How Walmart Screws Over Employee Hours to Avoid Obamacare—An Inside Look

walmartobamacareA couple of days ago I wrote an article about my past experiences as a former Walmart employee and how they really are an evil empire (well, I worked for Sam’s Club–which is owned by Walmart).

Recently, I spoke with a friend who currently still works for Sam’s Club and discussed their new scheduling system, which is designed to screw people out of health benefits required by the Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare.”

As it turns out, Walmart came up with a new system for scheduling called “Member Needs Scheduling.”  What they tell employees is that it optimizes hours to have people there at the correct times based on sales in the previous years.  According to their propaganda, it’s a system set to be more efficient and customized to what the “members need.”

This, of course, is bullshit.  What this system really does is reduces shift times, cuts hours and makes it to where Walmart doesn’t have to pay its part-time employees health benefits.

See, Walmart recently made changes to how part-time employees qualify for health benefits.

How it breaks down is like this:

Anyone hired after Feb. 1, 2012, that doesn’t average 30 hours per week, lost their health care benefits this past January.  Part-time workers hired after Jan. 15, 2011, but before Feb. 1, 2012, kept their Walmart benefits if they work a minimum of 24 hours a week.

And that’s where “Member Needs Scheduling” comes in.  What this system does is schedule very short shifts for nearly every part-time employee.  It apparently schedules most 5 days a week for 4 hour shifts.  This is key because you need permission to work 6 or more days per week—Walmart requires 2 days off every week due to past legal issues.

Now you can pick up more shifts, except what this system apparently does is overlap many shifts, so that if you do want to pick up a shift you have to wait 4-6 hours between shifts or you’re unable to pick it up.  Even then, often you’re still not allowed to pick up a shift because they don’t like “schedule exceptions.”  Those have to be approved by a manager and if a manager approves too many “exceptions” then those managers have to answer to their regional bosses—which of course deters managers from allowing exceptions.

But good luck picking up shifts when nearly everyone is fighting for hours as it is.

What all of this means is employees are often scheduled the max amount of days allowed, at 4 hours per day, totaling 20 hours per week.  Granted this isn’t for every employee, just most.  Which would place most of them below the required threshold for Walmart to provide health benefits.

Of course, this schedule isn’t based on what “members need.”  My friend and source (who I trust completely) claims that they’re often left without openers or closers, and vital areas are left without anyone to work them because the system didn’t schedule anyone there.  Apparently everyone else is supposed to just “pick up the slack.”  It’s completely based on the best way to avoid giving employees health benefits.

But here’s the kicker—Walmart is actually paying more in wages than they have in previous years.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly.  Walmart cut individual employee hours, yet is paying more in wages overall (just not more per employee), just to avoid giving employees health benefits.

The Forbes 2012 world’s 3rd largest corporation is spending more on wages just so they can avoid giving employees the most basic of health benefits.

And of course who picks up the tab on these health benefits Walmart has decided to use loopholes to avoid paying?  Yup, you’ve guessed it—the American taxpayer.

I don’t care what you say, there’s something inherently wrong when a company, with 6 heirs worth a combined $90 billion, has built a scheduling system that screws over the lowest rung of hourly employees out of the most basic of health benefits while passing those burdens onto American taxpayers.

Walmart epitomizes what’s wrong with the greedy, soulless nature of big corporations and why we can’t allow these entities to have unregulated control over our society.

Because if you really think that if we had no minimum wage, little to no regulations on working conditions and eliminated EPA regulations, corporations like Walmart would act ethically—well, here’s your proof to the contrary.  Even with regulations they do all they can to give as little as possible to their employees.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Godfather’s Pizza is doing the same thing. My husband’s hours were recently cut to less than 30 hours to avoid paying for healthcare. Schmucks. All of them!

    • mark.saylor

      Remember the Papa Johns CEO publically stating it would cost his company less than 15 CENTS per pizza for health care. He said he would cut hours. Every report I have heard is that his sales have dropped drastically. We know what is right and wrong and CAN use our money to let these asshole know. I recently read something from Darden (the largest chain – Red Lobster, Olive Garden and more) where they stated public backlash MAY cause them to change their minds. For any of these huge chains advertising is a write off expense JUST as healthcare is.

    • I work at Pizza Hut, they’re doing the same thing. Though I used to work at Godfathers…I wouldn’t put it past a place that charges $20 for a medium pizza.

    • Guest

      It is a business. Take it or leave it. They are doing what they can to survive the current economic and political climate. Papa John’s should have just cut the hours and not said a thing. Did you really think you were going to have your cake and eat it to? It does suck for the employees, but when the competition is doing the same thing you can’t really blame them. The great news is this is America and you are free to leave your job and get a new one if you don’t like it.

      • Lolwut

        What part of America do you live in where you can just “go get a new job at any time”?

        “It’s a business” doesn’t mean it’s okay to treat employees unethically and one company getting away with avoiding responsibility as employers for the livelihood of their employees doesn’t make it acceptable for other employers to do the same.

