The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Contraceptives

hobby-lobby-1One thing Republicans are masters at is trying to mask their real intentions under the guise of something else.  They hide their attempts to pass legislation that benefits the rich under the myth that “tax cuts create jobs.”  If they want to support their oil buddies they say something like, “We need energy independence!”  Whenever they want to keep minorities from voting they do so under the lie of “preventing voter fraud.”

Even in this contraceptive debate going on right now with Hobby Lobby (and other institutions who agree with them) it’s really not about birth control.  In fact, it has nothing to do with birth control.

It’s about sex.

Right-wing conservatives like to pretend that most people wait until marriage to have sex.  A notion that’s so preposterous that it’s hard to say nowadays without laughing.  They also have this belief that the more people have access to birth control, the more sex they will have.  They don’t care that for many women things like birth control are prescribed for health reasons.  Oh, no.  For them, it’s all about sex.

Again, they’re assuming that birth control is a determining factor of a person’s sexual activity.  Sure, the lack of birth control might eliminate a sexual event, but not someone becoming sexually active.  In fact, the lack of contraceptives really only does one thing.  It increases the likelihood that two people will have sex without using them, which undoubtedly raises the odds of women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.

And what do unplanned pregnancies lead to more of?  That’s right, abortions.

See how foolish it is for Republicans to oppose access to contraceptives?

But this is all about sex, and to a lesser extent control over women.  Conservatives long for the “good ol’ days” where men ran everything, women listened to the men, and you waited until marriage before you had sex.  Though, even during our most conservative times, many people still didn’t wait until marriage.

That’s what this is all about.  Conservatives are uncomfortable with the idea that some people use contraceptives and then proceed to have sex, and they’re going to do everything they possibly can to prevent it – even if those actions don’t prevent people having sex at all.  It’s nothing more than just an illusion in their minds where they somehow believe that denying people access to contraceptives will deter them from having sex.

Then again, that’s where most Republican ideological beliefs reside – in the delusional world that only exists in their minds.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • shopper

    It’s also about not needing to provide healthcare for employees so that they can pocket more money.

  • polliwogg

    I’d be willing to bet that Hobby Lobby has no problem with insurance paying for Viagra, Cialis and penis pumps.

    • Sunnysmom

      Exactly. Anything they deem is “life creating” is just peachy, but forget about women’s rights to control their own lives and reproductive health.

      • Jim Bean

        If women were equally committed to controlling their own reproductive health prior to the moment of conception, you might have an argument.

      • Steve

        Isn’t that want what birth control does? Enables women to control their own reproductive health prior to conception? Your retort makes no senses at all.

      • Jim Bean

        This isn’t about birth control, its about paying for other people’s abortions. Contraception is just diversion. Hobby Lobby was fine with providing contraceptives until Obama told them he was taking away their right to decide precisely what types of birth control they would have to buy for other people.

  • Libby

    The republicans have gone so far over the edge that they may become only a memory. I find it hard to believe that so many of my friends still support this extreme party. I think we need to make their true agenda known to everyone!!!

    • Cheri Lundstrom

      I ended up getting new friends, too tired to associate with frightened people these days.

  • shonuff76

    But its not about all forms of birth control.. its about THE IUD and the morning after pill. Pick another kind of birth control. The IUD is bad news from what i have read anyway.

    • t. kerce

      I know many women who use IUDs and have never experienced problems. And the morning after pill prevents conception, since: “Conception can occur as many as five days after sex or possibly longer, as strong, healthy sperm can survive for about that many days (and perhaps even longer) in the supportive environment of the fallopian tubes as they wait for an egg to be released, if one isn’t already present” – Roger W. Harms, M.D.

      • Cheri Lundstrom

        I had to have my IUD taken out but that was over 40 years ago.

      • t. kerce

        Yeah, the earlier ones could be terrible.

    • Sunnysmom

      A woman who is raped may not have any other option than Plan B or “morning after pill”. She should have the same options as any other woman that are covered equally. This is between her and her doctor.

    • polliwogg

      No, it’s about birth control. PERIOD. They don’t want to cover any of it.

      • CherMoe

        VIAGRA is all about pleasure for men and CREATING babies. It also has had an astronomical cost since the beginning of at least $10.00 per pill. Yet insurance companies had no problem covering it for men. And the Catholic Church has no problem with it and actually ENDORSES it. This is the same church that is AGAINST invitro fertilization to try to HAVE a baby. None of it makes sense, except that it still boils down to male domination of women.

