Humanity Will Always Live in Chaos as Long as Organized Religion Persists

stewart-religionI think I’ve absolutely hit my limit with this “debate,” because it gets us absolutely nowhere.

Recently, Bill Maher has made waves by publicly condemning Islam. His comments enraged more than a few liberals. Which is interesting, considering Maher has based a large part of his “shtick” on being staunchly anti-religious. In fact, he’s often bashed Christianity to little or no national uproar from liberals.

That’s where the hypocrisy lies. Maher’s message hasn’t been any different than his usual comments against organized religion. His issues lie in the tendency for liberals to have no issues bashing Christianity, while finding any criticism of Islam “racist” or “prejudiced.” All this despite the fact that Islam isn’t a race or ethnicity. It’s an organized religion, just like Christianity.

But between all the rhetoric, propaganda and politically correct nonsense – I’ve had enough.

The truth is, all organized religions are the problem. Now, I’m not talking about faith. If you want to have faith in God, Allah or whomever, that’s fine. But when you put human-made rules and interpretation on these faiths, that’s when problems arise. That’s what’s called organized religion.

And it’s never made sense to me. Why do people care about what other people believe? It’s maddening. As long as you keep religious views from controlling government (and in turn the laws which rule over a particular society) what someone else believes should have no impact on anyone else’s life besides those who follow that religion.

I’ve never once lived anywhere where any of my neighbors’ religions had any impact on my life.

It’s like right-wing Christians and their opposition to same-sex marriage. What the hell are they afraid of? How does gay marriage impact their marriage? In fact, what do gay rights have to do with their rights?

I’ll answer that question: Nothing. 

Yet that doesn’t stop tens of millions of these right-wing Christians from doing everything they can to try to deny gay Americans equal rights. Even though doing so has absolutely no impact on whether or not someone is gay.

Because homosexuals are born that way. 

But this isn’t just limited to homosexuals. Muslims have all kinds of ridiculous rules that keep people under the thumb of religious control. The burqa, a common garment worn by Muslim women, is often legally required for women to wear out in public in many Muslim-controlled countries. And in many of these countries, women and homosexuals are treated like something that’s less than human rather than actual human beings.

Though when you look at human history, how many atrocities have been “justified” all in the name of organized religion? Look at the conflicts we have today. How many are driven by organized religion?

Organized religion is the worst thing that’s ever happened to human kind.

All organized religion does is provide a tool for those in power to manipulate millions to act against their own self interests. Which is exactly what you see in Christianity and Islam. People in power, using religion, to get people to act like absolute fools. People living their lives under the control of religious rules that are derived by some human’s interpretation of something they read in a book.

Religious books, by the way, that no religion can actually provide factual evidence to support anything that’s written inside of them.

But that doesn’t stop billions (Christians, Hindus, Muslims and other religions) from basing their entire existence upon these “rules.” It also doesn’t stop many of those people from committing atrocities, including horrific violations of basic human rights, all in the “name of religion.”

It just never ceases to amaze me what deplorable acts have been justified all in the name of different gods that nobody can prove actually exist.

Though the truth is, as long as billions continue to follow these human-made religious rules, humanity is always going to be divided in chaos. Because that’s exactly what history tells us, and what we’re currently seeing. Human beings, slaughtering one another or treating other fellow humans like garbage, all in the name of rules made up centuries ago about gods none of them can prove actually exist.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Bean

    For a minute there, I thought the focus was going to be on all the problems caused by Left-wing hypocrisy. Silly me.

    • Steve Brains

      Go find a GOP page to haunt.

      • Jim Bean

        You’d sooner debate only with those you who you know agree with you? Where’s the growth potential in that?

      • Steve Brains

        YOu don’t debate.
        You chronically fail to make points WITH FACTS.
        You habitually fail to provide EVIDENCE.
        You ritually abuse the privilege of commenting.

        and you bring noting of value to the debate.

        So go find so page to be useful on. American Spectators LOVE rubberstampublicans like you!

        ALL hail King RUSH and The Cox Fixtion Court!!!

        If you were bring up salient points that might possibly change a mind for the better, you would stand a chance of being worthy. But since all you spew is vitriol and rhetoric that never made it’s case BEFORE you plagiarized it…

        then WHAT is you point in existing?

      • Lumpy

        I’ve yet to see any “growth” from you.

    • FuzzyBunnyFeet

      I know you have reading comprehension problems, but COME ON! The title of the piece told you what to expect.

    • robingee

      Like what?

