If You Think Both Parties Are The Same, This Graph Will Show Why You’re Wrong

republican-democratOver and over again for the last couple of years I’ve heard how “both parties are the same dude! You need to wake up man! Stop being one of the sheeple!” These remarks often come from people who think Infowars or Natural News are legitimate news sources, but I also get this from some of the more “enlightened” people my page picked up back during the days of Occupy.

Let’s be honest — on some things, Democrats and Republicans share similarities. Both sides tend to have super PACs funding candidates and they almost all seem to be fairly cozy with Wall Street. Beyond that, the differences become more and more obvious. In fact, this graph shows that over the last 30 years, both sides of the aisle in the Senate have moved further and further apart.

US Senate Voting Similarity Networks

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If both parties really were the same, why is one of them hijacked by social and religious radicals who seem to want to bring the federal government to its knees? If there was no difference between Democrats and Republicans, why is one party determined to do everything it can to disenfranchise voters in order to maintain political power in areas where their support is rapidly slipping away?

Anyone who tells you both parties are exactly the same has either not been paying attention, or they’re being completely disingenuous. I’d even go so far as to say that they’re recruiting for the Libertarian Party (with which I do agree on some things, but not all) or they’re trying to keep people from voting by spreading apathy and disinformation.

Despite the faults of Democrats, including being overly zealous on guns when it comes to some further left members of the party, I don’t see them willing to hold the government and economy hostage because they couldn’t push an assault weapons ban through. They may be out of touch with rural voters and those who prefer boiled collards over arugula, but they’re not batshit insane and intent on installing their own version of Sharia law.

I’m not totally happy with everything Democrats have done but as someone who used to be a Republican and has worked for the Green Party, there is definitely a difference between Democrats and Republicans – now so more than ever.


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