I’d Like to Address This Absurd “Hillary Clinton is the Lesser of Two Evils” Nonsense

With all the hyperbole, hype, exaggerations and other foolishness that typically surrounds our political process, it’s no wonder a lot of what people think or believe is often based on misinformation rather than facts. I’m amazed how context and perspective seem to be meaningless to so many whenever the subject of politics is discussed.

So I thought I’d address this complete misnomer that’s often perpetuated in the media, and by many voters, that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both equally flawed candidates. I’m sorry — and please excuse my language — but that’s complete and utter bullshit.

I’ve met entirely too many individuals who mistake an overall “lack of excitement” for Clinton, or the fact that she’s not the best public speaker (sometimes too robotic/can come off disingenuous) with how terrible and dangerous Donald Trump is by citing the only reason they’re supporting her is because they’re choosing the “lesser of two evils.”

Is she the most electrifying presidential candidate ever? No, she’s not. Then again, the president shouldn’t need to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

For the record, Bill Gates isn’t particularly electrifying or exciting, either — he’s just incredibly smart and extremely successful. In fact, there are quite a lot of people who are wonderful at their jobs who, if they ran for office, probably wouldn’t be “exciting” enough to “energize” voters.

But the truth is, Trump isn’t simply a “bad candidate” or some SNL skit gone wrong — he’s flat-out dangerous. He’s incompetent, inept and so ridiculously unqualified to be president that I’m legitimately afraid he could start WWIII on accident.

Is Hillary Clinton perfect? No. Does she have flaws? Of course. I’m not here to tell anyone that she’s some flawless candidate who can do no wrong. But I will say, without hesitation, that she’s one of the most qualified human beings to ever run for president.

Saying she’s the “lesser of two evils” when comparing her to Trump is like saying a college kid arrested for selling marijuana out of his dorm room to help pay tuition is the “lesser of two evils” when compared to Charles Manson.

It’s ridiculous.

It’s amazing how many people seem to have forgotten that as First Lady, a senator from New York and as Secretary of State, she left each of those positions extremely popular and admired. Unfortunately in this country our political memories are usually pretty awful, which makes the four years since she’s been a public servant seem like an entire lifetime ago. However, simply because many voters tend to have very short political memories (at least when facts are concerned) doesn’t erase her past accomplishments.

Even before the Clintons moved into the White House she built a career fighting for women’s rights, increasing access to health care (especially for children) and education. Hell, even when she was a board member of Wal-Mart (which was mostly a PR move by the company to have a female on the board) she pushed them to promote and hire more women in management roles and helped make the company more environmentally friendly.

Yes — she got Wal-Mart (a horrible company that cares about nobody — trust me on this) to at least attempt to care about equality in the workplace for women and being more “green” when disposing of waste.

So this nonsense that she’s the “lesser of two evils” has to stop. Just because they’re part of the same debate, running for the same office, doesn’t mean that these two are equals. Believing that is sort of like suggesting Donald Trump is just as much of an expert on climate change as Bill Nye simply because they’re both well-known figures who have weighed in on the topic.

The real truth is that Hillary Clinton’s “worst flaw” is the perception of her that’s largely impacted by the hundreds of millions of dollars that have been spent slandering her for nearly a quarter century.

Meanwhile, the unedited truth about Trump is worse than any sort of propaganda anyone could fabricate to use as an attack against him. You literally just need to quote him verbatim — then sit back and watch him deny that he said exactly what he said.

Think about that for a moment: Donald Trump actually proves how awful he is by often denying that he’s said or done exactly what he said or did.

Will Clinton be an effective president? Who knows. I think she will, but I’m not here to say I can definitively predict the future.

But I do know this, she won’t:

  • End the Affordable Care Act which has given millions of Americans health care and ended discrimination towards those with pre-existing conditions.
  • Try to get same-sex marriage overturned.
  • Eliminate and reverse all the steps we’ve taken to combat climate change.
  • Oppose raising the minimum wage.
  • Vilify and demean immigrants.
  • Mock people with disabilities.
  • Cut taxes for the rich so the middle class can pick up the tab.
  • Appoint Supreme Court justices who might overturn Roe v. Wade, ending the rights women have over their own bodies.
  • Go on a stage and advocate that we commit war crimes by seizing the natural resources of another country or targeting the families of terrorists.

Those are all things Trump will most definitely attempt to do.