    • Lumpy

      Why did you come to that conclusion? You are on a site called “Forward Progress” in case you can’t read.

      Perhaps you’re just acting daft and using snark to derail the conversation while saying absolutely nothing. Either way, you wasted your effort.

      • Steve Brains

        EXACTLY. NO. his disturbation does disrupt the FLOW of a thread. But it ALSO makes the PRogressives’ cases STRONGER for the next election. We hone our vote stealing skills this way.

        Unlike Red MEnace Army slaves… who use corrupted voting machine purposely mis programmed to DUMP data rather than SAVE data… or rely on family to risk impeachment and jail to corrupt a vote count all but guaranteed to defeat a brother…

        we make SENSE to the un brainstroked GOP voters by saying, ” Hey!! Get OUT of the Party Line and look back at what they have done to or for YOU.

        Then come over here and feel what we are doing for you even if you vote against us.

  • Jim Valley

    Agree 100%!

    There are hundreds of religions in the world, no two of which are compatible in their theology or myths. Each says they are right and all the others are wrong. Hence, each religion has one group saying it is right and hundreds of groups saying it is wrong. The only logical conclusion: they’re ALL wrong.


    • Spencer

      I’m afraid it was the Mormons… Yes, the Mormons were the correct answer.

      • Bryan Richards

        lol, i loved that.

        side note, have you seen the mormon cartoon?

  • Bob G

    Until we put the mythology of the past behind us we will never be able to come together as a species to begin solving our world’s very real problems.

    • B Humberto Wilson Burgueño

      Yeah…because race will not divides us, regions, nationalities, sport teams, social cast. You need more sociology class buddy.

      • robingee

        Your response is snarky and rude and does not contribute to the dialogue.

      • JoeBD

        Actually, Bob’s comment does not preclude the human race coming together, though more accurately it would be a first step, rather than a complete solution. As a matter of fact, if you read Bob’s statement, he says “begin solving,” not “solve.” Which would imply that more work would need to be done. Your comment is not only unnecessary, but presents a logical fallacy in that just because B, C and D are true does not mean A is not also true. So… you need a class in critical thinking.

      • B Humberto Wilson Burgueño

        So, human race and humanity is not her same thing? Majoring in the minors. Bob’s comments have no bases, that was point. We wil always have something to divide us, blaming one entity for not coming together is ignorant I think I’m pretty good in critical thinking, you might need more work in reading between the lines

      • TVG

        “reading between the lines” or defending a flawed argument that is based on what someone did NOT write?

      • ShermCraig

        “I think I’m pretty good in critical thinking….” Don’t hurt your arm patting yourself on the back. Nice ego.

  • Sea

    Very well said, thank you. Talk about feeling like a persecuted minority, just try bringing up such a point of view & see how unlucky you get with the quick rejections and intolerant responses. Decades later, I tend to not try any more. Still looking for a better system of ethics & morals without vehement retributions.

  • B Humberto Wilson Burgueño

    Humanity will always be in chaos as long as we have humans…religion is just a justification to control. The same can be said about political parties, PAC’s, lobbies groups and any organization that wants things done their way.

  • Kim Serrahn

    I’m so glad I believe in the Gods of the Greeks and the Norse Gods. At least with them you know why thunder happens and why you fall down the stairs (stop it Loki).

    • robingee

      I thank Helios each day for dragging the sun across the sky in his golden chariot!

  • RINOVirus

    I don’t know. Even as an atheist I somewhat disagree. I agree that there are many, mainly religious people holding society back. I also think that organized religion itself is a crutch that human civilization once truly needed to rise out of it’s earlier barbarism. I think today that the view is changing and a few people believe we no longer need it. I don’t know the exact number, but 80% or American’s believe in God, and yes that 20% of non believer/other really has put the Christian Right on defense. We are always in a transitional time, this time more than most. Most people in America that believe in God today don’t really care about enforcing or codifying that view into law which is good news. Most people would rather go about their lives and not have to worry about someone else’s, sadly though many of these people will not vote to enforce that view which is a consequence of voter apathy. Right now we have a small, very vocal, and very very well funded machine that it in it’s death throes. Is it possible that they could reverse the progress we’ve made? Maybe, but eventually if that happens the Right won’t stop, they will use each victory to justify the next crusade against some other “evil” that must be stopped and we will begin sliding down what I like to call “the death spiral of radicalism”. But at some point if this happens they will eventually go too far and incur the wrath of the the American public when their changes start becoming too invasive. At the same time I don’t want to see religion disappear. Many people truly NEED an outside force to justify and bring meaning to their lives. I don’t agree with it but I at least understand it. The path was made clear by the founders: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion nor prohibiting the free exercise therof”. Loosely translated it says this: practice whatever religion you won’t, the state doesn’t want to get involved unless it violates someone else’s rights. The power or organized religion may very well come to an end soon, not because of some grand proclamation, but because one at a time people individually decide that they don’t want it, or don’t want it to the same degree as previous generations. It’s already happening now.