    • Robert

      It is a business. Take it or leave it. They are doing what they can to survive the current economic and political climate. Papa John’s should have just cut the hours and not said a thing. Did you really think you were going to have your cake and eat it to? It does suck for the employees, but when the competition is doing the same thing you can’t really blame them. The great news is that in America you are free to leave your job and get a new one if you don’t like the current job.

      • Mitsy

        I see that you’ve never worked retail (or likely ever worked fast food). Sure, you can leave a job but bad P.R. makes a lot of people take their business elsewhere. I believe Papa John’s has gotten a ton of backlash from some of the things their CEO has said in the press so sometimes they have to eat their own words when they make decisions they think are going to pad their own fat pockets even more. I think Papa John’s retracted some statements he said later when he saw that customers were outraged.

      • DEB


  • all companies are doing this not just walmart

    • And it’s all the scum bag corps that never paid for insurance to begin with, but now they’re making themselves look like heartless, employers that only care about their bottom line, not the people who actually make the money for them.

    • DEB

      NOT ALL

  • Scumbags. If there was some way we could make them pay 😛

    • What the American people need to do is stand up and fight for your rights. We have come to live in a suck-it-up-and-take-it society. People will complain and moan, but not make the effort to stand up for what is right. Remember the movie V For Vendetta? It’s true in the saying that “The Government should fear it’s people, not the people fear the Government.”

  • wal mart still continues to schedule employees 6-8 or more days in a row

    • Fair ness

      Keith, they don’t. In fact Walmart goes out of its way to make sure they are compliant with labor laws.

  • scott

    Should not matter according to Obama you should be able to afford your own healthcare, and if you believe thay then obama is the greatest president ever.

    • That is NOT what the ACA is about! Where on earth do you get your information? Not ANY MSM site, I hope.

    • mark.saylor

      He also planned on states partnering with the gov in buying consortiums – seems quite a number of GOP states aren’t interested.
      If you consider that now, an uninsured person has to go to the ER for a splinter. That costs US , say $2300, rather than supplying insurance to them so we can pay less than $100 for the same treatment at a clinic or doctor’s office.

  • It’s not just Walmart. Most retail outlets are doing the same thing and not even pretending to hide that it is about avoiding healthcare. I overheard a manager telling an employee in a BigLots store that they were being limited to a certain number of hours specifically to avoid paying for Obamacare. It shocked me that not only was the manager so matter of fact about it. but the employee was so accepting and understanding about it.

    • john

      Al, it’s not that employees are “understanding” about it. What employees are understanding about is the fact that there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it. We can’t fight the system. This kind of crap is the reason so many of us work two and three jobs and never get to see our families. It’s the reason our kids get into trouble – because we’re busy working all these jobs and never get to see our kids, let alone raise them properly – we’re too busy fighting to feed them.

      • Al


      • Doc Wu

        It’s my understanding that WM after cutting it’s employees schedules, now demands that they be available to call in when, inevitably, they are short handed. If they are not available (because they are working that second or third job) after a few times, their hours get cut even more, or they trump up an excuse to fire them.

        So you can’t even rely on another part-time job. You’re workin’ for the man…

        Until the political climate changes so that workers in places like WM can organize, what you understand is that you’re screwed.

    • mark.saylor

      Look at my comment earlier when the public CAN tell the companies that their policies such and we won’t patronize them. That is what happened with Papa Johns – the CEO said rather than pay the less than 15 CENTS per pizza that health care would cost he would rather cut hours – Public knew that was NOT the proper thing todo and his sales dropped drastically. Darden Restaurants (largest chain with Olive Garden and Red Lobster and Texas Roadhouse) has also said they have had lots of public backlash.

      • VoteDem

        You know, I was just thinking that had the Papa John’s boob come out and said he would gladly pay that extra 14.7 cents per pizza to guarantee that his employees had proper health care, his sales might have gone through the roof.

      • Mitsy

        Yes, & likely there would be a better atmosphere at wmart if they actually tried to retain good workers instead of hiring people who don’t really want to work to begin with. Rumor has it that many they have tried to hire in recent weeks have not passed their drug tests. Surprise anyone?

    • Fair ness

      It is simple payroll is the biggest controllable expense, any business when sales drop and going to adjust expenses. They are in business to make money, not to just employee people.

      • Volcheka

        And when no one can afford even their cheap products anymore, they won’t be making money. Not paying your employees enough to live on works when just one or two companies do it. When everyone adopts that model, all of a sudden there aren’t any customers and no one makes money.

  • AnnoyedEmployee

    the list goes on and on

  • Nance

    Boycott Wal Mart, people!!!!!! This is the ONLY way to make a statement to the company! Drive just a Little farther, and pay just a Little more at another store!

    • some people literally can’t boycott walmart. In the tiny town in Nebraska that I live in, Walmart is the only place we can find many necessities. Every other business in town charges enough more that it can make a difference between buying groceries for the next week and for only one night. As for driving “a little farther,” are you going to pay for my gas to drive 30-50 miles to the next closest town?

      • Same here in a city in New York.

      • sounds like you need a U-haul

      • Brian Mccann

        time to move!

