If Jesus Were Alive He Might Not Be a Democrat, But He Damn Sure Wouldn’t Be a Republican

jesusfacepalmRepublicans like to champion themselves the party of “Christian values.”  When I hear them make this claim, I can’t help but laugh.

A party which brags about the death penalty, condemns the poor, cuts programs that help the needy and values guns—claims to be the party that represents Jesus Christ.

That’s a joke, right?

Whether or not you believe Jesus Christ was real is irrelevant—what he symbolizes isn’t really debatable.

He’s someone who stood for love, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, hope and giving.

These are not words that hold much value within the Republican party.  Personally, many of their supporters might think they epitomize these values, but as a collective their party is a contradiction in nearly every aspect.

Sure these people might think going to church, putting some kind of religious symbol on their car and opposing abortion makes them a Christian, but guess what?  None of that has anything to do with following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

He never spoke about abortion, and while he might not agree with it, I can’t see him judging someone who didn’t share his same sentiment.  After all, I doubt he supported adultery, yet the Bible depicts an event where he stood in defense of a woman about to be stoned for committing that very act.  To paraphrase this part of the Bible, Jesus basically told those who meant to condemn the woman for her actions that unless they were free of sin, they should not judge others for theirs.

The point being, we shouldn’t cast judgement because we are all flawed.  We should accept, not judge, one another.

And don’t even get me started on how little value I place on church attendance.  I waited tables for years within very close driving distance from two of the largest mega churches in San Antonio, Texas.  The absolute worst shift to work was Sunday morning—particularly after 12:30 pm when the main Sunday morning service let out from both churches and the restaurant filled with church goers.  This was the morning where people were the rudest, cheapest, most hateful and basically made life a living hell for anyone having to deal with them.   These “good church” people pretended to be great people for about 90 minutes, yet once they left that building, many of them acted like the true scumbags they really were.  Church, for them, was just a vessel which they used to make themselves feel like good people.

Of course, you can never convince these kinds of people that they’re bad people.  If you try, they’ll often cite their church involvement as some kind of evidence to prove they’re “good Christians.”

And if you really want to see the true hypocrisy within the Republican party, and their false claim of Christian values, look no further than their economic policies.

Jesus specifically warned against greed and spent his life helping the sick and needy.  Yet, the Republican economic ideology completely contradicts that.  They build their philosophies based on the notion that if you feed greed more, every one else will benefit.  They fight for the right of millionaires and billionaires to keep more, and claim it’s the poor and needy in this country that drain our resources.

They’ve convinced millions that a handful of people controlling the vast majority of our wealth is a good thing and poor people are the cause of our nation’s economic troubles.

After all, it was America’s poor that caused the Great Depression and the Great Recession, right?  Oh, no—they were both mainly caused by corruption in the financial sector and the greed of a few.

Nothing quite like saying the saviors to our economic turmoil are the very same people who caused it.  Then paying for their wrongdoings by taking from those who already have next to nothing.

What would Jesus do…

Would he give more to the rich at the expense of the poor?  Would he close tax loopholes for the wealthy or cut funding to food programs for hungry children?  What would he say is more important for everybody to have, health care or guns?

These are questions Republicans either don’t want to answer, or are simply in denial about—because the choices Jesus would most likely choose wouldn’t be the same as their party.

So I’m not saying if Jesus were here today he’d be a Democrat.  In all honestly he’d probably be apolitical.  I personally believe he would be ashamed of both parties.

But what I’m really saying is this—if Jesus were alive today he might not be a Democrat, but he damn sure wouldn’t be a Republican.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • I bank much of my life around the fact that Jesus was a radical – and he’d be considered one still. He cared for the poor and the marginalized in ways that would embarrass the DNC.

    • Jamie Antonich

      Agree………..if Jesus came back as he was, he would be shunned by Christian right. They would say he wasn’t really Jesus.

      • sharongibson

        They’d likely ask him for his papers and run him out of the country for being an illegal alien. Or worse, accuse him of being a terrorist since, after all, he does hail from the Middle East.

