Hillary Clinton’s Skilled Move on Voting Rights Just Put Republicans in a No-Win Situation

hillary-clinton-votingWhile I know the opinion of Hillary Clinton by some on the left is rather divided, some people still seem to forget that she’s a very skilled and experienced politician. And while many liberals want to keep pushing the narrative that it’s Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders, the real battle is ultimately during the general election against the Republican party.

And Hillary’s recent push to help more Americans vote just put the GOP in a no-win situation.

Recently, Clinton proposed some rather sweeping changes to the way Americans vote that every person in this country who cares about voting rights should get behind.

In her proposal she wants to:

  • Get all Americans registered to vote when they turn 18.
  • Fix the Voting Rights Act.
  • Expand early, absentee and mail voting.
  • Make it mandatory nationally that every state offer 20 days of early voting.

Now, are any of these ideas particularly groundbreaking? No. In fact, each of those just seems like basic common sense. However, the genius behind her establishing these ideas so early on, with a rather large push being put behind them, is that it’s going to force these Republican candidates to either endorse some of these measures or, more likely, condemn then all. Then they’re going to have to explain nationally why they oppose getting more Americans registered to vote and expanding early voting times so that it’s just easier for everyone to vote.

That’s exactly what I think Hillary Clinton was aiming to do.

As we all know, the last thing Republicans want to do is support anything that could help drastically increase voter turnout. History shows us that the higher the number of Americans voting per election, the worse it is for their party. That’s why they won so handily this past November. It wasn’t because conservatives turned out in large numbers to support their ideas, it’s because we saw one of the lowest voter turnouts in American history.

Heck, it’s why they keep pushing for these strict voter ID laws. It’s not because voter fraud is a problem, because it’s not, Republicans just know that these laws make it more difficult for Americans to vote, especially demographics that tend to vote for Democrats. (The stats prove that this happens.)

And if conservatives were real “patriotic Americans,” they would be appalled at the fact Republicans keep pushing for laws and rule changes that make voting more difficult. But the truth is, most conservatives don’t care if their party is trying to rig elections to benefit the GOP. For them, it’s really not about what democracy gives us, it’s about trying to fix the game so that they get the results that they want.

Because the truth is, no real patriotic American would ever support anyone, or any party, that’s trying to make it more difficult for Americans to vote.

But now because Hillary Clinton has decided to make a pillar of her campaign increasing voter registration and turnout, that’s going to make Republicans come out as the anti-voting party. Which is exactly what they are – they’ve just always tried to avoid talking about it at all costs.

Well, they can’t avoid it now, and that’s going to put them in a position where they have to explain to the country why they oppose making voting easier and more accessible for every American.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Anthonij

    Spot on, Mr Clifton… The Republicans have been able to talk around this issue for a long time but now — IF (and it’s a big ‘if’) the mainstream (corporate) media behaves fairly — they will have to embrace their strategy of voter-suppression in a very public way.

    That said, I doubt there will be much real progress in enacting the steps required to make voting easier. Which means the only real hope in improving our situation is for Democrats and independents to work like hell to get the vote out even under the current crappy situation.

  • Clintoris

    She is dropping like a rock in the polls.This woman is a chronic liar and hopefully we will see her in prison by the time the next election rolls around.

    • John

      She currently polls higher than other of the other candidates. Honestly, I’d prefer Sanders, but Clinton is worlds better than of any the Republican candidates.

      • strayaway

        I can understand brand name loyalty. Why vote for a Republican when you can vote for a war mongering Democrat who supports TPP, the Patriot Act, the expanding police state, and enriches the 1%. However, the primary offers you an opportunity to vote, for instance, for Jeffers and not come out of the voting booth feeling dirty. You can save that sensation until November.

    • DerpDestroyer

      Aren’t you late for your Sesame Street audition?

      • handgunnar

        PBS only hires left wing filth.

      • biloki

        The real problem is that everything on PBS is over your head.

      • handgunnar

        No, the problem is that these retards are beneath my education level, much the same as you are.

    • Michael Davolio

      What a repulsive name you’ve chosen. I’m sure it perfectly suits your personality.

      • handgunnar

        Since when have you leftists become puritans?

      • biloki

        You don’t have to be a puritan to be repulsed.

  • Flat Banana

    Lol rig elections?? Look at what happened in states such as Maryland where people were voting for Hogan but it automatically changed to Brown. Claiming it was calibration issues, come on how coincidental is that.

  • strayaway

    It is a fantasy that Democrats can’t win without foreign voters and 20 day voting windows. Since Roosevelt was first elected, Democrats have controlled Senate 30 times vs. 11 times for Republicans and Democrats have controlled the House 31 times vs. 11 times for Republicans. This success was achieved without 20 day voting windows although there have always been provisions for absentee voters including the elderly, people who have to work, and military personnel. Maybe if Democrats ran more candidates like John Kennedy (Warren?) and fewer sleezeballs, more people would vote Democratic.

    Hillary remains a corporatist, war-mongering, crook. So is Jeb but in the meantime Bernie Sanders is an option.

    • Michael Davolio

      “Sleezeballs”??? Have you looked at the Republican lineup?

