How Disgusting Are Attacks on Wendy Davis Getting? A Texas Republican Has Come to Her Defense

wendydavis8As most people familiar with me know, I live in Texas and I’ve lived here all my life.  It shocks some to think that someone with my political beliefs was born and raised in Texas.  Believe it or not, there are millions of liberals in Texas.  Gerrymandering and an unfortunate Republican majority have just choked out our voice.

That being said, when Wendy Davis decided she was going to run for Governor of Texas, I knew it was going to get ugly.

Republicans will deny that they view women as secondary to men, much in the same way they deny that racism is frequently found within their party, but that doesn’t change the reality that their party clearly treats women as second-class citizens.

And I’m not even talking about the sexist pig Rush Limbaugh or the misogynists you frequently find on Fox News (though both are despicable), I’m talking about the politicians and how they run their campaigns against women.

Take for instance some the attacks Ms. Davis has had slung her way in these early stages of the campaign.

You know what the big story has been?  Not her record, or what she’s running on, but minor details about her life from 20-30 years ago.

And by minor, I mean minor. 

Such as her claim that she was 19 when she divorced her first husband, when she was actually 21.  Oh, no!  So she wasn’t officially divorced until she was 21, they were only separated when she was 19.  I guess in her mind she felt when they were no longer together that was the end of the relationship.  But then again, who cares?  Do those two years make her accomplishments less impressive?

Or how long she actually lived in a trailer – really?  Again, what does it matter?

And the big one they’ve focused on – how she paid for law school.  Apparently some of her law school was paid for by her second husband – who she divorced.  Oh, and that apparently she left her children with her second husband while she went away to finish her law degree.  That apparently makes her a “bad mother” to some of these conservatives attacking her.

An accusation I can promise you that you would never hear used against a man if the situations were reversed.

So, I guess now we’re going to break down the intricacies of marriages?  Someone like Rush Limbaugh is going to lecture Wendy Davis on marriage?  What wife is he on now, number four?

Again, all of this happened over twenty years ago.  Even those bashing her basically say her story is mostly true, they’re just trying to nitpick at the small details in a disgusting effort to slander her in any way possible – mainly because she’s a woman.

Something Texas Republican Becky Haskin, who served with Wendy Davis on the Fort Worth City Council, seems to believe is the driving force behind some of these attacks.

Haskin said:

“If this involved a man running for office, none of this would ever come up.  It’s so sad. Every time I ran, somebody said I needed to be home with my kids. Nobody ever talks about men being responsible parents.”

And don’t give me the whole, “Well liberals slammed Bush for his record in the National Guard” nonsense.  The two aren’t even remotely related.  There’s a huge difference between extremely suspect military records and someone potentially exaggerating how long they lived in a trailer or when exactly their divorce was final.

It’s clear Republicans are trying to paint Wendy Davis as some psycho woman who’s lying about the adversity she’s had to overcome in her past.  Which, unfortunately, will probably work.

Remember, Republicans don’t have to be right.  Hell, they don’t even care about being factually accurate.  They just need to muddy the waters so much that voters aren’t sure of what’s real and what’s not.

Republicans know their voters don’t really care about facts, they just want to be told what they want to hear.

One thing is for certain, you can expect this race to get much uglier before it’s all said and done.  Wendy Davis poses a viable threat to Greg Abbott, and she’s a woman, so trust me – they’re going to do everything they can to drag her name through the mud.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • MsRhae

    Thank you! Reminds me of an event during the ERA campaign when we were peacefully protesting in freezing cold temperatures one night at The Summit in Houston. As a couple passed by us the woman, decked out in her full-length fur coat, sneered at us and said “Why aren’t you women at home where you belong”? Do you see the hypocrisy here? Fortunately, a man’s voice from our group came back at her saying “Why aren’t you?” It was a beautiful moment.

    • Jim Bean

      How advanced at detecting hypocrisy have you become? Advanced enough to recognize the hypocrisy of the same group who carpet-bombs the likes of Palin and Bachmann with a daily torrent of hatred and insults getting all righteous and indignant when a little bit of what they’re slinging splashes back on them?

      • Dan Enlow

        I think there’s a world of difference between the comments about Davis and comments about Palin and Bachmann. First the comments about Davis are focused on her gender. Where comments about Palin and Bachmann are bout the fact they are insane and have nothing to do with their gender. The comments about Davis are irrelevant details from 20-30 yrs ago. Comments about Palin and Bachmann are about things they are saying and doing now. You are comparing totally unrelated items.

      • Jim Bean

        They are related in the sense that they are unnecessary and malicious political and ideological assaults on the women in question. That liberals believe they have been dealt the moral authority card to decide which are justified (theirs) and which are not (the other guy’s) comes as no surprise.

