If You Think YOU Loathe the Westboro Baptist Church, Then You Should Read This

Westboro-Baptist-ChurchHate is a word I try not to use often.ย  It’s just such an absolute definitive word to describe feelings that, as someone who tries to be a decent person as often as I can, I simply attempt to avoid using.

But not today—I hate the Westboro Baptist Church and all the vile, deplorable, disgusting, wretched, bottom-feeding vermin that attend that church.

I’m not even sure the proper adjectives even exist to truly convey the disdain I hold for these people.

As a Christian, I fight the urge to wish ill will on anyone, even if they’ve wronged me in some way—but these are creatures I view closer to parasites feeding on ignorance and hate than I do anything that resembles a human being.

And while I might not wish anything bad to happen to someone, that doesn’t mean I would feel bad if something happened to the followers of the Westboro Baptist Church.

If these “things” (I refuse to call them human) were to be shoved into the largest hive of bees the world has even seen, then tossed into a pile of rotting salmon, followed by a swift kick down a hill covered in broken glass, right into a pit of starving grizzly bears—I doubt many would blink an eye.

Heck, millions would probably pay to witness it happen.

To call them ignorant would be an insult to the truly ignorant, who are geniuses compared to these piles of human excrement.

The way at which these “things” go out of their way to prey on those at their most vulnerable, exploiting the most tragic of events, just displays the kind of sad and pathetic existence these “things” live.

Even as I write this, trying to wrap my mind around my feelings towards these creatures—I truly can’t put into words what I feel.

I can only describe it as a feeling in my stomach that begins to grow — a mix of anger, sickness and rage — that makes me realize that I must never be around these “things.”

The restraint those have shown who’ve stood in opposition, formed blockades or protested against them — to not violently attack these creatures — is something I’m not sure I would have.

And to think of those who’ve lost loved one, seeing these parasites show up to protest the funerals…

I really don’t know how they handle it.ย  If I lost a loved one and those creatures showed up to protest the funeral—I don’t think there’s anything that exists on this planet which could restrain me from trying to rip those people apart.

As a Christian I believe in an afterlife and I believe there’s a special part of Hell, located at its deepest bowels, reserved for followers of the Westboro Baptist Church.

This is the first time I’ve wrote anything about them, and will probably be the last since they’re just not worth anybody’s time. ย But I just had to get this off my chest.

And I know one thing for certain.ย  I hope I live my life to the point where at its conclusion—these bottom-feeders would show up to protest my funeral.

Because that probably means I did something right.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • TJHillgardner

    I thought this was a news site. This opinion piece adds nothing new to the conversation except now I know how Allen Clifton feels.

    • sandra1947

      I think that was the point! I too share his feelings.

      • TJHillgardner

        Great. But don’t post it under “news” when it is “opinion.”

      • sandra1947

        I don’t think Forward Progressive is a “news” site. He didn’t say it was “news”, he said it was his opinion. I believe you just posted your opinion didn’t you?

      • TJHillgardner

        Well I see the word “news” in the header. Why doesn’t it say “opinion” if its an opinion site? And it is irrelevant that somewhere in the text of the article the writer disloses that what he is saying is his opinion. I figured that out anyway. The point is that standards of journalism suggest that you don’t go around passing opinion off as news or vice versa.

        But if you want me to critique it as an opinion piece, well it still sucks because a GOOD opinion piece marshals evidence to permit the reader to draw a conclusion agreeing with the argument of the author. This was nothing but emotionality and bile. If that’s what floats your boat, to each his own. I like good journalism. That’s why I don’t watch Faux News and probably wont be coming back to this web site.

      • sandra1947

        I know about the Westboro group already. This is just bolstering my opinion of this group. You evidently have not heard or read anything about them, if you have and haven’t formed an opinion I have to wonder why. This is his forum, he can vent any form he wants to.

      • TJHillgardner

        LOL Are you serious? How can anyone obtain a reasoned opinion by reading this diatribe? It contains not one statement of fact. It merely expresses FEELINGS. If you have an opinion worthy of public expression, it should be supported by facts – not emotions. Moreover, you should post it in a manner where the reader can appreciate BEFORE THEY READ YOUR ARTICLE that what follows is an expression of opinion. Which brings me to your claim that this is his “forum.” The top of the page suggests that “news” is to be found here. All I am pointing out is how that is a complete load of BS!

