are not just like them. Saying “She is not Arabic” makes it sound as if it is OK to make all the horrible comments the racists make if she was Arabic.

    • Ilyssa

      I addressed this in several comments. Read below.

      • Charlotte

        Well, when you finish your article by saying “In closing, Miss America isn’t an Arab, she’s not a terrorist, and she is just as American as you and I are.”
        you are pairing ‘Arab’ and ‘terrorist’ as the opposites of ‘as American as you and I’. If you truly don’t mean to degrade Arabs it certainly doesn’t come through. Good luck with your future articles.

      • Ilyssa

        I already clarified this in the comments like 5 times but I absolutely did not mean it that way. We should be respectful of all races, religions, creeds, and cultures because we are all equal. I apologize if it left you with the impression of anything other than that. But also, do you think I would have wrote this article if I was racist against another group? Of course not., it’s common sense. My editor is supposed to add in a PS: And who cares if she is Muslim Arab-American anyways but since the server keeps crashing he hasn’t been able to.

  • Xander

    I wouldn’t take comments on twitter by so called ‘true Americans’ … they aren’t the smartest bunch of people.. i mean come on .. anyone electing George Bush as President has to be a naturally flawed race..

  • Xander

    I wouldn’t take comments on twitter by so called ‘true Americans’ so seriously … they aren’t the smartest bunch of people.. i mean come on .. anyone electing George Bush as President has to be a naturally flawed race..

  • Danny

    Great article. Well said. I’m not gonna comment on the rest of the morons arguing at the comment section.

  • There isn’t any Race on Earth; upon birth, we are heading to death. There isn’t any Racialism in the spaceship: the world…We have only Human Race. American welcome to travel the world and open your eyes… Please look at the beautiful blue Marble from moon view: Are you sure American has gone up there, with such a world view??? Even a Miss America an Indian American is an Issue??? Let get yourself Empowered by saqamaweb…to be liberated!

  • Amal

    Most people probably knew she wasn’t Arab (or at least I hope so) but those red necks have always been racists so post September 11 just gave them an excuse to be open about it and diss Arabs and use the word “terrorist” to make it seem like patriotism rather than racism. They can’t diss India as much cause the media hasn’t provided them with reasons but they have so much rage and racism inside them, they would use any excuse to just bring it out.

  • sharon

    It did not bother me at all that she is Indian American, although I was pulling for DC to win and not NY, but it did bother me that she won after saying the things she did about Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2013. Yes, Miss Hagan had gained weight during her reign but to have Miss NY call her a fat ****, and I do believe she did or at the very least not sit idly still while her friends did so, made her a rather sad choice to win the crown. I mean if she had made the comment Miss Hagan had gained weight which Miss Hagan readily admits she did is one thing, but to use those words in relation to Miss Hagan as a Fat &&&& is totally out of line.

  • Amal

    Also, if people are so worried a non American descendent won it, only native Americans should win this. I am seriously tired of those European rejects winning most of the time!

    I hate terms like African American or Indian American. You should call the white European American then.

    Last time I met an American in France who called a black dude African American. It’s ridiculous the way American society works. Just say black! They’ve been in America since Europeans got there and we dont want to remember the sad circumstances around their arrival.

    • FD1984

      Personally, I have no problem with African American or black.

      “we dont want to remember the sad circumstances around their arrival.”

      I do.

      • Rob Mas

        Yup, let’s not forget how the African Chiefs sold their own people into slavery (knowingly) to white people.
        While the French and Spanish kidnapped them

  • ayan

    May be it would be better if we do not go beyond the identity of one’s nationality. I mean lets not call someone Indian American, Irish American…..etc. Being American is their first and last identity. I wish such things should prevail everywhere so that regional/linguistic/religious identities are diminished or become secondary to the identity of nationality..

  • ms.pumbaa

    well written!

  • ankit saurabh

    for people of a country discovered by accident , knowledge of geography can be a hard thing to come ;P

  • Laurel Blechman

    Exactly! Thanks.

  • Dirk

    So what you are suggesting is that an american from a middle-eastern root should not be crowned miss america because their ancestors came from the ‘terrorist’ middle east?? You sir, are no different to the rest of the racists!

    • Ilyssa

      I already clarified this in the comments like 5 times but I absolutely did not mean it that way. We should be respectful of all races, religions, creeds, and cultures because we are all equal. I apologize if it left you with the impression of anything other than that. But also, do you have a reading comprehension problem? I’m not a sir. If you read my author box you would know that.

  • Bharath Narla

    America belongs to the native “Indians”, if you must know.

    • Rob Mas

      That’s just stupid talk. Everyone is native to Africa ONLY. Science teaches that.
      …. Your argument is invalid and uneducated, and very liberal-retard.

  • American

    Personally I am getting tired of hearing terms like “African-American, Mexican-American, Indian-American, etc…..). Either you are an American or you are not! Sure be proud of your heritage but remember, whatever other country you are also claiming has likely done little or nothing for you and most people who use those terms have never even ventured out to whatever other place they claim to be from. The media and other special interest groups love to segregate the American population with these terms. Lets make the people hate each other so they don’t hate us, this seems to be the agenda of those that are supposedly here to help us.

  • sfromana

    yes, but you’re wasting your breath! you’re preaching to the choir! no bigot reads this website!!!!

  • Robert Hatch

    Thank you dumb hillbillies for making us white folks look like narrow minded, racist, idiots. It’s a shame and you should all be ashamed at this point.

  • Ike Rose-Author

    The first victim of “vengence violence” in New York City after 9/11 was an attack on a Seik. They are non-Moslems who live in Norhtan India. They wear turbans, not arab head-dresses.

  • vern tanny

    she is the reason there was a slow response to Katrina….. I know that’s what happened …

  • Rob Mas

    Now that the author threw her hissy fit. I’d like to point out some things. For starters, she’s Indian, or she is American. She’s only both if she holds passport in both countries. And if she wants to be taken seriously, she’ll say she is American first. Anyone who feels into this P.C. Crap, is a blatant morons and looses all credibility.
    Secondly, Indian women are beautify ninjas. Many look good young, but turn into shriveled up prunes as they get older.
    Third, your liberal mentality felt you had to justify how smart you are with the Season Finale of Newsroom. I would have maybe respected your opinion if you said you don’t watch TV.
    Forth, your trying to shame Americans just seemed like you were trying to pump your chest, and I found it BORING. You need to learn how to write where it grabs the reader’s attention…..I bet you are young and drink wine because you think you are sophisticated….what the fuck ever. What do you even do for a living? Do you even make good money?
    Fifth, I DON’T GIVE A FUUUUCK what people on twitter think, and neither should you. Why do you honestly feel the need to write a response to people who use twitter? They will never read what you wrote. Because twitter users are fuckin morons.

    • Rob Mas

      People use twitter because there is no logic behind their comments. That’s why the stipulation is 150 characters or less.

  • I think this post may make another war.
    #seeing the comments.