      • SophieCT

        Jim, the “malicious political and ideological assaults” come with the territory. The misogyny should not.

      • Jim Bean

        That seems like a strictly arbitrary judgment call tailored specifically to give you a distinct advantage.

      • Dan Enlow

        so you have no substantive responce.

      • Jim Bean

        Sure I do but you won’t like it. The vast majority of the sanctimonious, self righteous, moral authorities on the Left intend to vote fore Hillary only because they think her vagina might draw the women’s vote and because they can use it to put Bill back in the White House? How much more exploitive of gender can anything be?

  • Anna Cummins

    Transparency is a huge thing. The trust of the people has diminished on both sides. All we ask is for total transparency. That “Slight exaggeration” you mention is in the eyes of many, a lie. Not to mention the fact that the slight exaggerations were made about the details of her struggles, and were used as a selling point for her campaigning. I am not a Republican, I am a woman who believes that if you are taking on such huge opposition, you probably should side with telling the story 100% the way it was. Why give them ammunition? I believe Wendy to be smart enough to know that they would be digging deep into her past. Now she will have to face the consequences of that “slight exaggeration”. When we decide to step into the gray area of life, life will get muddy.

    • Bert Drommond Farry

      our a idiot, while Texas is falling apart your worried about who is totaly true, U guys diserve your fate.

      • goofygoober

        When attempting to mock a person based on their intelligence, please make sure not to make yourself look like a fool by misspelling of simple elementary level words. Here is your sentence with the correct spelling and grammar: You’re an idiot. While Texas is falling apart you’re worried about who is totally true, You people deserve your fate.

        Please get yourself a proper education, and then get back to insulting people with baseless insults in a proper manner. Thank you.

    • PRIME79

      I would hope that most people are intelligent enough to know when a “lie” is really relevant and when its not. She “lied” about her divorce based on the fact that when she considered her first marriage over it really wasn’t because the state hadn’t said so? Bullshit. The marriage ends when the people involved say it has ended, when the official paperwork gets done is irrelevant. And the notion that apparently she didn’t live in a trailer park long enough to get credit for it is just flat out absurd. Anyone that takes these minor situations as a means to discredit this woman’s entire life and career is an ignorant and petty asshole who has no business being a part of an adult conversation, let alone our political system.

      • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

        I left my hubby in 1987 – my daughter & I moved into an apartment & he moved back with his mom. I considered myself NOT MARRIED. I entered into a relationship with my now hubby in 1989 & my divorce from the hubby occurred in 1990. You are correct, The marriage is over when both parties are separated.

    • Pipercat

      Bet to differ, this sort of thing didn’t hurt Senator Warren. It’s petty nonsense that, in the final analysis, will be ammunition for turning the opposing feet into Swiss cheese. Most of this is based around some difficult personal choices that have no bearing on her public service career. Moreover, her collegiate and professional accomplishments are to be admired and held up for example.

    • LL11

      What if neither a lie or exaggeration but simply after a span of 20-30 years forgetting details? I’ve been happily divorced for over 20 years and not sure I could tell you the year, let alone month, of my divorce.

      • scott meek

        that might be one of many reasons you are not running for a public office… you do not forget who paid for your education…really? and divorcing your husband right after he makes the last payment? not a crime and i am sure republicans have done worse..but please do not does reflect on her character..same as suing for mental damages and having that case thrown out…have republicans done bet..but again reflects on her character..this just in!!!… being rude..stupid..angry…racist..they are not crimes..but they do show ones character..and call me crazy in these times…but some people still feel its important!

        ..and look at the people who voted down anna cummins…she posted an articulate moderate view.. you guys are clowns..the biggest myth you clueless nuts that liberalism and its ideology is why you win elections….try the coalition of the moochers and the ignorant as the source of (sad to say this trend is not going anywhere)..its easy to equate the republicans to the rich and dems to the poor and there is no denying it..great its true..but if its been 50 years of economic misery for the doesn’t work…does liberalism have a place in society..yes culture not govt. …great we are getting weed and gay marriage..both long overdue…its been a while since i toked and i am not gay…so i was hoping for better jobs when i voted….but as far as the poor…it keeps going lower..and his policies..the rich keep getting richer..the poor keep getting does not work!! Obama said he was going after the guys who brought this economy down..what a joke.they bought him..none of those guys went to jail..he actually let them off the hook with bonus and comps intact. i get the anger people have at the right..but if you think they are the only ones letting big business roll over the little guy…flush out your headgear newbie..nothing wrong with bashing the crazy conservatives..but just don’t forget the loonies on the left as well….and to brag on and promote our politicians are setting yourself up for a big egg in the face

      • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

        What about all those women who pay for their hubby’s career & who get dumped when the career is final? If they ran for office would it even be a deciding factor? Must not since McCain didn’t seem to have problems (although Nancy Reagan reportedly didn’t forgive him). The thing is that this is so sexist. If it wouldn’t bother a male candidates campaign – then it shouldn’t be a deciding factor just because it was a female. Period.