    • OohRahMama

      That’s just it – it’s an *opinion piece*. What part of your own post did you not get?

      • TJHillgardner

        The part where it is in the “News” section of the web site. Or in your infinite wisdom, did you not notice that it was posted under “News” or not labeled “Opinion”?

      • mlk1969

        Dude, who cares? Get over it. I mean, I’m sure it really disrupted your life and all, but we don’t care.

      • Lucy


      • TJHillgardner

        I’ll remember where my audience is when I’m seeking people who like consuming bile and vitriol. You are an easy audience to please. One need not come armed with facts. If that’s what you like, enjoy.

      • TJHillgardner

        You folks must be young and/or uneducated, because when you grow up you will learn that time is money and that journalism is important – more important than your silly partisanship.

    • Socialmedic

      So what? The Fox network does it all the time. If you want traditional rules of journalism to be followed, shut Fox down first.

      • Ellie

        Do you teach your kids that, if someone else is doing something bad, it’s okay for them to do that too? :O

      • TJHillgardner

        Faux News. LOL Nice standard to aspire to. LOL

  • trav45

    And your point is? However much I may agree with the sentiment, this piece of bile-spilling is no substitute for a reasoned argument.

    • sandra1947

      There is no reasoning with/for/or against this group. What reasoned argument would you use, Oh Great One? I believe you missed his point, he hates them. That was the point of this opinion piece.

    • Dan Baumann

      Reason.. Schmeason..

    • Socialmedic

      These people utterly lack the capacity for reasoned argument. Whether the problem is genetic or socially acquired I have yet to determine but I have never seen “the light” dawn on any such person. As such, to think that people who are so utterly incapable of self-rule have been installing fascists in key federal government positions by exploiting religion is truly frightful. After WWII one would think that when it comes to national self-determination, fascism is not an option. When a nation embraces it, it becomes a threat to the rest of the free world.

  • MissNovemberTuesday

    I would “blink an eye” but only for the poor bears who might swallow broken glass. They are innocent and do not deserve that.

    • dobiehut

      Precisely what I was thinking as I read that paragraph!!

  • jeczaja

    “We wrestle not against flesh and blood”. Is it flesh and blood? Then its not the real enemy. Those are decieved people belonging to a hyper-Calvinist cult.

    • kathy

      what does this comment have to do with anything ??????

      • OohRahMama

        It’s the poster’s opinion on the spiritual aspect of who the real enemy is. What does your post have to do with anything? If you want clarification, ask for it. If you want to be snarky for no reason, you’ve succeeded. Congratulations; feel better now dear?

      • Lucy

        What are you, Kathy’s mother? Being just as snarky I see.

    • Socialmedic

      The world population was not 7 billion when people wrote those words.

  • Feathers McDraw

    Keep in mind, these folks are lawyers. They use their right to picket in order to get folks agitated enough to either threaten them, or to actually enact physical violence. That way, they can sue the individual and the town for not providing proper protection. Be very careful what you say about these folks – they are well versed in the law and know how to separate you from your wallet. (And now that you have your feelings out, you might consider taking the post down. You don’t want someone coming after you with a lawsuit – ie, “this person threatened me with bees!”)

    • Whispered Words

      They can’t sue if you can off them all at once ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Cathy Baumgardner

      They better get on their suing shoes then because there are a whole lot of people out there who have outright said they would shoot them between the eyes is they showed up at their loved ones funeral.

  • Lady K

    May I offer a different perspective? I always try to find the good in everything, and I’ve actually found something good about this. Because of the WBC, people from all over (the country and the world) have been brought together in love, peace, and harmony to stand up for others, whether it’s at a funeral, parade, or whatever. If it weren’t for the WBC and their nonsense, would this have happened? Would people have come in the hundreds and thousands to show their support of whomever or whatever they’re picketing? The saying is that God works in mysterious ways, and this sure is one of them.

