How Would Today’s Republicans Treat Jesus?

jesusWhat would today’s Republicans think of Jesus?  Assuming they wouldn’t know who he was, what would their judgments sound like?

Just think about that for a moment.

Now, don’t jump to some conclusion based on your political views as a Republican or Democrat, a Christian or an atheist, but seriously consider this situation:

A big evangelical Republican Tea Party rally is being held.  At this rally they’ve talked about God, taxes, their hatred of President Obama, their disdain of illegal immigrants, their objections of Muslims, how there’s only one marriage— “traditional marriage”, their support for assault weapons and their disgust for Obamacare.

They’ve condemned those who have abortions as sinners that will burn in hell.

They’ve called homosexuality a disease that needs to be cured.

They’ve cheered high execution numbers, booed gay soldiers and applauded letting a man who couldn’t afford health insurance die.

They talk about taxes being too high and about “lazy Americans” that “use government programs” instead of getting a job.  They say it’s unfair to raise taxes on those with higher incomes, while poor people pay next to nothing—and the poor should pay their share first.

They support tax breaks for people who make millions (or billions), while saying cuts must be made—mainly to programs that help the poor and needy.

They call teachers lazy and overpaid.

When the idea of universal health care is mentioned, it’s loudly booed and accompanied with yells of “Socialist!”, “Get your hands off my health care!” and “It’s not my job to pay for your medical care!”.

In the middle of all of this a scruffy man with olive skin, around 30 years of age, walks forward and asks to speak.  He’s dressed in plain clothes, has long hair and a beard.

Would they even let him?  What would their first thought be?

“We can’t let this long-haired hippie speak!”

“Is this one of these lazy, radical Occupy people?”

I bet he’s one of those damn liberals!

But they let him speak.  And he stands there and asks,”Who here is a sinner?”, to which almost every individual raises their hand.

He then inquires if people can identify their sin—to which there’s a less enthusiastic response.  While most believe themselves to be sinners, they struggle to identify the sins for which they’re actually guilty.

But some do speak up:

“Lust” one person shouts.

“Envy” from another.

He then asks them,”If you admit to being sinners, and recognize your flaws, then why do you have such hate in your heart for others who sin?”

This instantly triggers hostility and boo’s from the crowd.

He continues, “You cheer the death of a man you have never met.  You applaud the multiple deaths of people you know nothing about.  You boo a man fighting for your country.  You scorn someone who makes a decision of which you disagree.  You hate those who are different from yourself.  You judge those who need help without knowing why they need it.”

He continues, “Why?  Should someone hate and judge you for the sins of which you’re guilty?”

By this point the entire crowd is booing.  Shouts begin to be heard:

“Get off the stage you damn hippie!”

“You fucking liberal!”


“Tree hugger!”

“I bet he’s a homosexual!”

He continues to speak, “If you yourself admit to being a sinner, why is it you hate others you feel commit sin?  We should not judge others unless we ourselves can not be judged.  We need to love everyone.  Help as many as we can, while living for others, not just ourselves.  Let go of your hate and fill your heart with love.  Embrace those different from yourself.  Love all strangers as if they were your family, not just at church, but everywhere, everyday….”

At this point he’s pushed off stage to an intense stream of ridicule.  Shouting from the crowd, they mock him as he’s forcibly guided towards the exit door.

Sound far-fetched?  Really?  I don’t think it is.

I’m not saying all Republicans would respond this way, and there’s no way for me to ever prove this is how some would react.  However, going by what I’ve witnessed, I feel I’m pretty accurate in my assessment of how one of these evangelical Tea Party rallies would treat someone who spoke of what Jesus spoke and looked how Jesus looked.

If Jesus was about nothing else, his one main point was to love and help others.  He actually spoke out against religions that on their lips spoke about God, yet in their hearts knew nothing of Him.  His life was lived helping the sick, the poor, the needy and while many say they strive to live a life closer to Jesus–their hate, fear and judgments expose their insecurities within their own faith.

And that’s what faith is–security.  It’s the feeling that, good or bad, you have faith that there’s a plan and it’s just for you to recognize that path.

However, lack of true faith breeds insecurity.  Those who push their views upon others, only prove they have no understanding of their own faith.  They hate others who are different, and judge those of which they disagree, because they lack the faith within themselves to see God’s work.

By this I don’t mean that if you have no faith you’re insecure.  I mean that if you claim to be a Christian, the security in your own faith should show you that it isn’t your place to force your views on someone who does not seek them.

It isn’t about what I think, or you think or they think.  Any judgment about our actions in life isn’t about what any other human thinks of us.  If ones actions are that of sin, so be it.  That isn’t for you, I or anyone else to decide.

A “good Christian” is not created by church attendance.  It’s found by your actions and how you treat others.  But treating others with kindness and acceptance doesn’t make someone a “good Christian” either, it just makes someone a good person–and that’s we should all strive to be regardless of our faith or lack thereof.  Any judgments to be made about who we are comes from those we love, those we care about and God.

You can attend church 365 days a year, but if you walk out with hate, fear or judgment in your heart–what was the point?

Anyone can go to school, but that doesn’t make them educated.

Anyone can go to a military base, but that doesn’t make them a soldier.

You can go to a church, but that doesn’t make you a Christian.

Because if you leave that church carrying hate, fear and judgment out with you…whatever they’re preaching in that building sure as hell isn’t Christianity.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jerry Kolbe


    • Billy

      You’re quoting the words of Paul, who was speaking to a certain group in a much different time. For his time, Paul was very liberal toward women, but by today’s standards he is discriminatory.

      The length of one’s hair has nothing to do with what is in his heart, just as what he eats does not defile him.

    • Anonymous

      Ok ok ok, take a few steps back and shut the fuck up. The article was in no way trying to insult your petty god (but I just did) he was making a fucking point. CALM THE FUCK DOWN!

  • Billy

    Good points, but I must ask where you went to school for journalism. You need an editor in the worst way, and soon.

    It’s spelled tree HUGGER.
    You use the preposition ‘of’ where you should use ‘with’ or ‘for’.
    Such mistakes detract from your points.

  • Ben Birmingham

    I just want to say this: I couldn’t care less about grammatical errors or a minor detail about long hair or some baloney like that; if that is what you’re focused on, I believe that you are missing the point. What matters is that these points that are brought up should be expressed to EVERYONE. It all boils down to loving everyone; and it would be very hard to find someone who wouldn’t agree that treating everyone with love and unbiased minds would make the world a much better place. Those who do not agree with that are the ones that are making the world a worse place. I don’t care how you twist it around.

    Thank you for this great article. The world needs more people with your kind of insight.

    Also, Happy Easter!

  • Darrwll West

    They would treat Jesus bad as they treat the PRESIDENT

  • MrWereman

    Well, Republicans would see a brown skinned man and automatically assume He was an illegal and just mowing someone’s lawn. The raw fact that you have pictures of a white man hung up in every church when Jesus was born in the MIDDLE EAST is just plain stupid.

    We all knew Republicans couldn’t accept facts, but this is just plain refusing to think critically about anything.

  • Lola

    I’m not even a Christian and I find this flawed. He was of his times and his likely appearance was of those times. There is a glaring lack of mention of his fashion sense and if it was noteworthy, it probably would have been mentioned at least once. So when he stood before the Republican convention, he would be dressed as a typical person of this era, not a hippie from the 60s. I’m thinking business suit or maybe a Steve Jobs look, mock turtle neck and pressed jeans. After that, I doubt they would have much use for his message. It’s too low on ego and wealth gathering and too high on compassion.

    • ColleenPatriciaWilliams

      I’m thinking that it would be jeans and that he would fit into the company of the poor. Steve Jobs did NOT do anything Christ like.
      No, the GOP and their base would NOT let him speak past the first sentence they didn’t agree with.
      The typical person really is not business casual. My guess is that Jesus would resemble a poor person.

    • Cathryn Sykes

      Business suit? Steve Jobs “look”? He wore simple robes and sandals. Believe me, this was not the “I am important” look of the time. He even condemned the Pharisees for their rich robes.
      Think jeans and a T-shirt.

  • Amanda Gaddy

    This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for so eloquently making the argument that a walk with Christ is a walk with love and kindness.

  • Jesus was from Nazareth. Nazarenes did not cut their hair. The author is accurate. Sadly, he only touched on “olive skin” and assumed the crowd would think Christ was a hippie. More truthfully, he’d have looked like Osama Ben Laden and would have been called a Muslim or Terrorist.

  • Me

    Since Jesus would want prayer back in schools, our government honoring God, us all following the 10 commandments, and a number of other conservative desires, Jesus would be accepted, and not rejected. He would also live by example with love and humility., would not place blame on anyone just say go and sin no more.

    • Other Me

      He would then go on to say that we should feed the poor and help the sick, and be promptly booed off staged and called a socialist. And then there is a small, but palpable group that would ignore him, seeing only his Middle-Eastern heritage.

    • Patricia Brandt

      Actually Jesus said to pray privately and not make a big show of it. Any student in school can do that. Also we are unable to follow the commandments (there are actually 613 of them) and that is why Jesus gave up his life on the cross to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins. Sorry to burst your bubble but Jesus the Christ was definitely a liberal.

