House Republican Refuses to Defer Pay During Shutdown, Says “I Need My Paycheck”

renee_ellmersIf you ever wanted a perfect example of Republicans just not “getting it,” look no further than North Carolina Representative Renee Ellmers, who said that she definitely would not be deferring her paycheck (as some members of Congress have done) during the government shutdown.

Rep. Ellmers said:

“I need my paycheck. That’s the bottom line.  I understand that there may be some other members who are deferring their paychecks, and I think that’s admirable. I’m not in that position.”

Now she may very well need her paycheck — I’m not doubting that.  But then so do the over 800,000 Americans the government shutdown has put on furlough who might not be receiving theirs.

But I guess it’s nice to need your paycheck and still be getting it.  That’s not something hundreds of thousands of Americans can say right now thanks to the right-wing antics going on in Congress.

To be fair, Rep. Ellmers isn’t the only one in Congress who’s opting to receive pay during the shutdown.  There are plenty of others, both Democrats and Republicans, who are choosing to collect their paycheck.  If you ask me, none of them should be paid for not doing their job — which is why they should pass Democratic Rep. Rick Nolan’s “No Government, No Pay” act (but they probably won’t).

The lives of thousands hang in the balance right now while people like Rep. Ellmers simply prove they don’t get it.  Her official website lists her husband as a general surgeon.  Now what exactly does a general surgeon make, you ask?  Well, according to CNNMoney, the median pay for one comes in around $216,000 per year, with some making over $400,000.

So, even with just her husband’s salary, based on the information listed on her official site, they rank in the top 2 percent of Americans as far as income goes—but she “needs” her paycheck.

Well, if she needs it so badly, maybe it’s time she started speaking out against this Republican temper tantrum which has shut our government down.  Maybe she should publicly state that John Boehner needs to let the House vote on the Senate’s resolution (which would easily pass if he did) so the government could be reopened almost immediately.

Because while the wife of a general surgeon making six-figures might need her paycheck, so do the hundreds of thousands of American workers who might not be paid come their next payday thanks to this ridiculous Republican-forced government shutdown.

Which is something these Republicans simply don’t seem to understand.  This shutdown isn’t a game.  There are thousands of Americans that face an uncertain future due to the antics that are being pushed by a handful of tea party-backed Republicans and their cowardly Speaker of the House, John Boehner.

But it’s okay, they still get paid.  Who cares about the 800,000 who might not, right?

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Kenneth Cowles

    Like you are the only person who needs your pay check. How about thise who you put out of work? Selfish cow…..

    • latasha

      I’m sure she has money in her accounts… investments and the whole nine. What about those workers who live paycheck to paycheck? What about those elderly people who depend on their checks to buy their medicine? ugh… they disgust me!

      • Mr Reality

        Yeah what about those people who’ve been suffering in this horrible economy? Washington DC is the only city experiencing any kind of growth in the last 5 years. While everyone else’s budgets have been contracting. Its ABOUT TIME these people start feeling the pinch. Maybe it will wake them up to reality!

      • Justin

        Before they can feel the pinch they need to not receive a pay check… smfh

  • Michael Drzyzga

    The “No Government, No Pay Act” violates the 27th Amendment, so although it’s a decent symbolic gesture, it’s a waste of time that should be getting spent on working out the budget (and then avoiding the debt ceiling).

    • carrie

      It may violate the 27th amendment, but they can vote to in force it for in the future. It can’t go into affect for this shutdown, but it would go into affect in the future.

    • Megan

      Since when does the government care about violating any amendment?! They do what they want not want the constitution says! Give me a break my constitutional rights have been walked all over, kicked around, and shoved in the dirt they can get over it!

      • CYN

        That seems like a real issue….what constitutional rights, specifically, have been violated…gee, I hope this isn’t a hyperbole

      • Ashford Wyrd

        All of them except the second.

    • ceosion

      Does it really violate the 27th Amendment or does it just mean the “No Government, No Pay Act” can’t go into effect for 2 years? (I think the latter, obviously, but please correct me if I’m wrong.)

      • Michael Drzyzga

        I think it makes in unconstitutional in general, because the act would change their pay if certain conditions are met. If we ever get another shutdown, it would change their pay mid-term or do nothing at all.

