If You’re Not Voting for Clinton, Here’s What You Can’t Claim if Trump Wins

Throughout the 2016 election I’ve been frequently asked what’s been the most frustrating thing I’ve had to deal with. While that can vary from day-to-day, I would say overall what I’ve found to be the most infuriating has been trying to convince some liberals (mostly on the far-left) that Hillary Clinton is actually much more progressive than many on the left give her credit for (again, ranked as a more liberal senator than Obama and voted on the same side of the issues as Bernie Sanders 93% of the time).

Whether this particular group wants to believe it or not, the indisputable truth is that any vote that’s not for Hillary Clinton (or anyone who doesn’t vote at all) is basically a “vote” for Donald Trump.

I’m sure that doesn’t matter much for those on the left who are delusional enough to believe that Clinton’s more dangerous than Trump. If you honestly believe that, then you really need to rethink everything you think you know about politics — or life for that matter.

Just because Clinton isn’t as liberal/progressive as you might like, to say she’s more dangerous than Donald Trump isn’t just wrong, it’s flat-out insane.

Yet with Election Day almost upon us, I want to let these people know what they can’t claim after this election, especially if Trump wins.

No, you don’t get to claim “moral purity” when Trump destroys this country because you couldn’t swallow your pride for one election to keep the most dangerous human being — and the closest thing to an outright dictator we’ve seen win a major party’s presidential nomination — from being president.

No, you don’t get to act like you care about the health care of millions of Americans (mostly poor) when a “President Trump” repeals the ACA because you didn’t get your way during the Democratic primary.

No, you don’t get to act like you care about gay rights, women’s rights, abortion or same-sex marriage by doing something that helps possibly elect a sexist homophobic sexual predator who wants to ban gay marriage, legalize discrimination against homosexuals and make abortion illegal because you refused to vote for the only other candidate who actually stands a chance of winning — someone who just happens to support women’s rights, gay rights, abortion rights and same-sex marriage.

No, you don’t get to claim you care about combating climate change when your arrogance could possibly help elect a man who thinks climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese because his opponent wasn’t “liberally pure enough” with her actual belief of climate change.

No, you don’t get to claim that you care about the poor and middle class when you help elect a man who’s going to give a massive tax cut for the rich that the poor and middle class will pay for because Clinton gave a few speeches to Wall Street executives.

No, you don’t get to claim you care about immigrants because you refused to support a candidate who supports comprehensive immigration reform, potentially helping elect a man who wants to rip apart millions of families, who launched his campaign by calling most Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals.

No, you don’t get to claim you oppose corruption on Wall Street because you refuse to support a candidate who’s actually on record when she was a senator advocating for stricter regulations on Wall Street, possibly helping elect a man who’s exploited our laws to avoid paying taxes for nearly two decades, has screwed over thousands of Americans and small businesses, and has admitted to trying to corrupt our government to pass laws that benefit his own interests.

No, you don’t get to claim you oppose free trade agreements by helping elect the only candidate who’s used these agreements to outsource thousands of American jobs because Hillary Clinton’s husband passed NAFTA 22 years ago.

No, you don’t say you oppose anti-Muslim bigotry when your actions might very well help elect a man who’s vilified an entire religion just because you don’t find Clinton “exciting enough.”

No, you don’t get to say you oppose racism by potentially helping elect a man who has blatantly pandered to the alt-right and white nationalism, inspiring and energizing the KKK and other white nationalists to levels we haven’t seen in decades, because you don’t “feel Hillary Clinton is genuine enough.”

No, you don’t get to say that you care about bringing about true progress to this country when you could very well be helping elect someone who’ll likely stack the Supreme Court with multiple far-right Justices, making the court conservative for the next 20-30 years, because you just couldn’t “stomach” voting for the wife of the president who nominated two of our most liberal justices, Breyer and Ginsburg.

No, you don’t get to call yourself a progressive when you might very well be helping elect a man who’ll destroy this country to such an extent that we may never be able to recover because you can’t put the greater good of the country and others ahead of your own privilege, ego and immaturity.