    • Rob Mas


  • Kendra Rose Snyder

    We really should accept all races, cultures and religions 🙂 I think Nina is wonderful and she deserved that crown. Even if she was Arab, I wouldn’t care! I am not a person in place to judge her, and neither is anyone else sitting there being ignorant. Alot of people are being rude because she is different, and Miss America is about being different and unique 🙂 I wish Nina the best of luck on her journey from one pageant girl to another <3

  • Alien radio

    Perhaps your next article will discuss why the Miss Black America beauty contest is not racist? On second thought, this is a “progressive” rag so probably not. So much for the search for truth.

    • Ilyssa

      The Miss Black America was started when black women were barred from participating in Ms. America. Do some research on history before you claim something has racist overtones.

      • FD1984

        Thank you!

  • Tired of the blame

    It IS ignorant to make rude remarks about a beauty queen. It should have nothing to do with what our President has or hasn’t done, as many people here have gone way off track on the subject at hand. That being said, I would be willing to bet that not all of the disparaging remarks came from white people. Ignorant, racist idiots come in ALL colors. It’s not ok to accuse somebody of being racist just because they’re white, yet it happens all the time. Discrimination is discrimination. It’s all the same no matter where or who it comes from.

  • Safee Al-Saudi

    isn’t an Arab Country?????
    the writer is as racist as the people she is writing about…

    • Ilyssa

      What are you talking about? Go look up what is considered the “arab world” it’s 22 countries that DO NOT include India. That is a geographical fact, that has nothing to do with racism. If I was a racist I wouldn’t have wrote this article.

      • Fact Checker

        Since when does Islam solely refer to Arabs? You have to go back many,
        many centuries for that to be true. Arabs are NOT the vast majority of
        Muslims in the world. The largest Muslim country is Indonesia, with
        Pakistan second and India third. Between 160 and 180 million Muslims reside in
        India. Please research your facts before you write them as facts.

      • Ilyssa

        I never said that Islam refers solely to Arabs ANYWHERE in this article, nor did I claim there were no Muslims in India. Rather, I said the most popular religion in India was Hinduism and I said the “Arab World” (as defined by the Almanac) consists of the 22 countries I listed. I don’t need to fact check because the facts I actually stated (not the ones you heard) are correct. I don’t need to learn to fact check, you need to learn how to read.

      • Safee Al-Saudi

        you talked about india is not an arab country as if arab country is an insult or a bad thing…

      • Ilyssa

        Absolutely not an insult or a bad thing. If you read the last line of the article I said that it wouldn’t matter if she was from an arab country. People in America should learn how to be respectful of people from all religions and ethnicities.

  • ankitachandel

    I wish there were more intelligent, humane, considerate and evolved people like you in the world. Loved the article! ♥

  • Cherry

    I am an indian and I really smile at this so called Americans who feel superior but so conservative,racist and shameless ignoramus. The ruling party’s head of my country is an Italian by birth.

  • krish

    Nicely written article. But I dont even know if hatred of any kind is worth responding to. It just creates so much more hatred as can be seen from the comments below.

    God bless y’all

  • PallaviChaudhury

    people are hateful. its not just in america! its everywhere! they know how to make a big deal out of things that dont matter much, but they dont know how to address the bigger problems our world faces right now! do you really think citizen caught up in the midst of civil wars care who miss america is? and if the americans didn’t want a brown skinned girl to be the miss america, they shoudnt have made their citizenship laws so lineant. if she is an american in paperwork, she s born n brought up in america! she is an american. and why are indians so worked up about it? dont we have bigger problems in our country? like criminals and murderers are gonna be political leaders and control the government? we should all focus on things to make a better planet, a better world and a better country without harming anyone’s interest not on cat videos and how a brown skinned girl cant be miss america!

    wherever you go the sky is the sky and people are people! its nothing different- Jubei

  • Shaurya Prateek

    Look at this thread, Americans fighting among themselves for reasons best known to them, and yes, I am an INDIAN!

  • bhaskarmudam vbr

    thanks for your worthless overdrive .. She should be proud that she is called Arab and not indian atleast as Indians are more so unilaterally referred as slumdogs

  • Katherine Johnson

    Thank you.

  • Tom Chubb

    Kudos to the new Miss America! May she have a wonderful year.

  • Susan Lignelli Behanna Potter

    We love you Jon

  • Maineeyak

    Based on many of the comments here, it is evident that ignorance is not limited to “white Americans”. Ignorance knows no racial boundaries. There are ignorant people on every corner of this planet. To imply otherwise is simply, well, ignorant. And to imply that only “whites” were upset by the selection of the current Miss America is blatantly wrong. Many of us whites celebrate the diversity of our country. It is what makes us strong. What makes us weak is the groups of people who live or migrate to this country and want to run it like they ran their original country. When you come to America, you are coming to a melting pot of all races and religions and you are choosing to become a member of that larger community. If you don’t want to do that, then I suggest you continue your search for a new home somewhere else.

  • LB

    First let me say that Miss New York did great and as an American has every right to win the crown.
    Now to address one point in the article and some of the comments on here. I understand the passion for calling out people that are bigots or racist, however, the writer wrote “protestant” in her comment she became stereotypical herself. Just because someone is protestant does not make them racist. Also, just because someone is conservative does not make them racist. Just because someone is a “redneck” does not make them racist.
    I am conservative and some might consider me a little bit redneck, but I go through everyday working at seeing who people are and what they are made of rather than what color they are.
    Please stop putting me in the racist category just because I am conservative.

  • Joey

    This is a well-intentioned article, but it has one fundamental flaw: you cannot lecture to hatred with an attitude. Calling them morons only puts you a heartbeat away from their poison. I certainly sympathize with your frustration, but most of them probably don’t read Forward Progressives. The reality of our world is, every society has a base of hateful people – America, India, and the other 193 countries. Trust me, you don’t want to become one of them, they already live in hell. And by the way, without wandering too far, take a look at a sample from the comments right here: while some are good, a lot of them are full of hate.

  • Princess_SaySay

    Well, as good as this article is, it is true. Miss America represents the United Stated of America. Although, I am very happy for Nina- American’s have been white from the beginning. Does Christopher Columbus ring a bell? As of right now we have an African American president and an Indian Miss America. So my question is, “is this really America any more”? I am in no way racist, I am jut very proud of my country, other than recent decisions. However, the last two standing at Miss America were an Indian girl and a Chinese girl, would people have ranted the same way? If it was such a big deal for it to be a person of different origin why would the Miss America system allow them to make it so far with titles? Its not easy getting to where all 50 of those girls got, so I applaud them all and happy for everyone. Even though my pick would have been Vanessa Williams, who was a true American whom has already served our country and reenlisted- She is a true Miss America with a great background story behind the tattoo’s.

  • i’m brown but not armed

    Thank you Ilyssa!!! Finally someone who understands the rest of the world You did a great job explaining everything. You were eloquent without being too patronising.(your entitled to a little) Wish there were more Americans like you. The world would definitely make less fun of America. Perhaps you should write a “the real world for Dummies” book. ha ha
    By the way….I am Indian, i don’t have brown skin (in fact, am in desperate need of a tan) I’m married to an Arab (no he is not a terrorist) and we live in Dubai. (have lived in every continent including the US) We love Americans visiting and giving us the “America is the greatest Nation in the world speech”. Within a few days they are humbled and go back a changed person when they realise how much more advanced and evolved the rest of the world is.