    Plus, we have to remember that the WBC is made up of mostly one very misguided family. They were taught to hate. As much as I “hate” what they do, it is my responsibility of how I feel towards others. Personally, I try to see them surrounded with love, something they are not used to receiving. Martin Luther King, Jr. said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” I’m not going to allow the WBC drag me down to their level of hate.

    And because of them, we are seeing what ISN’T working, particularly in so many churches today. And it is only when we can see what isn’t working that we can cleanse and heal it.

    This is just my opinion and what I believe.

    • wecandobetter758

      “If it weren’t for the WBC and their nonsense, would this have happened?”

      If it weren’t for the WBC, would it have NEEDED to happen? These people come together to fight a common foe. Wouldn’t they (and all of us) be better off without the foe in the first place? If people need a common foe to bring them together, we have deeper problems to solve.

    • Socialmedic

      In the words of a wise old advisor to the Dalai Lama, “non-violence means to cooperate, so long as cooperation is possible.” 55 years later the Dalai Lama has never stepped foot back inside Tibet and not one Tibetan serves in any office of the Chinese controlled “Tibetan” government. Certain utterly non-negotiable, totally unreasoning individuals on the planet are incapable of seeing any light no matter how long you shine it on them.

    • cycle travler

      EXCELLENT post. I believe WBC has brought Allen Clifton down to their level (for a moment). No one wants to read that. Thanks so much Lady K !

      • Lucy

        If you don’t speak out against hate and wrongness, then you condone it by your very silence.

      • Shannon Nicol

        here, here!

      • Michelle Todd

        You can speak out against it with a little more tact than this article did…. imo. This article just sounded like a bitch-fest, and I know Allen is more than capable of more reasonable thought than what he was having when he wrote this.

    • God Bless Our Heros

      Well said

  • kathy

    I agree with him these people are bottom feeders they don’t preach love from the bible they preach hate when i watched the most hated people on youtube how can they simply say every solider that came back dead was things they were not and how in the world was they able to get certain info on the soldiers they picketed their funerals …..i am a Christian and all the stuff they say is in the bible they have twisted to look like they are right i guess in their eyes i am going to hell because i chose to love everyone and do my best not to judge others on their life styles

  • CVitor

    What they do is vile but if that’s what they think they’re meant to do because of their religious beliefs then the problem is not them, but the religion.

    And if you accept that their religion is wrong, then it’s a very small logical step to accept that all religions are wrong – breeding ignorance, deception and mind control.

    • Robin Bass

      you make a pretty big leap from ‘their religion is wrong’ to ‘all religions are wrong’ …and I would respectfully disagree that even their religion is wrong. Religions are based on words…from the bible, koran, buddha, stories and myths passed down verbally for thousands of years. It’s human beings who have taken these words and either done good or evil with them. There are some very spiritual people who have used their religions for good, to make the world a better place..and then there are those who have taken the same words and used them to promote and do evil.

      • sfwmson

        any extreme position, religious or not, tends to be wrong. So far, as history attests, religion has been wrong for the majority of its existence. It has caused more harm than good.

      • Robin Bass

        Religions have been used to justify evil since time began, but since humans created religions, I think those who do evil would have found ways to perpetuate evil even without religion

      • Socialmedic

        It was human beings who wrote them in the first place.

      • Robin Bass

        I agree…it doesn’t change the fact that even though Religions have been used to justify evil since time began, I think those who do evil would have found ways to perpetuate evil even without religion

      • Kenny

        he’s right though. since religion relies on “faith” it can only resolve its internal issues as well as any clashes with other religions through force. something (a belief system in this case) you can’t reason in favor of can only be protected by that means. and in a society where you can’t criticize and mock religion the same way you can someone’s political ideologies, freakish this like this bunch of idiots are born.

        and hey, at least they’re consistent in what they believe, unlike those other christians who cherry-pick for parts they like and leave out whatever doesn’t fit their agenda (such as the thing about how homosexual acts are sinful to the point where they should be punishable by death but apparently no one gives a shit about things like encouraging believers to keep slaves or that BS about not wearing clothes made of 2 or more different fabrics both of which are specifically mentioned in the bible along with dozens if not hundreds of other nonsensical divine pieces of wisdom)

    • Socialmedic

      The thing that separates them from people who are not like them is that people who are not like them do not make the choice of accepting religious bunk. In making that choice they are responsible for their problem. What is it that makes them make that choice? Is it because they are indoctrinated from birth into that religion and can’t break the habit? Or is it that they lack the genetic make up in their little grey and white cells that would stir any normal person to reject such nonsense?