  • Edword

    Funny… I studied the Bible for 20 years. I read every book. I don’t remember any passages where Jesus stands in a school in present day North America and says anything about education. Jesus said our bodies are temples, we worship in them and through them. He did not say the school was a temple. Or the stables. Or the barracks, or government. If you are a good christian you carry your temple on the inside. Forcing prayer in schools is not jesus’s way. He did not force people to recognize him, he asked them to. He did say very clearly that Caesar was to be given what was his and god what is his. Jesus knew that affairs of state and affairs of spirituality were not to be mixed b/c politics and governance is the most evil of all man-made institutions. When a politician wants to mix Christianity with any secular institution of state you should know that politician is a truly malign entity. Your comment only proves the article right. You missed the entirety of the article’s point bc you are distracted by a truly non issue.

    • Me

      I am happy to be distracted by Christ and God’s word. The church does feed the hungry and clothes the poor because we love not because it is mandated by government. I did not say Christ would force prayer in schools but would want it back in schools. Again, I believe Jesus would be totally accepted by conservatives because of His beliefs and values……that is all.

      • Brightonfun1

        Prayer never left schools. Whenever there is a major test in schools, there is prayer. Whenever there is an emergency, there are prayers, whenever there is someone who wants to feel close to God, there is prayer. What there isn’t is forced STATE MANDATED PRAYER. And no matter how many time you fools say it, doesn’t make it so. Christ was not into STATE MANDATED prayer. Wake up and focus on issues that matter, not your silly distraction issues.

      • Matthew 6:5
        “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full!
        6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door, and pray to your Father who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

  • Go unknown

    I think those who are “Anonymous” are more like minded to Jesus then any church or political party is or has been in a very long time. At least they actively recognize the real beast.

  • Carol

    What would Jesus do? I’m fairly certain Jesus would not judge people of either party, given that both parties, like all people are more alike than different. Republicans trust the government for protection. Democrats trust the government for provision. I don’t trust the government; I trust in God.

  • carl

    silly article. might as well ask what an invisible pink unicorn would do. speculating on the actions of a mythical being is an exercise in futility.

  • Matthew

    “By this I don’t mean that if you have no faith you’re insecure. I mean that if you claim to be a Christian, the security in your own faith should show you that it isn’t your place to force your views on someone who does not seek them.” By this, then, in this article, wouldn’t it be safe to say that: granting illegal aliens amnesty, legalizing homosexual marriage, requiring every citizen have a health care policy, all are examples of forcing views on people who don’t seek them? Sure sounds like it to me.

  • Erik

    The fact that the GOP is looking to take away programs to help our fellow Americans in need after “THEY” put us into a recession, all the while not even bringing up the vote to end tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas is the clearest of all signs that republicans can’t be trusted. Their voters think that progressives want to take something from them. But thats the thing about being liberal, we don’t give a shit what you do as long as you are not hurting anybody. All we want is for republican voters to pay attention to how the GOP is voting “against” them time and time again. Like voting to take away all of these programs to help Americans will never affect them. Like they will never elderly and sick. Like its impossible for them to ever fall into financial ruin. Its time for you guys to wake up and stop being so hateful.

  • Sharon Stremel

    Sadly, any article posted on the web, even if its about love and acceptance or whatever, always brings up a divided reaction. I don’t think I have ever seen a single person say “hmm, you know, I never thought of it that way. Thanks for pointing that out.” Instead people either use it to reinforce what they already believed, or they instantly come up with the argument against it, with hostility. What would happen in this country, if we just stopped and thought about things once in awhile instead of preparing our arguments in our head, before we even finish hearing the point of view of another? I can see the post, arguing against this thought already!

    • TK

      I totally agree 100%! …..It seems that many voices ‘pundits’ feed our contempt and ignorance of other points of view….which I believe is a recipe for exclusion not inclusion! : )

    • Annie

      No, you don’t ‘hear’ people saying, “Gee, you’ve got a point” or “Let me think about that” for several reasons. ” Maybe I’ll change my mind on that one!” For one reason, the people may fundamentally disagree on an issue.

      But more likely, the reason is because it is NOT human nature to admit that you’re wrong and someone else is right. It takes a ‘big man’ do that and possibly eat crow.

      However, deep in the recesses of a mind that is open, a seed may have been planted. The seed needs nurturing and hearing the same thing again; but guess what? Every now and then it gives rise to a NEW OPINION. It doesn’t have to give in to the Chris Matthews or the Sean hannitys who are so inflexible and argumentative that they don’t let others influence them and they sure love to stir the pot!

      The seed bursts into a flower of new ideas that we all need to be willing to nurture, or lack of compromise will be our downfall.

      The statement, “I was right, you were wrong; not completely right and not completely wrong” comes to mind here.

  • Kellen Janes

    First of all Jesus was never here to be involved in politics He was here for the spiritual. He wouldn’t like anybody saying that they hated anyone. He would in no way agree in gay marriage because He says it’s wrong. As for making a big deal about the long hair, that’s how they wore it back then.

    Before all the wonderful programs the churches fed the poor. If someone called Him a homosexual they might see the wrath of God.

    This article was written by someone that is very confused and has no idea of who Jesus is. He come to give grace and save the lost and to forgives our sins not encourage us to continue in them.

    • Jessie Soelter

      Kellen Janes: Where in the New Testament did Jesus speak of homosexuality? Where in the New Testament does Jesus involve himself in politics? One he never did (speak of homosexuality) and the other he did do (involve himself in politics). They are both there, you just need to read and understand what it is you’re reading.

    • I so agree; the author really did a good job (I’d say a bang up job) of mixing politics with religion. Not a good mix.

    • Amy

      @Kellen, although there are arguments on both sides of the fence regarding Jesus and homosexuality, scientific and medical understanding is that sexual orientation is not a choice, but rather a complex interplay of biological and environmental factors. I have a gay son, and it was apparent at a very young age that he was a little different, although at the time I had no idea what it was. On the last day of fourth grade, his teacher told me that she thought he was gay. In middle school, he finally met a nice group of kids and even had a girlfriend. Little did I know that all of the kids in the group-although unaware at the time-were gay.

      Perhaps back in Jesus’ day, people did not understand that being gay isn’t a choice. As scientific understanding changes, so must our tolerance. I have a number of gay friends, and every one of them says that they would never choose being gay. They are who they are. I frankly don’t care whether Jesus mentioned homosexuality or not; it is a natural phenomenon, and all people need to be treated with love and respect. I loved this article and think it is right on!

    • Ace

      So then tell us, Kellen Janes, who is Jesus? Would he believe in all that you just criticized the article’s author for? Would Jesus say that someone who writes about him as standing for acceptance, tolerance and love would be (as you put it) “confused” and have “no idea” who Jesus is? Do you know the heart of Jesus so well to speak for him?

      Are you, for example, willing to face Jesus and tell him that he is wrong for allowing the creation of people who are different from you? How would you argue the point to him that you are justified in not wanting equal and caring treatment for his (and yours) brothers and sisters simply because you have judged them to be less valuable than you are?

      Being a Christian means emulating Christ and behaving like him, every day. Excluding from God’s love those you believe to be somehow undeserving of that love only shows the degree to which you still must travel to become a true follower of Christ.

  • Rick Murphy

    If there were a lottery to see who would win the right to drive the first nail, Republicans, Tea-Party Know Nothings, and Fundamentalist Fox Televangilists would fall all over themselves to buy the Golden Ticket and in so doing. would retire our national debt. The last thing any of them would want is Jesus reminding them what it REALLY means to live in grace.

  • OMG, First off, the Tea Party does not express the views of the Republican Party

    “Assuming they wouldn’t know who he was…..”They wouldn’t, eh??? Why ?

    “What would their judgments sound like?” Who said all Republicans JUDGE? What does Jesus say, ‘judge not lest ye not be judged?’

    “They’ve condemned those who have abortions as sinners that will burn in hell.” Not Republicans, many people of all religions. This is more of a RELIGIOUS ISSUE than it is a political one and should be.

    “They’ve called homosexuality a disease that needs to be cured.” As has about everyone on the face of the planet over the century. Again, that is more a RELIGIOUS issue than a political one.

    “They call teachers lazy and overpaid.” Some are; there are lazy and overpaid people in every profession. And the point here?

    In the in, I’m not sure the author knows his point. Sounds at first like a The Tea Partiers are the worst, then morphs into a all Republicans are Tea Partiers, to bunches of sins that only the Tea Partiers could commit in the name of Republicanism, to the grand finale of something we all learned in first grade, not limited to any political party or religion. If you’re only a Sunday morning Christian, you’re not a Christian. So what does that have to do with how members of the GOP would treat Jesus.

    • LogicGal

      If abortion and homosexuality are religious issues, then why are they the subject of political debate and laws in a country that is so proud of it’s separation of church and state? Is it that some of our politicians (and by extension, the citizens who vote for them) are trying to force their own religion on the rest of the country?

  • steve

    As a Republican, I have to agree with this essay. Originally from California, I saw a party that was inclusive, embracing immigrants and helping them grow in the party. As I moved around the country, I saw a very different Republican party. As a child of immigrants, many Republican elected officials I met in my travels were surprised I was a Republican as well (well, mainly a fiscal conservative). But the party of today, I see it as the Pharasees of old. As a Christian I am doubly appalled at this. If you don’t agree, do your own research about WHO the Pharasees were.