      • ceosion

        Ah, thanks. Now I see where people are thinking it might be unconstitutional. I still think we could do it though, it would be up to the Supreme Court in the end. I feel there is interpretation here, and their job (SCOTUS) is to not only interpret but respect the original intent of the law. The original intent of the 27th Amendment was to prevent unchecked pay increases for members of congress, so with that said, I think SCOTUS has grounds to allow a “No Government, No Pay Act.”

    • vwbtl99

      Well, they should put forth an amendment to the constitution that changes that. They definitely should not get paid. Maybe then they would do their jobs in the first place.

      • CherMoe

        Part of the problem is voting in RICH people to begin with. They have nothing to lose when defaulting on their obligations to the people of this country. If they were held responsible for ANYTHING at all and at risk of losing their jobs and lifetime benefits (whatever they may be), they might actually do what they’re elected to do. Now that corporations are BUYING our politicians, they serve ONLY the people who bought them.

      • Ebony MagicalCat Fox

        Well theres issues with your thinking. If we elected ‘poor’ or poorer people would they not take the buyouts from the corporations just as quick? Why not just say “How about we elect people who can’t be corrupted by cash and prestige.” But, good luck with that in this world.

      • James

        Unfortunately… Only the rich can put on an effective campain.

    • Julie

      Actually it doesn’t. There is a provision that allows a vote to suspend their pay.

      • Fedweb

        No, it does. The text is straightforward: “No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.” So they could vote to reduce the pay of the NEXT session, but not their own.

  • Johnson Goezinya

    What a gunt.

  • Diana Reichardt

    Isn’t she a peach!!!! That is not surprising though. She is a Republican.

    • rock

      Yeah so it’s sh*tty she’s this stupid, but in all fairness her stupidity isn’t simply ‘because she’s a republican’. That’s polarizing and makes you sound as ignorant as she is acting. Whenever I hear that sort of sub-intellectual write off I feel like you are losing instant credibility. But then again you’re just a ‘stupid liberal’, right? 😉

      • CherMoe

        It might be fun for you to look up how many Republicans are stubbornly taking their paychecks against how many Democrats who have offered to either donate theirs or not take them at all. Come back and inform us when you have an answer. (by the way, Republican donations to NASCAR or political donations don’t count)

      • rock

        yeah wow- not stereotyping at all. i used to really feel like progressives had the ‘mature’ approach, but the more i see this division make people act like blind monkeys throwing poop at each other, it’s just a circus. my vote: start using an independent mind vs. just pointing at the other party saying ‘redneck!’/’hippie!’. lol wow.. oh well

      • I disagree rock, takes a certain, learned behavior, a lack of values to think republican. Its a selfish and hypocritical way to live, but it is done by choice. Therefore, she is stupid SIMPLY because she is republican

      • rock

        ..summing up the same method of wearing blinders that the extreme right does- yours are just colored differently. man i’m glad i don’t claim either party, both sides apparently suck 😀

      • Kandi

        Oh, shut up. You aren’t nearly as smart as you think you are. It is because she’s a republican. Republicans engineered this shutdown. They planned it by refusing to pass a routine bill until they manage to remove a law already passed and deemed constitutional. Not claiming either party and pretending there is equal blame here is a sense of false equivilancy. Basically, it doesn’t make you superiour, it makes you an idiot.

      • disqus_juTQrfSilr

        Democrats say the republicans, reoublicans say the democrats. Sorry they are both at fault. They are cut from the same cloth, the only ones whoever get screwed are the unelected citizens. As far as the ACA, it is garbage legislation for the american people. The government started social security, it is broke and screwed up because of the government, same with medicare and medicaid. Along with the state of our education system. Not too mention the wonderful expansion of the welfare state since the great society. Now they want my healthcare too, no thanks. This country is too large and diverse to keep having control go to the central government just for them to keep robbing peter to pay paul.

      • Mr Reality

        How many job bills did the Republican house pass last year? 11? How many did the Democrat Senate pass? 0. So which party is doing nothing again?

        Republicans are simply listening to the people… and not Washington DC. FINALLY someone is listening to the American people.. and not just giving lip service

    • Teri M

      and all the democrats gave up their pay?

      • denver41

        they all are useless

      • Joy

        No they didn’t , but the are not the ones that put 80,000 people out of work because of their own political agenda and the Tea party. This is just sick, We then have the debt ceiling in less then two weeks , you explain to me how you can default on the bills you already agreed to pay. You mean I can just not pay my car payment and get to keep my car. Don’t think so.