      • nyxalinth

        The Christian Right would be the modern-day Pharisees.

    • XCellKen

      Unless you were NOT a Jewish woman, then he’d call you a dog (an extreme insult in 1st Century Palestine), and tell you to eat the crumbs which fell from his table

  • bayouguy

    Good piece. However, I’d make a couple of changes so that instead of it being addressed to the liberal choir, it could be effective as a piece to send to our politically confused evangelical friends.

    • kimc

      What specific changes would you make?

  • GPK

    I surprised they didn’t go straight to the bar after one of Hagee’s “sermons.”

  • quinn stilletto

    The scripture specifically states “To whom much is given much is expected”.

    Every religious zealot has been forewarned that when this madness is finally over and one is standing before God he/she will be asked one question, “Did you feed my sheep?”. Ask a republican.

  • Gene Mason

    I doubt that he would be a good-looking, long-haired white guy either.

  • Ross

    Jesus in fact did teach to help those in need, but he did not teach to steal from someone else and give it to another. He believed charity should be voluntary, not forced, otherwise it would not be charity. He also taught if a man will not work, then he should not eat. Note He said WILL NOT, not can not. The “rich” pay the vast majority of taxes collected and the lower middle class and the poor do not pay anything. True, the rich have more, but where do we draw the line? If you say 50% tax is too much, think again. Many are paying more already. Who gets to decide how much a person ‘needs’? The government? I don’t think so.

    • xteeth

      Wow, your Bible must be filled with cross outs and notes in the margin that the rest of the copies lack. What a great statement defending greed and selfishness. Jesus never said the things you learned from the Old Testament. You should actually read the book as opposed to sucking down all the tripe fed you by Faux Noise.

      • Robin

        To be fair, 2 Thessalonians, which is where that “no work no food” line originates, is in the New Testament.

      • kimc

        And it is one of the passages that show that Paul didn’t really “get” Jesus’ teachings most of the time. He had flashes of understanding — I believe he had a split personality.

    • ARealHousewifeInOC

      so eloquently delusional.

    • Mr. Smith

      Ross you are profoundly ignorant of the bible and the teaching of Jesus Christ. You sir are not a christian.

      The passage you are referring to is:
      Second Epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians,
      2 Thessalonians 3:10
      “For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.”

      The bible you claim to read and understand wasn’t written by Jesus, not one page not one word of the bible was written by Jesus Christ. Jesus wouldn’t condone the starving of poor people. I’m not even a Christian and I’m a more informed better christian then you are.

      • XCellKen

        Kinda difficult for a fictional character to write a book

    • Robin

      Just so you know, Jesus did NOT say that if a man will not work he will not eat. Paul said that. And he said it to the specific members of a church, not the general public. See, the church had decided that since Jesus was going to return any day now, they didn’t have to go and spread the gospel. They could just sit back and wait and not do any “work” as it were, to bring others to Christ. It could be argued that Paul wasn’t even referring to actual food but to the fellowship of the church and the lessons of Christ when he said it. It wouldn’t have been the first time that those things were referred to that way. This is typical of cherry picking conservatives I know. Take ONE line out an entire story in scripture and twist it around to fit your ideals. Try reading ALL of 2 Thessalonians 3.
      Also, if we wait for everyone to voluntarily help people that they deem less worthy we’re going to be waiting a long time and people are going to die. Sometimes our taxes go to things we don’t agree with and things we never use. I’d MUCH rather my money go to help the poor than to finance a war or two, but until we get to decide ourselves where our taxes go, I’m shit out of luck. And I’m fine with that.

      • xteeth

        I thought that Thessalonians was understood. My point is that this writer neatly summed up the Old Testament views – pre throwing the money changers out of the temple. Paul/Saul, never met Jesus (as far as we know) and some of his views are rather a stretch of the other reports of what Jesus said – to people to whom he actually talked, in the flesh – saying nothing about the time lag of reporting and reliability. This sort of view is expressed all the time by those who desperately want Jesus to have condemned homosexuality etc. and he said nothing about that – Leviticus. Sorry to assume common background clearly not in evidence.