    • Annie

      I still think the author did a bang up job of mixing Religion and politics. Both parties are guilty of the sins that are listed as Republican-only sins. Most Republicans would no sooner throw someone who is homosexual to the devil. Why the author chose to ascribe that trait to Republicans, is anyone’s guess,. I’m Republican and making a sweeping generalization because not all Republicans believe the same as all Dems is wrong.

      I know came from one of the most geo-politically split states (Illinois) to another geo-politically split states (Colorado) so I’ve seen politics take sides and get nasty. Yes, the Republican Party of today has changed over the last 50 years, thee is no doubt about that one. Much like a little boys club, but they are far from the Pharisees of yesteryear. Also, they don’t feel the need to ‘progress; to something.

  • Jen Linton

    If you’re responding to this article with hatred…..than you’ve obviously missed the point.

  • CJ

    If Jesus were here right now, he would still say, “Judge not lest ye be Judged.” He said that to take the burden away from every sinner. So we would have no right to point a finger and say hey your doing it wrong. His Kingdom and His Heavenly Father is the only true Judge. And right here everyone would respond differently. Because for me, I believe that the Bible is the written word of God, inspired and breathed into the heart of man to be preserved as our instructions for living here in this crazy messed up world. Jesus said: “Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened”. Sometimes we have to open the door of our mind, to wrap our hearts and minds around the idea that we have this amazing creator that loves us so much that he sent His only Son to die. Again this is what I and i alone believe. I have a real relationship with my creator. He helps me and hears me when I pray. I know he loves me. It’s evident in my heart and in my relationships with my family and friends. I know I am a sinner, and soooooooooooooooooooooooo grateful for my Savior. As far as all the political mumbo jumbo, There are many issues and moral values needing to be addressed. Unfortunately because we are all sinners, no one will ever truly agree.

  • LogicGuy

    How would Democrats treat Jesus? An unwed mother, no father as Joseph was going to leave her since the child was not his. They would have aborted Jesus….

    Interesting how you state at the beginning of your article, “Now, don’t jump to some conclusion based on your political views as a Republican or Democrat, a Christian or an atheist, but seriously consider this situation:” and then immediately jump to conclusions based on your completely distorted and biased view of REPUBLICANS.

    • bowtiegal31

      This is what your party looks like to others, maybe you aren’t that way, though your comment leads me to believe you are at least partly that way. We can only see what is shown to us by your government leaders, people in the public view and the hate filled comments from Republicans on the internet. Not all Republicans are this way, but an awful lot are. You don’t think we can tell a Republican by these views? A young man was talking about his father to someone..he mentioned how afraid he was of having e-mail and internet because all the things that happen, he mentioned his fears on other things and his dislike of gays. I said I bet your father is Republican and he said how can you tell? Very easily. Most true Republicans can be figured out very easily…. Not all Democrats like abortion, but believe in choice. No one would expect Mary to abort her child just because Joseph couldn’t believe in her. Democrats would be there to help her and make sure she and her child were taken care of. Republicans would call her a leach, tell her to get a job and show disdain if she needed public medical help….this description has been seen by everyone over and over. Democrats are Christians too, they just aren’t over the top and righteous. They believe that God made and would love the gays just as he does everyone he made whether they are black, white or brown, poor or rich. The believe in equality for all, just not the chosen.

      • Annie

        bowtie, “This is what your party looks like to others, maybe you aren’t that way, ” You do know that looks can be very deceiving? That is a pretty presumptuous statement to make that THAT IS WHAT REPUBLICANS LOOK LIKE TO OTHERS. How about just keeping it to what YOU know: THAT’S THE WAY REPUBLICANS LOOK TO YOU (emphasis on YOU).

        What’s this stuff/crap about ‘we can only see what is shown to us by our government leaders?’ Where do I begin on that? Does the government have control of your mind, your free will and critical thinking ability? Is it somehow preventing you from learning the truth about issues? Yes, the television media does by and large, but you’re still able to find sources to do your own research.

        Golly, that sounds straight out of a Karl Marx manifesto “We only see and believe what the government TELLS US IS FIT TO SEE AND BELIEVE.” That may be the American you believe in, but I grew up in an America where I COULD THINK, I COULD BELIEVE, I HAD AND MADE CHOICES. Turn MSNBC off and take a look at c-spann and READ. Do Independent reading, It exists and a good place to start might be Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense.”

        “Not all Republicans are this way, but an awful lot are. ” So, everyone is guilty by association, eh? I don’t like to critics another political party, when this article is clearly about religion and religious interpretation, but many liberals look pretty mentally unbalanced to a lot of other people.

        This next darn near breaks my heart with its bleeding heart sounds, “Democrats would be there to help her and make sure she and her child were taken care of. Republicans would call her a leach, tell her to get a job and show disdain if she needed public medical help…” Oh, yes and after telling her that she was a leach, then Republicans would mock her and gather a crowd and stone her to death? Good Lord. Let’s put the shoe on the other foot. Let’s say that the woman in question was my mother. Because I’m Republican, you seriously think I’d call my own Mother a leach for getting pregnant out of wedlock and call for her public humiliation?. All people have mothers and fathers,. Liberals don’t have that market cornered.

        This was a post about religious differences and I can’t believe how easily you turned (after the author bumbled) it, into political theatre. To what end?

    • Sam Tucci

      There was no “jumping” to conclusions, the conclusions where deduced from their past reaction to those topics brought up before. Not by Jesus but by tree huggers, occupiers, liberals and hippie types. They may say “What would Jesus do”, but they sure as hell wouldn’t do it.

    • Rick Murphy

      Actually we would have brought God up on charges of indecency with a minor. Democrats would NOT have aborted Jesus (although the world would have been far better off had that been the case). Democrats would have left the decision up to Mary and her family. As a registered sex offender God would not have been allowed within 500 feet of a school which would have solved the problem of school prayer. Or within 500 feet of a church, which I doubt is much of a problem anyway — and perhaps the icing on the cake is God would not have been allowed within 500 feet of a liquor store a place that sells alcoholic beverages.

    • Jenna Ogg

      Are you kidding me? Republicans would be quick to ostracize Mary her for having a child out of wedlock. Then when she tried to raise Jesus as a single parent, they would take social programs away that help and her son, Jesus. From what I have seen with Republicans these days, they seem to only be concerned with the unborn and soldiers. Once you are born, don’t expect help when you need it. They want to take away resources that help families by assuming every person who struggles must be to blame because they are all “lazy”, which is ridiculous. I’ve heard it out of the mouth of every Republican I know now. You also need to understand something. People who are Pro-Choice are not pushing women to run out and get abortions. It is ignorant to believe that. Being Pro-Choice is a movement that believes that it’s a WOMAN’S CHOICE to decide what she does with HER body, not our government’s decision.. It means we have the right to decide to keep our child and raise it , or we can choose abortion. Funny how Conservatives seem to want “smaller government” who will to stay out of their lives until they decide they need it to create laws that force THEIR religious views/beliefs down the throats of others. I was a Republican until the Tea Party destroyed the whole party. Also, I am not intolerant those who believe in “traditional marriage”. I am intolerant of discrimination that has occurred because of people who have taken things a step further. Those are the ones that say because of their religious beliefs, there need to be laws to tell people they can’t marry whom they love. You can support traditional marriage, but also believe in marriage equality. It’s simple. Don’t marry someone of the same sex, realize it’s not your business who anyone else marries, and recognize discrimination when you see it.

      • LogicGuy

        Actually, real life contradicts your claims. Conservatives believe in personal responsibility. Whereas they believe in personally helping those less fortunate which is proven by constantly showing that they donate FAR MORE to charity than liberals. Liberals believe in OTHERS (government) providing the social programs, and are very generous with OTHER peoples money. Do you think Planned Parenthood is there for the single mothers?? No, they just believe in abortion as a solution to unplanned pregnancys. No, Pro-Choicers obviously don’t necessarily force others to have abortions, but the reality is, the abortion rate in black communities, which is primarily single mothers is around 75-80%. Laws are also meant to protect society as a whole. Do you agree with Polygamy?? How can you justify it as wrong if you tell others they can’t believe that gay marriage is wrong? Hey, just don’t do it yourself if you disagree… right?? How about bestiality?? How does it affect you?? Again, just don’t do it yourself if you disagree… right?? It’s not your business what anyone else does, right??…. Where does it stop??

      • LogicGuy

        Oh, and just to add to that…. just look at almost all of the major charity organizations. The VAST MAJORITY are conservative Christian organizations…. Samaritans Purse, Salvation Army, World Vision, etc, etc. Jenna, your claims betray reality.

      • LogicGal

        I have to say, with an incongruous claim like saying that conservatives donate to charity far more than liberals, you really should give your sources. For one thing, it’s just so hard to believe without any evidence that you really should look into strengthening your statement by citing your sources. Of course, you may very well not want to do that, if a little bit of scrutiny will punch a ton of holes in your claim, and rather just pray that nobody bothers to research the things you say.

        Here, let me show you what I mean. I am countering your claim that conservatives donate to charity more than liberals by claiming that there were a lot of confounding variables in the study you are referencing, making the findings unreliable. (Bear with my terminology, I majored in biology.) Some of the confounding variables that could have (and probably did) influence the findings were: some charities put most or all of their money to attacking other people for being different rather than helping the poor, the study collected incomplete data by completely ignoring charities that are not tax deductible, and religion being misconstrued as charity. Finally, I will support my claim and explanation by citing a source that is, itself, well referenced. If you want do dispute my claims, then you can look for holes in my logic and/or look at the reliability of my source. Perhaps if we open a dialogue on this then we can determine which one of us is actually firmly divorced from reality.