    • Haikukitty

      I hope you’re right. Sometimes it seems things are getting better, but then sometimes it seems they just keep getting worse. It’s hard to see the big picture direction….

  • Rich Canada

    Heaven, if it exists, will be a very lonely place since everyone is going to hell. Muslims believe everyone but Muslims will go to hell and Christians believe everyone but Christians will go to hell. In fact. Some Muslims believe other Muslims will go to hell because they don’t believe correctly. The same is true in Christianity. So, Hell is where it’s happenin’ baby! That is assuming Hell exists. If it does, we’re probably already there.

    • surfjac

      To search for perfection is all very well.
      But to look here for heaven is to live here in hell.

  • Craig Henry

    “IMAGINE” there is no heaven, no hell below us. Above us only skies. No religion, too! They say I am a believer, but I’m not the only one.” J Lennon

    • sherry06053

      “they say I’m a dreamer…”

  • Rico

    The problem is we can’t just recognize that organized religion causes problems and decide to get rid of it. Religion exists is all societies. There is clearly a strong innate tendency in humans for religion. Daniel Dennett and others have studied the causes of religion, but we really need a major study of exactly what religion is, what causes it, how it functions in society, what benefits and harms it brings. This would be VERY difficult to do objectively. But ultimately we need to keep the benefits of religion (charity, community, altruism, etc) while getting rid of the bad things (superstition, belief in supernatural, dogma, condemnation, intolerance, subjugation of women, etc…)

  • JoeBS

    I have to correct you. You DO live somewhere where other people’s religion affects your life. It is the very fact that Christians have pretty much had their way for as long as they have, that feeds their own fear of somebody else’s way of life or religion interfering with their own. Christians routinely stand outside public schools and hand out tracts to the children with no opposition. They get books banned from schools. They get music banned from stores. They put their god into every motto of the United States, from the pledge to dollar bills. They know that a religion or creed can get its way precisely because they always have had their way. Now, that doesn’t make their opposition to anything and everything different from them a reasonable thing. They are nuts to think that allowing a pair of gay men to marry will somehow impact their own marriages in any meaningful, personal way. Nobody is going to force anybody into gay marriage or allow people to marry cows or dogs due to some bullcrap “slippery slope.” But the presence of their fear is understandable in the context that they, themselves have been allowed to affect other people’s lives with their own beliefs for so long, they cannot imagine another way of being. As to religion itself, it is an evolved aspect of human culture that changed, and continues to change, over time. It is therefore not “the worst thing that ever happened to the human race,” since it is not something that just suddenly “happened,” but is a normal extension of our nature. What it is, more correctly, is something that is bad for us in general that one would think we would have shed by now, and that we do need to be rid of in this more enlightened and logical age. We know better, now, and we need to act better because of it.

  • Leaning Blue

    I agree 100%, in fact, I make this very same point to my Christian friends all the time. I used to be religious but after my brother fell ill to cancer, which left him paralyzed, and his “christian” church refused to go to his home to give him his last prayer unless he paid $300 which he did not have, I lost respect for organized religion. By the way, a Catholic priest did it for free. My faith in God is strong but I refuse to be a part of any kind of organized religion. And one subject that is not talked about enough is the effect religion is having on women and their right to proper reproductive healthcare, all in the name of religion. Look at what’s happening in El Salvador, women are being imprisoned for miscarriages that are being mistaken for abortions and it pains me to say this country is headed in the same direction because the radical right is never satisfied. They always want to take things a step further. The only way to stop this madness is if sane, middle of the road people get out and vote in EVERY election and hold politicians accountable the same way those on the right have successfully done.

  • sherry06053

    I believed in Santa longer than I believed in a God. I have never had any religion in my life – or allowed it. But look around you. Nature is spectacular! Every insect, every tree, every creature! And evil is big business (money, greed), especially oil companies. I am counting on nature winning out in the end…live and let live…be a helper. I don’t need a God to be a good person.