    • Wayne Bassett

      I am white British and married to a US lady. I lived in the US for almost five years before returning to the UK and while I was there I got the “America is the greatest Nation in the world speech” too, until I got to show my wife an in-laws what goes on in Europe and got the same humble response lol

    • FD1984

      “Within a few days they are humbled and go back a changed person when
      they realise how much more advanced and evolved the rest of the world

      I get what you’re trying to say, here, but I must roll my eyes at your hyperbole.

  • Diagonotter

    Thanks for the Post script I had been waiting.

  • Jose

    As much as I agree with your article, people are ignorant and bigoted because they choose to be, so an enlightening and open minded article like this one wouldn’t change their minds, even if they did miraculously choose to read it.

  • kenyee

    Makes me wonder what would have happened if Miss CA had won (racist comments on how we’re being taken over by Japanese even though she’s Chinese?).
    When I saw the finalists, I thought for sure Miss KS or OK would win, depending on whether they’d go for the army girl angle or the cuteness angle. I didn’t think CA or NY had a chance because they weren’t white or black…

  • Bob Bois le Duc

    Gee, these right wing racists attack her because her family comes from India, but they have no problem with Republicant US Senator Bobby Jindal’s family coming from India !!

  • Mike Williams

    I am as you call it “Irish American” and I find the term offensive.
    I am a North-Atlantic Emerald Islander American.

    Please be more considerate of my race when you speak of us.

    Thank you, and may the wind at your back not be your own.

  • Dianne Stanley

    I find it disturbing that this post defending our new Miss America, has descended into a racial rant. How has The President and the problems in the Middle East anything to do with this article? What a bunch of idiots. On both sides.

    • Ilyssa

      This article is a response article to another article where comments of that nature was made, which is why it has everything to do with the Middle East. It would serve you well to have a look at the article it was written in response to. Then it might make more sense to you. The original article is hyper-linked in the very first paragraph.

  • John Teixeira

    I love this article!

  • RTeet

    Some people were behind Miss Kansas over her tattoo approach, by the way. Her supposedly being proud to break tradition and expose her body ink instead of hiding it.

  • Effie Ray

    How can anyone complain about someone not being a ‘real’ American. Unless you are a Native American, you are descended from immigrants.

  • Etien de Lamothe-Cassel

    People are generally stupid, many thought she was an American Indian as in Pocahontas.

  • Rashid

    Good article but one criticism, it reads as if there is something wrong with an Arab American winning Miss America. The geography lesson was almost like “hey she isn’t an Arab, don’t worry, and here is the proof”…. #justsaying

    • Ilyssa

      Did you read the PS? It specifically says who cares if she was Arab anyways?? Reading comprehension. #Justsayin

  • Umer Farooq

    I find the write of this article pretty bigoted in itself. Its projecting a narrow minded image of the “Arab Countries” the middle east and the neighbor India “Hates” lol.

    • Ilyssa

      No, it’s presenting the factual Almanac definition of the “Arab World” which is defined by the Almanac as consisting of ONLY the 22 countries listed. Also, it doesn’t say countries where Arab people live, or countries where Muslims live. It specifically says, “Arab World” for a reason.

      • Umer Farooq

        Im not arguing your factual correctness, just the defense you use at every point makes it clear that its ok to hate Arabs or Muslims and Indias neighbor but not India because India doesnt share anything with them.

        Firstly let me make this clear, im not supporting all those bigoted retards claiming a person of Indian descent is somehow less eligible to be Miss America then someone of Irish, Italian or British ancestry im just saying your approach will do nothing to curb their anti Muslim or anti Arab feelings which were wrongly expressed in this case. All youre implying (besides the last line) is please direct your hate better next time.

        Some facts for you Ilyssa, India does in fact have one of the worlds largest Muslim populations in a country, India was in fact ruled by Muslims from central Asia with strong links to the Arab world from about the 11th century to the 19th Century and thus they have left an immensely strong impact on Indian languages, food, music and the entire culture.

        Al Qaida and the perpetrators of the 9/11 had almost nothing to do with Indias hated neighbor Pakistan btw, except the fact that its leader was found there 12 years later. None of the hijackers were from Pakistan, nor was Al Qaida formed in Pakistan neither was the plot.
        All you need to do is type in Google to come up with hundreds of news articles how Hindus and government in India love to allege that their fellow Muslim countrymen are involved in terroristic activities and for the last 30 years suppressing freedom struggles in Kashmir by calling it terrorism is the official stance of the Indian government. You will find yourself corrected how wrong you were to claim terrorism has nothing to do with India.

        And another mistake you go on to make is “On the contrary, the most popular religion in India is Hindu.” It Should be Hinduism, since Hindu is a follower of the religion Hinduism and not the religion itself just like a Muslim is a follower of religion Islam and saying Muslim is the most popular religion somewhere would just sound retarded.

      • Ilyssa

        Did you not read the last line of the article? Which says, “PS: And even if she was a Muslim Arab-American, why would that make a difference anyway?” Clearly, at no point during this article did I say or imply that it would have been OK to say bigoted things about her if she was Muslim or Arab. I believe that people should be treated equally no matter there race, religion, creed, etc. The article was not imply an anti-Muslim or anti-Arab sentiment. It was merely meant to point out how stupid some people sound when they say things.

        Secondly, I never claimed that India did not have Muslims or that there was no impact of Muslim culture in India. What I said was that Hinduism (yes the only thing I did get incorrect by using the phrase Hindu) was the majority religion – which is true.

        Third, whether or not 9/11 and/or Al Qaeda had anything to do with Pakistan is debatable and reasonable people can disagree on that. Also, as for your second point, I was referring to terrorism from the perspective of an un-educated American (which I am not) because while I am well aware of the freedom struggles over the past 30 years and the fact that Indians have refereed to them as terrorism, this article was written in response to un-educated Americans who were speaking of terrorism on American soil i.e. the “American definition of terrorism” so to speak.

        Fourth, yes I got the Hindu/Hinduism thing wrong. I already posted a correction in a comment after this was pointed out to me by someone else.

        Finally, in wanting to try and prove that the things I stated were wrong, you read and understood what you wanted to understand, rather than reading and understanding what I wrote.

  • Doof Doof

    Totally irrelevant tidbit of information, but what people commonly refer to as Arabic numerals- 1,2,3,4,etc.- actually have their roots in Hindi. Muhammad al-Khwarizmi, a famous Persian mathematician and astronomer, adopted the system around the 9th century. So there’s another connection between Hindi and Arabic.

  • Chris Michael

    The headline would work so much harder if, in talking to morons, one knew that there’s a comma between “hey” and the object. It’s called direct address, and 99% of the world messes that up, like, well… morons.