      • scott meek

        What about all those women who pay for their hubby’s career & who get dumped when the career is final? i think its lame and shows poor character…though that is a broad brush(i do believe more men do this more than women,but there are also other unknown factors) ..i think this individual case his highlighted because she made this a theme of her campaign..not sure your example of mccain fits that..he ran on his militiary record not self made from rags since neither of us were in on these 2 examples of divorces, as the rest of the world…..the perception is softer for that person to be married 10 more years after his wife was in an accident…to the day after your ex pays the final bill for your education..please tell me you agree the perception looks worse

        next regardless male or female this story or its ilk is common for all people seeking public light…fair or unfair its happens to both sides. (men on both sides being more tolerable in todays society..which is wrong)..but in this case she got caught being dishonest

  • Avatar

    Greg Abbott still haven’t deplore and condemn the serious death threats against Wendy Davis. He already knew about it and he seem doesn’t care. Is that kind of person Texans want to be their next three to four terms governor?

  • Andy

    So in the New World Order the truth is considered a attack ? Wendy Davis is a LIAR just like the Dear Leader OBAMA…

    • charleo1

      What she didn’t lie about was how a heartless Governor, and an
      ideologically moribund, Republican controlled Legislature, cut off
      140,000 poor, most of them single parent Mothers, in the Rio Grand
      Valley, from the only affordable healthcare available to them. Stuff my King James Bible says people go to Hell for. And, I’m glad you think enough of our President to call him Dear Leader. But, I believe General Washington set the precedent, by asking that we in America refer to our Presidents as Mr. President, or simply President Obama.

      • Andy

        First off Bite Me,,,,

        If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.- Joseph Goebbells

        Goebbells backed that up by making a Nazi dictator out of a midget
        German corporal named Hitler. Our mainstream media took it farther by
        making an American president out of a pot smoking street punk named
        Barry Soetero. Brainwashing is the continuous repetition of lies over
        and over. The Sulzbergers of the New York Times have been brainwashing
        New Yorkers for decades. How do you think clowns like Cuomo and DeBlasio
        could ever get elected in a sane world?

      • charleo1

        So, how do you know all of the Country has been brainwashed? As I recall, the most listened to news outlet Fox, was not for a Democrat at all. So, maybe you’re the nut? Or, more likely, it doesn’t matter to you a fake Christian Governor cut off over 140,000 poor women from cancer screenings, that will result in some losing their Mothers unnecessarily, and prematurely. And no one had to brainwash me to care about such things. I have a Mother. The question is, why you don’t care about Mothers. Or, why you think a person that would care about indigent Mothers is insane, or brainwashed? Chances are, you’ve never been taught to think outside of your own miserable little existence. And, don’t understand those who do. Your loss.

      • Andy

        Under the New Democrats Healthcare called the ‘Affordable Healthcare
        Act’ aka Obamacare, Planned Parent “Hood” will be able to take your 15
        year old daughter and perform an abortion, ( your grandchild )
        without your permission and if need be they can do a sterilization
        ,again, without the parents permission. They are a very evil
        organization that plants themselves in every High School in America.
        They promote illicit sexual activity with their presents (promoting
        condoms and birth-control pills) and their Lies and are as criminal as
        the street vendor of drugs. Who supplies Parent “Hood’ with the condoms
        and birth-control supplies? Where do they buy them or does the
        government supply them at no cost?Planned Parenthood are thieves of the American dollar. That’s why
        they’re in it, and that’s why they fight so hard to convince women it’s
        okay to kill their own children. Money! If there was very little
        payout, they would abandon the woman in a heartbeat (child’s heartbeat).
        If they cared at all for women, they would use the huge monetary
        resources from taxpayers to support the woman in her crisis pregnancy,
        and alleviate her of emotional and mental stress that they know will
        follow. They have no psychiatric follow up care whatsoever, and rush
        the women out the door, calling, “Next?”