        On the previous point, I should note that liberals pay taxes, too, so they are also being generous with their own money when they support social programs.

        I also have to ask, have you ever gone to Planned Parenthood to ask what you should do about your unplanned pregnancy and what your options are? I’m going to go out on a limb, LogicGUY, and say that you probably have not. Now, if that assumption is untrue, feel free to let us know; but if it is true, then I get the feeling that you are just repeating the stuff you hear from the right-wing media.

        Finally, I have to say that it’s ironic to hear Republicans say that you can’t judge the whole party based on the ignorant things many of their leaders say, and then to hear the exact same ignorant things spewing all over the place from non-party leaders. Let me make something very clear before you say something stupid about pedophilia as well: the difference between bestiality, necrophilia, and pedophilia vs. homosexuality is the presence or absence of consent. Now, listen carefully: consent is when two adult humans knowingly agree to have sex with each other. A child cannot consent because they are not old enough to understand what they are consenting to and it is much easier to force/threaten/manipulate them into doing something that they would not do if they had the mental and emotional faculties of an adult. An animal cannot consent because, even in the unlikely event that it did want to have sex with a human, there would be no way for the two parties to communicate that desire with each other. Comparing a relationship that involves two consenting adult humans to situations these situations is a disgusting display of ignorance. But then, based on what Republican leaders have to say about rape, they have made it obvious that they just don’t understand what consent is.

        As far as laws go, the idea behind them is to control the population. Yes, keeping the population under control protects society, but that is not the only effect that laws can have. For example, the laws you are talking about are less about “protecting society”, and more about forcing your religious views on others.

      • Rick Murphy

        Outstanding and well said Jenna. Amen

      • Hands down, the worst critical analysis that I’ve read of this post, which was wrong in it’s premis in the first place.

        You really believe that Republicans care only for the unborn and soldiers? Deep in your heart of hearts you really believe that that’s all I’m concerned with? I have a mother and father just like you, I put my pants on one leg at a time just like you,and to presume that YOU know what Republicans think and what is behind their wishes is more than laughable, it’s grossly inaccurate and unfounded.

        Are you REALLY serious that Republicans don’t want any social programs to help the mother and child? Did you ever know that the reason they don’t want many of these programs is because of the cost? In a time just like you. W’e’re trying to get out of debt, in fact our number one goal is the economy and how much money we’re spending,, trimming the fat from programs is necessary.

        I can’t believe you REALLY believe that somehow, I get high when I see little children starving and 3rd trimester abated babies WHO SURVIVE THE PROCEDURE, be abandoned by our president.. I can’t continue I’m so sickened that libs actually think that conservatives have the ‘evil’ market cornered. That conservatives are ‘evil incarnate..’ Pity, pity, pity. Where is your sense of humanity? Surely not in one word that you’ve written.

      • Jon

        to be able to look from both sides and generally republicans can’t see anything as head is shoved ook at the actions of the entire Republican party as a whole. They don’t want to raise minimum wage to allow a single mother to be above the poverty line, but want to “trim the fat” of social programs. Therefore causing undue burden on the government. When has raising minimum wage ever destroyed jobs? In fact, min wage has been raised since Obama has been bin office we’ve GAINED more jobs overall since Bush’s train wreck of a resume. Not sure if you realize this but, unemployment is DOWN to 7.7% from over 10%. Secondly, to say the President caused these abortions is extremely ignorant. Did he personally shove the wire hanger in there in all illegal abortions? Did he personally administer all the medications? No. He’s giving rights to the people(as republicans are all for, or at least used to be). We as a nation need to be able to look at things romantic all sides. And generally republicans are in their own world thinking that as long as they do what’s best for themselves, things will just work out. One big problem with that is, who’s gonna do the caring when we all think that way? Honestly answer me that question? You have a family? You cared for them I’m sure. But if you are a Christian, it does say in the bible to loves your neighbors as yourself. So we SHOULD be caring to ALL humans.

      • godlovesus

        republicans worry more about un born kids than the ones that are already here,, how odd..

        the only place any one comes close to liking right winged whack jobs in the republican party is america. Rest of the world wouldnt want em. dont you get it. we dont like you guys.. so please dont travel, i dont want to meet someone likes you.. you are totally evil

      • Sams__Computer

        Republicans don’t care about the poor Grunt Soldiers sent to unnecessary Wars for Oil & Dick Cheney’s Halliburton Profits. Even back in my Vietnam War President Johnson had a Peace Deal ready to go but Republican Richard Nixon killed that Peace Deal causing the deaths of masses of Humanity.

        But I feel bad or Normal Respectable Republicans like You, Colin Powell, Bob Dole and many other who’ve been swept aside by Extreme TeaParty Factions.

        Thanks to moderate Republicans & Independents against extremism & obstructionism & many wrong agendas we were able to keep winning election after election.

        Thanks Jenna!

    • Debra Long

      How absurd your assumptions are. I’m a nurse and I’ve known patients and friends that have had children out of wedlock, both Democrat and Republican. I’ve also known people from both party’s have abortions.
      It’s very clear how so-called ‘conservatives’ think, regarding giving or helping the poor…that’s why they’re labeled conservative. It’s not a biased view, it’s been rammed down our throats from every right-wing politician walking. Nothing they stand for has anything to do with our Savior’s teachings in any way. I can only imagine how appalled He must be with this party.

      • You use the cloak of a nurse quite nicely to cloak your bleeding heart liberalism well; but it’s not going to cut it with this nurse. I’ve also known many who’ve had children out of wedlock; but I don’t really see what that has to do with the price of tea in China.

        Now, “It’s very clear how so-called ‘conservatives’ think, regarding giving or helping the poor…” Yes, it is clear that conservatives want to give the help to the poor, the unwed woman, the single mother of 5. BUT, THEY DON’T FEEL THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE PROVIDING THAT HELP. That only gives us a bigger government with more tentacles sticking out. The purpose of the Federal government is TO GOVERN, not to give everyone a handout.

        The state and local or regional governments should be charged with this responsibility, and leave Washington to GOVERN. Churches and neighbors historically have helped out, though now the cost of care is too expensive to rely on a bake sale.

        Any statement that begins with, “It’s not a biased view,” IS A BIASED VIEW. Basically what you’re saying is that BECAUSE you’re a nurse, BECAUSE you’re liberal, BECAUSE you care about the poor and needy- the only logical conclusion that can to be drawn is that you care about the uneducated, those who’ve only known poverty; these make you the only person who could possibly care about others.

        Isn’t that a bit exclusionary? “Nothing they stand for has anything to do with our Savior’s teachings in any way. I can only imagine how appalled He must be with this party.” Another exclusionary statement based on nothing, something liberals do all the time; I’m willing to be proven wrong with ACCURATE facts, not from some ‘move’ or ‘politifact.’ or Arianna’s latest.

      • Perth Amboy

        Annie, you are a sad, sick, lonely woman. Calling yourself a Christian and actually being a Christian are two very different ways of living. Witnessing for Christ by hating others sets a very poor example of the Christian faith. In fact, it has much more in common with the Taliban and radical muslim than the teachings of Christ. Here’s a NEWSFLASH — YOU do not speak for Jesus. There are many good Christian, Jewish and Moslem Churches and parishioners who help the poor. Ironically, nearly ALL of them worship in million dollar tax-free sanctuaries, none of which have been torn down or sold to feed the poor or opened to shelter the battered and the homeless. When the churches actually SOLVE the problems of the poor, the sick, the aged and the needy in this country, I will join you in calling for an end to public assistance. You may comfort yourself with your delusions that those who did not grow up white in middle class America had the same benefits of education and opportunity as you and I but it is a LIE. One day each of us will have to face our maker. From the looks of your post — you sooner than most. Unlike you, I would never attempt to speak for God — I will, however, pass along a strong suspicion. When it comes our time to stand before the “Pearly Gates” we will each be held accountable for our actions towards others — We may be able to bullshit people on the internet, from the pulpit and over the airwaves — but we will NOT BE ABLE TO BULLSHIT GOD.

      • Well said. Perth!
        Hard to disipute the point Perth makes against your argument regarding “the failed charity” of organized religion, Annie.
        I too will join you in calling for an end to public assistance when the churches actually SOLVE the problems of the poor, the sick, the aged and the needy in this country,

      • Chomper Lomper Tawee

        Annie’s off her medication

    • LogicGal

      Mmm, thank you for demonstrating the hypocrisy you were trying to call the author out on LogicGuy. Last I checked, Democrats and any other member of the pro-choice movement in general were not trying to force unwed mothers to have abortions, but rather were fighting to allow them to make that choice for themselves.

      So, thank you for letting us know that you perceive us as just as irrational and cruel as a lot of us perceive you to be. Also, thanks for the laugh that the irony of being a hypocrite while calling someone else a hypocrite gave everyone. It was pretty hilarious.

      Almost as hilarious as the idea of a windowless van driving up and abducting unwed pregnant women in order to force a medically unnecessary procedure on them against their will…

      …wait a minute, change the windowless van to proposed (and in some unfortunate cases, passed) legislation proposed by Republicans, and this actually seems pretty plausible.