      • Joe Salvati

        In the history of shutdowns Democrats have done it the majority of times in the last 17, including shutting down the Government 8 times when they were majority in both houses AND they did it to their own Democrat President, Carter. So, lets stop with this nonsense that this is simply a Tea Party problem.

      • Teri M

        Joy it takes 2 to tango. Once -both- sides put aside their grand standing and sit down to negotiate instead of playing the “my way or no way” ballgame then some forward progress might be made. But it’s not the fault of any ONE party.

      • gemma liar

        “negotiate” a constitutional law??????? sound like the regressive rightwingers are crying again

      • Teri M

        Do you even know what the “ACA” entails? Have you attempted to apply for it?

        and yes, negotiate, as has been done on the other budget negotiations. That’s what this is, after all, an attempt to get a budget in place, something that hasn’t been done since 2009.

      • gemma liar

        ahhhhh,,,,,,,,,,, so its ok for U crybabies to “negotiate” a constitutional LAW(a) but when Obama and his minions try to NEGOTIATE a constitutional law (b) U revolt and call hime a communist dictator – for-life!!!,,,,,(a) ACA aka “obamacare” (b) 2nd part of second amendment — backround checks and limited magazine clip size.. I normall don’t get this “street” with my vernacular but TERI:: Go fukkkk urself. U are a typical regressive crybaby who is a blazing hypocrite. — until U show me an absolute refuting of what I just wrote ( A;B) –which I suspect STRONGLY u will not,,,U can go play with what am willing to wager is a flatchested and / or ( or BOTH) overweight “Christian piece of uninformed FOX “news’ watching white trash ( Im a 55 yr old WHITE self employed chef born and living in south FLA)

      • Teri M

        Are the personal attacks really needed?

        Personally I think that the healthcare is a good thing, but I don’t believe that there should be exemptions. The constitutionality of said law is still up for debate. One thing, If it’s good enough for one group, it’s good enough for all. So yes, I think that some negotiation is needed.

        The 2nd amendment states only that we have the right to bear arms, the background check and magazine limitations are a recent addition that I personally have no issue with.

        And ‘chef’ were people to revolt you’d know it. There’s a difference between protest and debate and revolution. Nice of you to try to impress with the self description. I need prove nothing to someone who can’t even manage the basics of a discussion without being vulgar or relying on insults, slang and accusations. You’ve made it abundantly clear in your creative use of the vernacular that you have no real interest in true discussion.

      • gemma liar

        my attack upon thy persona and “aesthetics” are warranted as you AGAIN– as all cretins of thy ILK– didn’t stay on TOPIC. the topic?? regressives bemoaning the LACK of negotiation upon ONE constitutional LAW,,,,yet a TOTAL lack of negotiation upon another which irrefutably kills many many americans- also: grunions such as YOU neglect the 1st part of said second amendment: ” a well-regulated militia”,,,,,which easily formulates into the crushing of crybabies such as Ted Nugent ( that’s a great american regressive) and other true idiots who think OBAMA is going 2 be a DICTATOR who will TRY to “take over America” so OUR GUNS WILL PREVENT THAT!!!! ( as if a bunch of white trash village idiots will stop OUR incredible military) I described WHAT I DO and MY AGE and WHERE I live; NOT what I look like( which cannot be easily proven online) as I wanted to be CLEAR I also am white and aging ( but,,,,I doooooo look GRRRRREAT!) In the future if U want an expostulatory conversation with someone such as I PLEEEEZ try to remain on TOPIC which will engender promising dialogue and inhibit aspersions cast thy way

      • Marie

        I’m sorry Gemma. But if you are going to comment and attack people, maybe you should look a little more into grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Yours is atrocious. Using big words and phrases don’t make you look more intelligent, or any less like an ass, when you type the way you have been.

        So if YOU want to have an “expostulatory” conversation with adults, maybe you should type and act like one.

      • gemma liar

        imbecile– I misspelled DOOOOO GRRRREAT and PLEEEEZ to emphasize my verbosity. you not only are showing a one dimensional (in)ability for cognitive viewing,,,,,,you did NOT use the ‘ in “yours” as in “your’s”……………. PLEEEEZ attempt to rectify whilst U cry some more. my spelling is flawless: I do NOT capitalize initial words in a sentence as I am ostensibly lazeeeeee and am quite hedonistic in annoying pseudo-intellectuals such as thee. Big words? part of my being a lexiphanic thelyphthoric sesquipedalian.