    • Steve Brains

      I admit to a power greater than My self and all the selfish selfs. I think that power is unification, all the selves working selfishly for the selfish indulgence and benefit of the unified self. As ants and bees in a colony. work as parts of a whole.

      The vague minor differences in ritual and practice betwixt Hebrew, Christian and Muslim is so petty and ridiculously ornamental that I am surprised that throwing virgins down a volcano isn’t actually WRITTEN in the Torah, Bible or Koran. Then I realize that the Desert Abraham (the hallucinating sunstroked feeble impotent old man who started all this crapfestation of perpetual religious jihad by denying his own offspring to please an old woman’s jealous whim and blovated ego) lived in HAD no volcanos. For surely if there were, That doddering old Republican limpnoodle ancestor of us all would would have annually wasted a perfectly fuc*able virgin in the smoldering pit.

      Such is the ‘Wisdom of the Scriptures.

      Am I the ONLY one who realizes that Mohaamad READ or HEARD the Torah and the “Word of Christ”? Then plagiarized it to make his own stolen space in history? As long as old men will have grandchildren to entertain, fairy stories like Jesus and moses and David and Mohammad will be passed down, generation to generation, fomenting war and hate and DISunification…
      separating each man form the true creative power in the Universe.

      Each other!

  • Mike

    Actually, this article has it wrong. Organized religion is a symptom of the problem. The actual problem IS faith. Faith is the belief in something as true despite evidence to the contrary. Faith, by definition, is at best willful ignorance and at worst a complete abdication of wits. Faith means choosing the irrational over the rational.

    • Steve Brains

      Faith is NOt complete dysfunction as you claim. Faith that My car will start when stalled @ a green light. Or am I confusing that with hope?

      I have had Faith change to Hope during a threesome, but I guess when you lose Faith, you can always have Hope and see if it works out. but the smart money is on banging boots with CHarity. Nothing puts out like CHARITY!!!

      • Mike

        There is a difference between faith and hope. Faith is a certainty that something is a given way in spite of all evidence. Hope is you rooting for an unlikely thing to be. The latter accepts reality and probability, the former denies it.

      • Steve Brains

        Did you have faith that you Mm would feed you, or did you just hope?

        Did you have faith that your father would put up a tree with presents under it, or did you just hope?

      • Mike

        I had neither faith nor hope. I had a reasonable expectation predicated on past behaviours and understood societal norms. Because again, it’s only faith if it does not conform to available evidence. If the evidence shows a thing is most likely, you don’t need faith to expect it to happen. You need faith to believe that it won’t.

      • Steve Brains

        Clever but flawed.
        Did societal norms DICTATE and PREDICT your mother’s behavior?
        “The full faith and credit..” Do you get a ‘dollar’s worth of gas” for a dollar because your paper money is a debt instrument or because you have faith that the gas station will accept it as legal tender?
        BEcause available evidence says you DON’T EVER get a “dollar’s” worth of gas.
        So the LEAST likely thing to happen would have been your mother’s sudden death, yet you claim to have needed FAITH for THAT EXACT THING to happen.

        I am not trying to be a pain in the ass, but your logic is flawed. Start with dictionary definitions of the words you are trying to use. Then outline the point you want to make.. THEN fill in the word salad.

        Good Luck (sound track to Jeopardy)

  • Matthew Reece

    Humanity will always live in chaos as long as organized religion and centralized government persists.

  • nextstep99

    The reality is – there is no God. Just superstition, indoctrination and exploitation.

  • bcunni

    Really? What about Pope Leo XIII’s Rerum Novarum and the Protestant Social Gospel that underpins much of Liberal thought today?

  • BkDodge42

    This is aimed as a conservative that asks a liberal a question that a liberal can’t answer. A regular staple of this site.
    Jewish faith abstains from eating ham, the LDS members abstain from
    drinking coffee and tea. The question is that how does these two
    religion’s diet teachings force you to not eat ham or drink coffee? How
    are they imposing their views on you?

    • Haikukitty

      Wellll… let’s use a more relevant example, like how maybe I want to use birth control or maybe even need to for health reasons, and some “Christian” man somewhere decides that’s not ok, so my health coverage no longer covers it – that’s how. I don’t care what people want to eat. I also don’t care if people don’t want to use birth control. But when they use THEIR religion to interfere with MY body and rights – we have a problem.

  • If not religion, then people will use nationalism or something else. Humanity will always find a way to divide itself.

  • On the other hand, organized religion is a term that can be an oxymoron.

  • arsenal

    One of the dumbest things ever written.