  • Carol Beu

    Why would this Jesus have long hair? Didn’t the Jesus of the Bible dress pretty much like everyone else in his community? I think that this Jesus would have short hair and be dressed in worn khakis and a polo shirt. Or jeans and a t-shirt or flannel shirt. Jesus did not offend by his style of dress, but by his message.

    • Annie

      This post is NOT in response to Carol Beau, rather it is in response to the 2 ‘Christians’ who conveniently (?) or strategically (?) left their ‘reply’ button off.

      About “Witnessing for Christ by hating others” WHAT DID I EVER SAY/WRITE that was in hatred or indicated a hatred for others? Hate of people is NOT in my MO. and people who know me, know that. I may hate situations (like begin stuck in traffic), but you’ve got me pegged all wrong in hating PEOPLE. Bless your souls, for Christians do not hate.

      • godlovesus

        Annie. Seriously , I am from Australia and we have universal
        health care, (love it by the way as I am disabled) and most people I speak to
        from here think that right winged Christians are the closest thing to Nazis we
        have in the world today. You in general are not well liked anywhere
        else in the world. Doesn’t that say something about tea party right winged whacked jobs. I am pretty sure jesus would think of you in
        the same way he thought about the romans.. great sadness . I feel sorry for you
        that you hate so much. Why cant you love
        and forgive. Find jesus, hes looking for

  • AsparagusFreak

    Anyone who thinks that the author is unfairly criticizing some Republicans/Tea Party folks, just mosey on over to and see for yourself the outright hate, hostility and judgment of many of the so-called Christians commenting there (including some of the site’s authors and definitely many of their moderators). You may not see it in your own community, in your own circles, and or hear these things said outright. but these attitudes definitely exist in the “Religious Right”–unfortunately you don’t need to go far to find this hate.

    • LogicGuy

      Yeah, about that,… criticism and disagreement with your opinion is not hate, hostility and judgment , which most of the comments are. You want to see hate and hostility? Just mosey on to a democrats site, like Bill Maher. Of course people like him and his supporters rationalize it by saying something to the effect of “It’s ok to hate haters” :oP I’ve seen more hate and hostility on Bill Maher’s site alone, then I’d see in a Lifetime on

      • Terri Hemker

        I’m sure there is plenty of hate to go around on all sides (there are more than two after all) and it does none of them any honor. Still, ‘intolerance’ of bigotry and evil, from wherever it resounds, though it indeed be ‘intolerance’, is not necessarily evil, as anyone with African blood in their ancestry, such as myself, could tell you. Jesus himself was quite intolerant of these things.

      • melloe

        I think you missed the whole point. The author is saying those same persons who claim to be Christian are acting very “unChristian”. So how has that anything to do with a non Christian site?

    • Annie

      THis ‘author’ is no author, he WROTE a post about RELIGION that he POLITICIZES on a liberal blog. The fellow is a lunatic. He starts out talking about Jesus, then brings politics into the mix and somehow, tries to transition and weave a logical conclusion, by mixing politics and religion, before he has established the fact that, ‘WHOOPS, politics and religion make poor bedfellows’ and that is a link could never AND SHOULD NEVER be attempted.

      • Scott

        Annie, I would have replied to your post sooner, but I couldn’t stop laughing. I think what you meant to say is that LIBERALS are not allowed to politicize religion, because that is the unique province of the religious right. The point of this article was not to mix politics and religion, it was to point out the hypocrisy of conservatives who never stop mixing them.

      • Annie

        I know the point of the article was NOT to politicize religion, but the writer of the article tried to do just that. As far as politicizing religion being the sole province of the religious right, Sandra Fluke quickly come to mind. But rather than discuss the issues, the writer of the article has succeeded in pitting political parties against each other-kind of like our POTUS. On Easter Sunday, non-the-less. Outta liberal fairy-tale la-la land.

      • Becky

        Huh? “I know the point of the article was NOT to politicize religion, but the writer of the article tried to do just that.” Ok, that doesn’t make any sense. So the point of the article is Not, but the writer IS??? I think the writer wrote this article. I’m sorry, you lost me at your first sentence.

      • Proud Americano

        Whether you realize it or not, you are proving the author’s point with the disgust and disdain you are expressing against his views. You say you get the point of the article, but then you disrespect the teachings of Christ by calling out Sandra Fluke? What exactly did she do that politicized religion?

        The President, Or POTUS as you disrespectfully call him, has done nothing that I can recall to pit parties against each other. The pitting of the parties is an ongoing effort that has been the status quo since the formation of political parties over two centuries ago.

        Why is it that every time someone speaks out against the Religious Right in even the mildest way they are called Liberal? I personally am moderate. The points of the article spoke to the teachings of Christ and how he would be received today by the very people who claim to worship him. It isn’t a huge leap to see that the author’s comments are logical and well thought out.

      • John Gamboa

        Annie. Please explain the absurd and irrelevant Sandra Fluke comment! This is why liberals have such a difficult time “debating” with conservatives! Either you are crazy or stupid. I might have failed high school and spent time in a mental ward but even I can see that you are just not capable of sustaining a thoughtful conversation. I am a sinner, a Christian and every time one of you people disrespect Obama my impulse is to admire him even more. To think what he is up against makes me want to pray for him.

      • RockinDonkey

        Goddamn the stupid is strong with this one.

      • Aaron Levesque

        We’ve got a Fox nut on our hands here people. “Sandra Fluke quickly come [sic] to mind” Hmm…I wonder why.

      • Cathryn Sykes

        Exactly how the hell did Sandra Fluke politicize religion? All she did was tell a group of politicians that she’d had a friend who’d died of ovarian cancer who might have lived it she’d had access to the birth control pill….which DOES NOT CAUSE AN ABORTION.

      • Jeremy

        Annie, political parties were pitted against each other long before we even had the internet.

      • Dave

        Beautiful and perfect reply.

      • Terri Hemker

        Annie, anyone who writes anything is properly called an author, whether or not we disagree with what they have written. It is a title based on function, not an honorific. A child can scribble a poem and he/she is it’s ‘author’ even if we think what the child has written is silly or profound.

      • Joseph

        Actually, I agree with the author. The article is talking about what it intended, how would evangelical tea party members treat Jesus if he were to walk into a rally. Most of the tea party members are what the author describes him, and seeing how Jesus preached helping those who need it, yet most tea party members (whom are technecally republican, mind you) say we should cut funding for the poor and needy, I would be fairly certain that Jesus would have been booed off the stage. It has nothing to do with politics. Any Republican or Democrat could support or boo Jesus for saying anything like this. However, he’s concentrating only on a certain group, the overly-conservatives who say we are a cristian nation yet don’t seem to follow his teachings.

      • Troy Preuss

        Annie you don’t need politics to see these folks. I see them every day, i live 20 minutes from Liberty U, and these folks who are supposedly going to heaven look’s like they could rip your head off as to look at you. You can pick out every so said Christian here in a crowd on Sunday after Church when they all flock to a local Walmart near you. I agree that Politics, and Religion make poor Bedfellow’s, So then why are these Christians trying so hard to get in our Government? That is what makes what this person wrote relavent., and a fact. The Church today is worshipping Ayn Randian Ideology, over what Jesus Taught, and all anyone see’s of these people outside the Church is their hates their intolerance, it is etched on their faces, and I truly believe that if they ran into Jesus today they would spit on him, even if politics are not even mentioned, Jesus to these people would be a Heretic.

      • Jeremy

        I agree, Troy. They would definitely treat Him that way, much like the Pharisees did (except for Joseph of Arimathea, Nicodemus and, later, Paul, after Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus).

      • Phil

        Jesus was actually an intensely political guy in his day, He was killed because the authorities didn’t like his politico-religious stance on a number of topics. He also said “give everything you have to the poor…” which sounds an awful lot political to me. And very popular sentiment, too, among the right wing Republican/Tea Party crowd. Oh wait…maybe that part they don’t like…

  • Jenna Ogg

    Logic guy, have you watched Ann Coulter lately? You want to talk about haters.

    • LogicGuy

      Yes I have. Have you?? I mean actually watched her in entirety? Or just seen selectively edited comments?? How about those that violently protest her appearances and don’t let her speak? How about those on the left that send her death threats. Just the tolerant left who are intolerant of intolerance, right??

  • Mike

    There are no bigger haters and more intolerant of others beliefs and opinions than those of misguided and misinformed liberals.

    • Phil

      And how do you feel about this article? Because he shoves it to the right pretty accurately IF you have actually read the bible or studied anything Jesus said…but then JESUS stuffed almost all the ideas the right has had to offer…

  • Mike

    What hypocrisy! The sacrament of the liberal democrat party is infanticide. Jesus clearly speaks in the New Testament, “anyone that harms the little ones, let a millstone be around their neck.” Put that in your pipe and smoke you idiots

    • Scott

      Mike, ignoring for a moment the absurdity of your claim, the one thing many conservative Christians forget about those words of Jesus is that he wasn’t inviting YOU to be the ones to place the millstone around the person’s neck.

      • Terri Hemker

        Wow! Well said!

    • Susan

      Mike, you have to be kidding. “The sacrament of the liberal democrat party is infanticide. Jesus clearly speaks in the New Testament, “anyone that harms the little ones, let a millstone be around their neck.” Put that in your pipe and smoke you idiots.”