      • charleo1

        I can tell you abortion is not covered by ObamaCare. And you’ll say it is. I can tell you 97% of what Planned Parenthood does, has nothing to do with abortion. That’s also a truth you’ll deny. They don’t fund it with public money, as per the Hyde Admd. The procedure is legal, per the Supreme Court. And, the numbers are in on abstinence only sex ed. It’s a flop. As it turns out, just say no is a policy made for middle aged, and elderly religious theocrats, and, it works for them. Just not for hormone driven teens. But, then the authoritarian religious right, has a lot of hang ups with sex, contraception, condoms, and the thought of women, making decisions for themselves. On morning after pills, (the abortion you were really talking about.) The religious zealots don’t care about the parent being involved. They want the State to outlaw it. (A doctor may not preform a tubal ligation on a minor, without parental consent.) So, that’s BS. As I said, my King James Bible sends frauds like Rick Perry to Hell. What would be really great, if the GOP felt the same way about staying out of the bedrooms of Americans, like they feel about staying out of the free market. Or individual freedom, like they feel about corporate freedom. But the ugly reality here is, these people could not care less how anyone is treated, that doesn’t have an enormous bank account to fund their campaign. All I can tell you, and you can take this to the bank. I’ll not be supporting another Republican, or T-Party Rat/Fascist, as long as I live.

      • goofygoober

        Stop saying ‘my king james send them to hell.” not only is that idiotic, but it spreads a bad image for those who don’t know what is in the bible (like yourself). I would suggest actually opening that book and reading it, instead of just waving it around.

      • charleo1

        That’s the point goofy. I was taught the from the same version of the Bible they are using. And mine
        says behavior such as they are engaging in, will
        result in their going to Hell. I’m not the one always
        waving it around, they are. I’m not even particularly
        religious, and i know exactly what all the parables
        about feeding the hungry, and healing the sick were
        about. So, my take is, if you happen to be a self
        serving ass wipe, that’s not bothered in the least by
        the poor going without. Put the damn Bible down.
        Because that’s not what it teaches. What they ought
        to do, if they weren’t gutless liars. Is pick the Bible
        up, and say, see this Holy Book? I think the entire
        thing is nothing but a Socialist bleeding heart pile of
        horse shit. Now, let me tell you how the world really
        works. Then I could at least respect their honesty.

      • goofygoober

        Actually, no. your missing the point entirely. I’m telling YOU to put the bible down and read it. The way it works isn’t your holier than though, and anyone you don’t like must be going to hell. The point asn’t people who don’t give to the poor are going to hell, the point I’m making is read THE WHOLE BIBLE not just the parts you like, because your misuse of it today by the last words ion revelations says YOUR the one going to hell, not the governor. The bible says we should help the poor, it doesn’t say your going to hell if you don’t. It does say “love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you” (Luke 6:27-28) Though, for some reason i don’t think your on your knees prayign for any of those people.
        1 peter 4:8-11 “8 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. 9 Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. 10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 11 If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.”
        Your words are full of self righteous hatred for a person you don’t know personally, and spouting out LIES about the will of God, and who is or isn’t damned to hell. Shut your mouth, sit down, read that book, and pray. Stop making the followers of christ look like some kind of brainless bible bashing inbred yokels! You want to hold that book up, then speak about what is REALLY in it, not just your personal ideals!

      • charleo1

        Well, thank you. I never seen it done. So I had no
        idea how hypocrites like Rick Perry, could claim
        to be such good Christians, have some of the
        poorest people in the Country, more uninsured
        children, in one of the richest States in the Country, and yet not feel compelled, neither by his morals, or his position, to lift a finger to do anything about it. Evidently Governor Perry feels God made him Governor, to help the rich, and himself. He’s even preventing the Country from helping the working poor in Texas, access a doctor through the Healthcare Affordability Act, that wouldn’t cost his State a dime. It’s ugly. There’s really is no justification for it. But I appreciate you’re showing me how they are able to use the Bible to codify, what they’re conscience, without any religion at all, should tell them is wrong.

      • goofygoober

        The act does not supply ANY healthcare. It simply says people are required to get it, or pay a hefty fine come tax time. It’s a set of rules that people have to go through to get the healthcare that ALREADY EXISTED. It completely destroys health care for some, in order for people to pay for a coverage they don’t need or want, in order to shoulder the costs of other people who’s medical bills are much much higher. I’d like to know where you get your bogus info, since children are covered under the CHIP program in Texas, even if the parents don’t qualify for medicaid, or foodstamps! which means not only the true poor, working poor, but also middle-class. There are programs in Texas not only to supply women and children with medical attention (including free reconstruction surgery for victims of domestic abuse) but also food, clothing, diapers, toys, and even agencies in the state that will give you gas money to get to your doc appointments! Seriously, where are you getting these numbers of people who are being left out???

      • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

        So you automatically think that because Charleo1’s viewpoint is not the same as yours that they have not actually READ the Bible???

