Trump and Other Hypocritical Conservatives Bashing CNN’s Retraction are Out of Their Damn Minds

One thing that’s certain in life is that nobody’s perfect. At some point or another, some of us much more often than others, we’re going to make mistakes. Of course, some mistakes are worse than others.

Such as a major cable news network running a false story that skirted the traditional rules of credible journalism when tying an associate of Donald Trump to Russia. While there are many processes credible journalists go through when investigating whether or not a story is credible, one of the foundations of ethical journalism is for these individuals to typically use more than one source. That way they’re getting similar accounts of something that’s going on from different points of view which, of course, adds credibility to whether or not what they’re being told actually happened.

Well, CNN screwed up recently. After reporting a story linking Anthony Scaramucci, a Trump associate, to a Russian investment fund they claimed was being investigated by the Senate, the network looked into the allegations more and realized the story wasn’t properly sourced.

So, they published a retraction, and three journalists then resigned over the mistake.

If anything, that proves how stringent CNN’s standards are. Not only did they fairly quickly retract this story, but three of the people responsible resigned from the network because of it.

Yet to the conservative media, and especially Donald Trump, this all somehow “proves that CNN is fake news.”

Are you kidding me?

There’s not a major news network anywhere that hasn’t had to publish some sort of a retraction. As I said, at some point, everyone’s gong to make a mistake.

I’m not even going to get into some of the right-wing blogs and websites out there such as Breitbart, Drudge, The Blaze, or InfoWars — cesspools of conspiracies, alt-right trash, and rampant dishonesty. For any of those bottom-feeding parasitic conservative media entities to judge anyone’s credibility, journalistic standards, or integrity is an absolute joke.

No, for the sake of this, I’ll just keep focused on Trump and the biggest right-wing propaganda machine in this country, Fox News.

Last I checked, just a couple of weeks ago, Fox News had to retract a story concerning the Seth Rich conspiracy based on a “source” who admitted within hours of the network publishing it that he made the entire thing up. This was, of course, the conspiracy which the de facto “face” of Fox News, Sean Hannity, tried making into a huge deal — despite pleas from Rich’s family to stop using their son for his own petty, partisan agenda. It was only after the network retracted this story that Hannity backed off — though he never said he believed law enforcement officials, clearly implying he believes Rich’s murder is part of a much larger conspiracy.

Well, nobody was fired, and Hannity still remains one of the main personalities over on America’s most-watched conservative fan fiction network.

Then again, Hannity’s not a “journalist.” He considers himself more of an entertainer and talk show host, which is a nice loophole for a scumbag like him to use to get away with lying, pushing conspiracies, and misleading people — all while clearly presenting himself as a “credible journalist.”

Then there’s Fox News analyst Judge Napolitano, the source for Trump’s unhinged Twitter rant where he accused Barack Obama of illegally wiretapping Trump Tower. A conspiracy that practically every congressional lawmaker — both Democrat and Republican — as well as British and U.S. intelligence have all said is ridiculous and not remotely factual.

This led Fox News to suspend Napolitano — for a grand total of nine days — before he was back working as a paid analyst for the network.

Once again, even though this shoddy reporting was based on absolutely no factual evidence other than Napolitano saying “his sources” have told him, nobody at Fox News was fired. Hell, Napolitano’s “banishment” only lasted a few days.

Even when Fox News executives had to call out Hannity for lacking “editorial standards” when he kept pushing completely non-scientific polls during last year’s election to boast about Trump, nothing was done to him.

Then there’s always Trump — we all know him, right?

The same Donald Trump who:

  • Is possibly the most dishonest person ever elected to public office.
  • Recently admitted that he lied about his threat he issued at James Comey about possibly taping their conversations.
  • Has claimed, without a shred of evidence, that Obama had him wiretapped and “millions of people voted illegally” during last year’s election.
  • Settled a fraud lawsuit for $25 million accusing him of defrauding people out of thousands of dollars by creating a fake university.
  • Claimed that the NFL sent him a letter complaining about the presidential debate schedules, a letter the league denied sending, then never produced proof of that letter.
  • Said he personally witnessed “thousands” of Muslims celebrating 9/11 in the streets of New Jersey, also without providing a shred of evidence to back that up.
  • Was found guilty of setting up a fake anti-gambling group that used racism to slander Native Americans trying to build a competing casino.
  • Settled a lawsuit with the Department of Justice concerning racial discrimination¬†accusing his company of not renting apartments to minorities.
  • Has been sued a ridiculous number of times, often after screwing over people in various business deals, including small businesses and contractors.

The list of unethical, dishonest, and shady things Trump’s been linked to is practically endless. So the last person who needs to say anything about the ethical standards of another person or company is Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump’s also the same person who never… ever admits he’s done anything wrong or apologizes for anything.

But these are some of the people who want to lash out at CNN for making a mistake, owning up to it, then actually holding some of the people responsible for that error accountable? These people are out of their damn minds.

Leave it to the unethical, delusional, and warped mind of Donald Trump, conservatives, and the right-wing media to call a cable news network acting with ethics and credibility “proof” that they’re “fake news.”

Then again, let’s consider the source. When you think about it, it’s a good thing when pathological liars, conspiracy theorists, and propagandists are so desperate to attack credible news sources that frequently call out their bullshit.

If you ask me, that just proves how scared they are of the truth and being exposed as frauds.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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