      Abortion is not the murder of an infant, but the termination of a pregnancy, mostly during the embryonic phase of development. I’m certain that it is never an easy decision to live with. Many of of these women are single, young and often abandoned by their partners. We need to invest in better education in order to help to solve this problem.

      Meanwhile, Republicans have developed a stellar record of perpetuating poverty, and are renowned for cutting safety nets for the poorest Americans while taking particular delight in promoting their cuts as common sense and crucial to protect future generations from crushing deficits. However, at the rate poverty among CHILDREN is rising, future generations will be hard-pressed to survive, much less contribute to paying off debts. A new study reveals that there are 6.2 million children living in poverty where at least one parent is unemployed, and the number rises to 12.1 million when considering that most of the parents are underemployed. Obviously, when parents are under, or unemployed, children are bound to live in stark poverty and suffer the effects of hunger, ill-health, and the likelihood of never escaping poverty in their lifetime. America has the second highest child poverty rate in the developed world behind Romania, and the rate will only increase as Republican sequestration cuts children out of the Head Start program and other helpful programs. The Republican budget slashes billions from anti-poverty programs and it leads one to wonder how Republicans claim to be pro-life when their policies are detrimental to children living in poverty. They are pro-life as long as life is a zygote, embryo, or fetus in a poor mothers’ womb for nine months, and then their culture of life becomes a culture of hunger, ill-health, a lack of education.

    • LogicGal

      Don’t be silly, Susan, you can’t expect someone who regurgitates cherry picked phrases from the Old Testament that they undoubtedly did not look up themselves to know that Jesus spent much of his time helping the poor…although, you would think that they would know that if they had bothered to finish reading the whole article they were commenting on at the very least…

      Anyhow, there is a huge difference between forcing the number of children living in impoverished misery in this country to rise from 12.1 million to an even more appallingly huge number, and deciding that you don’t want to carry an embryo to term in a painful and disruptive biological process that will forever change your body while knowing full well that you cannot give the resulting baby a good or healthy life. The difference is that one thing is shameful and cruel and nobody has any right to do it under any circumstances, and the other is not. The real tragedy here is that so many people don’t seem to realize which is which.

  • Patti

    Wow just the thought of Jesus showing up gives me chills…. First the Jewish people raised him up as the messiah praised him for the miracles he performed and called him rabbi or teacher. Then he was betrayed, dashed down for speaking heracy against the law at that time. Then they crucified him. Well if he showed up mobs of believers would rejoice and want to see him or touch him, but they probably couldn’t get tickets,when he started healing the sick theyed ask for his medical liscence, when he preached equality they would call him a socialist.And the comment was let he whom is without sin cast the first stone,I know it would not be me for I am a sinner.I think he would probably be crucified again unless his power protected him from harm then ….some idot would call homeland security and report him as a threat to the goverment. All Iknow it I would rejoice and pray that I could follow him as a disipile telling everyone its all about love of each other. no matter what our differences. and when you say religion and politics don’t mix I’m pretttysure it was the politics of the time that killed him for nothing except saying that he came to give all men hope of salvation.and to love one and other

  • Jenna – we may be much quieter than loud-mouth, hate-filled Republicans, but we are here backing you up. More and more logical, thoughtful Americansl are starting to recognize and take note of their constant hypocrisy. I predict their attitude and behavior will affect elections for years to come and that is a good thing. (I even hope they start speaking louder – for more effect)

  • A reply to the person who said I’m filled with hatred and not a Christian and a sad, sick, lonely woman. How do you know any of those assumptions are true? Christians, real Christians, do NOT go around spewing hatred and venom. Somehow, I said I spoke for Jesus? I don’t know where your received the inside track as to what is inside MY head, but wherever it was, go and get your money back.

    Though I didn’t call myself a Christian, I am a Christian. Where did I ever mention the Taliban? I’m baffled, stunned. Agreeing with what I said, but blasting me with some hatred rhetoric at the same time; I think that’s speaking with a fork-ed tongue. God Bless .

    • Perth Amboy

      Poor, poor Annie. Won’t it be a day of sadness when you awake to find yourself at the Gates of Heaven, only to discover the ONLY people He’s allowing in … are all those people you thought you were better than.

      • Annie

        First of all,a slight correction-grammatically you don’t end a sentence with a preposition. But MORE IMPORTANTLY TO YOUR POINT, when did I EVER say-AND IN CONTEXT-that I was ‘better ‘ than someone else?

      • Perth Amboy

        Annie, Once upon a time my little girl had the same difficulties separating truth from her own personal alternate reality. Most three year olds go through this phase. If I SAY it didn’t happen, it DIDN’T HAPPEN. I could catch her with her hand in the cookie jar with crumbs on her face and she’d look up at me with those big blue eyes and say, “It wasn’t ME Daddy.” Fortunately, unless you are a Fox TV News Commentator, a Tea Party blogger or Rush Limbaugh we outgrow this childish behavior. What is understandable and sometimes even humorous behavior in a small child is unacceptable in an adult. When it occurs repeatedly in someone of your age, it is just sad.

  • Molly

    Have you ever seen the History Channel’s special on “The Real Jesus” or something to that effect? These bigoted “Christians” would never recognize the man. The region he’s from would most likely make his skin darker than an olive color…more along the lines of brown. He’d also have short hair and no facial hair, if you’re going by the time he was alive. And, being a good Jewish boy that he was,.he most definitely would have been married.

    • makkabee

      Then, as now, there was a range of skin tones in the Levant (modern Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Palestne, essentially), where people of different ethnic groups had been mingling for years. Jesus could have been brown, olive, or something lighter. None of those possibilities are unreasonable. Olive’s as good a guess as any.

      As for going clean-shaven, that was a sign that you were embracing Greco-Roman culture. Men in religious Jewish groups like the Essenes (with whom Jesus may have been affiliated) wore beards. It’s unlikely Jesus was clean-shaven, though Saul of Tarsus (St. Paul) probably would have been.

  • Andy

    1. Would you ever find someone who looked like Jesus speaking at a TEA party event? Of course Ted Nugent Speaks regularly at them.
    2. Where have you ever heard hatred of Presidents? Never at a TEA party event, hatred of evil policies, killing innocents using drones for example, but not hatred of the person. Now during the Bush era you heard hatred of Mr. Bush from the left and nbc cbs abc, people speaking about his evil wars and guantanimo.
    3. Did Jesus ever say that sinning was good? Did he say “make your government steal money from people who worked hard” or did he say “support the poor by your giving”?

    You ask us not to jump to conclusions based on our political views, then you jump into a comical charicture of a Republican event. You should actually go and listen to area party event and unplug from msnbc, you will find that Republicans and Democrats are two shades of the same sick shade of green like mold

    • Annie

      Andy, I seriously doubt that the author of this piece has ever attended a TEA party event; or if he has, it is with pre-conceived notions.

      • Patti Frey

        Wow when I picked up this thread I never dreamed it would cause such contraversy. with each e-mail I open I am drawn into different political views,and what jesus would think say or do…Not once have I heard about the miracles he did in his time. Or his teachings. Or how he loved us so much he was willing to suffer and die for the forgivness of the human Race and he never specified Jews he said “all”
        He lived during a time of political un-rest. people were being taxed to the point they couldn’t afford to eat…except it was the Romans taxing people since they had conquered and were occupying Israel. He also kept company with people society of that time had ostrasized. I won’t quote the bible because I don’t know it that well But he said something like your leaders tell you to follow the law when they themselves do not. well now we’ve got a comparison. Jesus taught LOVE for God and Or fellows as brothers and sisters. and stressed FAITH that everything will be ok. Just remember Politics and religion are supposed to be seperate. that everyone is free to worship or not. the truth is none of us know what he would say but some of us think we do. Jesus knew the difference between Good and Evil. and Judgement is God’s alone. so the next thread I read I hope ends with I love you.
        Much Love Patti

      • Sams__Computer

        Thanks Patti – But if it’s as you said Quote: – “I won’t Quote the Bible because I don’t know it that well -AND YOU SAID- The truth is, none of us know what he would say but some of us think we do.” END OF QUOTE.

        Much love to you too Patti -AND So Then:

        I simply request & encourage you & everyone to please READ your Bible, The Word, The Gospel, The Truths of Jesus Christs Teachings. 1) Then you Too Will Know What He Would Say – That He was brown, How he dressed -And- Then you too, If you READ, will know that he will say the Same things He said in The Bible. The very Bible You Say you don’t know that well. 2) He also said “Judge Not Lest WE will Be Judged” But he said that while explaining The Gospel & On this page it’s OK we Judge each other while hoping that we all can encourage others to follow his wonderful unequaled way he teaches us to behave towards each other & With Peace with Nations too. 3) Controversy has always been associated with both Religions & Politics so why be surprised at that. 4) Please do study the Bible especially the New Testament Gospels of Jesus Christ so that you too can be confident when Quoting the most Profound & Wonderful way to behave towards each other & collectively among Nations, than any other Religion.

        May God Bless & Love You Too Patti!

    • Terri Hemker

      Of course, to be fair, Mr. Nugent is a white boy and a rich and popular star, and, I’m not sure how many dark skinned anonymous Jews are members of the Tea Party. I’m not saying there aren’t any, but, I’d really like to know the exact number….

  • akilah

    Except how jesus looked was the same as his ppl. N the flip side is how would he respond to democrats or liberals. He would speak the truth.