      • Kelly Lape

        I’m willing to bet your small town gave Walmart great incentives to locate there. Too bad about the small business that were driven under by tax-payer funded competition.

      • Mitsy

        Sadly, that is the situation where I live. You have to drive at least an hour to get to the nearest K-Mart or Target. The town that has both of those stores also has a Wmart but I often shop at K-Mart when I go there. Our town is around 20,000 yet WM is the only major discount retailer besides $ General & $ Tree. I buy some items at those stores as well but overall, I’m buying LESS anywhere because I have less to spend.

    • RJ

      Thanks. Working for Walmart isn’t bad enough without people like you trying to convince people to take even more money out of my paycheck. Boycotts don’t hurt corporations, they hurt PEOPLE. Walmart could shut every store they run down tomorrow and the people at the top still wouldn’t have to work another day the rest of their lives. I, however, would be homeless. Boycotts mean that the tiny bonuses we get every three months that some of us count on to pay off late fees on bills that have had to get partially paid/paid late become even tinier or disappear altogether. Boycotts mean instead of getting 30 hours, we get 24. Boycotts mean instead of being able to count on a tiny raise once a year, we have to constantly be called into the office facing write-ups for trumped up infractions to make it so we can’t get those raises. Boycotts mean our daily lives go from sucking to sucking out loud and having our schedule all over the place means we are exhausted from having to cover areas that we have never been trained in to make up for shortages, don’t have a schedule that allows our bodies to adjust to it at all, and frequently have to close one night and turn around and open the next morning…and we’re too tired and stressed to be able to try to seek other employment (which is a little pointless anyway because anywhere you look in retail, shady business practices exist to avoid paying workers a livable wage with benefits.) By all means, though, boycott Walmart and sleep a little easier knowing that you’ve done absolutely nothing but make poor people’s lives suck a little more. Good for you! Oh, and by the way, while you’re worried about paying to subsidize our income through public assistance know that a) you’d be doing that anyway because there will always be people who need a helping hand from time to time b) some of us work at Walmart and DON’T take advantage of these programs but because of people like you constantly trying to take our lives harder, those who have been able to take pride in the fact that they weren’t on food stamps, etc. are now having to turn to it. c) the people that you’re so eager to hurt are honest, hard-working people who don’t have a better job option.

      • Lindsey Stewart

        the sad part is, the employees are held at gunpoint.
        they cry “Give us money or the workers get it.”
        as for homelessness, find an occupy near you.

      • Steve Lucas

        People still have to buy the stuff that Walmart sells, and you need people to run any store. So, as shocking as it seems, closing Walmart would have a negligible effect on employment. If anything, it might raise the standard of living and allow tax reductions without major retailers sucking directly or indirectly on the public teat.

  • Thank the Reagan administration… they broke the unions that kept these assholes from screwing over their employees.. They then invented “trickle-down” economics..

    • mark.saylor

      Michael , agreed, BUT, the man actually wanted to end subsidies and tax breaks to oil companies in 1967 because they were making record breaking profits. When was he shot?

      • No he did not..He said in one speech that they should be ended.. Big deal…. The man fucked over this country so bad. and somehow became a hero?

    • Steve Lucas

      We know what “trickles down” and it isn’t prosperity. But I suppose that you can always buy stock, right? With all that disposable income that Walmart and other retail employees have.

  • john

    Yep. Michaels and Home Depot do it, too.

    • mark.saylor

      Nit all companies are being greedy and not doing the right thing! I am not speaking of small businesses that actually may not be able to afford it. Would you consider Michaels or HD a small business?

      • Fair ness

        it is pretty obvious that by the comments that you have no idea how a business operates. Nor does the writer of the article, who has his own agenda and only wants to create a stir.

  • If you shop at a Walmart, you are just as much of a piece of shit as the Walton kids are.

    I’m tired of subsidizing the Walton kids billions by my tax dollars paying for the food stamps and medicaid that their employees qualify for, just because Walmart pays them so little.

    • mark.saylor

      I hate Walmart! I must admit that I do use their cell phone service, Straight Talk simply because they offer, for me, the best no contract plan at the best price. I do everything online for the service so at least I do not set foot in a Walmart store.

      • abba456

        That’s just stupid! how great is their plan really? cause I pay 50 a month unlimited everything through AT&T your still playing into that propaganda lets face it this country is going to chit in a hand bag and Obama might be one of the biggest to blame but so are the American people pretty soon anyone who walks into Walmart wont understand what the employees are saying because they will all being speaking a different language than our own and guess what WE THE PEOPLE will be paying for their health benefits plus our own cause Obama care is does not force an illegal citizen to have to have health insurance just Americans!

      • wygit



        In… out… in… out…

      • arizonamildman

        You can order anything you get at Walmart from American manufacturers and local companies for a slightly higher price and sometimes comparable price so doing it online is a sorry excuse. You are still feeding the monster.

      • Mark

        $50 with a two year contract. Some people dont like contracts. I personally just buy the phone full price and if i want to cut service i do it as i please without having to worry about all those outrageous fees you would get for terminating early. So you sir get off your high horse.