  • Fact Checker

    Since when does Islam solely refer to Arabs? You have to go back many, many centuries for that to be true. Arabs are NOT the vast majority of Muslims in the world. The largest Muslim country is Indonesia, with Pakistan second and India third. Between 160 and 180 Muslims reside in India. Please research your facts before you write them as facts. That being said, I totally agree that these people who are bigoted are not the sharpest pencil in the pencil box but unfortunately represent a (hopefully) small but noisy section of our society.

    • Fact Checker

      I meant 160 to 180 million Muslims, doh!

    • Ilyssa

      I never said Islam refers solely to Arabs ANYWHERE in this article, nor did I claim there were no Muslims in India. Rather, I said the most popular religion in India was Hinduism and I said the “Arab World” (as defined by the Almanac) consists of the 22 countries I listed. I don’t need to fact check because the facts I actually stated (not the ones you heard) are correct. I don’t need to learn to fact check, you need to learn how to read.

      • Fact Checker

        How come Jason Evan Mihalko, Psy.D. in his post 21 hours ago gets a “thanks for the constructive criticism” and I get a snarky “learn how to read” comment? We basically said the same thing. real nice…NOT.

  • MD

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I am applauding you, with fervor. Kudos on a beautifully written article. Very succinct! Cheers, MD

    • Fact Checker

      Since when does Islam solely refer to Arabs? You have to go back many,
      many centuries for that to be true. Arabs are NOT the vast majority of
      Muslims in the world. The largest Muslim country is Indonesia, with
      Pakistan second and India third. Between 160 and 180 million Muslims reside in
      India. And the author’s understanding of the history of al-Qaeda is equally flawed. This is a poorly researched and written article, though I agree with the main argument that bigoted people are ignorant.

      • Ilyssa

        I never said that Islam refers solely to Arabs ANYWHERE in this article, nor did I claim there were no Muslims in India. Rather, I said the most popular religion in India was Hinduism and I said the “Arab World” (as defined by the Almanac) consists of the 22 countries I listed. I don’t need to fact check because the facts I actually stated (not the ones you heard) are correct. I don’t need to learn to fact check, you need to learn how to read.

  • Rey

    While I applaud your article, you are preaching to the ignortant and unenlightened, who will still not understand or get it. They are the same kind of people who put the Japanese Americans in internment camps during WWII and treated them horribly. We are a diverse country and made up of people whose descent are from everywhere in the world, including those who made the stupid remarks about the new Miss America. Unfortunately, they will choose not to deal with it because their hatred is deeply ensconced in their psyches, no doubt taught by their equally bigoted parents and friends. As the saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

  • BuYa

    Nice article. You can’t fix Stupid. Nice try though.

  • Lillie Vaden

    She’s more American than those racist scumbags!

  • NashVeg

    Hi Ilyssa – As long as we’re talking geography, I’d like to point out that “Palestine” is not a country, Arab or otherwise.

    • Ilyssa

      According to the Arab League it is in fact one of the 22 countries which are part of the “Arab World.” I didn’t make that determination, I stated a fact. Maybe Palestine should have been in quotes, but it is not incorrect because the Arab League believes it is a country even though the rest of the world does not define it that way. Tricky tricky subject.

      • NashVeg

        Ilyssa – That’s an interesting yardstick, considering that the Arab League does not recognize Israel’s right to exist.

        So – in your view – the “beliefs” of the Arab League supersede that of international law?

        Let’s apply that logic a little further – the Arab League also considers sharia law to have universal validity, thus superseding international human rights.

        Do you support this view as well?

      • Ilyssa

        Let me be clear, I am actually an Israel supporter. Visited Israel last year and it is a beautiful country with wonderful people. Moreover, I personally believe that as of right now, “Palestine” is not a country, but myself (like many Israeli’s – albeit I am not Israeli) believe in a two state solution. However, despite my personal belief about the status of “Palestine,” I also believe that when one lists the countries in the “Arab World” from a factual sense it should be included for technicality purposes. Albeit, as I said, maybe I should have put it in quotes.

      • NashVeg

        Understood – appreciate the clarifications. Just honing the rhetoric skills a little so they don’t get rusty.

        Regardless, I agree with the premise of your article. And I’m a Republican, to boot!

  • Miguel Cruz y Celis

    I am in most agreement with your view, particularly on the main point of your article which is lack of geography knowledge and racism in the USA.

    May I, however, add a technical geographical precision: The term “America” refers to a Continent (as in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania), that expands from the north in Alaska and runs down south all the way to Patagonia. Many people, including Donal Trump, confuse the term “America” with “United States of America” or for short “The United States, or The US”. If there were to be a Miss America, geographically speaking, then candidates from more than 50 countries should have participated (please count those small country islands in the Caribbean). More appropriately, the pageant should be called “Miss USA” or “Miss US”

    Bottom Line:

    America: The whole Continent

    North America: Area occupied by 3 countries: Canada, USA, Mexico

    Central America: 6 countries and one territory (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama plus Belize as the territory belonging to the UK)

    South America: All the countries in the land mass south of Panama beginning with Colombia in the north: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador , Guyana , Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela.

    The Caribbean: Many Island countries and territories belonging mostly to the UK, USA, Netherlands, (which I´m not going to name all) include Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Cuba, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Bahamas, St. Lucia, Grenada

    Greenland is mostly accepted as a land mass that belongs to the American Continent but since is a territory of Denmark it is sometimes tied to Europe

    Latin America: The countries colonized 500 years ago by Spain and Portugal. The definition would refer to the countries south of the US that speak either Spanish or Portuguese.

  • MS

    I think you hit the nail on the head…I am so glad that you posted this… ignorant people should check out their roots before they go judging others…..

  • Sam

    In this world stupid people pass on racist comments to provoke others and others are more stupid to write these long articles and try to prove their point…. i guess we are living in the world where we have nothing productive to do and make change in other people lives……

  • lk

    great article. but please note pakistan is not an arab country either. it is considered south asia and the language is not arabic but urdu and punjabi as the main languages. just to clarify as it was not clear to those who may not know.

    • Ilyssa

      Thanks. Never implied that it was, but thanks for pointing that out for others!

  • ennaxor

    I love how this went from a discussion about Miss America to an argument about Obama. What does he have to do with Miss America???

  • Anjel MasLinda DelCielo

    Congratulations, Miss America..♥

  • Find out more about India at http://www.IndiaWasOne/FindOut

  • Proud to be ABCD!

    I think Shirnaarkali (aka idiot) is confused as to whom Mr. Smith is referring when he said the “ignorant bigots.” He is referring to the people who tweeted the mean racist comments, not Indians! Do you need a vocabulary lesson?

  • Randy


  • debbie

    Fabulous and right on point, as usual, Ilyssa!

  • wummuw

    Thank you for writing this. We need to put some sense into those people because they don’t even know what they’re talking about.

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU for posting this article to clear up some of the ignorant stereotypical thoughts that so many Americans still perceive. Its really sad that these stereotypes persist amongst people of such a such a diverse country. What a shame 🙁 sigh.

  • Xoren

    Said like a BAUSS.