What she’ll ultimately be able to accomplish if elected president is entirely unknown. With the way our government is set up, unless Democrats get out in large numbers to give her a Congress that will work with her to pass progressive legislation, there’s no way of knowing what she will or won’t be able to do. But one thing I do know is that she’ll stop Republicans from rolling back the progress tens of millions of progressive and liberal Americans have spent decades fighting for.

Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know what you think.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Brian

    Is shill money any good? Also you realize you just compared Trump to a serial murderer?

    • AfterMe_TheDeluge

      Do YOU realize that you’re exactly the sort of misogynistic idiot who believes all the lies told about Ms. Clinton? Are you that afraid of a strong female?
      No one with a single functioning brain cell believes that those who support Hillary are shills in any way. Those who denigrate her based on outright lies are shills, as are those who support an outright snake oil salesman that will do nothing but destroy what’s left of this country’s integrity.
      Try to jumpstart what remains of your intellect.

      • Philip Johnson

        Screw that misogynistic bull crap. Hillary is a privileged female, not a strong woman, and she’s been failing at her job as SOS for decades. TRUMP TRAIN 2016!

      • Jorge Lopez Colon

        You’re on the one way trip to idiot land on that train.

      • donschneider

        Look ass hat, when you have graduated out of protective car seats , come back and talk to the real adults here. Meanwhile try and remember that it is better to keep your mouth closed and appear a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. Enjoy your Chump-Train ride little fella !

    • donschneider

      and it is apropos !

  • sleepd

    There’s a lot of naiveté here. ACA is already a failure in its mission to marry government oversight and private industry implementation; google “Obamacare death spiral” if you aren’t up on the outward exodus of insurers from the exchanges. It’s only a matter of time before the Republican-held Congress finds a way to underfund it out of existence. And simply forcing people to buy a piss poor policy doesn’t mean they actually get healthier.

    Presidents don’t “try and get” court decisions overturned (same-sex marriage, Roe vs. Wade, etc). There needs to be a challenge to existing law that makes its way through the court system and is deigned to be reviewed by the Supreme Court. Neither Clinton nor Trump will have much say or sway on that.

    “All the steps we’ve taken to reverse climate change”. I had to spit my coffee out on that one. Remember, Obama wasn’t in any hurry when he got into office to meet any of the Kyoto mandates. Ever heard of fracking? Why do you think oil has been so cheap? That’s all been happening under a Democrat’s watch.

    Hillary Clinton wasn’t exactly gung ho on raising the minimum wage nationwide to a livable level, if you remember the primaries. Nor will she be once she’s in office and doesn’t have to try to placate Sanders supporters for their votes anymore. She will revert to being beholden to the money lines, and that will be private equity and wall street.

    Vilify and demean immigrants? She’s on the record as recently as two years ago telling people she would deport children back to Honduras, Salvador and Guatemala “because they can’t stay”.

    Finally, let’s talk about the Supreme Court judges argument. Most likely, Republicans will retain a 1 vote majority in the Senate after 2016. No judge nomination will get a hearing from them during a Clinton presidency. There isn’t any law to force it, and they will claim a mandate given how close the election will appear. They will be quite happy to wait until Ginsburg dies to have their conservative majority back. Clinton’s best bet would be to make a recess appointment which will last the duration of her first term, if she were to win. So no, a vote for Clinton isn’t going to magically assure a left-leaning judge for posterity.

    But, beyond all of that. The author fails to address the arms-dealership lobbying that the Clinton Foundation has clearly indulged, the penchant for lying or simply embracing war criminals like Kissinger – and seriously, how can you call yourself progressive without calling that out? sheesh! – and the venal corruption of the DNC efforts to block Sanders voters throughout the primary process, all with tacit Clinton approval?

    Yes Honey-BooBoo, the context fits. Lesser of Two Evils. Buy the soundtrack.

    • merty

      So, who are you voting for?

      • Amy

        My money’s on Jill “I’m not a vaccine denier but will totally pander to antivaxxers” Stein or Gary “what is Aleppo” Johnson.

      • merty

        Good luck with that.

      • Amy

        I was sarcastically answering your question as to whom the OP would be voting for. The sarcasm was directed not at you but at sleepd. I thought that would be obvious given how I described Stein and Johnson.

      • merty

        Yeah that does seem pretty obvious now.
        Welp, I feel dumb.

      • Amy

        This election has all of us on edge. No need to feel dumb 🙂

      • Laura J

        Heh found you. I’m fine with those wanting to be here to work hard and make a better life. It’s the ones that cross the border to do harm such as trafficking and bringing drugs to the US. That’s all. I’m done with Sk. OB. Coward that she won’t allow free speech!