  • Annie

    LogicGal, once again you mystify me. “Finally, I will support my claim and explanation by citing a source that is, itself, well referenced.” That is like my saying that I’ll support my claims by something that I saw on FOX or another conservative media outlet. You’d cite chapter and verse how I got my information from a biased source. Do you really think Arianna Huffington telll it all like it is and her rag is the Gospel truth?

    In response to your statement about LogicGuy’s never having been to PP for an abortion, that’s likely true, but this statement isn’t, “Now, if that assumption is untrue, feel free to let us know; but if it is true, then I get the feeling that you are just repeating the stuff you hear from the right-wing media.”

    It wasn’t the right-wing media that aired this video, so where did LogicGuy get some of his information?

    • LogicGal

      Perhaps I should explain what I mean by “well referenced”, in case there is any confusion about what those words mean. There are lots of links in the article that will take you to the sources where they got the information from. So if you do not believe something, such as the claim that donations to the Knights of Columbus are tax deductible (and therefor were counted in the study) while donations to the Human Rights Campaign are not tax deductible (and therefor were not counted) even though both organizations use much of their funds to fight each others campaigns over gay rights, you can click on the links and see for yourself. In other words, “well referenced” means that if you look through the article you can go to its sources of information and see the truth for yourself. That was my whole point about giving references.

      Or you can just be lazy, look at the website my article is on without even reading it, and start doing your own Superior Dance. As long as you don’t mind staying mystified, that is.

      You know, it’s pretty funny that you ream me on my source being liberal, when the source you provide is the FRC. I’m tired of using the word “hypocrite”, but what would you call it when you say that my source is unreliable because it’s on a liberal website and then proceed to give information you got from a conservative “Christian” group whose shtick is to advocate and lobby for socially conservative policies?

      A few thoughts on the content of the video itself:

      I have to say the carefully selected clips from the hidden camera, and the commentary from the FRC and Abby Johnson are pretty unfair. They seem to expect Planned Parenthood to save prostitutes from their life situation. Tell me, what are they supposed to do if that person does not choose to leave that life behind? Trying to force them directly would be kidnapping. Do you really think that refusing to treat them would make them stop? Or would it just mean that they would keep on being a prostitute, except without birth control and STD treatment? Really think about it. And when they do eventually get pregnant, what happens when they can’t work as a prostitute anymore? Well, with all of the social safety nets being stripped away, they would probably just starve to death out on the streets, baby and all. Does anyone deserve that? Even if you think they do, who are you to play judge and jury?

      Are you saying that Planned Parenthood should refuse treatment to people who need it just because they work for a pimp, or are under-age, or are not in America legally? Why are you trying to foist the sins of the sex-trafficker onto the people who are trying to keep the victims alive and healthy? Should PP refuse to talk to pimps? Should they report them? Tell me, what will happen if they do that? Really think about it. All that will happen is that pimps will no longer go to Planned Parenthood, and will discipline their girls if they try to go on their own (and “discipline” typically means beating half to death and possibly worse). All that would result in is a lot of women who need help who are not receiving it. That’s a lot of sex without the relative safety of birth control. That’s a lot of desperate back-alley abortions. If Planned Parenthood is going to reach the most vulnerable portion of the population they are trying to help, it has to be a “safe haven” for pimps.

      And doing things illegally? It’s called a JUDICIAL bypass for a reason. The courts legally allow it. Unless the balance of power between the governing bodies within a state is unnecessary. Of course, as lobbyists themselves, I would imagine FRC would be all for the legislative branch getting more power over the other two.

      Huh, it’s pretty funny that requiring minors to get parental permission in order to get an abortion is a good thing up until the parents are the ones trying to convince their kids to get an abortion.

      As for Ms. Johnson herself, I think she was probably traumatized when she tried to do a job she doesn’t have the training for (hint: look up the whole story of why she changed back to pro-life). Something that tends to happen when funding is cut to a facility and it can’t afford to have all the staff it needs at all times. Further, with a minimal amount of research, you will find that even Fox said she has no evidence to back up her claims about pressure to perform abortions. Additionally, there is no proof about the financial incentives to perform abortions. So, we are taking a possibly traumatized, pro-life conservative’s claims at face value when she can’t provide any evidence to back it up. What was it about MY sources that you were saying, again?

      So, here we are, again. My source came from liberal media. Your source did not come from conservative media, but rather from a conservative lobbying organization, which is equally bad. I do have to say, though, that if it were possible to simply remove the lens of liberal/conservative bias, you would find that clip you posted ridiculous for all the same reasons I did. Either way, you will end up looking less foolish if you just did a minimal amount of research before you open your mouth. Then we might even work our way up to thinking about what you read and hear rather than blindly agreeing.

      • BRAVO!
        Although, I will admit, it is pretty easy with someone who is too lazy to do the homework required to actually understand the facts in the 1st place.
        Kudos for NOT being “1 of those”.

      • I would say, you made her look foolish….but, she had already done that to herself.

  • MsMandee

    Wow. This is a lot of hatred and judgement for a post about Jesus. From the author as well as some of the posters. Can’t say I’m surprised.

  • Dr. D

    Well from what I read in the parties platforms Rep mention God 12 time while Dem only mention God-given talents once. I feel that the Dems have gone to far to remove the creator from their Ideas and ethics and the Rep have used it as a bully pulpit. Lets get back to the Twenty rule to live by Ten Commandments and Ten Bill of rights and that it kinda covers everything.

  • dutch163

    this is what I have been saying for a long time: they would not let Jesus in the door..his skin is darker, he does not speak English, he is a foreigner…

  • Phyllis

    I was very active in my church and especially in my Sunday School class..until our SS leader started expressing his opinion of President Obama…how he tied our President to the Old Testament..I don’t know…Anyway I knew what our church doctrine said about church and politics..I blew up in class and told them I did not get up on Sunday morning to hear about the hate for Dems and Our President…threaten to walk out of the class if it happened again…after 3 times, and an email sent to my personal account at home from the SS leader.. about “Divorcing the Democrates” I went to the pastor, explained what was going on..He said “I’m sure he (leader) made you feel like because you are a Dem you will not go to heaven”…Yes, I felt like as on the wrong side of God…my feelings were hurt!!!!

    The pastor called the leader into his office, explained how the church stands on bring politics into the church….Well, this is the last I have heard from my “Christian” brothers and sisters..they were all mad at me for going to the pastor…This was 1 yr ago, have not received an apology from the SS leader or anyone else in that class..I know God loves me and I can pray and serve Him from where ever I am…So much for being a Republican Christian…I feel so sorry that they are so closed minded and have no love for any one other than themselves….God Bless all of Your Children…

    • Michala Wright

      Sounds like it is time for you to find a new church. I do not attend church any more due to similar messages from religious leaders. I still identify as a Christian and believe God loves me and everyone else. I think he is mighty disappointed in a lot of people who say, “Lord, Lord,” but who totally disregard his messages about loving and caring for each other.

    • Geoff Roach

      I’m sorry to hear that, but this is why even to I do believe in God and Jesus Christ, I do not trust the church, because they scewer the words of the bible for their own means and become hypocritical, stating some things from the bible but ignoring others (like what you stated about them stating you’d go to hell for being Democratic, which is full of hate right there). Here’s what’s funny, the Republican party stands for everything that goes against the bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ, Jesus taught us to love thy neighbor, help the homeless, the sick, the elderly, feed them, give them the clothes off our backs, get rid of worldly possessions. Yet what do the Republicans spout? We should give our money to the rich, we should strive to be rich, we shouldn’t rely on foodstamps or welfare to survive, we shouldn’t have these programs because they’re hurting the American people v_v. In the end, they are not acting christ like, they idolize money and the rich, instead of doing what Jesus did and try to help his fellow man at all costs.

  • Genesis A. Slaughter

    This is so on point. Thank you to the person who wrote this. This is not what Jesus is and surely not what He taught! I thank Him for you today! Truth be told, Tea Party, radical GOP members, have no clue of The Word of God. They use a verse to make themselves look astute in Scripture when they have no idea of the content or the context in which it was written. Jesus calls them hypocrites! Use the Word against others while not living it themselves. Pharisees!

  • Robin

    All Republicans are not Christians nor are all Christians Republican. A Christian gives generously of his money and time and heart to help the poor, sick, lonely and outcast. They seek to help these people without judgement but simply love and in return they receive the joy that is Christ, for it is there that he is found again and again. I think that what the Tea Party stands for is the government forcing them to give. Most are resentful when forced to give their money up. Any person who finds themself in need can walk into a Christian church and have that need met. Maybe, What this country needs is bigger Christian churches not bigger government. Our forefathers sought to prevent this argument when they worded “separation of church and state”. Leave Christians alone and they will take care of the needy in the spirit necessary to improve them….. And a true Christian would recognize Jesus anywhere even in the lowest of times or places.

  • Cathy Baumgardner

    “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money. “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?

    Matthew 6 24….