      • Shelley Caster Ross

        “Is it because they are indoctrinated from birth into that religion and can’t break the habit?”. Have you ever met a Christian that wasn’t proud of the fact that they were “born and raised” a Christian? It’s been my experience that if you disagree with any Christian about what they’ve been taught you can expect them to respond with hatred towards you and your beliefs. What’s the difference between wbc and every other Christian belief other than they are willing to attack their own for financial gain. Check yourselves before condemning them. I’ve heard the same hate spewed out of “good Christians” when anyone disagrees with their own point of views. As this article proves.

    • concerned mama

      Religion is man made, therefore innately flawed. That doesn’t mean nothing’s going on, it just means that we haven’t evolved our spirits enough I think. And here’s my take… I think if you could overlay all the religions, and find out where the stories and messages overlaps – that’s where the truth is at. Anyway, for the record… yeah, these westboro folks are clearly unhappy to the core with themSELVes, or they wouldn’t be so hate filled about others publicly as they are. There’s a petition on the white house web site to designate them as a hate group. Go sign it, it’s close to all the signatures it needs to get an official reply from the gov.

      • Ellie

        Why would we overlay all the religions? Almost all religious books encourage violence and superstition. How about we just treat them as what they really are, a bunch of folk tales not to be taken seriously? And use our heads and science to figure out where the truth is at instead?

    • Michelle Todd

      nuh-uh, no way, I have met people who go to REAL baptist churches, and they are not at ALL like westboro! Do NOT blame the religion for this one. Their own religion even forsakes these idiots

  • a small person

    God wouldn’t have asked us to love our enemies as ourselves if it was easy. It makes me cringe to hear someone talk like this about any other human being and attach the word “Christian” to it. Their actions are horrible, deplorable, unconscionable, but they’re not demanding the slaughter of a population who has never attacked us, so that makes them less horrible than of the presidents of my lifetime. They’re not crucifying anyone (literally), which makes them better than the people who nailed a man to a cross- and let’s not forget that the man forgave them. They are rude and hurtful people. Their actions are beyond unsavory, but they are not beyond redemption. Indeed, many have left the “church” and I hope their tribe increases. It won’t increase if we talk about them like this, because people don’t run toward people who hate them. Hate is a very poor testament to Christ and his teachings.

  • Molly Robinson

    Here! Here! I concur with everything you said!

  • Dave47

    These hateful, bigoted low life people (and your right, they are mostly family) are the farthest things from being Christian then Satan himself. How people can even live with such hate in their hearts (of course you have to have a heart to begin with) is beyond being able to wrap your head around. If there is a lower place then Hell then at least Satan won’t have to put up with them either. I am so glad when I see one of the kids realize what the group is and cuts themselves away from it. Vile, Vile people

  • Wilm Roget

    I’m a bit perplexed. Allen, did you just find out about Westboro Baptist? They have been picketing the funerals of GLBTQ people, and protesting outside of GLBTQ affirming churches for some 3 decades. For years they mocked GLBTQ people who were killed in hate crimes, and even had a count down of the number of days that they thought Matthew Shepherd has been in hell.

    • concerned mama

      how awful. ๐Ÿ™ nobody talks about him anymore. what a terrible injustice was done to that poor boy. Rest his soul, I think he dances among the stars. <3

  • Cat

    If I believed in the devil (and I don’t), I’d be certain the members of the Westboro Baptist “church” are his top-level minions. There’s really no other explanation for them.

  • Bryan

    This article illustrates that it is easier for Christians to separate other radical Christians, yet they claim that all Muslims are terrorists. I do not claim the author feels this way, but it is a mentality still strong in America.