      • strayaway

        There are plenty of Republican sleezeballs too of course but their existence fails to purify Hillary. But what difference does it make when there is Jeffers and possibly others who aren’t corporatist, war-mongering crooks to vote for in the primary?

  • handgunnar

    With polls showing nearly 80% support for voter I.D., it’s hard to see this as anything other than a loser’s ploy to gin up excitement from her criminal constituency.

    • DerpDestroyer

      Got a link to these “polls”? And please no Fox/Brietbart right wing freakshow sites, have some class.

      Furthermore, calling the estimated 65,000,000 Americans who voted D in the last presidential election “criminals” is cartoonishly absurd, even for a 5 year old trapped in a 75 year old’s body.

      • handgunnar
      • DerpDestroyer

        Ha! This is more entertainment than I’ve had for awhile. Cheers! I’m no “left wing bigot”, pal. Your schizophrenic, bitter response is really amusing. I read these links, I would think that your “nearly 80%” claim is a bit of a stretch.

        The funny thing? The only true way to fix this “problem” is to have mandatory voting for all citizens. But that would obviously be the extreme right wing freak’s/Bible beater Evangelical’s death bell. The only way they’ve been able to hold back the dam so far is by heavy gerrymandering and various other schemes. Once voting access is no longer a problem for anyone in the US, the GOP will be mere steps from the grave. Either they go extinct or adjust, and by the way things look now, they will choose the former.

      • handgunnar

        No, the way to deal with the problem is to use the same Voter ID system that Nelson Mandela and the government of Mexico advocates. It’s interesting that you pontificating asses can’t produce anything other than personal insults, but then if you could do that you wouldn’t be a bigoted fool who believes that only white people can obtain and produce an identity card.

      • biloki

        There is no reason for voter ID. Voter fraud is almost non-existent. This is just a way for Republicans like you to take constitutional rights away from other people. Almost everything Republicans do is UN-constitutional and UN-American. Why do you hate America so much?

      • handgunnar

        “This is just a way for Republicans like you to take constitutional rights away from other people.”

        Explain that narcotics-fueled delusion.

        “Almost everything Republicans do is UN-constitutional and UN-American.”
        For instance…

        “Why do you hate America so much?”

        Funny, I was going to ask the same question of you repressives.

      • biloki

        You want to take voting rights away from people, very unconstitutional, but you want to do it anyway. You must hate America to try and take away something as important and American as voting. Very simple see! But way over your pathetic and hate drive head.

      • handgunnar

        Explain how Voter ID accomplishes your delusion. And please learn how to spell and punctuate. (What is a “hate drive head”?)

      • biloki

        Right wing rags?? Can you do any better than that?

      • handgunnar

        Washington Post is a right wing news source? You need to lay off the dope.

      • biloki

        The Washington Post has been right wing every since Bezos bought it. Try and keep up.

      • handgunnar

        Jeff Bezos is right wing?! BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!

        First and foremost, Bezos is a major backer of gay marriage. He and his wife MacKenzie pledged $2.5 million to support a referendum on gay marriage last year in Washington state, where he lives. The measure passed. The Post has been supportive of gay marriage, but has taken a gradualist approach — praising, for example, the Supreme Court’s move to strike down California’s Proposition 8 without making equal marriage the law of the land nationally.

        Amazon has also been a major cheerleader for an internet sales tax, which the Post’s editorial board also backed.

        Bezos has also given to several candidates for office, predominantly Democrats. Democratic Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell of Washington have been the biggest recipients of his donations. He’s also given to Senator Pat Leahy, a Vermont Democrat; Rep. John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat; Republican Spencer Abraham of Michigan; and Republican Slade Gorton, a former senator from Washington. He also given regularly to a PAC run by Amazon, which has roughly split its contributions between the two parties over the last 10 years, —DAVID A. GRAHAM, THE ATLANTIC, August 5, 2013. Tell me again about keeping up, numbnuts.

      • biloki

        You really thing all polls originate from the DNC?? When did the FOX polls start from the DNC?? Fox did a great job of brainwashing you.

      • handgunnar

        I didn’t think (note the correct spelling) that you could follow a rational train of thought. I asked for refutation of the above data, not fr your deluded opinion.

  • Michael Davolio

    The Republican response to this message will be twofold: voter fraud, and BENNNNGHAAAAAZZZZZIIIIII!!!!!

    • handgunnar

      Yep, two of the scandals that most terrify the left, along with the politicized IRS corruption.

      • Michael Davolio

        Three non-scandals that Republicans think will win for them in 2016. What an amazing fantasy world you live in!

      • handgunnar

        Yeah, that must explain why she refuses to answer questions about them. Despite what the 12 guys who are involved with this website believe, the majority of American care a hell of a lot about them, as you and your whore will discover when she gets bitch-slapped by the issues during the 2016 debates. It will be great fun watching you repressives try to spin that tap dance.

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  • paulsack

    Having a long time to vote is a good idea,, however, heres another thought. Have one week of voting, nationwide. Within that week, every employer is required to give each employee a half a day off to go vote. And before the righty trolls attack, all business is regulated in one way or another by government. This is one regulation that is for the benefit of the whole country, where each individual would have the right and opportunity to vote.