      • gemma liar

        also- im very allergic to steatopygous and micromastial women,,,and im willing to wager an entire US dollar that U are indeed one,,,or BOTH. Now pleeeez marry me

      • Mike king

        LOL GOD DAMN GIRL! way to go! I wish I could kiss you right now! I haven’t smiled much lately but I sure am now! Take care

      • gemma liar

        im a guy: gemma vozza is a CHRISTIAN Italian chic I was screwing years ago and recently I caught her in some big lies,,,,,but I appreciate the compliment.

      • Mfreeman

        Kinda like Democrats want to “negotiate” immigration – a set of confirmed constitutional laws and the second amendment which is considered not only constitutional, but a right. Don’t play “law of the land”…it just doesn’t suit Democrats, or Republicans, well.

      • gemma liar

        hey skankbag teri,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the constitution is in place and U crybaby regressive rightwing TRASH always demand the constitution be upheld. –our FOUNDING FATHERS have in place the way to OVERTURN any “poor” law– its called VOTE out the former,,,VOTE in the new,,,and REPEAL: but U crybaby scum FOX “news” watchers conveniently forget this and U do what U do best: CRY cry CRY,,,and praise JEEEESUS

      • rock

        so, gemma. which ivy league..? the level of smarts man, mind=blown.
        these free-for-all posts with anonymity really are great for showing off the larger, protruding foreheads we really have. i’m not sure if i should laugh about these comment sections or shake my head and weep the intellectual erosion that has occurred in this wonderful, yet over privelaged nation.

      • gemma liar

        cry and laugh,,,,,,,,,,,, as your overbearing comment shows: U may need both to function. no ivy league. and if U do ( again) attempt erudite discourse with me or any other denizen of this page PLEEEEEEZ TRY 2 work on spelling. Until then,,,,,,,,, U are simply simple

      • Teri M

        Please step away from the thesaurus.

      • gemma liar

        im at work ( self employed chef who EXCLUSIVELY contracts adult strip club kitchens in the south florida ( predominantly Broward county and N dade….no boss/ 100% cash which since 1989 has generated over 100K at least 50% of the years I have done this (NOTE: also TIFFANYS in Memphis 1997-98) and there is no dictionary or thesaurus here– I have studied words and wordplay ( see: “cunning linguist” ) for over 3 decades. Again U have placed thy foot firmly into thy crybaby and under educated mouth. how WOULD U like that cooked?

      • mike king

        you are nutz! I love your humor & relate to everything you’re saying! I wish I could see what you look like! [email protected]

      • gemma liar

        Im not sending U pics,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but go to facebook and look up “bobby tak”….Im min his friends list– Victor wiley. Gemma Vozza is a broken CHRISTIAN Italian chic I was screwing over a decade ago and recently I cought her ass in some pretty stupid lies: ergo- my username. U can see my pies- do a friend request- and also my current girlfriend and some of my formers who are still my friends (I don’t burn bridges with the ladies)

      • gemma liar

        hey skank teri,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, only acerebral dolts such as thee “THINK” that OTHERS do NOT have the vocabulary that U WISH U could FIND,,,,much less maintain. I don’t have a thesaurus. I have a HIGH IQ and an impeccable desire to learn even MORE words: hence my now absorbing ”the highly selective dictionary for the extraordinary literate” by Eugene ehrlich (1997 harper Collins) which my 49 yr old 5’6 133 lb double D chested ( natural of COURSE) gave me as she also appreciates an attentive IN SHAPE eloquent ( and irascible to those who earn that. you may now reply with your ineluctable effort.

      • Teri M

        Feeling defensive? can’t muster an argument without insults. You only make yourself look bad. I don’t read (or watch) one news service exclusively as you appear to assume.
        I take it as a matter of pride to try and see that the constitution is upheld. It’s kind of oh, the backbone of our nation. Something that I served in uniform to protect. Along with your right to be a venom spewing troll.

        Oh and I do cry, if you are an example of what our once great nation has come to.

      • gemma liar

        “constitution upheld”…….. hey kreskin: does that include ACA?

      • Mike King

        Your my hero,don’t stop!

      • Ally

        It doesn’t matter democrat or republican, they all should not be paid during a shutdown.

      • Teri M

        While I agree that they shouldn’t be paid during this fiasco the 27th Amendment guarantees their pay.

