I Asked Liberals to Unite to Protect the Rights of Millions, Here are Some of the Responses

For months I’ve declared that my number one goal this November isn’t to see Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders elected, it’s to see that the Democrat wins. To me, my main goal is to protect the rights for millions of Americans who stand to be deeply affected if a Republican were to get back into the White House.

This was basically my point in an article I recently wrote calling out those who’ve declared they’re not going to support the Democratic nominee this November if they don’t get their way during the primaries. My general point was that there are too many vulnerable people at risk this election to be prideful and selfish. This election is more about defending rights from being stripped away by Republicans than anything else. Once those rights are stripped away, it’s a heck of a lot more difficult to get them back. Especially considering how long it took to get them in the first place.

Well, I attempted to urge unity. I appealed to the hearts of people and asked them to think of women, homosexuals, minorities, immigrants, Muslims and our planet and how disastrous a Republican presidency would be to those groups of people – as well as the rest of us, too.

The good news: Many of the responses I received agreed with me on most points.

As for the rest, well… Here’s a look at some of them, unedited by us (reader discretion advised for some offensive words and content):

Bernie is beating every Republican & Hillary is losing to them. A vote for Hillary won’t matter. She’s unelectable in the general election. If the DNC can’t recognize this, they deserve what they get.

Waaah waaah waaah. Sorry, not voting for the Pant Suit. In a nutshell, stop pretending that the deck isn’t massively stacked in her favor and you expect all of us peasants to bow and accept our new Queen. Nah. Suck it.

I will never ever ever vote for Clinton. Sorry. If a right wing hawk republican sellout is going to get elected, I want a right wing hawk republican sellout that is honest about who they are

Bernie is the only one I see tryin to change anything. Obama and Hillary are both shills. I’ll just leave the president box blank.

If Bernie doesn’t the nomination I’ll sit this one out (and many others) and let Trump take it. At least he addresses the bad trade deals like NAFTA that Hillary’s husband signed.

The Clinton Machine and Democratic Party has the fix in. Dirty politics at its worse. If they get away with this, they deserve whatever we do to them.

Your point is well taken, if straight from Hillary’s talking points, ala “this election isn’t about ushering in new ideas as it is about defending the progress made.” On that point, I wholeheartedly disagree. Now is the time for us to boldly go forward. This is quite possibly the highest stakes election in modern history. It’s time to go big or go home.

Either we’ll have a moderate Republican in Hillary, or a fascist in Trump. But I don’t vote right wing so my ballot will be empty for president.

I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter, and I will only vote for Sanders. I will write him in. If the majority is foolish enough to nominate a scandalous, detached, pathological liar like HRC, then America doesn’t deserve Bernie. It deserves Trump.

Eh bite me. Stop telling people they have to vote for a rigged nominee from a corrupt organization produced by a broken system. Hillary is more of the same. I’ll vote congressional and local but they can have Trump. Let it burn. There’s where the revolution will start.

Maybe if the DNC got behind sanders we would win. Clinton supporters will back Bernie, but Berine supporters will not back Hilary including me. Clinton is to close to the big banks, It’s Bernie or I write his name in,

All of my friends , family and neighbors would be vey disappointed in me if I voted for Hillary. So it ain’t gonna happen, a Republican is better than her.

Why the hell should I be expected to vote for a candidate I despise? Hillary scares me just as much as Trump. And if you don’t like it, not my problem.

Sorry, but HRC is just as bad, if not worse than the GOP front runners.

Dear Allen, your entitled to your opinion but you can take your “we owe it to the DNC to vote for them” and shove it up your ass!!! My vote is mine. No I won’t vote for Hillary and yes if she is the nominee I won’t vote for her.

I’m writing in sanders regardless. I can’t vote for clinton no matter what. the media keeps saying shes the eventual nominee. then she’ll win anyway. I don’t like conservtives, that’s it.

This article is the worst. Do you not see that we the people are f*cked if Bernie doesn’t win? I’d rather a distopian, mad max future with Trump than more lying liars in pantsuits, debt, & Christian sympathizers.

Sorry, I will not be voting for the lesser of two evils. If Hillary supporters are content to do so, and if I’m considered “childish”, I don’t really care. I’m voting for Bernie whether he gets the nomination or not, because I believe he’s the only candidate right for the job.

Any blue won’t do Don’t fool yourself.. $hillary is a republican.

When did a “revolution” ever mean let’s be defeatist and settle for second best so we can continue our rigged system? How is telling the DNC/establishment that you will vote for Clinton no matter what an intelligent idea?You’re essentially begging your masters to keep you enslaved. Give them the power of your vote but I won’t. As a great singer once said, “it’s time to take the power back!”

Hillary is NOT a Progressive. If the DNC tries to force feed Hillary on us, this is not going to end well.

I’ll be voting for Dr. Jill Stein if Bernie Sanders doesn’t win the nomination. Hillary sucks.

I’m so pissed off at the Democratic Party right now, I’m not agreeing to anything. And personally I’m sick and tired of the “please forgive us for screwing you over and promise to vote for Hillary in the general” requests.

Allen Clifton can lick my nuts. If it isn’t Bernie, I’m voting for Trump. Because f*ck it. Doesn’t matter.