      • Robin

        Oh ok. I understand. I have a terrible habit of assuming things. My apologies. I’m very used to conservatives throwing Levitican law out there in some misguided attempt to justify their hate. Every once in a while someone will give up something actually FROM the NT, but they invariably take it out of context and most of the time they quote Paul and not Jesus.
        Thanks for responding and pointing out my mistake. Lots of writers who I’ve replied to have gone strangely silent.

      • xteeth

        Yea, me too. Not your mistake that I made argumentative assumptions. Our experience is similar. I really liked the first comment when I saw the site about Jesus being a handsome white guy. I can’t think how many times I have typed or said the same thing. It goes along nicely with all the stuff about treating the poor. That one thing is mentioned by (reported to have been) Jesus more than anything else. Still, the rush to punish and withhold from the poor is just so commonplace particularly in some effort to teach them how to behave through withholding. If one can’t see that teaching by starving is a doomed policy the argument is over. I’d be glad to converse with you some less public place. I don’t really care but it does interfere with others minding their prejudices. I am [email protected].

      • Robin

        I absolutely agree with everything you said here, 100%. I’ll get an email out to you soon and we can leave these nice people to discuss this great article.

      • XCellKen

        If you read ALL of Paul (The majority of which is fraudulent), you’ll realize that Paul never knew of a flesh and blood Jesus. Strange for someone that hung out with the Apostles

      • kimc

        When did he hang out with the apostles? Not till after Jesus was gone.

      • kimc

        Paul was the Anti-Christ.

    • LittleD

      Really? The lower middle class and the poor pay no taxes? Are you kidding me? Where do you get your information from?

    • Adwilson

      To your point, Jesus probably would expect people to do what they can with the capabilities they are blessed with. But let’s not forget that many people are overwhelmed with the feeling of failure because they are sick from processed foods, cannot afford higher education, and cannot make ends meet because they make minimum wage. It’s an upward rope climb for many people, and the rope starts about a foot above that person’s head.

      • Adwilson

        Also let’s not forget that a lot of people that need assistant are senior citizens. Many cultures used to support their seniors better, they lived with their adult children when they were no longer able to take care of themselves. They need support the same way they supported us when we were not capable of doing it ourselves as children.

    • Mike Minyen

      Jesus never said any of the things you quoted, that’s Old Testament gobblty goop. Why is that us non religious types know more about the bible that you supposed religious types ?

    • Sparrow

      1 Timothy 5:8 (KJV)
      But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

      • Robin

        That was a really nice try, but once again, “cherry picking.” As before, this wasn’t Jesus speaking. It was Paul and once again, he was not talking to the general public but to church members. What was happening here were the children and grandchildren of widows in the church were just abandoning them and letting the church take care of them. If you read ALL of 1 Timothy 5 you’ll see that his is really a list of guidelines under which widows would receive charity from the church. This in no way applies to the welfare system as we know it, but to that specific church on that specific subject at that specific time. I don’t follow the teachings of Paul. I follow the teachings of Jesus. I’ll wait right here while you run along and find me something JESUS said about it. It should be written in red for your convenience.

      • Zaphod

        Even more interesting, both timothy 1/2 and Thessalonians (and three others to boot in the nt) that were quoted are now largely regarded by scholars to be forgeries (originally attributed to paul). So not even what paul said, just what some guy trying to ride on the power of his name thought.

        One of these also contains the “women learn in silence, etc…” verses some factions use to relegate women, another thing that never jived with pauls normal stances.

        I dont believe any of it personally, these things are just good to know.

    • Zaphod

      Youre a little backwards on your interpretations. Jesus was in no way a fan of the elite or establishment.
      The rich in this day are sucking the life out of the poor, exactly what jesus was against.

      Where do you draw the line? Um, they have the wealth they should be paying it, and as a percentage of wealth they are not paying the most. The income inequality in this country is insane, and was a contributor to the great depression and recession, with the wealthy controlling almost the exact same amount of the total wealth on the eve before the collapses.