  • Jonathan G

    “I believe thereโ€™s a special part of Hell, located at its deepest bowels, reserved for followers of the Westboro Baptist Church.”

    Yes, the little-known 10th Circle of Hell, located in the latrine under Satan’s @$$!

  • Charlie

    I oppose everything the Westboro Baptist Church stands for. I am a strong Christian, but I don’t believe in eternal hell. I believe that God is love (1 John 4:8) and that His power redeems all people (John 3:17, Romans 5:18-20). Hell is the mistranslation of the Greek “Gehenna,” the valley of Hinnom, a garbage pit near Jeruselum where criminals were sometimes burned by fire. I believe that those in Westboro will learn their error in their lack of love.

  • Michael Hasbun

    Oddly enough, the only reason they are so vile is because they are the only Christians who actually read and follow the precepts of the bible…

    • Lucy

      Protesting at the funerals of soldiers killed in the line of duty is part of the bible?

      • Michael Hasbun

        They never said it was. They view the death of Soldiers as a punishment for our moral failings as a country. And the bible has no shortage of God raining death and destruction as a punishment..

      • Michael Hasbun

        They never said it was. They feel that God is killing Soldiers in response to our county’s apparent immorality.They feel they are doing their Christian duty by warning us. Picketing Soldiers may not be in the bible, but God slaughtering innocents on a whim or for punishment certainly is..

  • lindylou

    I loathe the misguided and cruel beliefs of these people, crusted over with a hate-filled level of insanity hard to believe. They deplore other people being allowed to make their own choices, all the while exercising their “right” to free speech. But to condemn, that’s not for me or you, leave that to the final evaluation we all will endure if there really is a being that will levy that.

  • chach616

    Written…not “wrote”.
    You know the founder and leader of westboro is an attorney. As horrible and inhuman as you think they are – it actually gets worse. Their only income comes from lawsuits they bring against people who lose it and punch them. The WHOLE POINT to protesting funerals and such is to get someone to punch them so they can sue. They’re not doing all of this out of some mis-guided understanding of Christianity – they’re doing it for PROFIT.

    • Socialmedic

      Are there no laws against this? Legal malpractice, perhaps?

      • amethyst777

        The old man, big daddy Phelps, was actually disbarred years ago. Several of his adult kids do practice law, and this person is right, this is how they make the majority of their money. They WANT someone to flip out, or someone to infringe upon their rights so they can sue.
        They truly are disgusting…

  • Margie Vanz

    I was raised by two gay moms and my biological father is Egyptian and Muslim. so you could say I’ve felt attacked by some of the things they say and do. But if someone was pushed into a bee hive I would probably help them…you’re sick. Meeting hate with hate is hardly “progressive thinking”

    • mlk1969

      Oh give it up.

  • sfwmson

    You didn’t mention their whole reason for existing is to sue when they are denied the right to spread hate. They own a law firm, and what they do is somehow worse than the hate they proclaim.

  • Jane Franklin

    I have had to come to terms with my hatred for them too. They go against everything that is decent and respectful to others. When they are protesting, especially at funerals I find myself hoping a big truck will come by and just take them all out, even their spawn. Then I catch myself because the worst thing I can think of would be to become as awful as they are.

  • Cathy Baumgardner

    There was a family in our state who were Mennonites and they had 10 children. The father had left to drive a milk truck that morning and the mother was in the barn milking cows. One of their children (I think she was four) came into the barn and kept saying fire. By the time the mother got to the house it was fully in flames. All 9 children died in that fire before anyone could get to them. The Westboro Church made the statement they planned to protest at the funeral of these nine innocent children. I am not even sure what their reasoning was that these innocents were hated by God and going to Hell but they did. The people in the community and the surrounding area let it be known there were many people who were avid hunters in the area and had guns in their houses. They also let the word out that WBC people should be very careful that on their way into town a bunch of hunters might mistake them for game and shoot them all. They never showed up at the funeral. If town everywhere stood up to these people….just quietly let them know if they show up in their town it might not be healthy for them…..this crap would stop. Hey who knows they just might run over a whole bunch of tacks or nails on the road into town and never make it there…you know that road where others have been told not to use during a certain time?