  • Lisa

    sure everybody lets feed negativity with negativity! Will you all please look at what you are saying to each other! The point is we are ALL human and ALL from parts of the world originally and therefore who are we to judge but ourselves in the end! Peace to you all, thank you!

  • An American

    Great article except, if you understood racism yourself, you would not have spent so much time explaining that a terrorist organization is who attacked the country on 9-11 and their roots are is Islamic but instead shed light on the essence of the problem which is that these terrorist organizations wrongfully use their religion as their weapon and that the majority of Muslims are not fundamentalists and don’t hurt others and that the problem is not hindu or muslim or arab or not, but instead its about a minority fundamentalist group……but instead you spent so much time on how “indian and hindu” is what is of essence and that’s who Miss America 2013 is and that is what you thought was important to highlight. Are you sure you know the definition of racism?

    • Ilyssa

      I’ve written several articles on that exact topic – how the majority of Muslims are not fundamentalists. It just wasn’t the topic of this article. This article was a response piece to a specific article posted on Buzzfeed. However, if you are curious, in one of my previous pieces I wrote, “I am sick of people who think all Muslims are terrorists because of a few bad apples. It’s not only counter-factual, since 94% of terrorist attacks are carried out by non-Muslims (google it), but it’s just plain wrong to make this type of hasty generalization. A few bad apples doesn’t spoil the whole bunch. Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma city bombings) was an extremist Christian, this doesn’t make all Christians terrorists. Baruch Goldstein (Cave of the Patriarchs massacre) was a extremist Jew, this doesn’t make all Jews terrorists. Osama Bin Laden was an extremist Muslim, this doesn’t make all Muslims terrorist. This is common sense, it shouldm’t be something that we need to go over all the time but apparently and unfortunately it is. #SMH “

  • Sirius

    hmmm. sounds like the writer wouldn’t be complaining, if she was in fact an Arab-American. She is explaining how Indian is different than Arab, how 9 11 is not responsibility of Indian but Arabs. Same racist mentality! terrorism has no religion or geography..

    • francooo

      the hell it doesnt

    • Ilyssa

      Actually I would be complaining, hence the PS but hey not my fault you didn’t understand what I was saying. Even if she was Arab it wouldn’t automatically make her a terrorist and that people were absolutely judging her on her looks and judging Arabs and Muslims – which btw I find disgusting.

  • smacca

    I’m pretty sure the point you’re ignoring was that there was never a first Miss “Irish-American” or a first Miss “German”-American. They were just American. It says it right in the title she was competing for. No one cares what her ethnicity is as much as you’d love them to. If you really care about fairness ( which you don’t) leave race out of it progressive-race baiters or just can the whole useless thing.

  • lewrites

    Hold on, I was saying “Darn, I wish Miss Kansas would have won” because I’m from Kansas and I think it’s pretty awesome that she bared her tattoos and the fact that she is willing to put her life on the line for her country is just about as American as it gets. Does that mean I hate the fact that New York won? Absolutely not. I’m always disappointed when Kansas doesn’t win…BECAUSE I’M FROM KANSAS! NOT because I’m racist. By the way, I didn’t tweet that because I don’t have twitter, I am simply expressing my thoughts as they occurred when Kansas was eliminated at interview.

    • Ilyssa

      Then you are not who this article is directed at. The point wasn’t the first clause of that sentence, it was the second part which you have edited out “real American woman” that was the racist part. If you are upset Miss Kansas lost because you liked Miss Kansas and you are from Kansas then you aren’t the problem at all.

  • NavyGirl

    Ok kids, how about we save the political debate for a forum that’s meant for that kind of topic. This article was about Miss America, and ya’ll took it way too far in a whole different direction.

  • neo

    isn’t it funny how everyone thinks that THEY’RE totally 100% right and talking shit to everyone LOL that’s the fucking problem hahahah

  • hemmingway

    And she is a knock out of a beauty! Way to go Miss America!

  • Vinod

    CLAP CLAP CLAP…Excellent Article – this is exactly I wanted to say – I applaud this article. It was put perfectly and sticks it too the racist tweeters who have no class or brains to think about the situation and think of America as white only-
    I mean come on get with the times – this is not the 60s – people really need to grow up….

  • Walton

    And even if she was Arab that still wouldn’t automatically make her a terrorist. There are Muslims in India. She or her family may well be Muslims. That still doesn’t make her a terrorist. India has native Arab speakers–50,000 to be exact. Still doesn’t make Miss America a terrorist. The point is not only did people judge her by her looks, but they are judging Arabs and Muslims.

    • Ilyssa

      I agree that even if she was Arab it wouldn’t automatically make her a terrorist and that people were absolutely judging her on her looks and judging Arabs and Muslims – which btw I find disgusting. However, I never said that there weren’t Muslims in India, I said that Hinduism was the most popular religion. Also, despite the fact that India may in fact have native Arabic speakers, it is not defined under International geographic boundaries as being part of the “Arab World.”

  • Uppi

    Awesome article! You totally nailed every point

  • lequickbrownfox

    Irony alert: She calls people morons and offers a geography and culture lesson but can’t get the name of the country Bahrain (‘Behrain’) right. Twice she calls a religion ‘Hindu’ instead of Hinduism (” the most popular religion in India is Hindu” and “Hindu finds its roots”). America does have a President who called ‘Austrian’ a language and referred to Europe as a country, so we can’t really point fingers.

    • Ilyssa

      I looked up Bahrain/Behrain and found both spellings so I don’t know if there is a really a correct answer to that. As to your other point Hindu v. Hinduism, someone has already alerted me of this and I have apologized at least three times in other comments for the honest mistake.

  • Louis

    tons of muslims in india actually but that doesn’t mean she is one or that it matters anyway. I wish this article was more accurate on demographics. the real crazy thing is “ages 17 to 24” that’s weird.

    • Ilyssa

      I never claimed there was not Muslim’s in India, I said the most popular religion was Hinduism.

  • Amieedee

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yay! Intelligence!!!

    • DocD47


      Sorry – just not sure exactly what you are referring to – there is so much GARBAGE here (mostly in the comments). 🙂

      • DocD47

        oh for cryin out loud! the last “ahem” doesn’t belong there. the site is understanding my use of the as html! ugh SORRY

      • I didnt the comments. lol. i agree with the article.
        India is not an arab country.
        and even if it were, this woman was born in america, making her american.
        People are just silly.

    • TexasStomp

      Push come to shove…every Miss America is a hyphenated person.

      Italian-American, German-America, French-American.

      What bothers me is today’s libs scream for color/racial/ethnic blindness while freakin putting hyphens on EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE.

      is she American? Then she’s MISS AMERICA. period.

      • I agree!!1
        I dont walk around saying im “irish-american”
        that would be annoying. there is not a single person here who originated here, unless of course they are 100% native american. Who cares where someone’s ancestors were from?

  • DocD47

    ummmm Ilyssa Fuchs: your PS brings you dangerously close to fitting in the same category as the others you speak of. It was 100% unnecessary and just about ruined all of the good stuff you otherwise wrote putting IDIOTS in their place.