      • kimc

        Correct. An economy can be likened to the blood circulation in our bodies: It works as long as it circulates properly. But when much of the money gets to the top, the richest, they can’t spend it fast enough to keep it circulating and it functions like a big blood clot, and can kill the body. If the top income people and corporations pay a high rate of taxes (in the fifties, the top tax rate was 91%), then the government has enough money to spend it on maintenance, and building roads etc., and helping the poor or disabled and veterans, and the money goes back into the economy in ways that keep it circulating.

      • Zaphod

        Its crazy when people say the 50s-70s were the good old days, but seem to forget the insanely high (by todays standards) marginal tax rate that fueled much of the growth.

        What can you do. I love your analogy. I always think about it in regards to the main driver of our economy, consumerism, and the rich are not those types of consumers and there just isnt that many of them to hold the whole economy up. You cant just bankrupt the whole section of society that is responsible for 70% of the economy.

    • Jeannie Barber

      ” The “rich” pay the vast majority of taxes collected and the lower middle class and the poor do not pay anything.”
      That has got to be the most often-repeated LIE that conservatives want you to believe. Middle-class and poor Americans actually pay a larger percentage of their income in taxes than the wealthy do; it’s just FEDERAL INCOME TAX that the Rethuglicans are talking about when they try to convince you that the poor don’t contribute anything.
      Sales tax. Property tax. State income tax. The list goes on and on, and there are very few who pay no taxes at all.

  • quinn stilletto

    The scripture specifically states “from whom much is given much is expected”. Every religious Christian zealot is forewarned that when this madness is finally over he/she will stand before God and answer the following question “Did you feed my sheep?”. Ask a Republican

    • Gene

      Feed them what? Hmmmm? I bet you’re thinking food….and Jesus was talking about the Gospel. The much that was given to the disciples that He was talking to wasn’t money, fame, fortine, materials…it was forgivenes, grace, love, and life, ie The Gospel.

      • Absolutely! Why give a starving man a crust of bread when you can, instead, threaten him with eternal damnation.

  • Nathan Drain

    Jesus did not come to be a political leader. He came as the messiah to save the world from sin. He did good everywhere he went but didn’t concern himself with the political.

    • NonDuped

      There is no sin to be saved from. He only came to fill his pockets and see how much he can get out of the next guy. Because historical facts say jesus was nothing more than a con man on an power trip.

    • kso721

      since there was no original sin, we have no need for redemption. or, maybe you think all of humanity arose by inbreeding from two original humans? hmmmm.

    • kimc

      Well, if his intent was to save us from sin, he clearly failed, since sin is still very much with us. No less among his followers than anyone else.

  • Gary

    The message of “feeding my sheep” is more in line with personal accomplishment rather than collective.
    What bothers me with progressives is that they see everything in Republican and Democrat lenses.
    Don’t get me wrong, conservatives are guilty of this, too, but liberal/progressives are much more blinded by their hatred of the right.
    Be a true liberal and be a libertarian

    • kimc

      Sorry. “Libertarian” only makes sense to an adolescent male, or someone who thinks like an adolescent male. Ayn Rand was crazy, bitter, and a hypocrite.

  • This should drive the fundies crazy

  • CSM

    It amazes me that most of these comments, and the post in general, are written from the Christian doctrine ignorant. Really ? People who claim not to be christian telling us what the doctrines say ?? That’s like a person who has never been to Europe trying to be its tour guide. And I was once one of those “Born Again” types who spouted everything a preacher taught without ever really reading the scriptures for myself. I know the lifestyle and the hypocrisy often displayed by them once they leave the church building. Two blind groups trying to sound like they know what is real and not. You’re fooling yourselves. Each has a point, and then they prove they have no idea what they are talking about by interpreting doctrine, usually out of context, to make a point of ignorance. Go ahead. Read one or two lines of a book or two and tell us the whole story from it. You all seem to be missing the point, including the moron who wrote the article.

