Ignorance is Bred From Insecurity, and Republicans are Full of Both

ignorance-is-strengthDuring a discussion I had with a friend, they said something that I took with me and thought a lot about once I had gotten home.  They said radicalism, ignorance and judgement is often bred from insecurity and fear.  That often the most anti-gay people you meet are those who never associate with homosexuals.  That’s why so many staunch anti-gay advocates are exposed as closeted homosexuals later in life.  Their own insecurity about their sexual desires fed into their negative thoughts and feelings toward themselves and others.

And my friend was absolutely right.

When I hear someone go off on an anti-Muslim tangent, most of the time it’s from someone who’s never really interacted with many Muslims, if any at all.  Those who are racist often use stereotypes to base their judgement of whatever race they’re prejudiced against instead of actually getting to know, or befriending, someone of that particular group.

You even see it in relationships.  People who are afraid to be cheated on, or have been cheated on before, are often clingy or extremely paranoid.  They might value themselves, but their insecurity about the relationship breeds judgement toward whomever they’re with.

Republicans are chock-full of ignorance which comes from insecurity.  They’re so insecure about their own faith that they feel the need to try to force it on others.  They’re so insecure about their own sexual lives that they try to force their views on others, or even lie to themselves and their families about their true sexuality.  They’re so insecure about their own values that they want everyone to follow them so that they feel better about themselves.

Because those who don’t follow their way of thinking threaten their ignorant views of what is or isn’t acceptable.  Why do they care what homosexuals do?  Why do they care how many Christians there are?  Why do they care about the sex lives of others?

If homosexuals are allowed to marry, it doesn’t threaten their marriage.  Though it makes them feel insecure about “traditional marriage.”

Christianity doesn’t exist only after a certain amount of people follow it.  A person’s place in heaven is determined by their behavior, not the behavior of others.  So why care what a stranger does or doesn’t believe in?  Does that change how they’ll be judged by God?

They’re so insecure about themselves, the only way they can trick themselves into feeling secure is if everyone else believes in the same things that they do.  That they look the same, act the same, worship the same, marry the same and raise families the same.  Because if millions of people begin to evolve toward something different, something that isn’t what they do, that insecurity grows and that insecurity often leads to radicalization.

Which is what we’re seeing now.  We’re in a day and age where facts aren’t deniable.  Where information is at our finger tips.  It’s why they’re threatened by shows like Cosmos.  The overwhelming evidence on that show, proving their beliefs to be completely impossible and irrational, threatens their system of beliefs.  They know deep down what they believe isn’t possible, and seeing the evidence that disproves their belief structure is forcing these people to react radically because their insecurity is growing massively.

We elected our first African-American president, which brought out the racists who finally realized that this country is moving further and further away from racism.  That triggered the radicalization of the Republican party in the form of “tea party patriots.”

The more we progress as a nation, the more radical conservatives are going to become.  Because that progress is a direct threat to their insecurity which will trigger a radical ignorant reaction to try to salvage their outdated ignorance.

But the good news is, history tells us that while ignorance might win some battles, it ultimately loses the war.  So while Republicans cling to their last grasps at relevancy, in the end – they’re going to lose.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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