    As for the rest of the comments I’VE read on here, people just want to argue! It’s pathetically juvenile and I can’t even believe the extent to which some will take a difference of opinion! Really? Ugh….

    Weren’t we originally discussing the beautiful Miss New York who just won the Miss America contest? Stay on point folks – make a NEW article if you want to argue about Obama and war and who all is stupid or believing anything warped!

    • Ilyssa

      The PS is meant to do the opposite. It is meant to say who cares what religion or ethnicity someone is, so long as they are American they can win the pageant. I apologize if you took it any other way. I am fighting against racism and bigotry, not for it.

  • DocD47

    Also I was thinking it was quite interesting all that is required of a Miss America contestant when ohhhhhh so much less is requested of our LEADERS….. wanna argue with THAT one? Go right ahead – knock yourself out! 😀

  • steve

    the title of this is an oxymoron…no its NOT miss white America…but its also NOT miss Indian America either….It doesnt really matter what her heritage is…she was born in America and that makes her an American…her indian heritage should not even be brought up…in my book, you are either american or not.

  • nepa

    I really appreciate this well written article…and yes I am Indian! I totally agree and hope people have a better understanding instead of making racist comments!

  • Denis Rivera

    Mind you there are people who still think America is a name of a country, and no the entire Continent, from which the United States are found in the North side of the American Continent. If the rest of it (Central America, The Caribbean and South America) compose what we know as Latin America and the diversity of nationalities, cultures, languages, religions, habit and customs… being someone with a mix of any of it will not make any single person different than the rest.

  • Patryk

    It would have been much nicer if we just ignored the bigoted comments rather than dwelling on them and giving them a bigger audience. If Miss South Dakota won, in all her Nordic splendor, Progressives might have lamented yet another WASPY winner who is unrepresentative of the newer, browner American. That would have been equally racist on the other side.
    As a side note to the author, I would not count Comoros or Djibouti as being “Arab” countries. Both have Arabic influences but are more African than Arab — Djibouti being mostly Somali and Comoros being a mix of Bantu, Malagasy, Arab, and European peoples who are indeed mostly Muslim but not “Arabs.”

  • Rasila

    She is an honor student at the U of Michigan so she can definitely recognize the stupidity of people

  • Mr.Lee

    Actually you can look it up… black people were the first to come to america before the “native” americans… SO ALL YOU MOTHAFU*KAS GET OUT OUR COUNTRY! LOL

  • @MirazzleDazzle

    It seems beauty is the only thing some white girls have. It’s not fair to take that away from them,

  • Karl

    Nice rant…agree with pretty much all of it. Cough cough…you missed Israel. Now who’s the racist? Just teasing! Nice article!

  • Denise

    The PS is the best part.

  • gorakhargosh

    There is too much hatred in the world for absolutely no worthwhile reason.

  • MIkelstimpskin

    Its really sad that he longest comment thread on here broke out into a discussion about…. what? POLITICS and Political differences. We may not all be idiots but we are all definitely crazy. That is, if you follow the old adage, ‘the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.’

  • Krispy

    I understand that it required mentioning that India is not an Arab country. But could I ask, what does ones geographic origin has to do with all this? And what if she WAS an Arab? Why is being an Arab so wrong? With the way even this article was written, it would seem as if that perchance the winner was a lady of Arab origin, one would be quite okay to infer that she is a terrorist.

  • Jhorpa

    Great article! Thanks for this though most of the comments below have digressed from the topic.

    I am an Indian of Hindu origin. But for the record I want to state that India is a secular state in spirit which means all religions are equally respected. I love my muslim friends and celebrate Eid as much as they celebrate Diwali as their own. Islam came to us from the Mughals who gave us the Taj and we wouldn’t be India without that great wonder and in turn they absorbed the hinduistic Ideas too.

    Every group has extreme factions which have created issues for us sadly. But India still will be secular and a melting pot of all the ancient cultures. So don’t refer to us as a Hindu state….or an Islamic state.

  • NativeOfWorld

    How can immigrated Europeans claim they are Americans ? America belonged Native Americans. Atleast Colombus thought it was India in the start. If they are screaming Ms America should go to Real Americans. Let the contest be for Native Americans, not for the racist white bigots who just immigrated and destroyed a culture !

  • Abadon58

    Why call yourselves indian or irish or black or african American, they have nothing to do with their former roots if they were born in America they are all Americans now. I see many people say they are African American but have never been to Africa and it was their great grandfather that originally came from there, of which Africa is made up of many countries. Same goes for the many Irish Americans which many of the white guys I know claims to be and they are 4th generation never moved out of their home town. Why not just call yourselves Americans, why try to catogories yourselves.

  • Stephen

    Guys lets be fair. No country is full of ideal people. There are bigots in every country. I am Indian living in India but when i look back at the History of America I feel truly Inspired by the people who built America to what it is now.But the very same race of people who built it are also responsible for their economic downfall and Foreign policies that are extremely unfair to many countries. This only means that values and integrity build a country and not people of a particular race. People with good values weather white, black, brown or yellow will build a good nation. And values are Universal and belongs to the whole world.

  • ally wong

    I am glad the author is extremely proud of India. However, if you were going to make comparisons, don’t forget to mention Indians take bath in the same rivers where they excrete their fecal matters and Arabs don’t!

  • Rachel

    This is one of the best articles I’ve ever read! I love this author, she’s such a legend! I can’t believe people even thought that, that’s so crazy and ignorant, it’s comical!

  • Ann-G

    The most widey practiced religion in India is not ‘Hindu’, it’s Hinduism. People who practise Hinduism are called Hindus.

  • truth

    Which is why democracy is a better concept than its actual workings

  • nitz

    This again proves American are the so called Racist, Arrogant .. These White Americans are themeselves not Americans and are occupiers .. This is in their blood and they are doing it ever since.. Now trying to occupy smaller and less stronger countries .. Go out of your country and what people thinks of Americans , a bunch of arrogant idiots !!!!

  • Aruna

    It is sad, given the current climate in the USA and perhaps the world, how the crux of the matter has been relegated to the postscript, in italics. Poor knowledge of geography is pitiable, but racism is unpardonable. With due respect to this author, I wish Indians and others writing for India will stop calling India a “primarily” Hindu nation. India is a secular nation, not a Hindu nation. We may have many bigots on internet forums (just like America), but as a nation, we are still committed to secularism and hope to remain, thank you.

    • Fulmar

      Thank u, finally! The author said the “most popular” religion in India is Hindu, though, but I get your drift. Most popular religion, what does that even mean, makes it sound like the topper on the music charts. There is no most popular religion in India, all religions are welcome to preach and practice, so long as they maintain communal harmony and respect others’ freedom.

      • Ludmilla

        Lolz! most popular religion! maybe we should just give it to the author for writing the postscript anyway.

    • Laura

      Bingo !

  • devraj jee

    Thanks for pointing out the differences between India and the Arab world, but the whole point of the article should have been the one that you mentioned in the postscript. Nina winning the thing should not be okay because she is Indian and not Arab, it is should be okay with Americans EVEN IF she was a Muslim from an Arab country. Hell! For that matter she could be from the same neighborhood as the Taliban and it still should be okay!