      • goofygoober

        No, it’s the constant saying “my bible says they are going to hell because they don’t blah blah blah” when it doesn’t that makes me believe they don’t actually read it. They use it as a tool to feel superior to people while not actually doing what it says themselves.

      • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

        But the point she made is valid. YOU do put people down & you make value judgments upon what YOU interpret. From the things she has said, it is evident that she has indeed read the Bible. Just because she doesn’t think it says the same things you do, it doesn’t mean that she hasn’t. I am a U U & Christians are always telling me that I am going to hell. By your logic, those Christians don’t read the bible either.

      • goofygoober

        What is in the bible, is what is in it. There is no different viewpoints on what is written, it’s there in black and white. What she states is not in the bible. There is no verse anywhere that says you go to hell for being against Obamacare, her kind is the same that like to spout out that the bible says blacks are inferior and meant to be slaves, they say whatever they WANT the bible to say and instead of giving you the verse, telling you where it is, they just say ‘well, it’s in there’. Where. What chapter, what verse. By stating that something is in the bible that isn’t she herself is condemned by the very last verse in Revelations.

      • The Green Devilish One

        or she could end up like that idiot Palin’s daughter, a single teen mom with a bastard child who has to rely on grandma sucking teatard dick for grocery money. how about those for family alues, you betchya!

      • decreator

        Your ignorant comment and misconception of planned parenthood, and choice of words in the way you phrased it, reveals how misinformed and prejudiced you choose to be. Quite sad.

      • Dan Enlow

        You must get your misinformation from Fox. They are very good at passing off lies as reality. And they have a large pool of gullible people to feed their fantasy

      • Pipercat

        Odaxelagnia, echolalia and Godwin’s law, aren’t you a dandy…

      • 2Smart2bGOP

        That Goebbells quote is emblazoned in the lobby of FOX “News.”

      • Kelly Roberts

        If you have to bring up Hitler in a discussion about politics or politicians in this day and age, you’ve already lost the argument. You’ve simply proven yourself a conspiracy-theory nut screaming “New World Order” and “Planned Parenthood is evil” and “HITLER!”

  • Pipercat

    Well, when you have no policy position, you head for the basement.

  • rossbro

    I wish all the luck in this World to the lady. We’ve got to stop electing unfeeling toads in Texas. Don’t women with brains vote in Texas????

  • goofygoober

    Everything I’ve heard on this is always just ‘it’s because she is a woman.” I’m sorry, I didn’t fall for Obama’s reverse racist garbage, and I don’t fall for reverse sexist garbage either, though I can see how they would think that would sway the majority of the sheeple. Here is her ‘struggle’ in a nutshell. Fell ‘in love’ early, got married, got pregnant, got divorced, all before becoming old enough to legally drink. Had her family help her for a few years before finding a guy with money 13 yrs older than her, got married, quit working, had husband pay off her student loans, and fund her to go to a different much more expensive school than she could afford, had a kid by him, and had him watch them both cuz, you know, someone can’t do college AND raise kids, lol, finishes school, then divorces hubby number 2, leaving both kids (one which is not even his) with him, while paying child support. While running for campaign tell everyone you lived in a trailer, worked so hard, and paid for everything you did while having to raise your children…….. hey, at least she is paying the child support on her own…. I think….. Moral of this story for any struggling young girl out there find an older man with money, you can then run for governor in another 20-30 yrs.

    • The Green Devilish One

      From Rush Limpdick’s scrotum to your idiot teatard mouth. Nicely regurgitated, sheep.

    • Raymond Phillips

      When Wendy Davis was 19, the legal drinking age was 18.