    • Zaphod

      The person writing the articles point was not to out of context depict a position, but rather the collection of the persona that is portrayed of jesus in the gospels would not mesh with conservatism. Unless youre totally blinded by what you want to be true, that cant rationally be argued against.

      If you spend too much time taking the bible in context, you realize it has little to do with today, and is in fact so contradictory as to be wholly man made. I’ve seen so many say its “out of context” and have no clue about the context, or realize the full context makes it worse.

  • NonDuped

    Who cares about jesus?! He is just the original Jim Jones with out the crazy flavor aid. And he still duped people in to believing his b.s.. So what if came back to existing now? He just then will to prove what an ass he is all over again.

  • Posse Comitatus

    This is the STUPIDEST thing I have ever read! I like how you throw stones by using the story of Jesus saying “let him without sin cast the first stone!” The point Jesus was making was that you should not be so concerned with other peoples sins, you should concentrate on yourself! Something Liberals DON’T GET!

    • Robin

      That made me laugh. The conservatives, who regularly introduce legislation concerning women’s health and sexual orientation are LESS concerned about other people’s sin? Really?!?! They’re ALL about other people’s sin. I’m a liberal and there is not one thing I care about less than another person’s sin, or perceived sin. We can’t allow homosexuals to get married because it’s a sin. We can’t allow women to make their own choices about their reproduction because abortion/birth control/sex outside of marriage is a sin. Give me a break. Conservatives are so far up in everyone else’s sin they can’t even see daylight.

    • Sam I-Am

      Looks as if the Posse’s good at trowing many Stones too? But I suppose our Egoic Mind & Inner Voice is so dominating that often while focused on what we believe is the STUPIDEST OF THINGS we end up being even worse than who or what we don’t like. I’m happy Posse that you’ve the freedom of speech we enjoy in USA.

      THAT’S the Rub, and it’s why I served AMERICA in Vietnam. And don’t forget to vote for whoever you’re for.

    • Shirley Williams

      You’re wrong. Liberals don’t try to legislate religion and Republicans use it to justify their treatment of women, the elderly, the poor, the disabled and hungry. The example shared here is about Republicans trying to legislate abortion and homosexuality and ignore the poor. Liberals GET IT quite well, thank you and you might understand it better if you read the book of Matthew where Jesus speaks directly.

    • XCellKen

      The “Don’t throw the first stone” story was added to the Bible hundreds of years after the fact. the fictional character Jesus never said this, at least not in the first couple hundred years of the story

      • ChaCha

        Well, if this were the case, I would sure as heck love to shake the hand of whoever added that story. Who cares where it actually came from? If modern folks really tried to practice such compassion, the world would be a much better place for everybody to live in.

      • kimc

        And your qualifications to declare what in the Bible is authentic and what isn’t are?????
        Note, all of the Bible was written long after Jesus lived.

      • XCellKen

        Jesus was a FICTIONAL CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE NEVER LIVED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every biographical aspect of his life was created by the anonymous author of the Gospel of Mark, and embellished by the anonymous authors of the other Gospels, both Canonical and Non Canonical

      • kimc

        Jesus may or may not have been fictional, but you cannot PROVE that he didn’t exist. No matter how passionate your faith that he is fictional, it does not prove it.

      • XCellKen

        Logic dictates that no one can prove a negative. the person making the claim must provide the proof. Soits on YOU to provide the proof. Please explain how no historian alive at the time ever mentioned him ? Explain how Paul described him as a heavenly being how lived in one of he layers of Heaven, and never appeared on earth? Explain how so many aspects of Xianity are rip offs of earlier mystery religions. These would include the sacraments of Baptism and communion. Explain how absolutely NOTHING about the life of Jesus is unique. How every aspect of his life had a previous precedent in either Jewish or Pagan culture and traditions. Its almost like someone threw open a copy of the Old Testament, and created a character who “fulfiilled” a bunch of prophesies, which were not really prophesies in the first place. Explain how Jesus, an illiterate who spoke Aramaic, was constantly quoting the GREEK version of the Old Testament. Perhaps the authors of the NEW testament, written in GREEK, used it as the source of their fictional story ??? explain away all of the contradictions, improbabilities, and impossibilities ??? There, that should keep you busy for awhile

      • Jazzman 420

        Can you prove that he did exist?