      • Michele

        Mark, you can buy your phones and minutes online from straighttalk directly and bypass WalMart all together.

      • mark.saylor

        Michele, I actually do that now. I believe though that Walmart still makes money from ST. At least I don’t set foot in their store though!

      • micks336 .

        Check out 711 cell phone service it’s the best pay as you go service provider. At least here in Canada!!

      • mark.saylor

        I have not heard of them. I will check them out.

    • And YOU are a piece of shit if you buy any fast food, or any item made in China by ANY company, or clothes from the Gap, or…

      • Fast Food isn’t fast or food.

      • Robert

        Disagree with the fast part.

    • Robert

      You act as if, without walmart the USA would be all rainbows and puppies. Where would these people work? 7-11, McDonalds. Maybe some would have a little bit different of a path, but the majority would b very similar. Quit painting this picture of grandeur for a world without walmart. Without walmart, I have to go to about 5 different stores more often. I use more gas and time waiting in different lines and driving different places. Your utopia is a dystopia to me.

      • They could work at Costco.

        I simply refuse to further support Walmart since my tax dollars already subsidize their labor force.

        You act as if Walmart is not a parasitic scam.

      • Kim

        There’s not a Costco in my area. The closest is 37 miles away. There are, however, 2 Walmarts and a Sam’s Club in my city, plus another 12 Walmarts less than 40 miles away.

      • Well, your convenience is the most important thing in the world, so, please proceed.

      • deejayna

        No they cannot work at Costco. If you are employed with Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club they WILL NOT hire you.
        You receive a very polite rejection reply after applying, “we are sorry to inform you that our hiring practices prevent us from considering presently/previously Sam’s Club associates for employment. We wish you the very best in your future endeavours”.

        No other explanation as to why their hiring practices prevent them from considering you for employment. My best guess is the issue of nature of competitive business.

      • Kelly Lape

        If WALMART didn’t enter every small town across America there would still be thousands of small shops across America with owner/operators employing thousands more.

        Should WALMART close these stores, it will take time, but the small businessman will return.

      • Jerry Preston

        Unfortunately, people who do not shop at Walmart are probably going to other retailers who are just as bad, if not worse. (e.g., Macys has very low wages often stress out employees because of poor shift coverage, yet every year people flock to that bullshit parade)

  • Frankly it doesn’t surprise me that congress and Obama didn’t see this coming way to go obamacare.

    • mark.saylor

      When Romney created the plan it seemed to work just fine in Mass. The GOPers have attempted 30 some times to repeal the ACA – why in the hell can’t they spend half that time sitting down and ironing out the flaws? Some wonderful parts of the ACA are already in place, like no more lifetime cap, pre-existing conditions covered, college kids covered on parents policies and the drug donut hole tweaked (and most drug costs down) I think it would be a HUGE mistake for them to totally repeal it IF they have nothing to replace it with! Universal / single payer system would be much better, BUT at least of all the administrations that have discussed national health care for the past 20 some years, at least we had one president that had the balls to get it going! My parent and brother and his wife live in Canada and my sister, her husband and two kids live in The Netherlands – ALL are quite happy with their care and the premiums. ALL, for years, have asked how the US could be so backward.

      • For starters cost won’t go down it will go up just like car insurance did when government made it illegal to drive a vehicle with out it. There have been only three actual votes to repeal the aca you can look at the congressional records to see that.

      • Excuse me Thursday’s vote was the 38th time Congress has voted to repeal the ACA. Where do you get your news? BTW Government didn’t take over healthcare, insurance companies are still the biggest beneficiares of this whole deal. We should have gone with Medicare for all and been done with it.

      • The House of Representatives voted today to repeal the entire Affordable Care Act, 229-195. This was the third vote for full repeal, and the 37th overall vote the House has taken to disrupt, dismantle, defund or repeal parts of the Affordable Care Act.
        Stop spreading bunk info they have only tried to fully repeal it 3 times. It isn’t new to try to change or remove portions of legislation and had it not been rammed through post haste the 37 votes would have been done before it became law.

      • We don’t need nationalized health care we need to have affordable care and when you turn it over to the government the last thing it will be is affordable.

      • You’re kidding right? Get rid of insurance companies and have the government provide health insurance. That removes the competition problem which drives up the rates currently. Compare rates and standard of care in the parts of the world with Nationalized Health Care to ours. Guess which are cheaper? As a friend of mine in the UK said recently, “I don’t have to worry about needing to go to the doctor. I just get the pills I need and take them.”

      • Where did I say get rid of insurance? First of all we aren’t the UK and what works there won’t necessarily work here. Second of all the government telling me what I do and don’t need is a direct infringement on my freedom of choice. The government has no business in that sort of thing. Competition drive price down not up as any economist and that’s what they will tell you.

      • Until you get sick. Then what? let the rest of us taxpayers pay your bill? This is a much cheaper alternative to that.