    • charleo1

      What ever happened to, “Let him that is without sin, cast the first
      stone?” Ever recall reading that? What do you think Jesus was saying to this angry, self righteous, judgmental mob, with their pockets full of rocks? What was He saying about the false pride of one, standing sanctimoniously aside, as if he could have lived another’s life, borne their burdens, and lived it with such purity, he can now stand, and deliver his perfect verdict against another?
      Did you ever consider Ms. Davis knows how easily young people can make the wrong decisions, and trap themselves into poverty? And, by her life’s experiences, combined with the power of Governorship, give other young women facing the same challenges, more options, than being lucky, and finding an older, more financially stable man? How cynical we can let ourselves become, if we forget to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes. How much we might learn, if only for a second we were truly able to do that. To fully carry out, even one of Jesus’ commandments.
      It has been a confounding mystery, how a political group that talks
      endlessly of bringing oneself up by their bootstraps, can wholly and
      roundly, judge so harshly Barack Obama. It’s not very Republican.
      Look, here’s a Middle Class kid, that grew up without a lot of money. There were no connected people, pushing doors open for Barack Obama, as he left his High School graduation ceremony, and wondered, as a lot of us do, what will I do with my life? It’s a big question that Barack Obama faced, One the Son’s of the wealthy, and connected, and certainly the Son’s of Governors have a distinct advantage answering. One that Wendy Davis had to answer. Two individuals. One now a President, the other a State Legislator, who’s lives might have gone either way. Two individuals that have succeeded, where far too many fail. What can they teach us? Evidently, for some, how to disparage people much like themselves. We know what Barack Obama done, after he educated himself. He took his Harvard Law degree, and his student loans, and debt, and took a $14,000 dollar a year job, working to help the poor. Gosh, I wonder what Jesus would have done, if He had a law degree from Harvard? Gone to Wall Street, and cashed in? I’ll admit, I don’t understand how some people, like yourself, can claim to love Christ, claim to live a Christian life. Yet, make such a blind mockery of what Christ’s life was all about from the beginning. But, you are by no means alone. Not once, have I heard anyone on the religious right, give Barack Obama the first bit of faint praise, for coming out of the working class, starting his career helping the poor, becoming wealthy by his own efforts. Being a devoted Father, and husband. Then, rising to be President of his Country, by the age of 50. I though that was what Conservatives always claimed America was all about? Did you know, a poll of Evangelical Christians in Mississippi, found that 80% believed President Obama was lying about his Christian faith? About his being a Christian. Do we ever suppose those wearing the robes of
      of Jesus, while bearing false witness, will ever apologize for their
      trespasses? We should remember, lest we get too high and mighty, too partisan, too sure of our own correctness. It was religious hypocrites, people using religion to control their own people, that crucified Christ. Isn’t it why they condemned Him? They could no longer hide behind their Holy Books, and were forced to face their own hypocrisy.

      • goofygoober

        omg, you made me laugh so hard! You seriously stand here, throwing rocks at me, at Rick perry, and anyone you feel like it, but oh, no, how dare anyone else. I guess your trying to say your the second coming, oh sinless one. pffft. Pull your head out of your self righteous butt.

      • charleo1

        I didn’t throw rocks at you. I ask you what you
        thought that parable was about. If the shoe fit,
        don’t blame me. And, as far as Perry cutting
        off indigent women from affordable healthcare
        in the Rio Grand Valley, he did. And your denying
        it, doesn’t make it not so. I know, I have relatives
        in the Valley. And beside the fact the Bagger
        Congress has so far refused to adequately fund
        the S-CHIP program at the Federal Level. To be
        eligible, the parent must be disqualified from
        Medicaid, because they earn too much. Yet, be
        unable to afford a private plan. My statement as
        to the number of uninsured children is fact. As I
        pointed out, these immoral, moralizers need to
        put the Bible down, or start trying to follow the
        principals it clearly lays out. That’s not just me.
        It’s the millions of other Christians who’s religion
        these charlatans, and blasphemers, are dragging through the mud.

      • goofygoober

        Try reading those verses while looking in the mirror, your a pharisee. No one can enter heaven by their works, it’s idiots like you who try to tell people they have to act a certain way, do certain things, to EARN heaven. You don’t. When Christ hung on the cross a murderer was beside him. He told him ‘this day shall I see you in paradise” He didn’t say” jump down, go say your sorry, live a good life, give to the poor, etc, etc” Whether you like what a person is doing or not, the bible does not condemn then for your opinions. FYI, that was not a parable. It’s one of the many things that happened on Jesus’s journey, the parables are stories he told to get his point across. And the writtijng in the sand and his words are simple ALL PEOPLE SIN, ALL SIN IS EQUAL. In short, you are as vile a being in God’s eyes as Rick Perry, your sin and his are EQUAL in God’s eyes. I could even go a step further and say you and I are both as evil as Hitler to God, since it’s true. No matter what you do, how high and holy you think your being, your still full of sin. Only Christ is holy, and he says he forgives all, mke, you, Rick Perry, Hitler, that gay couple, that inter-racial couple, the murderer, everyone. That is what the bible says, read it again.
        I call bs on what you say about CHIP because of the fact that I deal with it every day! My son is on the chip program, while I was on medicaid, and after I got off it he was still on chip, it has nothing to do with the parents income! I was on chip as a child, and my father is an IRS employee!!! Just because you don’t know how it is funded and run, doesn’t mean it isn’t.

