I Feel Dumber After Reading This Republican Senator’s Tweet About Obamacare

john-thune-senWhile hyperbole isn’t an uncommon tool used in writing (you’d be hard pressed to find many opinionated articles without it), most of the time it’s mainly used for entertainment or to add emphasis. I say that, because when I state that I just read the dumbest comment concerning the Affordable Care Act that I’ve seen or heard, I’m being completely serious.

I’ve seen a lot of ordinary folks say all sorts of ridiculous things about “Obamacare,” but this statement came from a United States senator – which is absolutely terrifying.

As many of you might already know, the Supreme Court is about to rule on King v. Burrell, which is a case concerning the subsidies that make up a huge part of the ACA. Without these subsidies, millions of Americans will see their premiums skyrocket and most of those individuals will no longer be able to afford their health insurance.

Naturally, if the Supreme Court rules against the ACA in this case, it could be absolutely disastrous for millions of Americans. It’s such a catastrophic issue that there’s even talk that Republicans will try to pass an extension on the subsidies until 2016 because they know that if people suddenly lose them, they’re the party most Americans are going to blame.

The truth is, the whole challenge to the subsidies is about the language of the law – which Congress could easily, and permanently fix. But that’s not what Republicans want to do. Deep down they hope the Supreme Court rules against the ACA in this case because without the subsidies, the law stands no chance at surviving.

But make no mistake about it, this is 100 percent the fault of conservatives and their continued efforts to do just about anything they can to sabotage this law.

Well, Sen. John Thune (R-SD) apparently felt like he would weigh in on the whole situation with this mind-boggling tweet:

Yes, that’s a U.S. senator saying that because conservatives are trying to sabotage the ACA (even though he also admits that millions of people are benefitting from the law via the subsidies) that if they get their way in court and get these subsidies removed – that’s the fault of President Obama and the law itself.

That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard or seen anyone say. He’s literally trying to claim that the law is “bad for Americans” because the benefits it’s been giving to millions of Americans are at risk of being removed – because of the continued efforts by conservatives to sabotage the law.

Not only did Thune say one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard concerning the law, but he basically admitted that not only is the ACA helping millions of Americans afford insurance – but that because conservatives want to sabotage the law, these Americans might end up losing their health insurance.

As they say, the stupid… it burns.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Speechless.

    • Jillz

      Me too. How breathlessly mindless.

      • This is what happens when you have politicians who have no other thought process than blame Obama.

  • Peasant

    As Mr Spock would say – Senator Thune – “Your logic is seriously flawed.”

  • Jillz

    Yes, big waste of tax dollars. If the SCOTUS rules against the people again (as you want) though, then more of your tax dollars will again be available to support billionaires through Corporate Welfare! Good job! /s

    • Flat Banana

      So to corporations like you assume or to illegals claiming benefits?

      • Jillz


      • Flat Banana

        Being forced to do something so someone else can claim they are helping people is not the same. It has been in the news for months where illegal aliens are claiming tax returns and other benefits.
        This country is built on capitalism other developing nations are moving towards capitalism as well because of its success.

      • Jillz

        Actually, no. Your country was built on the concept of Freedom for the people from the yokes of the British powers-that-be. All you (conservatives) are doing now is handing your freedom back to a new overlord – Corporations. They already have more “free” speech than citizens ($$$) and the religious “rights” of a building, surpass those of many of your citizens.

        You still didn’t answer – do you claim to be a Christian?

      • Flat Banana

        Liberals want the money to go to the government (the biggest corporation of them all).
        Yes I am.

      • Jillz

        And Conservatives want to give the money to entities that don’t need it; who have harmed the USA through sending jobs overseas and stashing their money offshore while putting their money into trying to control people’s sex lives.

        If you want to claim to be a Christian – you need to get your priorities straight in your heart. Otherwise, you’re just another faux Christian (i.e. one who SAYS they are Christian but ACTS like anything but). Jesus would help people and would NOT support greed (so the opposite of your ideological position).

      • Flat Banana

        The government (corporation) in which you want to be so big is the reason jobs are being sent overseas, corporations within the US are taxed at the highest rate in the world (39.1%). So why wouldn’t they send jobs overseas? Especially now with the huge influx of illegals and individuals with no job skills forcing employers to pay them a larger wage for less or the same amount of work.
        Being a Christian is like you said helping others, but helping others is not the same as being forced to do something against your will and being penalized for it. Just because someone makes more money and is more successful they are penalized through ACA, how is that helping them?