      • No it isn’t cheaper. I don’t need the government to force me to do anything. I am a tax payer so your insinuation that I am not is off the mark. It won’t be cheaper cause companies will be doing what they are now and not providing health care because they keep employees below the threshold forcing them to pay the whole amount and for those in low paying jobs will suffer the most.

      • Laurie

        So you are happy with the insurance companies performing that role now where their decisions are based on what is best for their bottom lines?

      • No I am not but the mandatory health care that the Obama administration is forcing on the public at large and creating a captive consumer base is most definitely not the answer.

      • Rick Brad

        And hopefully you are young enough that you don’t get THE pills – like my father in law.

      • I love how it is called the AFFORDABLE Care Act. What is so affordable about it? Companies are cutting our hours even further and I already couldn’t afford the insurance they offered! I make too much to qualify for ACA yet not enough to get coverage from my employer.

  • The local Sears did the scheduling based on slaes the year before back 15+ years ago…problem is, the weather changes week to week, year to year, holidays fall on a different calendar day or day of the week, and here, the 20,000+ college students were on the university schedule. If an away football game fell on the first Saturday of a month one year, the next it would be away, and boom, there goes the schedule. We had a computer ordering/menu planner for the dining hall I worked at. I spent at least an hour a week tweaking the order- all it took was a special meal, a week of rain, or a substitution of fruit bars for brownies and the whole system was out the window. Subway had a rogram telling us how many employees we needed based on customer count, using the week earlier as base. Uh, no. If it rained, lunch sucked. If there was a football game in the morning, the whole day sucked. If the game was in the afternoon, we got slammed by tailgaters. It took an extra person on truck day, or on the day you called in for the telemeeting. The computer had no clue. It takes humans with brains to schedule for proper customer service.

    Wally World will learn, as their shelves don’t get stocked and managers are trying to fill in the slack, and fewer folks shop there because they get tired of long lines and empty shelves.

    • Mitsy

      There were not enough cashiers Sat. night. Some managers DID get on the registers. Perhaps they need more ‘temps’ upfront, huh? But, then that would be using logic.

      • Andrew Sommer

        26 lanes and two open, twenty minutes to shop twenty to check out, ALDI’s here is come. 15 minutes to shop, 2 minutes to check out and cost 1/3 less then Walmart

  • Dissenter

    Kroger does the same thing. What this underscores is a need for nationalized health care, and throwing out all the illegals. But of course, you “progressives” care more about illegal immigrants than you do our own people.

    I don’t shop at WallyWorld. Haven’t done so for a long time.

  • Dissenter

    We’re five years from a revolution.

  • And if you injure yourself there, they try to FORCE you back to work, so Workmen’s Compensation, doesn’t get paid to you, and they don’t have increases in their claims!
    (BTW, it’s hilarious watching them lose their appeals when your doctor won’t fill out their “return to work form”!)

    • Mitsy

      I’ve never had workmen’s comp & hope to never have to have it. Here’s what I’ve seen with that little scenario. They force the person back to work in a job that they can’t actually perform (usually pushing out someone else to do another job) & then the rest pick up the slack for the workmen’s comp person who can’t do the job they were forced to do. In my mind, if someone isn’t able to perform their job duties, they should not be working anywhere in the store. Pushing someone else out of a job to give to the workmen’s comp person isn’t fair to associates who have not used workmen’s comp. If you can’t do the job, stay home.

  • This is nothing new with Walmart. When I worked there in the 80’s they kept everyone but Dept. Managers under 35 hours so they didn’t have to provide insurance….so don’t blame Obamacare!!!

    • Mark

      Now that full time is 30 hours now thats cut even more.

    • DEB


  • I wish people would stop sying that employers are doing this “BECAUSE of Obamacare.” Companies had been using the part time employee business model since the 1980’s when they realized that the could avoid benefits formally given to their employees by keeping their hours at >30/wk. I worked for Sear’s in the early 80’s and this practice was in affect then. The whole “cutting hours because of Obamacare” is corporate propaganda being used to turn working people agains ACA. This >30 is a result of the corporate greed that began under Reagan and not the result of ACA.

    • AMEN!!!!

    • I agree, but now they’re publicizing this to show there disdain for our President and Obama care. They’re making a point, so now we need to push back.

      • Robert

        If the government forced companies to make people work full time, then companies would either layoff people or go out of business. Sometimes it is cheaper to fold and liquidate than deal with a overbearing government.

      • Kelly Lape

        And sometimes it’s necessary to screw your employees to stay competitive with Walmart. Nevermind that Walmart passes these costs on to taxpayers.

        Walmart is not in America’s best interest. It’s time for these welfare corporations to go.

      • Lindsey Stewart

        aren’t the Walton family swimming in cash and yet NOT pay any employee decent pay?
        they are nothing but plantation owners,
        Walmart is like the “company store” in UK.
        the song ‘Jump down turn around, pick a bale of cotton” should be playing in all the Walmart stores, paints a clear picture really.

      • Steve Lucas

        There is this concept cited by many of “the free market”. Where does the “free market” involve public subsidies such as those that Walmart indirectly receives? Guess that corporate socialism is okay to some “free market” types. “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”–Margaret Thatcher.