    Just like you cannot blame India because it belongs to the same geographic region as Pakistan and Afghanistan, similarly you cannot blame an Afghan for what a few fanatics of the same nationality have done.

  • Kamaal

    No knowledge is OK but less knowledge and pretending that you know it all is very dangerous. Please get your facts straight about any religion, world map and what are people called of different countries.

  • Christinaja

    You know, if she WERE a Muslim Arab-American, that would be pretty cool in itself and a huge leap for women’s rights amongst those that practice Islam.

  • Ros

    Since you actually brought it up, it should not even be Miss America. America is the whole continent not just a (this) country. It should be Miss USA or something of the sort

  • Deb

    How did the conversation change to what the article was about to a entirely different conversation. Why can’t we stay on point. Maybe then we can make progress and move forward in making changes and stop hurting one other.

  • Deb

    How did the conversation change to what the article was about to a entirely different conversation. Why can’t we stay on point. Maybe then we can make progress and move forward in making changes and stop hurting one other.

  • Bob Young

    Thanks Ilyssa, this is well written and I hope reflects the majority of “real” Americans attitude.

  • Human Being

    Nice article by IIyssa . Hope none of these morons become The President of United States.

  • Edward Tilton

    She apparently isn’t Miss Real America

  • Oathar thane

    I think they are just jealous of her tan.

  • RobbieGatSocastSRM

    As soon as I saw her Bollywood dance I knew she was going to win. I’m a UK-mixed Canadian and I approve of the new Miss America 🙂
    “And even if she was a Muslim Arab-American, why would that make a difference anyway?” – Exactly. She’s still beautiful enough to win miss USA afterall.

  • Ty

    Thank you for the clarafycations butt if you ain’t white & chritian than you ain’t Amurican and I ain’t everyone who isn’t regardless of their geographical location & non-Christian religeous affiliations. Tweet that do gooder and leave my country if you donut like it here!

  • Karl

    I’m sitting here having my morning coffee wondering why in 2013 there is so much hatred amongst us. How can you blindly hate someone without knowing them, for that matter why; why would you want to?. I live in Montreal Quebec Canada, where being English is slowly becoming a crime, and still I hold no hatred for the French. I’ll still gladly help them when in need, wish them a good day and smile. I will never kill their hatred by fueling it with mine, but rather extinguish it with kindness.

    Hate is a disease; much like cancer it will spread and consume you leaving nothing but a shell of who you really are.

    So to all of you, wherever you are today, I wish you and your families all the best.

    “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.”
    ― Maya Angelou

  • Stewl

    It would have been nice if we just identified her as American instead of Indian American. Because people ethnically identify them selves as _______ Americans is why we have this Balkanization in our country. They will always be a part of a “separate” group unless they just identify themselves as American. Who cares what race, religion, or where their ancestors came from? American is American…this politically correct BS is tearing our melting pot apart.

  • Rosemary Wessel

    Ms. Fuchs, I’d marry you if I wasn’t already spoken for. Very, very well said and thanks for spieaking up!

  • ricosmom

    People! PLEASE don’t use terms like “moron” to describe those you feel are haters, ignorant, biased, whatever…. This is basically the same as “retarded”. For the love of the progressive movement, please stop using ableist language to describe the “Right” and other haters. People with cognitive impairment or Intellectual disability – the term most currently feel is least pejorative or discriminatory – are the LEAST likely to hate others. If you don’t know what I mean by ableist language, look it up! Thanks.

  • Monica V Lucas

    You tell ’em, sister!

  • Zane Rankin

    Quote: “Furthermore, Nina Davuluri was born in Syracuse, New York. Which means she is just as American and just as much a citizen of the United States of America as anyone born in Wichita, Kansas, or Houston, Texas, or Boise, Idaho, or any other damn place in the Union for that matter.”

    Then why call her an Indian-American? If she was born in America, why do you feel the need to hypenate? I’ve never identified myself as Scottish-American.

    You feel the need to make sure that we all know she’s American, and worthy of the title, yet you can’t get past the need to add a hyphen. I smell hypocrisy.

  • suemamma

    And anyway, white Americans were never the original Americans anyway. The really and truly original Americans are so not white and I bet they don’t want to be either.

  • elizapar

    It’s too bad that the Republicans, who are mostly white don’t understand common sense. Also, most of those who have posted negative and racist things about Miss America seem to be lacking of class, honor, integrity, grace, humanity and intelligence. They need to learn how to grow up and learn how to live with others like a mature adult. Until that happens, this country cannot claim to be the best.

  • Rachel

    No “racial” issue with New York, but Kansas should have won it. It’s nice to see a girl with a real world life and experiences, especially serving to take the stage. Just bc I don’t think ( or others) that newyork shouldn’t have won doesn’t make us racist bigots. As I know the article says some I just get tired of it being an excuse for everything anymore.

  • David Engensperger

    Great write up. Only thing missing was actually congratulating Nina Davuluri on her well deserved win. So, here goes: Well done Nina! Please forgive the idiots and their ignorant comments. I’m sure the majority of North Americans (and others around the world) are very pleased for you whether we follow the pageant or not. Congratulations.

  • NCIndependent

    I think it’s ironic that in this Great Melting Pot, the very tapestry of our diversity, some morons think anyone who looks different than them — anyone who’s not blonde, blue-eyed, and WASP — is not a real American. Can’t believe such prejudice and hatred — and ignorance — still exists in the 21st Century. We haven’t come a long way, baby, and as long as these bigots hold on to their “ideals”.

  • Mr. Clayton

    who the hell cares what people think of this chick, its America and its called free speech. i don’t condone or agree with what most people have said about her, but its their right to do it. what i ask you, is why would you respond to anger and animosity, with anger and animosity? that’s whats wrong with America. the lack unity and maturity in people. bottom line.

  • Eddie Crane

    Thank you Ilyssa Fuchs. Couldn’t have said it better…

  • Eddie Crane

    Congrats Miss America, (Nina Davuluri)…. Wear your Crown proudly…Let the bigots elect their own Miss Bigot America….

  • SHRI

    i like that line IF YOU INDIAN ,DING ,DING DING

  • Mel

    Nina Davuluri is a beautiful, talented AMERICAN woman who deserved to be crowned Miss America. She is an AMERICAN with an East Indian descent/heritage. What her religion is is of no concern to her title as Miss America. I have read through ALL the comments below and there seems to be a little confusion as to why we are called Americans. Yes, we are a melting-pot made up of people from many different cultures. However, if you are born in this country or immigrate to this country and become a citizen you become an AMERICAN. The United States of America is a country on the continent of North America. People on this North American continent call themselves according to the name of their country: Canadians, Mexicans and Americans. South America is another continent that is made up of Brazilians, Perivans, Columbians, etc. because they were born in those countries. They don’t call themselves Portuguese-Brazilians or Spanish-Columbians or African-Guianas….just saying…we need to call ourselves what we are: AMERICANS!