Hillary supports GMO foods. On that issue alone, I could never vote for her. Food is pretty basic folks…and it matters. (FYI: So does Neil deGrasse Tyson)

I’d rather write-in Deez Nutz than vote for Republican-Lite. f*ckhillary

I’ll write in Bernie and move to Canada if a Republican gets nominated, fuck ya’ll and Hillary.

For the record, those all came from just one post from the Forward Progressives Facebook page.

Now you might be asking yourself, “But those are all anti-Hillary, where are the Clinton supporters saying they weren’t going to support Sanders?” Well, there weren’t any. And the ironic part is, despite the clear implications of these comments, nowhere in the article did I push Hillary Clinton. I didn’t even hint at suggesting someone should support one candidate over the other.

But make no mistake about it, if our next president is either Donald Trump, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz – “liberals” like the folks who made the comments listed above are going to be the reason why.

Now, to be fair, here were some of the “most liked” comments:

I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter, but I’ll vote for any Democrat who is the nominee rather than any Republican

I’ve been debating with some Bernie supporters who do not get this. They claim that a vote for Hillary is the same as a vote for a Republican because she is owned by Super PAC’s and large corporations (banks, Wall Street, health insurance companies, and big pharma), just as the Republicans are. They think they are part of a revolution and they refuse to see the big picture. They are like selfish, spoiled children who aren’t getting their way.

I was a Hillary supporter in 2008. I was disappointed, but whole heartedly supported Obama and cried with joy when he won. Again, I support Clinton. In November, I vote Clinton or blue. The repugs are scary.

Not supporting the Democratic candidate in the general, is both stupid and selfish. Stop thinking your feelings are more important than the country. And if you really think a Republican would not be at least 100x worse than Hillary I can only conclude you aren’t paying attention.

I support Bernie but I will vote for Hillary if she gets the nomination because though I disagree with some aspects of her campaign, I agree with her much more than I agree with any Republican nominee.

Agree 150%! Very well said. I personally like Bernie Sanders over Hillary but I’d go with two Hillarys over any of the Republican wackos! Any of the Republicans would make Bush look like a liberal!!! I seriously doubt America would survive 4yrs of one of these A-holes in the Presidency.

And to those people I can not say it enough times – thank you.

Thank you for being sane, rational and for thinking of people other than yourself. Thank you for realizing there’s too much at stake this election to mess around and risk letting Republicans win. Thank you for realizing that there are millions of Americans whose lives might be forever ruined if we allow a Republican to win the White House, knowing full well they’d have a supermajority in Congress and most likely push through 3-4 Supreme Court nominees during their term.

To the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters who get how important this election is, and know that uniting behind the eventual nominee is the most important thing this November, let’s all come together when it’s said and done to make damn sure that “absentee Republicans” don’t end up handing the White House over to someone like Trump, Rubio or Cruz.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • The Omnivore

    Everyone likes to think their team is righteous. I’m surprised at the asymmetry though–I’d have thought there’d be at least *some* cross-over. People who will only vote for one candidate–and a less popular / more radical one–are essentially free-riders. They get the benefits of a national party without actually, really, supporting one.

    If you are uncompromisingly left, there is always the Green Party, after all.

  • PMC

    So I’m the one: no Sanders vote for me. Clinton, or if he runs, Bloomberg. Then, maybe my dad.

    • Detra Merchant

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  • Scouty Lincoln

    My problem is with Allen Clifton. In this particular article he tries and maybe succeeds for a change in sounding so noble, “…nowhere in the article did I push Hillary Clinton. I didn’t even hint at suggesting someone should support one candidate over the other. ”

    For a change he is not strongly encouraging his followers to vote for Hillary. This one time!

    Otherwise his articles are always pushing a vote for her, trying to put down Bernie, but always qualifying with though he doubts and surely hopes Bernie is not the nominee, he would cast a vote for him should he surprisingly be the nominee.

    Shame on you Allen for trying to claim to be fair (and balanced?) because your many articles clearly indicate otherwise.

    And before anyone accuses me, I have tried to consistently say that while I cannot stand HRC or what she stands for or who supports her, I would very grudgingly vote for her. But first I think Bernie needs to be given a chance.

  • Ned Harrison

    Allen, the thing that disturbs me the most is your rush to declare Hilary the winner. Will you be just as vocal for party unity if, once the last state finally counts the last ballot, Bernie ends up as the winner? I for one am awfully tired of the media “declaring” a winner before the votes are even in, much less tallied and certified. If the tally in the end says Hillary is the winner; fine. A call for party unity is then appropriate. But to ask for it before the votes are even ccast is why so many Bernie supporters are crying “”Bernie or Bust”. You ARE a shill for the Hillary campaign. The media has been since the very first primary. Because they absolutely refused to accept that Saunders might win the nomination. Be patient. Wait until the final tally, before you start declaring a winner, and calling for a resignation speech. And keep an open mind about third party candidates, as well. I’d like to see a LOT more coverage about the other players in this election, rather than just a “We gotta beat Trump, and only strong support for PRESUMPTIVE nominee will do that!” line. frankly, I’ve be encouraging more and more Republican Party members to look at third Parties, rather than shilling for a candidate everyone loves to hate. Because every vote Trump DOESN’T get is a vote for the Democrats, right?