    • amethyst777

      A town in Oklahoma did just that. They made life very hard for WBC. You can find the story easily with a google serach ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Warner

    I like to think that the deepest bowels of hell, where surely the WBC will go, are a literal bowel; the bowel of satan himself.

  • CritiqueQueen

    I and many other real Christians think that WBC=Whacko Biblethumping Crazies. WBC should lose any tax free status since they use protest statements & their diabolical actions all the time. Funny how they never get into an ‘accident’ during all their travels to do their nasty protesting. I’m waiting for KARMA to bite them in their azzes.

  • Georgia Carter

    I agree with you that they make Christians look bad. I’ve tried to explain to Christians who write articles attaching homosexuals that the world sees them as no better that the Westboro Baptist Church, as they should. As Christians we are commanded to love as Jesus loves us, unconditionally, but try to tell that to anyone who believes being homosexual is a sin (It’s not) or a church that insists you live a certain way and if you don’t you can’t be apart of their church. Somewhere, somehow a lot of Christians miss the verse John 13:35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

    • Bob berbowski

      So YOU pick and choose the loving verses from the bible, they pick the nasty ones.

      How does that make YOU right? You are picking and choosing just as they are.

      All Christians are full of bullshit.

      • Georgia Carter

        That’s your right to think so, just as it’s my right to love you.

      • Just a Mom

        Im afraid i have to disagree with you sir. Point of fact….I was saved and that makes me a “Christian” but I refuse to attend ANY church. I feel as though most of them are just large groups of people using God to practice their own smear campaigns. I tend to just live by the belief that if you are a good person and try and teach love and acceptance,patience and understanding then you’ll go where your supposed to when you pass. Church is anywhere you can kneel down and pray or open a bible. See alot of Christians teach if you don’t do this or that your not a Christian. I feel differently. And there are very few people in this world who can “love everyone just not what they do”. Most people have emotions and that includes anger and disgust. No one is perfect. If you ask me one of the first signs a person is a REAL Christian is when they can admit they feel anger or hatred for a person or their beliefs and ask forgiveness. I’m not going to quote a bible verse to back me up because that would make me no different than anyone else. I’m just going to say this……these people from this organization are using religion to spread hate and contempt for anyone not living the way THEY see fit. Personally i think the best thing any of us can do is pray for their souls and for our own since they instill so much anger inside alot of us (myself included). Hopefully these people will change their attitudes and start using their heads. They seem to think that if they show their behinds in a most unattractive way that they will gain supporters for their cause…and sadly they are right. Alot of people have so much anger and hatred inside that they just look for a place to be able to display it and feel accepted doing it. So i shall simply pray for us all and hope that one day we will all understand God made us all and quite frankly God doesn’t make mistakes, so perhaps we should look at our selves and figure out where we as individuals decided along the way that we knew better than our creator. And then ask ourselves what we should do about it. Have a blessed day all.

      • TJHillgardner

        Religion has caused more trouble in the world than even money.

      • amethyst777

        Well that’s the only statement that you’ve made that I agree with TJH… Still I like what Just a Mom had to say on the subject.
        This is a difference in being “religious” and living a “Christian” life.

  • Bob berbowski

    What the difference between the author and Westboro? Not much at all.

    Both choosing to believe in a fake sky-guy who coincidentally endorses their personal beliefs.

    • Lt. Aldo Rain

      Amen brother!

    • mama

      I don’t think poking fun at those who choose to believe in a higher power is commendable either. I would love to see all of us question our own positions on this – and often Can’t remember who said it, but “I’d rather have a mind opened by wonder than closed by belief.”

    • mama

      I don’t think poking fun at those who choose to believe in a higher power is commendable either. I would love to see all of us question our own positions on this – and often Can’t remember who said it, but “I’d rather have a mind opened by wonder than closed by belief.”