  • effie

    Why do we pay Congress more than minimum wage, anyway?

    • CherMoe

      It certainly is a “misnomer” to call these people “public servants” when they in NO way, shape or form serve anyone except the rich and the corporations. Unless you count them “serving themselves” to anything at all that belongs to WE, THE PEOPLE. And then, they’re “serving” themselves up some really huge portions while taking the food out of OUR mouths.

      • Mike King

        Amendment 15 states that no branch may take action that doesn’t apply to them equally! I’m starting to think that a revolution may be in our not so distant future!

      • DoILookLikeACatToYouBoy

        At some point we, as a nation, allowed ourselves to view politics as a job, rather than a tremendous honor. We call them public servants because, despite all the power we as a people have granted them through the electoral process, they are meant to be subservient to the needs of the society.

    • Matthew Reece

      If Congress members were paid $7.25 per hour, they would just accept more bribes from lobbyists.

      • DoILookLikeACatToYouBoy

        That isn’t really how greed works, though. Take this lady for example, she has a very good income, yet based off the financial disclosure information available she has huge liabilities, far in excess of her assets. That is a recipe for the temptation to give into corruption, right there. In the end it doesn’t really matter what you pay the people whom you choose to govern, what matters is the character of those people and someone with this much trouble with their personal financial life, combined with a healthy measure of hypocrisy and political sliminess in how she tried to flipflop on her hypocrisy is clearly not the right sort of person to entrust with even a fraction of control over our democratic process.

      • Mike King

        Very well put! Whomever you are? lol

      • Real Govenor

        And yet she was voted for by the people she doesn’t care about whether their homes are stable or NOT!!!!! But she damn sure cares about hers. I hope people make a better decision when it is time to go to the polls again. If nothing else, here is a perfect example of somebody who SHOULD NEVER BE ON THE HILL AGAIN along with the rest of her repub comrades.

      • DoILookLikeACatToYouBoy

        The good news is that her district, North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional district, is a swing district. I wonder if it will swing back her way, next time.

    • Mike Riley

      If you’ve had enough, join the march on DC, Nov 5th…..I will be standing in our nations capital with both middle fingers extended toward all of the bought and paid for corporate swine that occupy congress. If enough of you join me, it just might get their attention….it’s time to take this to the streets……the whole world is watching our never ending complacency.

      • hsorb

        Remember remember the fifth of November

      • Becky McBride Wierzbicki

        The only way this country will change is by the people..we all need to march on Washington DC and let them all know they will lose their jobs if they do not do them to our standards.

  • poostoo

    c word

    • czarney

      C U Next Tuesday?

  • JIsaac

    “Do you know what insurance costs on a Ferrari!”

  • GirlULove2Love

    She is a pock on our country. To admit that she is so
    irresponsible with her own money when she makes roughly 5 times what the
    average American makes that she can’t go without her paycheck during the time
    she closed down our government but she expects the more than 800,000 AMERICAN
    employees that bring home so little to go without pay indefinitely while she
    gets her crap together is the MOST disgusting thing she could do. Not to
    mention that her party is trying to tell all Americans that they are better at
    balancing the budget when they can’t even balance their own personal budgets
    would be laughable if she hadn’t pulled the most dangerous stunt in American
    history. She should resign now as she will most certainly lose her job during
    the next election and at least leave with the little bit of dignity she might
    have left. If you ask me, since she vote against women and children’s rights
    she has ZERO dignity but I am sure she thinks she is doing it for some greater
    good but she is not.

    • peeontea

      Her district is likely so gerrymandered that she risks nothing by acting this way, and in fact probably is strengthening her position. They drew the lines to assure election and now they are held hostage by the lunatics that voted for them…..priceless.

      • Ashford Wyrd

        That and the machines that votes are cast on, no longer having paper trails, easily hacked… It’s not like the fascists (and yes they are literally fascists, whether an R or a D brand, as they combine corporate and state power) haven’t been rigging the elections in their favor for the last decade at least.

    • Mike king

      She’s heavily callused on her knees behind her ears & deep in her anus! LOL

  • Jose Lopez Maldonado

    Even Al-Qaeda and the Terrorists are mad at the Republicans, They claim its their job to destroy America!

    • peeontea

      Bachman said it’s un-American to destroy America unless you’re an American.

      • When Bachman opens her mouth, the only thing that comes out is shit!