      • charleo1

        Isn’t it amazing how people can find justification,
        or absolution in the Bible for just about any kind of
        behavior? Yes, the Bible was used to justify slavery as a natural consequence of God’s punishment of the Negro, for their tribal worship of false Gods. Why they didn’t find contradictions to this very convenient premise. Or reject those they did find? Is very obvious, isn’t it? They had a vested interest. But I think it’s safe to say, their moral compasses, (everyone has them.) still told their inner souls, slavery was an evil institution. Much like your false equivalency on sin. If your moral compass doesn’t tell you there’s a difference between murder, and choosing to ignore God’s teachings about keeping the Sabbath holy, by not going to church, and watching sports all day. Then, there is something wrong with your moral compass. Actually, you’re pulling my leg. So, let’s stick to the subject. That He clearly expects each of us to be our Brother’s keeper, there is no doubt. As Christ, in parable after parable, carried forward this message, first found in the Book of Genesis, when God ask Cain about Abel. Am I my Brother’s keeper? Read the parable of the Good Samaritan. Sin is something we all have in common. Sin is sin, like fire is fire. But to say all fires are the same. That all sin is the same? There was a reason, a symbolism, in Jesus being crucified between two thieves. It had to do with the false charge leveled aganist Jesus. That He had taken money, as He disrupted what was the marketplace. Why do you think He would go there? To steal? Or make a social statement about inequity? The starvation He witnessed among the people, and the wealth enjoyed by the fortunate few, that were were colluding with the Roman Occupiers, in the subjugation of their own people. By executing Christ with common thieves, they were sending a message out to others, don’t mess with our money. And don’t rock the boat. Exactly what the religious leaders were being paid to do. Keep the population under control. Because, the Roman position was, if we have to send for extra troops to put down a rebellion, then, that’s coming right out of what we’re paying you. It’s the truth, whether you realize it today, or later. The story of Jesus is about salvation, yes. But, it’s also about social justice. As the Old Testament described God’s rocky, and contentious relationship with His latest creation. The New Testament is about how our Creator expects us to get along, and care about our fellow man.

      • goofygoober

        I don’t need to ‘pull your leg’. Read Romans 3:10-12, or also James 2:10-11. Both say in simple words that all sin is all the same in God’s eyes, he doesn’t pick any sin to be an ok sin, and others to be bad, all men sin, the wage of sin is death, no matter how small or large.. Would you call a fire that only burns one house anything different than a fire that burned a dozen? or would they both be bad in your eyes? Would you see a fire and say “oh, it’s just a small fire, I’ll put it out after it’s killed a few people”? I’m not really understanding your analogy, since both a small fire and a large one are fires and should be put out equally. Actually, Jesus’s preaching are not about watching your brother and chastising him, rather it’s about looking to your own actions, instead of comparing them to others, and doing good yourself. My reference to what was said about negros and the bible was that people LIED and said verses were in the bible that weren’t. THERE IS NO VERSE IN THE BIBLE THAT SAYS BLACK PEOPLE ARE MEANT TO BE SLAVES. There is also no verse that says Rick perry is going to hell, and charleo isn’t. you, me, Rick Perry are all equal. none can earn heaven, NONE. It is a free gift given, and God loves Rick Perry whether you agree with it or not. Jesus was crucified for calling himself God, not accused of stealing. He hung in the place of a MURDERER not a thief, and the people who were there, his followers and the common people, were PAID to tell the authorities to crucify him, it was a vote, not just a single person who did it. Jesus did not care about paying taxes, he told the people clearly ‘PAY TO CEASAR WHAT IS CEASAR’S” There are many passages in the new and old testament which say clearly to pay taxes, to respect your government. The problem with the pharisees was that they were too caught up telling everyone who was going to hell, instead of following the law themselves and showing mercy when mercy was given to them. What Jesus preached was love. plain and simple. Love each other, love each other, love each other. That means by Gods command you are to LOVE Rick Perry, love Obama, love gay people, love murderers, love anyone and everyone, no matter what they do. That was the teaching of Jesus, and repeated throughout the new testament by His words and deeds. Titus 3:1-6 speaks clearly what I have said. Have you looked in the mirror long and hard yet? Or are you still too busy waving that book at other people to open it, and open your heart., I urge you to read the book, and follow the commands, no more to use it to try to hurt another, or try to condemn. Never once did Jesus condemn a single person, no matter how great or small the crime. He ate with thieves, he healed those who prayed to Idols, and his command was to do the same. Pray for mercy on the souls you call wicked, and know that only God’s grace is enough, no good deed will buy your way to heaven. Stop living the life of the Pharisees.