  • Cathy Baumgardner

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. ”
    —Matthew 7:1-5

  • Cathy Baumgardner

    When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit on his glorious throne. Before him will be gathered all the nations, and he will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. And he will place the sheep on his right, but the goats on the left. Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’ Then the righteous will answer him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, I was a stranger and you did not welcome me, naked and you did not clothe me, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.’ Then they also will answer, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to you?’ Then he will answer them, saying, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.’ And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”
    —Matthew 25:31-46

    • Cathryn Sykes

      I always refer to those passages from the Bible too, Cathy.
      I honestly think that a lot of so-called Christians see Jesus mainly as a get-out-of-hell ticket. I run into Southern Baptists like this….not all of them, but enough to make me grit my teeth. They think that because they’ve been dunked in water and they’ve chanted “Jesus is my lord and savior” they’ve been “born again” and they’ve a lock on Heaven. I often point out to them that he said that no one will go to Heaven unless they are “born again”….NOT “Those who are born again will go to Heaven.” Being “born again” is therefore a MINIMUM REQUIREMENT, not a GUARANTEE. Then I refer to those passages from Matthew–yes, agnostics can read the Bible!–and inevitably they shrug them off.

    • Michala Wright

      Quoting this very passage so enraged the republican element of my family that i was almost booted out of the family. Of course, hating “the gays,” black people, Obama, illegal immigrants, and “welfare scum” while insisting that Obama care’s main goal was to euthanize the elderly was totally okay.
      Ithink the god they worship is kind of a monster. The Jesus I know is a loving, nurturing soul.

  • Cathy Baumgardner

    The post of Matthew 25 31-46 should tell the Republicans all they need to know. They can spin it all anyway they want but when they are taking the food out of the mouth of the poor and when they are storing up their Gold and at the same time taking a job or a home from a family they need to stop and think…..Could this be Jesus in disguise that I am doing this to? Of all the gifts the Bible talks about it tells us that Love is the most important. If we do not have love in our heart for others as well as ourselves we have nothing. If you love someone you want the very best for that person and you will be willing to do all you can for that person.

  • FFVison

    When Jesus comes back to Earth, as the Christians predict, who is to say that he would come from the Middle East? Personally, I think that people should treat one another with kindness and love as Jesus (as well as many other well known religious figures) taught. I know I’m not perfect and one of the things I’m guilty of is judgement, especially based on political affiliation and, to some degree, religious background. Even the ancient Greeks were taught to treat strangers that they see with kindness and dignity because they believed that the stranger could be a god taking human form. Perhaps some of the modern Christians (many of whom believe that we are in the end days when Christ will return to Earth) could treat every stranger that they meet with the same respect and just assume that anyone they meet could be the embodiment of Jesus Christ returned to us to judge us in our final days. Just because other cultures, like the Ancient Greeks, are different doesn’t mean that we can’t learn a thing or two about how to treat people.

  • Cathryn Sykes

    In the book of Matthew, Jesus is asked who the righteous are. “Those who feed the hungry, clothe the naked, take in the stranger, visit those who are sick and in prison.” He also states that those who do not do these things will be punished by God.
    I thought of that when I watched the first GOP primary debate for the 2012 election. Especially when the hand-picked Republican crowd applauded the idea of letting someone who hadn’t bought health insurance simply die if he got sick.
    I thought of it again when I heard Romney’s “47 percent” speech. I still think about it when I hear the calls for the sick, the poor and the desperate to be ignored, overlooked and even jailed.
    Jesus did NOT say “Blessed are the rich. Blessed are the arrogant. Blessed are the war makers.”
    I’m not a Christian, but I am a fan of Jesus of Nazereth. It makes me grind my teeth when people who need help are not only ignored, but stigmatized by those who say that Jesus is their “lord and savior.”

  • Sams__Computer

    When I first Read About this Man, Jesus in The New Testament I was glued, awed, inspired, empowered, awakened, encouraged & Very Shocked when I found Jesus was teaching the Highest & Most Righteous Behavior System & How to treat others than virtually Any Other Religion. (Much later Jesus’ ideals became Christianity).

    And It shocked me to the Core of My Heart of Hearts & The very specific Substance of my Soul. Why? Because as I read every single word of Jesus’ Gospels, My Non-Egoic Voice deep in my heart kept saying “OH MY GOD! This Jesus behaves just like me!” And I thought, “Wow, All these years I’ve been like Jesus!” I have always had great self confidence – But studying Jesus Christ has more that doubled my already high self-confidence in who I was. And not in an Egoic Way. And No – I don’t think I’m Jesus to quickly dispel any critics out there. OK! SO NOW WHAT..?

    So I took my new confidence & The Gospels of Jesus to share in fellowship at a Far Right-Christian Church -AND NO, I didn’t go there to do a Gotcha on them. And I Did NOT DO what the Allen Clifton’s Jesus believer did. I honestly was invited – I accepted the & wanted to be involved in Fellowship so I could socialize & share the Gospels. I thought that’s what Fellowships we’re all about? At my first weekly meeting there was strict controls by 2 men who behaved almost like drill Sergeants. Here’s the Story:

    A Christian-Right Rick Perry frequented Church HAS A Progressive/Liberal JESUS MOMENT! -You see, I had been unceremoniously ejected for speaking Jesus Scripture without the need for a Bible that they all needed. They became very angry at me for sharing scriptures directly from Jesus & Myself by memory. But at one meeting as we all gathered and sat down – Four of Them Stood Up & One made this Comment:

    If anyone here does not believe everything in this Bible, Just leave right now! I pleaded my case by saying what Jesus has said about Not Judging, Not Throwing Stones, Golden Rule, Love & Forgiveness etc. They were not impressed and one of them Judged me guilty for not agreeing “That Women Have to Keep Quiet” From Timothy. And he also Judged that I must leave for not believing The Earth in just 6000 years old – So I said OK Well I respect you & won’t be upset if you don’t realize that today we have found Earths True Age & I said “Hey, There are many Scientist who love God and go to church while knowing Earths True Age? That’s when the leaders said OK Leave!

    On my way out I said peacefully – God & Jesus are all knowing, all loving & forgiving and Jesus is watching you now – Jesus knows we’re all sinners and Jesus would never throw me out of a Fellowship. Jesus said for me to love my enemies & Said treat others as yourselves. Ending of The Story:

    Two weeks later an enlightenment compelled a “Please Come Back Invitation”. They had ordered me to “Get Out” when I would not stop acting, speaking and behaving the same way Jesus does in their own Bible they claim to follow. I had tried to open a friendly dialogue but it enraged them – And now for damage-control they desperately want me back in a fellowship that embraces Guns, Hatred & A Republican Bible. They don’t respect women or science. Women are to keep quite. Scientist can’t be Christians cause the Earth is only 6000 years old not Billions. Plus a huge laundry list of other Republican Dogma Rules they worship. I found out a month later from group members that the group as a whole didn’t like how the leaders kicked me out & many of them stopped going. And one member called me for help getting his $1000 back after being scammed in a ponzi scheme by the main Fellowship Leader. And that same man wants me and himself to inform the Pastor of the Church about this whole situation. I will never go back to that mess again.

  • Mike Snyder

    The rabid form of Right-wing Christianity that currently holds sway over so many sheep in America is just a pathetic nostalgia for a world that never was. Jesus has nothing to do with it.

  • Millicent Zimmerman

    The next article should be “Would today’s teaparty republicans agree with Reagan’s principles today”. Even Reagan was too liberal for these people.

  • Amy Hernandez

    I think your assessment of the treatment Jesus would receive is pretty spot on accurate. From the time I was a kid I wondered about things in my own church and religion. People who walked into church not dressed as nicely as the “norm” were whispered about and shot dirty looks. It didn’t matter that these families were THERE, that they were trying to fellowship and learn about God and Jesus. It didn’t matter that they were wearing the best clothes they had, and used some of there limited resources to GET there. They didn’t look “right,” so they didn’t belong. That some members were “better” because they were in a nice suit or fancy dress, and that that suit or dress somehow made them more devout and worthy, really pissed me off. We are talking about a Christianity that believes that they can spend their days crushing the lives of others, judging them for their poverty, their sexuality, their gender or color, and then walk into church and “prove” their spirituality by the label on their suit.
    God knows the sins of your heart, and no amount of silk or cashmere is going to erase or hide them.

  • Phil

    Oh and he also said things like “give everything you have to the poor…” they’d just lynch him….

  • Carlos

    It’s obvious the write has no clue what is in a heart of a Republican. As a republican and a Christian, I don’t hate Obama, I may not agree qith some of his decisions, but hate is not what I have for President Obama.
    The traditional marriage – Yes I’m for that, its’ my belief and through my faith even Jesus taught that.
    Bottom line is that the writer has no idea of who Jesus is. i don’t believe anyone who has committed a sin by abortion is going to hell, I do believe that if you do not accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior you will go to hell, but then thats what the bible teaches.

    The writer is our of touch of reality. It seems it is he who is full of HATe towards Christians and Republicans….
    “…some of my good friends are democrats.”

    • Friend, I would say that if you and those who think as you do would speak up more forcefully when the most strident among you call for execution of homosexuals, for letting the sick go without health care, for threatening to shoot at children trying to cross the border, and for leaving the poor to their own resources, we could find ways to work together.

      Yes, I consider myself a liberal, but I know that we don’t have all the answers. And I (and many like me) speak out when our most strident voices call out in anger.

      When the Republican party makes it their top priority to stop anything the President does, even when what he’s proposing was originally their idea, it shows hatred. More conservatives need to speak out against that nonsense.

      Jesus didn’t ask us to agree with each other, just to love each other.

  • Deb

    If you want something to think about, read the book American Savior. It is a novel about the second coming happening through a US Presidential campaign. Gives you something to think about.