      • Amy

        No, actually, you didn’t. I’m not Amy Tuteur.

      • Laura J

        We are bombing 7 countries while she was secretary of state, Dr. Amy!

      • Laura J

        A law is a law. Immigration law is in place for a reason. Going to put dr. Amy in one of my characters..yes. Part of my job as an established writer as well.

      • Laura J

        I will remember the best ppl on the site, and not Dr. Amy! At least they had some idea of a down good discussion. Sure I spin off from the articles but I got the most comments out of them for your article. Good characters for my book and great dialogues. don’t worry I found a better site that embraces all types of views.

      • Amy


        It appears you are trolling/stalking me, following me around on Disqus and finding old posts to go after me on that have absolutely nothing to do with your crazy replies. And it appears you think that I am Dr. Amy Tuteur.

        I have some news for you: many, many women in this country and around the world have the first name Amy. I am not Dr. Tuteur, who uses her full name in Disqus comments, which if you’d worked a little harder at trolling you would have realized. I am not even a doctor. I am about half Dr. Tuteur’s age, and have half as many children as she does. We are not the same person.

        I really don’t care about all these crazy lies you’re spewing all over the place. Nor, I suspect, does Dr. Tuteur. But if you’re trying to get to her, this is not the way to do it– I doubt she’s seen any of these posts, since they’re not even on her blog.

      • Laura J

        Well I banned her too. Trolling? Not in the least. Lies? If that is what you think. It appears that your rowdy bunch deserve each other wallowing in your misery because we actually have a leader that will do good things. I am glad she’s gone like the selfish lady she is writing trash without actually understanding freedom of Speech. See I banned her too…poof. Gone like the wind. All ethnicities voted trump!! 3 million Amish voted for him! That says a lot. Sacrifice…think of the men in uniform that gave that right to you to have freedom. Trump will be sure we have that freedom.

      • Amy

        You’re making absolutely no sense. If you “banned” someone, why would you turn around and try to find them elsewhere and then reply to comments from two weeks ago? Why are you still replying to ME? Don’t you have anything better to do?

      • Laura J

        the wall cont’d. From whom? The immigrant side of my family, or the side that goes back to before there WAS a United States? Because not a one of us is included in your “we.”

        Americans. We are all descended from Europe or some other country. If people are here legally, great! People are scared I get that. It’s the terrorists leaking into our country. The world is not as safe as it was. Kinks in a new presidency is normal in the beginning.

    • john Diamond

      Lesser of two evil is still evil ,the dems say…yes but it is also lesser. I tell them.

      • donschneider

        Misogynistic Theocratic narcissist, take a flying fuck at a rolling donut, (if the donut will have you).

      • john Diamond

        Crass, childish, name calling liberals only serve to showcase why theirs is a failed perspective. Lol I guess liberals really have nothing but petty insults and mindless invective these days. Oh well I guess we all use the cards we were dealt. carry on , childish name caller!

  • Don Matheson

    Worth noting that the negative reactions to Mr. Clifton’s article have not addressed anything he said; rather just repeating the generalized slanders that are too amorphous to address. His list of things Hillary will not do is pretty easy to understand, and, IMO, A. true; B. Reasons sufficient to vote for her.

  • john Diamond

    Here is my take. Yes both candidates are pathetically bad. Trump is PT Barnum and She is Kim Jung Hill, pantsuits and all. I am not voting FOR Trump, but will be actively Voting AGAINST her. I made a promise, in my own mind, to never vote for another Bush or Clinton. Unfortunately the dems rigged the primary ,so we are stuck with this shrew as the candidate. I really wish Uncle Joe Biden had run. I easily could have voted for him, but never ,ever, her. I know that makes me a trump lover or a women hater or all the other names dems call people ,like me ,who hate both choices but could never vote for her.

  • Grace Hudson McCurley

    Boy, the clinton lovers are in full force…… just remember when you vote her in and you have to move out of your home so the thousands of refugees she is moving in can have a place to live….. and all the things that obama has done or not done will get worse, that you were the ones who voted her in……

    • donschneider

      Grace, keep writing your drivel I haven’t had such a good laugh in a long long time. Your ignorance is astounding.

  • Christopher Love

    she’s not evil just not the right person to be running the country right now. but then again neither is trump. but trump lacks the experience so I’d say she is the better of the 2 . its just too bad that those are our choices.