      • charleo1

        As I said, I’m not particularly religious. And you
        don’t know me. I suggest you talk with a person
        who is a minister, and someone you respect.
        Ask them, if all sin is equal. It’s their business to
        explain such things. Just to prove me wrong.
        Plus, if you believe Jesus was executed for no
        other reason, than claiming to be the Messiah.
        You’re missing a lot of the story, and the lessons
        in the events, leading up to the crucifixion.
        As far as Governor Perry. I’m not the final judge.
        But, I’m certainly entitled to my opinion of him.
        He ask for the job of Governor, and that makes him responsible, if people are hurt by his actions.
        And, in my opinion he’s using the Bible as a prop.
        Which disrespects all the people that have lived
        their lives by it’s edicts, and sometimes gave their
        lives to preserve the religion it represents.

      • goofygoober

        Just to prove you wrong…. I’ve already done that. Your just not so willing to open it and read the passages I posted, but more than willing to say that book damns people. Your opinion, not the bible. You have every right to your opinion, but when you start saying it’s in the bible, it’s no longer your personal opinion, is it? My issue is with you saying the bible says it, not “my opinion is”. If you truly go by that, then your not supposed to have a negative opinion. The bible states clearly to respect those in power in government, regardless of your ‘personal opinion’, as well as to pray for them, their safety and well being, despite your ‘personal opinion’ of them.

      • charleo1

        Read away. One may find absolution for anything
        in the Bible, if they try.
        Ephesians 6:5
        Slaves, obey your earthly masters with fear and trembling, with a sincere heart, as you would Christ,

    • Dan Enlow

      The part that makes this sexist is that if she were a he then none of this would even be brought up. It’s all irrelevant b s none of it is related to her qualifications to be governor. Her voting record yes. Her stance on other issues yes. Even how she handles her personal life, if relevant,
      yes. Unrelated history from 20 to 30 years ago no.

  • Don

    Vote the issues, not the personalities. Democrats win…every time.

  • Cemetery Girl

    Maybe she should have sent some member of her staff to nail down exact dates of events of her life from a few decades ago, but then there would be complaints about that. Personally, I can’t tell you how long I lived in an apartment building 15 years ago (or remember what number I lived in, although it was 2-something-something) or how long I lived in the basement apartment I’d lived in before that. I couldn’t tell you exactly when my dad moved out, and when people ask when my parents divorced I say 30 years ago. Reality, they’re still legally married, but for more than 30 years they’ve lived completely separate lives, and realistically because their marriage was a disaster it is best if they lived as divorced people (with seperate lives in different households) even though neither ever got around to filing. Their married relationship ended decades ago, other than having both contributed DNA to the same children they had no ties to each other than a piece of paper, so if people that don’t know ask I don’t say my parents are married. I know they are technically, but by every view of marriage other than having a piece of paper they aren’t.

  • Sparks13

    And how many of those ‘born with a silver spoon up their as…’ misogynists have ever faced adversity of any kind?

  • AZComicGeek

    Fox News says facts are just Liberal lies. Repeat a story enough times and people will only remember the story, not the truth.

  • Leland Bartlett

    It is important because she was/is trying to paint herself as this “independent” woman that picked herself up by the boot straps and SEE what she accomplished. So the details are important! You saying this is not important because it would not be done to a man is like saying Obama’s approval rating is because he is black. You are trying to minimize her lies based on sexism. She lied, she tried to paint a picture which as huge holes in it. And you forgot, a judge gave the husband custody of the children including the step child from a pro Woman state judge here in Texas. Finally, her husband, I believe paid for all of her college then left him on the day it was paid for. And you don’t draw anything from the above? Let’s be honest where the truth is and quit trying to broad stroke it over like we are being something else other than citizens who demand the truth from a person who wants to be our leader.

    • Kelly Roberts

      Go freaking read something!! At the time of the divorce with Jeff Davis (2005) her firstborn was TWENY THREE YEARS OLD!! Do you really believe he was awarded custody of an adult who was in college? Do you think that graduating first in your class at TCU and with cum laude honors from Harvard Law didn’t require a shitcan of work ON HER PART? Do you really think she didn’t become a highly successful attorney in her own right thereby adding to the family coffers WHICH REPAID HER STUDENT LOANS? A politicians personal bio is not the same as an autobiography! You have to leave out some minor details when first introducing yourself in the political specter. IT IS JUST A BRIEF HISTORY, AN INTRODUCTION! It is not intended as a biography! ALL politicians create their bio with details they feel their base will most relate to, the details they feel will resonate with a broader swatch of the voting populace! It is nothing new! As they pick apart the minutiae of her personal bio, as they never do with male politicians, they are showing how much they fear her and how deeply the misogyny runs through their own political party. Does it make any difference to you that her primary political rival was supported by his own wife who was a teacher while he went to law school? Have you equally questioned his bio? No? Then STFU!!

  • Doc Piper

    Abandoned her loving Family…Opportunist! If you treat your Husband and children carelessly, what can the general Public expect?