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Reminds me of one particular South Park episode…

      • denver41

        bauchmann is a fking idiot and a disgrace of the state that elected her in office

    • common-sense-needed

      So you are saying they like the Democrats then ?

    • Becky McBride Wierzbicki

      It is not just the Republicans who are doing this…it takes two to make it or break it and both sides are breaking it…

  • Maria Palan

    Really lady then fix it asap and give everyone thats unemployed a paycheck too

  • Linda Peterson

    What a bitch. She’s one of the people who caused it in the first place.

    • Andre Owens

      LOL WOW

    • Linda, she is one of the people who caused what? It takes two to tango.

  • maddy

    Who the heck are you to “NEED” your paycheck?? I didn’t ask to be furloughed, you people put me in that position. Shame on you for opening your big mouth regarding your paycheck!!

    • RJB, PhD

      I hope you get back to work soon, and receive retroactive pay! My mom was a federal employee for 25 years, I have seen your struggle first hand.

  • jerseygurl

    Saw a local news report about federal shutdown adversely affecting local businesses dependent on furloughed federal employees. Government paychecks actually IS a form of trickle down that works! Tea Party is stifling the our nation’s economic recovery — to what end?

    • joy

      . I am a nurse and we are having a hard time getting supplies for our patients that are on medicare because you have to go through a government web site to get them and the web site is down due to the shut down. Wonder if they even realize or care what they have done.

  • denver41

    TADA!! i dont have to say a word…DONT worry Ellmers…you still get your money along with all of the outrageous perks that go along with it….

  • Rusti

    We need to fire this broad!

  • denver41

    they all are fking waste of money. THEYRE SHOULD BE TERM LIMITS AND AND END TO THE ENDLESS PERKS.

    • Ashford Wyrd

      It was the freshmen that did shut down the government, you know.

      • denver41

        i dont care….they still sit in office way passed their due date.

    • Fedweb

      If you favor term limits, does this mean you will vote against your incumbent member next time he or she is up for re-election? Everyone talks about Congress, but we keep sending the message that we approve of what they’re doing, by sending them to Washington. Over. And over. And over. And over … We have the government we ask for.

      • denver41

        i believe now people are sick of the government they have asked for. they all suck of the tit our our nation while condemning the poor and allowing the rich to skate by and putting all on the backs of the SHRINKING middle class. that is not right,

  • denver41

    republicans and democrats live off the same teet. they suck till their mouths are sore while we who live in almost poverty give and give and give so they can be the top 2%…FU

    • Joy

      but lets face it , out of the two the democrats are the one that care about the one that live paycheck to paycheck and the ones that don’t even get one. the republicans care about the have’s and the have’s more .

      • They do? That’s odd considering over 40% of democrats in congress are millionaires and less than 1% of american’s are millionaires.

      • gemma liar

        now that has a TON of leversage in this topic,,,GO GET ‘EM DEREK BABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

      • denver41

        i think they are all the same. I am a democrat..but there is no such thing as a poor person in senate or house. they can all do without their money just as they have taken people off the roles that need their money the most.

  • Sean Patrick Gilday

    According to Open Secrets she is worth between $154K & $466K and is the 429th richest member of congress out of 435 members. And she has 4 liabilities totaling between $290K & $615K. She certainly isn’t a Issa or Reid

    • Andre Owens

      And she still makes more than 5 times the median income putting her in the upper 2%.

      • Sean Patrick Gilday

        She has more liabilities than she has assets, sort of like the whole US government

  • furloughed feed employee

    I need my federal paycheck too!

  • marge

    How dare you call yourself a representative of the people! How can you live with yourself making statements like that?

    • Marge, it simply re-enforces the idea that she is a self serving public servant. Her philosophy is I got mine, screw you!

  • Joy

    There are some democrats that are still taking there paychecks too. However they are not the ones that voted for the shut down.

  • CherMoe

    Oh REALLY?? She needs HER paycheck but the rest of the country can go piss up a rope? WHO VOTES for these greedy individuals anyway??

  • RNZ


    • fedup

      I’d be on board with that. Exception: Bernie Sanders / Ted Cruz…This will keep two extreme ends of each party and everyone else can fall somewhere in between.

  • Ughhhh

    She is such a stupid cow!

