Hillary Clinton’s Driving Habits and the Grammys Have Sent Conservatives into a Ridiculous Frenzy

I just can’t take conservatives seriously anymore.  They’re so completely ridiculous that it’s hard for me to understand how many of them actually believe the nonsense they spout off about.

Take for instance two of the biggest “news items” I continued to run across yesterday – the Grammys and Hillary Clinton’s admission that she hasn’t driven a car since 1996.

I’ll admit, I didn’t watch the Grammys but I had heard about this wedding ceremony that was being staged during the broadcast that’s apparently gotten conservatives up in arms.  I saw at least 4-5 of my Republican friends post something about the “Grammys attack on traditional marriage” and even heard Rush Limbaugh rant on about it being some kind of personal attack on conservatives and Christians.

I would say if it was any kind of statement against anything, it was one against ignorance and those who call themselves “Christian” yet hardly act like one.

That or it was just a wedding ceremony.

Still waiting on those official stats of just how many heterosexual relationships have been ruined due to gay marriage being legal in several states.  I’m going to guess – zero.

Either way, many conservatives just seemed to have gone out of their mind.  One of my friends actually told me it was completely “tasteless” and “trashy.”  Another person I know said they’ll never watch the Grammys again.  I’m sure if I searched the internet I’d find plenty of right-wing bloggers and columnists making a giant deal out of the whole thing.

It was a wedding ceremony – that’s it.  If it really devastated lives like many of these conservatives seem to be acting like it did, I truly feel sorry for those people.

Then there’s the interview where Hillary Clinton admitted she hasn’t driven a car since 1996.  The conservative reaction to this might be even more ridiculous than the Grammys wedding ceremony.

I mean – wow.

On the article where I first read about this “story” (why anyone considers this news is beyond me), I couldn’t help but notice the completely asinine comments coming from conservatives:

  • Too many DWI’s?
  • Her driving a car is beneath her. That is the job for the illegal that drives her around for far less than minimum wage. How dare she be expected to manually operate a vehicle for herself?
  • Just like most American’s! Except our cars were repossessed to pay for obamacare and other lib dream concepts. Oh, and we don’t have drivers and pilots shuttling us around on the taxpayer’s dime.
  • Cars are just a little too complicated for Hilly now. Not to mention that “driving” her around is a job for “labor” to perform for her.

I’ll stop there, but I think you get the point.

She’s the former First Lady of the United States, United States Senator from New York and Secretary of State – if she actually drove herself I would be shocked.

But then again, I don’t care.  

Like I said, how this became a “story” is beyond me.  Who honestly cares about this?  Well, I guess that answer is pretty obvious – conservatives with nothing else better to do with their lives but obsess over Hillary Clinton.

The reactions by conservatives to both of these “stories” was just absolutely ridiculous.  I get people in this country are desperate to freak out over the most pointless of stories, but this was a bit much.

Then again, conservatives and the words “rational” or “using common sense” don’t often go together.

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Allen Clifton

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