House Republicans Introduce Resolution Against The “War On Christmas”

O'Reilly War on ChristmasRemember how before the media’s sole focus was on terrorism and the latest thing Donald Trump said, there were a few days where everyone was talking about Starbucks and how they had joined the “War On Christmas” by not having holiday graphics on their plain red paper coffee cups? That was a little over a month ago when a right-wing YouTube “Christian” by the name of Joshua Feuerstein made a video in which he claimed that the company hated Jesus and Christmas, while he waved a pistol around to announce his defiance of Starbucks’ policy discouraging guns in their stores.

There was a brief social media fury over this contrived controversy, and even Donald Trump shamelessly pandered to the people who believed that there was an actual “War On Christmas” by stating that perhaps he should boycott Starbucks. All of that was pretty much forgotten when the Paris terrorist attacks happened, but now the GOP is back with the latest insanity in the fake war on Christmas.

Via The Hill:

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) has introduced a resolution expressing the sense of the House that “the symbols and traditions of Christmas should be protected for use by those who celebrate Christmas” amid warnings from the right that religion is being pushed out of the holiday.

The resolution states that the House “strongly disapproves of attempts to ban references to Christmas” and “expresses support for the use of these symbols and traditions by those who celebrate Christmas.”

Thirty-five fellow Republicans have signed onto the resolution as co-sponsors. (Source)

Yes, you read that right, House Republicans are proposing a resolution to fight the non-existent War On Christmas. As a resolution, it’s different from a law and simply shows their support or opposition to something. The First Amendment clearly states that Congress shall make no law that promotes one religion over another, and despite the fact Christmas is often observed as a secular holiday, it is very much Christian in nature – unless you take into consideration that Christians hijacked it from pagans many centuries ago.

In case you’re wondering, the GOP has voted down bills to help the poor and veterans repeatedly in recent years, but passing a meaningless resolution is apparently more important than doing anything that remotely resembles following the teachings of Christianity or the spirit of Christmas. It’s the tired old story of Republicans in Congress claiming to care about veterans, the poor and religious values – then doing absolutely nothing other than to shove warped versions of Christianity down our throats.

The real War On Christmas isn’t being waged by the left or by non-Christians, but the people who believe social media celebrities or Donald Trump are too brainwashed to realize that. This resolution is just another waste of taxpayer money by House Republicans to pander to their base ahead of next year’s election. It’s ridiculous, petty, and a waste of resources – but that’s just par for the course in a Congress that has a 9% approval rating.


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  • Toxic Avenger

    The right wing’s insanity knows no depths.

    • 1968_Camaro

      It is conservatism and the conservatives’ mockery of Christ’s Teachings with their hatred, greed and selfishness that is the REAL war on Christmas.

    • Jim Bean

      Liberals tear at every traditional value for no other reason than to call attention to themselves. Its their way of saying, “Hey! Look over here at me. See how I’m smarter I am than everyone who has come before me?”

      Society will not be better off under a Left wing value system which is nothing more than ‘whatever gives me the greatest advantage is what everyone else should endorse.”

      • Toxic Avenger

        I didn’t realize Republicans HAD values, other than God, guns and grits.

      • Jim Bean

        What’s wrong with grits?

  • Jitterbits

    Even lamer is that it specifically supports the freedom of celebration for those who choose to celebrate it. There has never been any dispute that those who wish to celebrate Christmas should be allowed to. The question has always been whether or not those who don’t should have to support it with their tax dollars and pretend it’s the only winter holiday of importance.

  • The Cosmic Avenger

    Honestly, I’m surprised they didn’t include “and us righteous Christians don’t wanna hear about or see nothin’ of any of them other joke holidays, neither!”