  • Stephanie

    I bet if the people in congress had to volunteer like in the old days, two things would happen, one; they would give equally to everyone because they would also lose out on benefits at their regular jobs and there would be no more or very little corruption because only people that truly want to make our country better for everyone would volunteer, just my opinion 🙂

  • poika44

    She should be ashamed for accepting her paycheck even before the shutdown. Why should she be paid at all? This Congress hasn’t done anything worth being paid for.

  • You are worse than Tom Delay….and that’s an insult to Tom Delay..

  • terry

    Do we remember what happened when someone else said “Let them eat cake!”? People are about to that point and it will be republicans who get punctured by that point.

  • Robert

    Hey, if you don’t do your job, then you should not be collecting a check. A lot of Americans are going to be effected by the shutdown. When this mess gets cleared up, how bought a paycut and no insurance?

  • Susan Fuchs

    And she feels that all the Americans that are effected by her hostage tactics can too? Maybe if we take it away you will do your job!!!

  • Disgusted Career Fed

    I’m a 39 year federal employee – poor Renee – she has a mortgage to pay, car payments ot make, children to feed, bills to pay? SO DO THE 800,000 FURLOUGHED FEDERAL EMPLOYEES!!!!! I just hope everyone posting comments here, facebook, twitter, wherever remembers this idiocy in all future elections. And we, all Americans, must DEMAND term limits and election reform — nothing will change unless we make OUR voices heard en masse! and the ballot box is where that begins……

  • BritishRule

    Smoke. always smoke and mirrors and usually one sided. People need to understand the problem as a whole. The Gov. The whole damn thing is screwed up and driving in reverse. It doesn’t matter democrat or republican or president. THEY ARE ALL THE PROBLEM.

  • Ally

    The government workers who are furloughed need it more than you do. I’m not playing into the democrats vs. republicans game. As an Independent, I think they are both big babies and need to work this out.

  • ihrtcal

    So do the 800,000 employees you furloughed, some of whom risked their lives to protect the president and congress yesterday.

  • ihrtcal

    Congress has one constitutional job, pass a budget. and it failed.Tea Party republicans are a noisy minority, but still a minority. the rest of the Republican party needs to allow them to have their say and then vote as reasonable people and let the majority rule. Not bringing the budget resolution to a floor vote because it would pass is an abomination of the process.

  • brian

    This “Representative” doesn’t understand what we go through.

  • Charles Vincent

    All Congress members get paid during a shutdown stop pontificating Mr. Clifton.

    http://blog DOT al DOT com/wire/2013/10/why_congress_gets_always_gets DOT html

  • Westwoodman

    And…in addition to everything else, those “other” paychecks…the ones that don’t concern her…are likely to be immediately spent on stupid things like food, electricity, water, rent, and other wasteful things. Her’s? Not so much.

  • Dude

    Wow. Thank you Tea Party! What an inspirational idea: using the payment of bills we already owe to negotiate for non-related items. Maybe I should I refuse to pay the mortgage until my wife engages in coitus (I’ll accept Kerry Washington as a substitute, should my wife decline) on the trunk lid of the new Porsche 911 I will demand that we buy. After all, I know there are plenty of American husbands who would support me on this!

    • gemma liar

      I have a sexy girlfriend ( 5’6,,,133 lbs with a NATURAL “DD” breast- American indian and French lineage) but I would still empty my self into sarah palin,,,shes sexy and I bet she is ( once turned on) a tigress in the sheets

  • North Woods Lady

    She probably has to help with house payments on their 6,000 sq ft home, their two very expensive cars and oh yes may still be making payments on his med school loans. Oh my the hardship of it all!

    • common-sense-needed

      Like almost every Politician in DC, out of touch.
      Term limits please.

  • henrylgunn3

    Renee Ellmers is in Washington only for the money; She has done absolutely NOTHING since being elected on a Teaparty Ticket. She should be nursing.

  • tw

    It’s not just 800,000 not receiving paychecks; the 1,300,000 declared essential are also not receiving paychecks although they are required to work.

    BTW, that includes the Capitol Police force that yesterday put their lives on the line to defend her.

  • KT

    What a moron hahaha

  • Lyola M Roeske Shafer

    Who is surprised?

  • Tim Troy

    Punk dummacrats are doing the same thing… stop it

  • Jmelynn

    I love how the people who are in control of passing Rick Nolan’s bill are the same people who the bill would affect if it passed. This is ridiculous…just another example of how much of a joke our government is.

  • Cher

    SERIOUSLY – this is no different than going on STRIKE – No Work NO PAY!!! When all is said and done – who is going to get re-elected?? Good one!