No, you don’t get to complain about the horrors Donald Trump will inflict upon this nation if he’s elected because you were instrumental in helping make that happen.

No, you don’t get to say that you won’t be “guilted into voting for someone you don’t support” simply because I’m telling you a harsh reality that you don’t want to hear or believe.

You don’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton? That’s fine. That’s everyone’s choice and right as an American to vote however you like.

But with that right comes facing the responsibilities of your decisions. Just because you have the right to do something doesn’t mean your choices don’t have consequences. That doesn’t mean you get to make those choices, put the country and the rights for millions of people at risk, then claim you bear no responsibility for helping elect the man who:

  • Took away health care from millions.
  • Would try to ban same-sex marriage.
  • Doesn’t believe in climate change.
  • Ripped up or rolled back decades worth of effort to pass green energy initiatives.
  • Will be instrumental in stacking a Supreme Court with enough Justices to overturn Roe v. Wade, ending abortion rights for women.
  • Will rip apart millions of families with his “deportation force.”
  • Will spend at least the next four years vilifying minorities as the cause for all of our problems.
  • Has energized white supremacy to levels not seen in over a half a century.
  • Belittles and bullies his critics.
  • Mocks people with disabilities.
  • Advocates for the U.S. to commit war crimes.
  • Tells our allies that they have to pay a ransom for our help.
  • Despite his talk about opposing the Iraq War (even though he originally supported it) is running on policies that would take us into a war with Iran.
  • Is a self-admitted sexual predator.
  • Doesn’t think “flat-chested women can be 10’s.”
  • Slanders women who’ve accused him of sexual assault as unattractive liars looking for their 15 minutes of fame.
  • Sues people out of spite.
  • Frequently attacks the First Amendment by trying to bully and manipulate the press.
  • Believes far-right/alt-right conspiracy theorists are credible sources of information.
  • Praises authoritarian dictators.
  • Thinks more countries should have nukes.
  • Will open our national parks up for oil drilling and fracking.
  • Wants guns in every school and classroom.
  • Was found guilty by the Department of Justice for racial discrimination.
  • Was found guilty in New York creating a fake anti-gambling organization to use racism to slander Native Americans hoping to prevent them from being able to open a competing casino.
  • Bragged about not paying taxes for nearly two decades.
  • Walked away rich and scot-free when he declared bankruptcy, often screwing over his workers and small businesses in the process.
  • Continually has lied about why he won’t show voters his taxes.
  • Has a long (and growing) list of connections to Russian interests.
  • Encouraged foreign espionage against political opponents.
  • Declared he’ll use his power as president to target political rivals who he thinks are already guilty.
  • Reduces the value of women to their looks and weight.
  • Attacked Gold Star parents.
  • Spent years using blatant racism to delegitimize our nation’s first African American president.

“Fun” fact: There are millions of vulnerable Americans whose lives will be destroyed under a “President Trump.”

I’m a straight, white Christian male who’ll most likely be fine under a Trump presidency. In fact, as a political analyst/writer and co-owner of a political website, I’d probably make more money if Trump is president.

My right to marry who I love; my faith; my right to control my own body; my gender; my health care; my race — none of those are under attack by Donald Trump and the Republican party.

But I don’t support Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party because of what benefits me, I do it because I care about other people. I do it because, while far from perfect, it’s the best chance I have to make this country better. I do it because I understand that there’s more to life than just what impacts me. I do it because I believe getting 60-70 percent of what I want, while working to get even more, is better than getting almost nothing. I do it because I’d rather work with a flawed politician who’ll at least listen to me than deal with those who’ll vilify me. I do it because there are millions of Americans who, for one reason or another, can’t fight and defend themselves.

I mostly do it because it’s the right thing to do. 

I just hope on November 8th, 2016 more people do the right thing, because there’s way too damn much on the line for us not to.

Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know if you’re with me.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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