      • Disgusted

        Then let them fold and allow room for new business that have a heart. When greedy business go out of business it’s not a bad thing. We are allowing our selves to be held hostage to the idea that if these business are not around we can not survive. They know we are soft and not willing to fight so they use it to their advantage. If every employee of Walmart was willing to go on strike with conviction and heart it would not take long to correct the injustice. We all sit in forums like this and talk shit but if asked to support the picketer of a strike (bring them food and water) help them with the sacrifice would we help? We have forgotten united we stand divided we fall. Make no mistake the wealthy are united. United against all of us. They have pitted all of us against each other with my president your president, your party my party. In the confusion we can’t see how they are slowly converting us in to a nation of slaves. Just enough in the paycheck to make it to the next week. Your life no longer belongs to you. It belongs to the heartless soles we call “corporations”. Refuse them and you surly will be punished. “Wake up people” it’s our fault.

    • People need to get this right. It is not OBAMAcare… It is and always was ROMNEYCARE. You know, Romney did this to Massachusetts. Too bad the teapublicans refuse to admit it!

      • Robert

        Romney care was funded in part by redirecting federal Medicaid funds intended for other states. It was done to make the program look like it works. Now when romneycare has to get welfare from outside sources. Where will Obamacare go to get additional funding when it costs more than projections? I will give you a hint. Take a look in the mirror.

      • And yet people are already getting refund checks from their insurance providers under “Obamacare”. One of the key provisions was that the insurance companies actually had to spend at least 80% of their insurance premiums on providing service… or give it back. They are giving it back in significant amounts.

    • Steve Lucas

      If you look back in history, repealing slavery increased the cost of doing business, too.

  • I don’t shop at Wal Mart anymore. I shop at Kroger because I get bargains and I get discounted gas too. Plus meats at Wally’s world looks like a dog chewed it up. Ugh nasty. Our local WalMart came into this area and nobody wanted it. Well really I guess they wanted to put Kmart out of business. Well Kmart is still here and now we have Target. food lion and 2 krogers in our small community just doing fine. I find bargains all over the town without going to WalMart. Which by the way is not cheaper. They parking lot looks pretty empty alot of the times!!!

  • My husband works for WalMart. And this guy is speaking the truth. My husband is currently looking for employment elsewhere because we barely make our bills each month.

  • I worked at a Burger Kin 35 years ago that did the same thing. Maryland law required that even part time workers earn health benefits after working 6 months. BK’s answer to this was to constantly hire new employees, schedule us for 39 hours every week for the first 2-3 months, then rapidly cut back our hours beginning in the 3rd month until by the 5th month I was only scheduled to work maybe 12 hours – 2 hours EACH DAY. It barely paid for the gas to get back and forth to work, so of course I was forced to quit after a few weeks of that to get a job that would actually PAY.

    So yes, WalMart is “evil”, but then, so is EVERY company out there who focuses on making the maximum buck out of every low-wage worker they employ. House cleaning services are the WORST – hands down. Kitchen help in restaurants? YUCK., There’s nothing new under the sun folks. I’m honestly baffled as to why WM has become the poster child of hate for corporate America. Even the Gap is just as evil when it comes to refusing to provide safe working conditions in Bangladesh, but for some reason only WM gets targeted – even though Gap was also mentioned in the original article.

  • ABBA456

    I don’t shop at Walmart and haven’t for at least the last 3 -4 years if people would open their eyes and realize there are other stores that that sell products for almost the same price. We as American people have up until they became super centers always went to different stores for different things but we have become lazy and wish to get it all in one spot where else are people gonna be able to cash in on their welfare checks so they can get their nails done and their hair did so they can get their pics taken and then walk through a clothing section eating fried chicken, while riding on an electrically mobilized device’s to drop their kid off in the toy section to be babysat, and Target I have never ever shopped there all it is is an over priced rich mans Walmart.

  • I will pay more at other stores rather than go to walmart


    I’ll probably take a lot of heat for this, and perhaps I should, but I can’t escape the feeling that, in the end, corporations will win. I mean, if they (or at least ones who conduct themselves like Wal-Mart) can take a landmark piece of legislation like the Affordable Care Act and just side-step it like it doesn’t exist, then why should we ever hold out hope that the status quo will ever be different? It’s just that the whole “system” seems so utterly stacked in the mega-corporations’ favor that their victory seems almost assured. For the record, I’m not trying to convince anyone to give up the quest for positive social change, I’m just expressing a deep-seated fear that it appears (to me, at least) to be an un-winnable fight.

  • Definitely time to boycott them big time now. Time to hit them where it hurts, their pockets What kind of scum bag does this to there help. Who many billions does one person need. We need tax reform now more then ever.

  • Denny’s is doing the same thing now too. A Friend of mine had his hours cut way back to avoid health care. Time to boycott them too! Not that I ever go there, but food for thought for everyone else. Hit them in their pocket book, hit them hard. These corporations are scum and need to be stopped. We need a list because this is going to continue to escalate until next year. I’d say tell your congressmen, but they don’t give a damn about us, only the corporations.