  • Nicolai

    Wow. just…wow…

  • Joust

    There is only one appropriate comment to this waste of skin and air: You are the walking, talking textbook definition of a c-u-next-tuesday. Your picture is in the dictionary next to that word.

  • MSKL

    Cow was not the word that began with “c” that I was thinking of.

  • jl

    She needs her paycheck and I need mine also Therefore Lady and all other congress people. Stop playing political games and get to work so that all of the almost 1M of good workers who every day GIVE THEIR BEST FOR A BETTER AMERICA can have also their paychecks that they deserve probably more than you.

  • KeeKeeAlNatural


  • Wrightly Subverted

    all you have to do is tell the AMA that you will always vote to keep
    poor people from having health care, the NRA that you will support two
    weapons in every house, the Coal lobby that you will
    support child labor in mines, and the list goes on, they will gladly buy
    you a new car and boat. Hello! there are a lot of people that can not
    take bribes to get their next meal.

  • mike

    i think she needs to be removed from office. can any one say impeachment

  • jc

    Dear Congress,
    You are fired… your days are numbered. I strongly suggest that you start looking for work now and do not do as you have become so accustomed and wait until the last minute or until it is too late. Good luck – you will need it as everyone knows how [email protected] worthless you are.

  • jhonny

    Right-wing antics?????????
    Thank God you (the author) don’t represent American citizens more concerned with restoring the Constitution than short term pain!

  • Slem

    You’re a disgrace, as are the other Rep mongrels taking the US hostage.

  • Maddie0501

    As a furloughed federal employee who doesnt know whether I will be able to pay my bills this month, I am totally flabbergasted

  • Pam

    Remember her, and the rest of them, and vote them out! Even if you don’t like their opponents. They are all going to be the same anyway, so why not send a message to those who screwed us this time? Vote them ALL OUT!

  • Mr Reality

    Has the country imploded yet? My god the government is gone what do we do?

    The fact that barely anyone noticed that federal employees were furloughed shows you exactly how much we need this bloated federal bureaucracy.

    I have sympathy for the people who lost their jobs due to this stupid healthcare law. My company laid people off because of it. My wife’s company did too. I don’t have sympathy for overpaid, government employees. You fattened yourselves up during this entire recession, refused to take cuts, while everyone else had to cut back. Its time you started to experience what the rest of us have been living for 5 years.

  • Rich

    Try working the street corner honey..seem you Republicans have a fetish for ‘ho-ing yourselves.

  • Maraphina

    Want a paycheck, lady?? Go to work like the rest of us poor bastards.

  • Valerie Grace

    They do understand that it’s hurting the American people … the problem is they don’t give a shit about the people, this country, or the government, only the corporate heads that make them think they’re better than they are. They hate our government and are trying to get rid of it. But only the Democrats, not the fascist corportocracy it really is and that they love so well and want to make official.

  • Bob

    Jackasses and hypocrites…smdh.

  • RAPH

    Not one of the. Dems or Repub should get a paycheck. And as for OBAMA he should have to PAY OUT OF HIS OWN MONEY FOR FOOD RENT GAS AND ALL OF HIS VACATION

  • Becky McBride Wierzbicki

    If the Government is shut down those who run it directly should not be receiving their paychecks. If they did not receive their paychecks the Government would be up and running within days after the first missed check. You all need to be ashamed of yourselves for what you are doing to this country…and I do mean ALL of you…it is not just the tea party republicans that have done this..all of Government has only been looking out for themselves. Obama only talk about the republicans over and over again…if you cannot take the heat get the heck out of the kitchen, take your toys and go home but quit whining and do something positive.

  • ramm

    This is shocking….in what way?

  • Ruth Evelyn Davis

    She should take her check and use it for toilet paper. How in considerant can U get? VOTE her a77 out. Get your revenge at the polls

  • Matt Connolly

    What about the millions of people whose hours were cut to under 30 because of the ACA? Don’t they count? Maybe the one year delay would be well spent sorting it out.

  • Jc stranded withouth pay in UK

    I need my paycheck, but you shut the government down and me and my fellow DAC are suffering. How will I pay my mortgage? Buy food for my family? I swore to uphold the constitution… Too bad congress isn’t interested in upholding those of us who are furloughed by their inability to work through the budget issues. Shame on you.

  • Cave Man

    when the time comes, she will not have my vote.