      • kimc

        No, but it really doesn’t make much difference whether or not he really existed — we still live in a world where the religion that claims him has affected a lot.

      • XCellKen

        Note, all of the Spider man comics were written long after Peter Parker lived

      • XCellKen

        I could provide links to Biblical scholars who also believe that Jesus was fictional, but I’m sure you’d just summarily dismiss them, so why bother ???

    • Shawn Picklesimer

      Yes absolutely, LIBERALS are the one who don’t get that you should not be so concerned with other peoples sins. That’s why liberals are always trying to pass laws banning abortion, that’s why liberals take such a staunch stance against homosexuality. Unless of course you live here on planet earth where the exact opposite is true.

    • kimc

      You’re kidding, right? Conservatives are much much more into judging another’s sins than liberals.

      You guys want to make sins illegal — and your religion has no business being in our laws. We want our laws to be based on preventing people from harming each other — that has nothing to do with sin, but is the basic purpose for a secular democratic government. and, yes, you “conservatives” do agree with that assessment — that’s why you have started arguing against abortion by saying it harms the fetus. You are trying to convince us by our own values. but you aren’t really concerned with the harm it does to the fetus — as shown by the fact that you don’t give a damn about it once it is born. You are just using a convenient argument. (But you missed all the harm it does to bring an unwanted child into the world and to take away the individual choice of the woman involved.)

    • Jeff Barber

      He always cared for the poor, something Teabaggers don’t get!

    • Jeff Barber

      Seems like your one of those who pick and choose what you want to hear!

  • get a life

    The most ridiculous piece I have ever read! Stop judging people by their political party or their worth. Jesus did neither… In addition stop speaking for him as well and converting his word and works into today’s issues!

    • Shirley Williams

      Actually, Jesus spoke quite well for himself and he didn’t mince any words either. He said we will be judged as a nation by how we treat the least among us. He said pay your taxes and the only time he ever lost his temper was in the temple where he turned over the tables of the moneymakers. He said a rich man has about as much chance of entering Heaven as a camel passing thru the eye of a needle. He was very clear and his words are timeless. They are as good today as they ever were. Read Matthew, it should clear things up for you.

      • XCellKen

        If you read Matthew, specifically 5:17-20, then you’d pratice ALL of the Old Testament rules, such as No shellfish, No mixed fabrics, Stone your disobedient children to death, etc, etc etc

  • Debbie

    No one on this thread or even the author knows for sure about any of it. We all choose how we live. Will it be with selfish greed or selfless compassion? Whatever faith, or not, you follow. I choose the latter. That simple. Peace all and have a safe Memorial Day weekend.

  • ptoti

    Jesus would not be an American.

    • kimc

      Nor would he speak English, but lots of “Christians” believe he did and that the Bible was written in English.

  • Beth Starr Rhone

    I think this article is disgusting. Yes people fail, and Christians are human just like everyone else. They shouldn’t claim or pretend to be perfect because they aren’t. But others shouldn’t hold them under a microscope and dance in glee at their flaws either. Your eyes should be focused on God, not on man.

    Belief in the death penalty comes from the Scripture “an eye for an eye”. As do the beliefs behind being Pro-Life. And many other things Republicans stand for. A study of the Bible would refute some of Allen Clifton’s claims, but he instead just spews his own personal prejudiced opinions.

    I know many “good” Christians; those who walk what they talk, who are all about helping others, and do nothing but encourage forgiveness, compassion and hope. And almost every single one of them is a Republican.

    There is SO much hypocrisy in this article. The simple fact is, there are godly and ungodly people in BOTH parties. There are rich people, and people who prefer to have guns, Pro-Life, Pro-Abortion, greedy, rude, self-serving, etc etc etc in BOTH parties.