  • I would hope those cars in the WM parking lots belong to people returning prior purchases. Buy and return might be more effective then not buying at all.

    It’s hardly worth it for an individual to spend the time and money to drive into WM to work at a job for 4 hours which pays a meager 7.50 per hr or approx 30.00 for the shift. This is a terrible practice for such a profitable company to systematically repress its employee’s ability to work enough hours to make enough in wages to even afford groceries. This corporation is just pathetic of corporate greed.

    WM’s promotions that portray it as a friend and benefactor to the communities is simply smoke and mirrors BS. They need to work to get their employees off welfare and in a position where they can sustain themselves financially.

  • protofox

    Kroger here in the south started doing the same thing at some stores

  • SDJan

    This has nothing to do with Obamacare. There are no requirements yet and when they are it will be for full time employees (>32 hours). Keeping people under hours that qualify them for benefits, whether over 20 or 30, has been happening for years. Obamacare is blamed or enough, let’s not blame it for Walmart too.

  • DeenaMorris

    I Used To Work for Sams Club in California. I thought I was transferring to a Sams Club in Arizona. I was told by the general manager in Arizona everything would remain the same. after moving here having a week off and finally getting into work I was told I was being cut back $5 an hour, no longer going to be a front end supervisor or a c.O.s and that my hours being cut from 40 to 32… I only work there needless to say for 6 months and then I resigned. having nothing to go to is far as a new job I managed to save money in my 401 K and lived on that for nearly a year before I got another job with the city. I hate Sam’s Club and I really hate Walmart. I boycott those two stores as if they were Infected with syphilis. I suggest we of the American people do too! thanks for your time

  • Publix supermarkets has also uses that type of scheduling. It’s a sad thing that Publix was such a fine family grocery store once.

    • Unfortunately, the Founder of Publix has passed away, and his Heirs took over….

  • I understand that Lowes is also schedulng their employees so that they don’t have to pay for healthcare or vacations etc.

  • It’s Time for a Revolution

    It’s not just Wal Mart … look at other big box retailers, like The Home Depot. They are practicing the same slimy, to-hell-with-employee tactics, with plans to ELIMINATE full time employees and use only part timers who get very few hours. I know that they are always sorely understaffed, so much so that employees don’t get breaks or have to work alone in a department when they are supposed to have at least 2 or 3 people, so that lunches and breaks are covered. This happens all times of day, especially during busy times. The retail industry is hurting American workers. American workers can’t make make a living working retail anymore. They have to juggle two or three low paying jobs without benefits and still cannot make ends meet. This is an American crisis, and yet Congress turns a blind eye, because their pockets are being lined by those same big businesses. What we need is an American worker revolution!

    • Fair ness

      it is pretty obvious that by the comments that you have no idea how a
      business operates. Nor does the writer of the article, who has his own
      agenda and only wants to create a stir.

      • No Fix

        Brick and mortar business operation on a basic level is fairly simple. Buy a product for a certain price, pay someone to deliver/market/stock/sell the product at a higher price and keep what is left after paying capital expenses. Where WM differs from most retailers is that what they all practice such as, heavy part-time vs full time employees, lack of health care options, and low wages, WM has taken them to the extreme. Having more people make less money will eventually mean less money will be put back into the economy meaning less profit even for WM.

  • Mr. Winkelman

    quite literally every corporation does this. Perkins family restaurants did it to me, McDonald’s did it to my friends. cut hours to avoid benefeits and paid vacation time. That’s the part time business model…

  • debengr

    What all of this cutting hours to avoid paying for health care means is that only a national universal health care plan will work. That way employers are not involved and have no incentive to cut hours. Businesses should not be a part of our health care system. Frankly I’m not sure insurance companies should be either. We are paying more and getting less and have poorer outcomes than any other developed country. How long do we have to beat our heads against a wall before we learn?

  • Mitsy

    At our store, they are hiring ‘temps’ & giving them full-time hours while cutting both full & part-timers who have been there a long time. Also, the computerized scheduling is a bunch of b.s. Having the schedules coming down from Bentonville is where the problem is. Many in our dept. are up in arms about it. They do not want to tweak schedules but have to in order to cover shifts. Otherwise there are shifts not covered. The computer can’t judge what is needed & it’s a broken system.

  • Zan Soo

    It’s NOT Walmart fault. It’s OBAMA.

  • Guest

    Has anyone hear heard of supply and demand? There is an endless supply of retail workers, because the job virtually no education to do within a short time. In other words, retail workers are easy to replace. This means lower wages and less benefits, because the business does not have to curtail to your demands. Do you see businesses treating skilled labor the same way? A good carpenter is paid more for their knowledge and experience. An engineer is paid well also. I do not understand what is so hard for people to understand. Look at offshore workers. These guys are earning a bundle. You are worth what you put into your worth. If you want to run items through a scanner for minimum, then that is your choice. Quit blaming others for that choice. I chose to attend college even though I had to work 40 hours a week while doing it. I was exhausted for about three years and still manager to squeeze out an AS degree.