  • Jesse

    Contrary to popular belief, the opposite of love is not hate … it’s apathy. Hate (like Love) takes energy, and I refuse to spend 1 iota of energy on the likes of these pieces of shit. My heart and energy goes out to the families which they hurt by their actions, but the great thing about the WBC, is that they bring together 100’s of people against them that would otherwise not have come together. They are their own worst enemies and they live in a very sad an lonely little world that’s becoming smaller and smaller by the second. There’s nothing that we can do to them, that they’re not already doing to themselves in spades.

  • Paul Shene

    I’m of the view that this group needs a one way ticket to Guantanamo, and waterboarded until they participate in a gay gangbang porn video, then shown said video before permitting them the opportunity to commit suicide.

  • Paul Shene

    I’m of the view that this group needs a one way ticket to Guantanamo, and waterboarded until they participate in a gay gangbang porn video, then shown said video before permitting them the opportunity to commit suicide.

  • Desertmer

    I won’t read you any longer if you do not get the concealed carry gun ad off your page. It is offensive.

    • amethyst777

      I’m sure he’ll get it off ASAP, since you’re so important… *rolls eyes*

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    “If these ‘things’ (I refuse to call them human) were to be shoved into the largest hive of bees the world has even seen….” This is where I stopped reading, embarrassed I had started. I’m making a point of remembering the author’s name, to ensure I never make the mistake of wasting my time like this again.

    • amethyst777

      I certainly hope you really mean that… So I don’t have to read anymore stupid comments from you!

      • TJHillgardner

        I agree with him. I commented for the same reason: I don’t want people to think that this piece of writing makes any contribution other than if you like to watch people venting their spleen in public. No facts were presented; no facts were marshalled, no argument was made. I just got slimed.

      • amethyst777

        The only thing I think about this story is that every
        time someone writes about them, they get even more publicity. Their own kids are leaving the fold.
        I don’t blame this writer at all for voicing his opinions, and I find it “embarrassing” that you guys are more offended by the writer speaking his mind than that you are by the WBC. Why comment at all? *shrug*
        I feel exactly like this writer. I’ve told, and given my own family orders to physically restrain me if needed, if WBC ever protests close to my home. I have no doubt that I would NOT be able to restrain myself, if I were face to face with these “things”.

      • TJHillgardner

        I am not offended by him speaking his mind. I am annoyed because he had nothing to contribute and he wasted my time. Opinions are like assholes: everybody has one. But when you support your opinions with facts and reasoning, whether I agree with your opinion or not you are at least engaging in intelligent debate. This article is not contributing to intelligent debate.

  • dasboot

    It’s difficult, but the best thing to do here is ignore them. These people have been social outcasts, and losers their entire lives. They resent mainstream society due to their perception that they’ve been rejected by people. From the seclusion of their cult, they’ve watched society live, love, laugh, without a scintilla of attention paid to them, and their hatred has built.
    Now, they have an opportunity to not only garner attention, but to enrage the very people they hold responsible for their isolation, and lowly station in life. This has nothing to do with soldiers, gays, Jesus, etc.. This is all about pissing you off. Don’t give the bastards the satisfaction.

  • Ellie

    As a Christian, you need to realize that all they’re doing is taking the bible literally. This is YOUR book. The book that YOU, as a Christian, believe in too! Everything you hate about them comes from that book. You should understand that it is YOUR BOOK, and thus, YOUR RELIGION, that makes the Westboro Baptists the hateful beings that you object to so much.

    Your hate should therefore be towards your own religion, not to its adherents.

  • jbarelli

    While I understand the impulse that the writer shows, I hope that it is merely a venting of understandable anger and frustration, rather than his true feelings.

    I loath the message of WBC, and find it personally insulting that they use the name of Christianity to support it. Their message is an affront to Christianity, and to all Christians.

    What they seem to want is anger, and I will try to refuse to give it to them. “Try” because I am human and imperfect, and while I recognize that I am called upon to love them and still oppose them by my refusal, some days I’m not up to the task.

    But, if one of them had a heart attack while waving those hateful signs, I would perform CPR. If they were physically attacked, I would defend them. If one were hurt, I would provide first aid.

    And I believe that the writer of this article would do no less.