    And to pretend to know and speak for the mind and heart of Jesus is, as I said at the beginning….disgusting. Someone who can’t even respect Him enough to capitalize references and obviously knows so little about Scripture is not someone whose opinions I place any value in.

    • Mishka

      I LOVE comments like this. They have everything! From your “I know people who contradict this articles content” to “how do you claim to interpret the Bible/Jesus” but its totally cool for your pastor to do it, cuz he’s a Christian. You even defended the death penalty! Yes thats in your scriptures. It’s in most old faiths and societies dating back thousands of years because it was totally cool to kill someone for working on a holy day or planting their crops wrong back then.

    • kimc

      “The simple fact is, there are godly and ungodly people in BOTH parties.
      There are rich people, and people who prefer to have guns, Pro-Life,
      Pro-Abortion, greedy, rude, self-serving, etc etc etc in BOTH parties.”
      Except, that there are far more, both numerically and percentage-wise, of all of those in the Republican Party. Liberals are Pro-Choice, not pro abortion. That means the woman can choose either way.

      And lots of people, especially Republicans, try to speak for and interpret Jesus, and the rest of the Bible. You are being disingenuous to claim to disapprove of it.

  • Jeffrey Hanson

    I am a conservative and belive in helping those less fortunate. I DO NOT want my government, which has proven to be corrupt and inefficient, funneling my contributions through their greedy hands. By the way, Republicans gave way more to charities than Democrats.

    Republicans give more than twice what Democrats give in charitable contributions.

    In 2008 Arthur C. Brooks wrote a book that included information on this very question and found that even though on average Democrat households have higher incomes, the Republican or Conservative households donate more of their income. Republicans also donate more blood as well.

    • Zac Marorocs

      If you remove giving to churches, Republicans do not give more to charities than those on the Left. As I’m sure you know, statistics are easily manipulated when they are simply stated as figures.

  • bertram allen

    I’m a democrat, but this type of rehtoric is just as bad, if not worse, than the republicans. Step back and look at it!!! Imagine switching the partys around. You would say, OMG, republicans have hit bottom again. Allen Clifton’s writing is biased, inflamitory, and often outright garbage. He sure as #$!! dosen’t reflect my democratic view!

  • Jerry

    Nice article something I would like to see is about the history of Christianity and how it was not started by Jesus (he was a Jew) Christianity became mainstream via the Roman Empire… Senators switched for political reasons and thus the Roman Catholic Church was born. Oh and the good bible we have (King James Version) was translated by order of an murderous, adulterous, lying, tyrant who started his own church, the Anglican Christian Church which Republicans and Democrats in this country hold so sacred. That is why there are few Christians who follow Christ’s Values. We are literally born into a society of perpetual deceit, which is why we have to fight and dig for truth every day.

  • northern_sentinel

    Jesus spoke of Charity, not forcible seizure by governments and redistribution.
    The Constitution speaks of promoting the general welfare, not providing the general welfare.
    The differences in both cases are profound,
    the one uplifts people allowing their natural goodness to blossom,
    the other debases and enslaves them.

    • ChaCha

      It seems to me that Jesus collecting everybody’s leftover loaves and fishes, then multiplying and distributing them to all who had come to hear him, sounds a bit like actually telling others to share their bounty with those who were in need. Plus it shows that by giving you will get more blessings back!

      • northern_sentinel

        Yes ChaCha.
        Jesus didn’t force anyone to give.
        He didn’t seize their loaves and fish.
        They freely gave without coercion, without the threat of the point of the sword.
        It is that free giving, an expression of the inner goodness within us all,
        that rebounds upon us bringing us unsought joy, love and wisdom.

    • kimc

      We don’t “provide the general welfare”. It isn’t enough to live on. the average person stays on “welfare” less than two years. We are in a depression, so there are no jobs available even for people who want desperately to work. There are so many things wrong with the way you think.