      • Jillz

        It’s not a penalty – it’s called taxes “by the people” being put to use helping “the people”, not the corporations. If telling yourself that mostly “illegals” are being helped by your tax dollars and not your own fellow Americans makes you feel better that’s fine. You can choose to believe anything you like, but don’t try to convince others of that nonsense. The poverty of American citizens who cannot afford healthcare is a FAR GREATER concern than the minority of “illegals” that you use as an excuse not to help your fellow man.

        The reason jobs are sent overseas is because greedy CEO’s know they can get cheaper labour there. They shouldn’t be getting American tax dollars. I know you don’t mind your hard-earned tax dollars being spent to pad the wallet of a CEO and to pay wages to a foreign worker on foreign soil though – as long as those illegals aren’t here, right? And to hell with YOUR fellow citizens.

        You sound like a very loving “Christian”.

      • Flat Banana

        Then why do so many people dislike the current health care law? http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/obama_and_democrats_health_care_plan-1130.html
        Obviously the way you choose to help people is by having someone else do it for you, that is not the way I choose to do it. I do not want to be forced to do anything when it is hard enough to support my own family.

      • Jillz

        Does the following tweeted statement make sense to you? Do you at all see the mindless hypocrisy of the statement?

        “Six million people risk losing their health care subsidies, yet @POTUS continues to deny that Obamacare is bad for the American people.”

        Do you not realize that Republican politicians KNOW the ACA is helping people and that they are STILL trying to take it apart anyway? Wake Up!

        Tax dollars is MEANT to help the people – that’s why we pay them. Tax dollars are NOT meant to be stashed in the offshore accounts of the billionaires who are buying your politicians. You have NO PROBLEM subsidizing a wealthy corporation with your taxes, but you DO have a problem allowing your tax dollars being used to subsidize health care for your fellow man???

      • tropical5

        Jillz, it is of know use trying to make sense of the logic some people use in America the Educational system does not teach critical thinking skills it only provides drones for the Corporations to use and at best the corporations don’t want people that are educated cause they have to pay them higher wages and give them health ins. which they don’t want to pay for so they out source work to third world countries so they can keep more of the profits. In the mean while they keep selling the American people that Capitolism is good because some Americans have this false believe
        that they are going to be rich one
        day .

      • Kevin Kilmer


      • Flat Banana

        Thank you for your great comment that really moved this conversation along.

      • Kevin Kilmer

        And thank you for being a self righteous asshole!

      • Kevin Kilmer

        Freaking MORON

  • Clintoris

    If you don’t qualify for subsidies then you are getting slammed with higher premiums and deductibles.I don’t qualify so my insurance has become worthless.I have a $6500 deductible.Are you friggin kidding?Good riddance to the ACA if SCOTUS does the right thing.

    • Raymond Phillips

      IF SCOTUS was doing the right thing, this case would have been rejected from the outset. King v. Burwell should have never made it to the court.

      • Flat Banana

        Did Obama tell you that?

    • Vj Sleight

      Before the ACA, my deductible was $9,000 and because I had the audacity to survive cancer, I had no other choices for insurance. For the millions who don’t yet know they have cancer, ACA is a godsend.

    • Mindless hot air. Go without insurance then have a heart attack or cancer. Watch your med bills go into five figures and up. Then you will be begging for a $6500 deductible. If you manage to survive forget ever getting insurance again without the ACA. You will be blackballed with a pre existing condition. I bet your previous insurance was shit from the get go. I have been paying over 15K per year in premiums for years because my insurance actually pays and is accepted just about anywhere. If you dont want to pay then accept the high deductible.

    • Gnome

      I piss on trolls like you for a living.
      Not even worth the breath to argue with..
      You are a sad little person.

  • Mainah

    Six million people may lose their subsidies because of republican’s such as myself, is what it really translates into.

  • PRIME79

    Wow, you just cant reason with that….or with anyone that accepts it.

  • Woodrow_Plant

    Since when has health insurance become an unalienable right?

    • bigremo

      Ever since it was discovered that a diseased person without insurance can infect a healthy person with insurance.

      • Woodrow_Plant

        Which can happen with or without insurance meaning insurance is not health care.

  • PI

    The GOP are responsible for the train wreck so take ownership and quite blaming President Obama. They have wanted to dismantle ACA from the beginning. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit seem to have no standing. They should be ashamed of themselves!