If a Second Revolution Does Come, it Won’t be Fought By the Rich – but Against Them

tax-rich-stlThere’s a lot of talk here lately about a “second revolution” coming soon, usually by conservatives upset because the Constitution doesn’t protect their attempts to restrict the rights of others.  You also hear this statement come up when passing sensible gun regulation begins to make headlines.

I mostly laugh the idea off mainly because we’re living in a modern society.  For a “second revolution” to really break out, it would take something cataclysmic to happen in this country.  And by that I don’t mean gay marriage being legalized or sensible gun regulations being passed.

This isn’t the late 1700’s.  A few thousand armed civilians aren’t going to topple the United States government.

Besides, that’s not why revolutions are fought to begin with.  Revolutions begin because the very few within a society try to take almost everything from the majority of those living in it.

Even our own revolution wasn’t really about taxes or oppression exactly, it was about opposing the rich and powerful in England who had set the rules to benefit the most rich and powerful among us.  That’s why revolutions happen.

Hell, it’s what the Bible warns against.  Greed is perpetual — it’s never ending.  The more we feed it, the more it’s going to want.  Which is exactly what happens.

Revolutions mostly occur because the majority of a society’s citizens get sick and tired of living in a civilization where they feel the rules are stacked against them from birth.  Then as life goes on, it becomes increasingly clear that no matter how hard they try or how hard they work, and no matter how decent they are as human beings — it doesn’t matter.

And that’s where we’re getting right now.  Since the dawn of trickle-down economics and with every economic cycle since, the rich continue to get richer while the poor and middle class fall further and further behind.

People don’t rebel in a country where they feel that society is set up so that everyone has an equal shot at success.  Where hard work matters.

People rebel when a handful of people set up that society, or shape that society, to benefit only them — to the detriment of everyone else.

Even during the Great Recession, the rich didn’t suffer.  Sure, some lost money, but most were still rich.  Hell, even now with unemployment still near 7% the rich are doing better than ever.  If “trickle-down economics” works, where is that damn trickle?

Oh, that’s right, it’s a lie.  It’s a scam conjured up by the rich to con millions of poor and middle class Americans into believing that if we give them tax breaks (which will grow their wealth) then they’ll “trickle” some of that down to the rest of us.

Besides, why would taxing the rich more bring about some second revolution?  Hell, tax the rich 50% and you know what they still are?


They might not be as rich as they want to be, but they’ll still be damn wealthy.

Cut welfare benefits for millions of Americans and you know what many of them might become?  Homeless — and that’s where you see revolutions begin.

Rich people aren’t going to “take up arms” to overthrow our government.  Are you kidding?  They’re just trying to buy it, like you see now.  The laughable part of all of this though is there are millions of Americans who do believe a second revolution is coming, and the rich have manipulated them so perfectly that these Americans would probably fight this revolution for the rich. 

While the rich sit back and continue to grow their wealth in offshore bank accounts.

Republicans can harp on all they want about their made up “socialism” and “class warfare,” but at the end of the day the rich aren’t going to give up being rich to make more money.

Hell no.

Instead, they’re relying on the ignorance of tens of millions of Americans to fight their battles for them.

So in this country, if a second revolution does come, the rich won’t be the ones fighting it.  Heck, they won’t even be the ones starting it. But they will be the target of those who do.

Because after a while, a society can only tolerate so much greed before it snaps.  Which is exactly what history shows us to be true.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Bean

    What’s you’re definition of ‘sensible gun regulation’ and, had it been enacted 20 years ago, which gun violence statistics would have been impacted and to what degree?

  • I for one support 100% a violent overthrow of the rich starting with the heads of the koch brothers, then the Waltons, The Devos’, and the Prince’s. They have to go.

  • Rick Heath

    I have been saying for many years that a revolution against the corporate aristocracy is coming. What it is going to take is for those who have been duped to realize that they were tricked and that will come when they are huddled in a box in some dirty alley clutching their own starving kids. At that point, when it is them being called jobless losers and freeloaders that they might wake up and realize how they were used and exploited by the GOP and their rented media whores.

  • charleo1

    To imply this Country is anywhere near the point of a violent revolution, is
    just not so. Before revolutions happen, there are a lot of things that must
    happen first. Like huge protests involving hundreds of thousands. Think
    Civil Rights, the draft, and Vietnam. And even then, who actually considered armed insurgency? Yes, the rich are getting richer. And everyday a few hundred, or a few thousand, come to realize this. And, if it keeps getting worse, the soup lines reappear, hospitals close their doors to the poor, and the Right Wingers are still acting like dicks. Then all these programs the President is talking about now, infrastructure, growing the economy from the middle out, living wages, opportunities to move up, and be successful if you’re willing to work hard, and getting a luke warm response. Will become the hottest issues on the campaign trail. Replacing issues like abortion, the size of government, or any of the other derisory and ultimately worthless claptrap the Right is biding it’s time with now. Basically so they look busy, and don’t have to do anything about improving the economy for working folk. If we were getting ready to have a rich vs. poor revolution, Americans wouldn’t continue to put up with a bunch of ignorance like Republicans are getting away with now.

    • Tprince

      A collective switch is thrown. That is how revolutions start. No one can predict when, why, or how. Not even the revolutionaries. You’ll just feel it. Clifton is right. It’s tickling us now.

  • Joseph Fulks

    most of the people we call rich are only rich because a computer says they are.they are not like being rich in the old days.howard hughes could say i need a billion dollars on the table right in front of me and it would take some time but he could have it done.these new rich people dont actually own a billion dollars they just own a computer code that says so.
    with a few well place EMP’s they are wiped out.like i said before when everyone is starving who is the richer man the one with a bar of gold or the man with a loaf of bread?

  • Gabriel Gentile

    Technically the American Revolutionary War wasn’t really a revolution at all. We weren’t trying to overthrow the British government. It was a war of independence.

  • Chris Muir

    If given a choice between peaceful change and violent revolution, most people would choose the peaceful way. Violent revolutions only happen when there is no realistic hope for peaceful change. Elections can bring about peaceful change, so get the good people out to vote this year.

  • MLR

    I’m always surprised at the verbal attacks, mostly from the right, that liberals hate rich people. Actually I’ve never heard a single person, liberal or conservative, say they hate rich people. What I hear mostly is that people hate greed. Greed is ugly, it is a sin and is mentioned in the Bible quite a bit. There is nothing wrong with being rich, but there is a lot wrong with being greedy and to use that wealth to adversely affect the lives of others. Every time a company refuses to pay their employees a living wage, the taxpayers pay for it and I think that’s something that most people don’t realize. Small businesses get taxed (I know because my family owns a business), regular people get taxed so why shouldn’t large companies get taxed? They use roads, streets, bridges and other public resources just like the rest of us, so why shouldn’t they pay their fair share of taxes? It is a redistribution of wealth, but from the bottom up, not from the rich to the poor as the right-wing crazies want you to believe.

  • Dave

    Let’s do it! Time to kill some billionaires!

  • Nathan Hall

    I think that this revolution may come when millions of people living on the coasts of oceans across the world are forced to evacuate due to (or killed by) rising sea levels caused by climate change. But I could be wrong.