  • <3

    If you want to continue to be pissed off in the same realm, check out what people said on twitter when Marc Anthony sang the star spangled banner! Fun times.

    • <3

      sorry it was god bless america.

  • R. Walker

    It’s interesting to me how the Indian populace is getting kicked around now and being inundated with all of the racist commentary about her win and their people. So many of them come to America and treat black people horribly, look down on us and constantly discriminate and exploit, trying to be like “the white man”. They even find the thought of a black person marrying into their family abhorrent. They constantly push the immigrant notion of the great American dream and refuse to acknowledge the oppression here against black people and the long history of struggle that black people have engaged in so that they can have opportunity. No matter how dark they are, many of them refuse to consider themselves to be black or associated with being black in any way and many of them regularly disparage black people. It seems to me that now they are getting a taste of their own medicine. Karma is a funny thing. One can only wonder if after being barraged with all of this commentary, they will now see and understand just how racist this country is and that black people complaining about white supremacy, which fell on deaf ears when it came to so many of them, has been true all along….

  • Deepti Sharan Shukla

    Funny a county made from the deaths of original Native Americans and made of people whose ancestors were out casted from Europe, have a problem with this fact. Errr what am I missing here?

  • Vesubram

    Do you think that all the morons who tweeted and ranted in FB will ever read your post and change their behaviour

  • Fart

    ha, I thought the title of the article said Mormons

  • TeacherT

    Thank you for saying what needed to be said and doing so in such an articulate way. I don’t know that I would have been able to address all those moronic comments people have made about this accomplished woman without using profanity. When I read comments like those made on Twitter about our new Miss America, it is both frightening and embarrassing to know that people like that live among us and are so vocal. They are the reason the rest of the world thinks we are a nation of ignorant, racist imbeciles.

  • Kannan

    thanks for a really nice description of the entire event…wonderful…wonderful explanation…let them not comprehend …it takes more than a dream to get to the Crown…these morons wont understand…does it matter..

  • sim

    This article is a striker.Tight slap to those Racist morons.These people really forgot to read “World history” when in elementary school.
    For some people I think any country outside America is Arab or a place where Bin laden lives or say Muslim.
    They on serious notes should go to the library pick elementary school level world geography book.

  • Keyur

    Indians have pretty much secured all fields that were once considered white based. We are engineers, we are comedians, we are celebrities in Hollywood (although Bollywood is much bigger and earns more, and Bollywood movies are viewed by people all over the world), we are governors, we are doctors, we are the IT persons who Americans call to fix their technology products. No longer will think Indians are the ones wearing feathers, we are the ones who have played this game you call capitalism and are doing pretty good with it.

  • Megha

    Clearly, there is a section (maybe significant) of Americans that thinks anybody who is not white and does not practice their religion or share Caucasian origins must not be Miss. America, for that is far from beautiful. Indians are acting all outraged and giving lessons of geography (that are sort of beside the point, for it doesn’t matter where India is in this whole saga), but back home, we only know too well that a person of dark skin like Ms. Davuluri,would have never made it to a beauty pageant. She would have been bombarded by Fair and Lovely and other such wonderful products telling her to grow self confidence before she can appear in public. As proof, look at the article by times of India on Ms. Davuluri, all her pictures have been made “three shades lighter.” Let us Indians at least hand it to America for, at the level of a beauty pageant, not discriminating on skin colour. As for the rest of America, it is no different that all of India, so let’s Indians try and not get too lofty about our non-existing ideals. Good geography cannot compensate for it.

  • Imbeciles! We need to drop the words ‘black’ and ‘white’ then maybe we will start to get somewhere! Americans call them ‘black’ whilst they call us ‘white’ and it’s really just stupid. Let’s all evolve past these terms and focus maybe on referring to each other by name or country of origin perhaps but NEVER the amount of melanin we have or don’t have in our skin! The racism here regarding this beautiful Indian woman sickens me just as the opposite racism I have seen from Indians about ‘whites’ sickens me – every country has racism and prejudice and it needs to dissipate now so we can all appreciate the splendiferous patchwork of beauty that is every one of us on this planet!

  • Derek Mullings

    Hmmm Americans. No wonder their government can tell them any old bullshit and they’ll believe it.

  • jazarneb

    So your whole argument is hey guys, she’s NOT arab. So you can’t be racist. So does that mean, if she was arab its ok? Your closing statement: “In closing, Miss America isn’t an Arab, she’s not a terrorist, and she is just as American as you and I are. Deal with it.” So does that mean if she was arab, she would be a terrorist and therefore un-American? This whole argument should be she is American. Not she is Indian American. If she was of arab decent it should not matter either. Reread your article and pretend you are an arab american and see what you think.

  • irrelevant

    And after all these ‘very relevant’ comments do we still remember what the original topic of discussion was?

  • CynicalMe

    I like how you added the PS at the end after you probably realized that you were heavily implying that if she had been a Pakistani or an Afghan, it would be okay to call her a terrorist.

    The most hilarious part of this is that the 2010 winner of Miss America was Rima Fakih, a Shia Muslim who’s parents had ties to Hezbollah. She wasn’t even born in the USA, she was born in Lebanon. If you asinine idiots have such a problem with an American-born Indian chick winning, I wonder what you poor souls went through three years ago.

  • mridula jose

    Fantastic rebuttal.But change Hindu to hinduism.

  • Indian Muslim

    Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is not the founder of Islam. He was the LAST MESSENGER of Allah.
    Islam has been there since man set foot on earth with Adam (A.S.) the father of all humanity

  • concerned American

    From your writing it seem your just as ignorant if she was an ARAB AMERICAN. The America i love so dearly is a “MELTING POT” meaning of different culture which is what makes us so unique.

  • Just Me

    Great article, but it would be great if non-Hindus would realize that Hinduism is quite different from the Western views of religion. For starters, People are Hindu and the religion is Hinduism. Secondly, there’s a level of depth in Hinduism that explains God that isn’t so simple to understand from reading a text book or Wikipedia. Hindus are not polytheistic (it’s the concept that God and each of us are a soul and God (a single soul) has reincarnated many times, therefore, each deity is God… not that they are separate Gods, like with the Ancient Greeks). According to Hinduism, God might or might not be there, but you pray to that supreme abstract authority that is the creator of the universe. That’s a simple as I can put it and it is far more complicated than that. Lastly, I’d like to add that Hinduism isn’t so much a religion by the Western definition, but it is more of a philosophy; a culture, a way of living your life and a set of beliefs and practices.

  • Sophie

    Stop saying AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! the “smart” people SHOULD know that AMERICA is NOT a country!! IS A CONTINENT!!! ¬¬

    What if you start using your computers to learn some GEOGRAPHY??

  • Joe Blow

    You people have a ” Miss Black America” so go on about this shit about “Miss White America….. Besides it’s not just white people who are bashing this new Miss America…. Got that… You MORON who wrote this news letter!!

  • TalkSense

    Also, colour aside, did anyone notice that she actually had answered her question brilliantly and isn’t that what counts the most? To have an intelligent American girl represent the US at the Miss Universe pageant, isn’t that something any American would be proud of?