      • northern_sentinel

        The government certainly does attempt to “provide the general welfare”, you would have to be willfully blind not to see that.

        Things that people should be doing for themselves
        or that other people through charitable associations, in which they freely give of their money and their time, could offer to the needy,
        instead are usurped by politicians supposedly acting for ‘the common good’ but in reality only buying the solidification of their power be appealing to the basest urges of individuals who could be so much more.
        The politician’s interference stifles the natural inclination of people to fend for themselves and to freely give to others.
        It is unhealthy for the individual and the society.

        The politician’s attempt to ‘provide the general welfare’ is not limited to a ‘monthly welfare check’.
        they have insidiously wormed themselves into all aspects of our life…
        social security, unemployment payments,
        medicare, medicaid,
        education, student loans,
        what we can eat and what we can speak,
        and now through their take over of healthcare have inserted themselves between the doctor and the patient, made themselves the final arbitrator of what care is provided and to whom it is given.
        It is enough to make an advocate of individual freedom shudder,
        but to those willing to sell their freedom and the responsibility it entails for the safety and comfort of a slave it seems like a good deal.

        “There are so many things wrong with the way you think.”

        There very well may be, but as a past recipient of welfare and one time believer in my ‘entitlement’ to the fruit of other’s labor, I can tell you that it held me back more than it helped me.
        The accomplishments, sense of self-worth and humility I have attained since I woke up, accepted my natural freedom and the ‘scary’ responsibilities and accountability that came with it, has filled my life with experiences and wonder beyond anything I could have imagined.

  • XCellKen

    Jesus would NOT be pro environment. Isn’t he the guy that condemned an innocent fig tree to death for no good reason???

    • kimc

      Yeah, but he was hungry when he got angry at the fig tree. Many people get petulant when they are hungry. It just proves he was human.

      • XCellKen

        You’re poe-ing me, right ???

      • kimc

        “Poe-ing”? What is that? Edgar Allen?

      • XCellKen

        Now I KNOW you are poe’ing me

      • XCellKen

        And yet the omniscient Son Of Gawd didn’t know that fig tress aren’t bearing fruit in the spring ???

      • kimc

        I said he was human, not the Son of Gawd. You said that.

      • XCellKen

        Actually, I previously said that he was neither. He is nothing more than a FICTIONAL CHARACTER

  • XCellKen

    Jesus would NOT be a PETA member. Isn’t he the person that killed 2,000 innocent pigs for no good reason ???

  • roninbear

    Actually I doubt he would be apolitical. He got himself executed for sedition the first time around.

  • FenrisWolf26

    Jesus was “not” fictional. There are historical references to him from independent non-christian sources. Josephus of the Jews and Tacitus a Roman senator both wrote of Jesus. Check your facts kids. You may not believe the message attributed to him but he did truly live and died on a cross.

  • Marla Johnson

    Jesus is alive & well in His body at the right hand of the Father. He is not dead!

  • Green_Devil

    They’re a party of racist asshole hypocrites. Their only value is hating blacks and especially Obama. They always tell us they’re the party of jobs and business, but have intentionally sabotaged the economy to make Obama look bad. Ted Cruz was jerking himself off over our veterans during his shutdown and saying how he would always stand behind our veterans yet last week voted to fuck our veterans and voted against aid for our veterans. And the party of Christ? That’s the biggest joke. The GOP has billionaire dick jammed so far up its ass it’s coming out of their eyeballs.

  • Philter12

    So..since Jesus would more likely be a liberal than a conservative, does that mean he would encourage African Americans to vote for democrats just so He could allow them to eat fried chicken rather than use their God given heads and vote on good principle.
    It’s better to teach a man to fish than to give him fish. Jesus fed 5000 and 4000 a couple times to show his power and teach a lesson.. Not feed them off the sweat of other peoples taxes. Jesus was about reaping what you sow. Not reaping what other people sow. Jesus was about helping peoples hearts, and teaching them to love themselves, love others, and even love their eneies. He was about the heart, not victimization and vengeance… Which is what this whole article seems to consist of.