    • Wicked Cricket

      well then don’t use an IUD shonuff but don’t try to control what ALL americans do. Who controls YOUR choices?

  • Doodle jump

    I don’t think it’s about sex, but rather oppressing women and getting them out of the work force. Why do male-run organizations pay women 25% less? Because they believe they are worth less or are taking jobs away from men.

  • sandra

    Married people use birth control too. Some people actually want to plan their families.

    • CherMoe

      Case in point: I just read an article today with charts of all the states and which have the most, the worst, and the least of many important things. Alaska, which we know was headed by the half-time governor, Sarah Palin, had the highest incidence of venereal diseases and a very HIGH incidence of unwed mothers. And, as you can guess, probably more welfare “moochers” just like in the red states. These crazy Republicans that don’t practice what they preach except to have as many babies as possible, are destroying this country. Yet they would have you believe that all our social ills are caused by minorities (blacks and Hispanics) and WOMEN. But males & rapists are just “dudes flexing their muscles and doing their guy thing” cause that’s what guys are designed to do. So if women get pregnant, it’s ALL their fault.

  • Mike F.

    Horse hockey. Hobby Lobby is only attempting to not have to pay for 4 different drugs, all of which are abortifacients, that is, drugs that cause spontaneous abortion (aka miscarriage) of fetuses which are already developing. That’s not “contraception” because conception has already occurred. The media are the ones obfuscating the truth here. Hobby Lobby’s health insurance does pay for 16 different contraceptive drugs (which block conception). Did you know that? Of course you didn’t because you won’t know it based upon the news reports.

    • Paul Stuko

      Shows juat how little you know about the FACTS surrounding this case. Two things: 1) These four are NOT abortifacients. They work just like the rest of the contraceptives that Hobby Lobby claims it has no problem with. 2) Before the ACA took effect Hobby Lobby provided two of these supposed “abortifacients” under their insurance plans for employees. But now they have a problem with providing them all of a sudden? There are so many ways that Hobby Lobby is in the wrong by just using common sense but you and the majority of the Supreme Court are just too dense to see them.

  • CherMoe

    I think the author of this article gives too much credit to Republicans and to corporations by saying this is, in any way, about morality, having sex and, etc. This has NOTHING to do with these things. These people aren’t “Christian” or moral and many of them DO obtain abortions and DO use birth control. What all of this is about is #1) Pushing back at the Democratic BLACK President, because his health care policy pissed off the fat cats and the insurance companies and #2) this is REALLY all about rich, white abusive, dominating males who know that the only way they can keep control in this country is to keep people POOR, to keep women IN THE HOME, pregnant, DEPENDENT, underpaid if they do work and so restricted that she can never leave her abusive, slave-driving husband because she’s stuck with so many kids, she could never support them herself. THAT is what this is all about. The sissy males in this country can’t exert themselves as the macho men they need to be unless they: a) have gun and b) control their wives, their female workers, their daughters and then, of course, all the minorities in the country.

    This has NOTHING to do with morality or religion. Republican women have always managed to get their abortions even before they were legal. The big difference is MONEY & having the right connections so they could go to a hospital and pretend to be getting a “D & C” for medical reasons. Republicans have their way of getting around things and pretending to be “moral” and “Christian” when they are anything BUT.

    This whole case is a huge farce. But Republicans threatened years ago when they installed Bush in the White House … that they would chip away and chip away at the contraception/abortion issue through the states. Kind of like getting the drug dealer’s big boss by taking down the users first. In this instance, they are doing it bit by bit with abortion and contraception. And it’s their single most important issue that they use to BUY VOTES from all the ignorant people who watch Fox “news” and listen to the propaganda and hatred that is spread there. It is ALL ABOUT CONTROL. This concept is EXACTLY what rapists are all about. CONTROL & VIOLENCE. That sums up the Republican politicians and how they manipulate people to get what they want. Which goes back to CONTROL, POWER and MONEY.

  • Jim Bean

    Correct. Its has to do with forcing people to pay for other peoples abortions. Contraception is just a decoy.

  • Jay Newton

    Saying that access to birth control will lead to more sex is like saying access to seatbelts will force me to drive more cars. No, it just makes certain that if I am to drive, I have adequate protection in case of an accident.

    Why does the party of “smaller government” want to be so small they fit between me and my sexual partner?

  • Jaina

    What about all the product they import from communist China, where state sponsored abortion and birth control is encouraged? Religion is only convenient if it doesn’t kill their own bottom line.