  • Robert

    Has anyone hear heard of supply and demand? There is an endless supply of retail workers, because the job virtually has no education requirements. In other words, retail workers are easy to replace. This means lower wages and less benefits, because the business does not have to curtail to your demands. Do you see businesses treating skilled labor the same way? A good carpenter is paid more for their knowledge and experience. An engineer is paid well also. I do not understand what is so hard for people to understand. Look at offshore workers. These guys are earning a bundle. You are worth what you put into your worth. If you want to run items through a scanner or make pizzas for minimum wage, then that is your choice. Quit blaming others for that choice. I chose to attend college even though I had to work 40 hours a week while doing it. I was exhausted for about three years and still managed to squeeze out an AS degree.

  • Emily

    I got a question for a few of you that worked for Walmart. Have some of you notice that Walmart likes to screw over past employees? I have notice it myself after not working there. I worked for a year, pulled in about 32 hours a week and scanned over 900 items a hour. And it seems to me ever since I have left there that I cannot get a job in retail or any other place. Which I don’t understand because, I was on time and did my job and made a lot of customers happy. I gave my 2 week notice before leaving.

  • Disgusted

    This sucks. The companies that ran this country…U.S. Steel, etc…had unions. Everyone got a fair share. Even the Garment Industry. Now everything and all is overseas. There are children 8 years old sewing Nike shoes, Reebok footwear, and most linens, China’s making batteries, and more, Japan has our steel and all other ‘third-world’ countries sew everything else. Look at your label when you shop at Wally’s – Macy*s – Nordstrom – JC Penny – Target, etc. It’s all the same…overseas. I lost my job overseas — so what’s the big deal. Keep your state medical insurance, keep yer unemployment if you are still getting it, and work your hours at these low end places. Better than killing yourself. Just keep trying to get a full time job in the government sector, hospital or health center. There’s always gonna be people dying. Never give up. Walmart is one that will HAVE to start hiring or making their part time people full time. They have no choice. Or get in trouble with the government, which of course, they don’t want to. $90 billion? These people have the money to give to their employees. Now the government has them by the neck. And they are gonna have to pay up.

  • David

    I love shopping at Walmart…….best store on the planet!!

  • Fernando Macias

    Wal-Mart in the Denver Metro Area is cutting employee hours from 40 hours a week to 15 hours a week .. My mother who is employed by the Largest Wal-Mart in Lakewood,CO is dependent on 40hrs had her hours cut from 40 to 15. she stated that the cause is because Wal-Mart will have to pay for OBAMA CARE. How is she going to live. That is less then part time. May employees had filed a comment to the Labor Board. But I don’t know if that is going help. I am the biggest and greatest supporter of OBAMA CARE and this is going to not help but hurt my mother because Big Corporations is using this to manipulate the system. How is my mother now going to live.. How is she going to have to pay for her diabetic supplies?

  • Michael Myers

    I worked at Walmart for 5 1/2 years and even though I’m not really sure what you are saying here, I do know that when I worked there Walmart *ALWAYS* cut hours after matter what the holiday.. example.. Labor Day. Full time employees would work during the holiday week but the next week (employees are paid every 2 weeks) the hours would be cut in order to ‘balance out’ the number of hours so that the employee really didn’t get holiday pay at all – often times, the employee would be cut 16 hours the week after the holiday so they would actually be making LESS. The store I worked at in Johnson City, Tennessee was so bad that the last year I worked there, the store manager actually cut hours (drastically) the week of Thanksgiving.. the busiest time of the year outside of Black Friday and she was cutting hours. It was a mess. Of course, they set out to get rid of all the full time employees so they could replace them with part time — then promise the part time employees full time hours if they ‘work hard’ and ‘keep good attendance’ — it is ALL lies.

    • Mitsy

      I agree w/most of what you say although this past week, I actually got more hours after the Labor Day holiday. Once you start to see a pattern, sometimes they change it thus confusing associates. Other times, you know they will cut hours after x-mas which makes sense when the store is slow. I always plan for that lull in business by paying some bills ahead of time (when I’m getting more hours) so I can get by in Jan. without hurting too much. For those who have it as their only job, it’s tough. Our store seems to be short staffed on any given night & I’m seeing managers who act like they want to punch people for anything. We have a couple female managers who are not good with associates. I avoid those 2 like the plague.

  • Michael Myers

    Do I shop at Walmart — yes.. but I also screw Walmart over as much as possible. Their return policy sets them up for MASSIVE losses and a very easy way for the customer to take advantage of many opportunities. The best thing about me working there so long is that I learned EXACTLY how to use the return policy to get MANY things for free. 🙂

  • Brett

    I remember reading in IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers(I think)) that for ever TWO jobs a Walmart created, THREE were lost in the immediate community. Wish, if it were true, that the whole world could look at that objectively. The disgust would shut most of them down I would think.

  • Anonymous

    There’s alot of opinion in here and it stems from your “past experience” so apparently nothing really changes. I pride myself in taking care of my employees and working beside them…

  • burpin eddie

    You all is dumber than 2 cats and 3 fish…