    • amethyst777

      You’re a better person that me. If they were on fire and I had a glass of water, I’d drink it while I watched. I’d even tease them with it.
      Since I am an EMT, I guess I’d have to provide CPR or risk going to jail for negligence, but there is a clause that I don’t have to put myself at any risk, so I’d make sure not to bring along a mask, so all they’d get would be chest compressions from me.
      And… I can sleep soundly knowing that’s how I’d react. Besides I’m sure since I’m a lesbian, they wouldn’t want a sinner like me helping them anyway, I wouldn’t want to offend them by saving their lives.

  • Robin Ford

    Tell us how you really feel.

  • Erin

    They’re lawyers. They try to get people riled up so much that said people will attack them, so they can sue. That’s the only reason they’re still around.

  • Michael Emery

    Yeah but Allen, how do you REALLY feel. Seems like you’re holding back a bit. Hahaha!

  • Jay

    At this point I only feel pity for those kids who have 2 grow up in that believing that garbage and dont even know why they have to stand on corners picketing

  • Baaly

    I see your point Allen. Sometimes you just really do have to rant and get things off your chest. However, when it comes to these idiots, writing about them just gives them more power and an additional avenue for exposure.

    Maybe with these horrible people, it’s time we stopped covering them and started to ignore them. It’s our voices which are given them power.

    • Baaly

      And I do see the irony in posting that ๐Ÿ˜€

  • John Loiselle

    They need to focus on our Government people, They are the real bad guys! Protest when they speak in public , Protest when we get duped by our officials, Protest just to protest because our government is crooked …thats what they need to do.

  • Jenn Cortez

    Even though you “HATE” them, as a Christian [like me] we rise above the hate and we wish them to be healed as only God can do. And if not the it will be GOD that judges them and not us. [Take heart in this one thing. >>]Then there is Karma…. that never fails, she collects before you leave this world. Judgement is God’s job. My job is love them anyway because I have no time for hate in my life, I refuse to let hate enter my life. My wish for you is that you find peace and make peace, continue the ‘good fight’…. we all here support all you do to give us all a voice. May GOD BLESS you and give you strength to rise above the hatred. ๐Ÿ™‚ **Hugz**

  • x

    With as many mindless religious drones we have walking the earth, it’s a miracle that there aren’t more extremely terrible religions like this. Religion brainwashes people to follow and obey the word of God. Unfortunately, the word of God is brought to you straight from religion as opposed to, idk reading the damn book and making up your own mind. You can’t hate these people for being brainwashed from birth to do these terrible things, it’s just part of religion and their religion is horrifically terrible. I don’t mean brainwashed to be necessarily a bad thing, just that since you have been raised with it since birth, you never really had a chance to think differently (ie. brainwashed). If you are religious, you can accept to an extent that the reason you believe in your religion is not because that is the only religion or set of morals that would do, but rather that you were just raised that way and now can’t think in a different way. This leads the dumber religious people who can’t read the religious scripture/comprehend the religious scripture to just take the leader of the religions word for what God wants. The WBC is just the result of a bunch of very dumb people believing in the terrible religion they were raised with. We should just be thankful that most religious institutions have extremely valuable moral teachings, that only can be misconstrued so far without becoming utterly ridiculous.

  • Jonathan Hiestand

    I kinda feel tricked, like you were luring me in to hate the Westboro more than I already do, and it just lead to a non-productive rant. What a let down.

    • TJHillgardner

      Exactly!! What a waste of time. Zero journalistic standards for posting something under the heading of “news.”

      • Jonathan Hiestand

        Extra Credits on PATV said it best. Any rage without direction, no matter how justified, never leads to anything productive.

  • Shannon

    What have bears done to you that you would wish that type of death on them?

  • Jamie Brimmer

    Correct me if I am wrong but did I not read the other day it is a federal offense to wear the American flag as clothing? You can wear clothes wih the flag printed on it but not the flag as a piece of clothing.

  • Mr. Sunshine

    Well written! Thank you, my thoughts exactly!

  • willowbel .

    The WBC promote hate yet it is sinful to hate it is also a sin to say you love god but hate thy brother. The WBC contradict themselves in so many ways even the non religious can see that these people are not followers of god! We are made in gods image they are not god and have no right to think they have the power to do gods work.