I’ll Be a Republican If…

bearepublicanIn the endless debate between Democrats and Republicans, a lot of rhetoric is thrown back and forth between both sides.

I’m a liberal for a lot of reasons.  I believe in equal rights, that social programs are essential for a successful society, religion should be kept out of politics, that we can own guns and still pass sensible gun regulations, that health care should be a right not a privilege and our economy should be built from the middle out, not the top down—just for starters.

But I’ll tell you what Republicans, I’ll become a Republican if you can tell me:

  • How we can build a successful society in which we don’t have the poor to work the jobs most of us don’t want to work, for pay we want no part of and have everyone makes enough money to qualify to pay income taxes and health insurance.  All while keeping the cost of products at the same basic rate of inflation we’ve seen for decades.  Because trust me, the single mother of 2 making $10 an hour at a full-time job won’t be able to do so, she’d need to be earning a minimum of $30k year.  And very few people flipping burgers or folding clothes are making over $10 an hour—let alone $30k per year.
  • If guns have nothing to do with gun violence, because people kill people, how are these bullets entering the bodies of their victims?  Are these murderers throwing the bullets at their targets?
  • How we can provide health care to children of poor parents, keep them fed and give them the best education and opportunities possible—yet eliminate welfare programs, make health care so expensive their parents won’t be able to afford it and cut funding for education.  Remember, children are innocent and Republicans claim to be “pro-life,” you simply cannot abandon the child once it’s born to fend for itself.  Many Republicans claim life is so sacred—well, life does extend beyond the womb, which current Republican policy seems to forget.
  • Why we shouldn’t pass a law right now that requires women to be paid the same as a man for the same job.
  • How freedom of religion means a government created by a singular religion.  Because I hate to break it to you, even as Christians there are many denominations that can’t even agree on how to worship their own faith.  So just how was this country founded to be ruled by a faith that its own followers can’t even agree upon?
  • How the opposition to same-sex marriage is anything but a violation of our First Amendment, as “homosexuality is a sin” and “traditional marriage” come from religion.  Again, the whole “freedom of religion” thing.
  • If the only way to create jobs is “tax cuts,” how did we create millions of jobs with higher taxes?  Here’s a fun thought, if the only way you can create jobs is by cutting taxes, what do you do when tax rates are so low you really can’t cut taxes anymore?  How do you create jobs then?  Maybe–demand?  You know, the real reason companies create jobs.
  • What society in human history that was successfully built on low taxes, small government and very few regulations?  Because we sure weren’t.  The United States wasn’t a world power, or all that wealthy, until after WWII—when we had much higher taxes and strong unions.
  • How you can be a “Constitutional American,” yet openly seek to restrict the Constitutionally protected right of a woman’s right to choose.  Isn’t your opposition to women having this right, when our Supreme Court deemed it Constitutional, the opposite of a Constitutional American?
  • If our Second Amendment wasn’t meant to have any regulations, why is the phrase “well regulated” written at the very beginning?
  • If you believe our Bill of Rights is absolute, do you support the right for someone to yell “bomb” on an airplane?  And if you don’t support that right, aren’t you then restricting freedom of speech?  You know, placing a “regulation” on it.
  • If communities will “take care of their own” (making FEMA unnecessary) why do Republicans always request aid and money from FEMA when their states/districts get impacted by a disaster?
  • How are Republicans the party for “Christian values” when they ignore everything Jesus taught?
  • If corruption within our financial sector was the main cause of our economic collapse, and tax cuts for the rich (along with 2 unfunded wars) were the main contributing factors to our national debt—why should we reduce our deficits by cutting programs that help the poor and middle class?
  • If Trickle Down Economics works, and is the economic policy for the “fiscally conservative,” why has our national debt gone from hundreds of billions to over $16 trillion since we began its practice in the 1980’s?

There are more, but I’ll stop there.

So, can conservatives answer these questions?  If so, maybe I’ll just be a Republican.

But then again, we all know they can’t.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • We know they can’t answer those questions, but they THINK they can. So they’ll give some illogical answer and then sit there thinking they’ve won.

  • jan greer

    I have just found you and am a Texan living in MS and I am so glad. Your posts are articulate and make me wish I had been able to verbalize my thoughts as well. Look forward to more

  • Eric

    I can answer a couple of them:

    The well-regulated part of the 2nd Amendment actually uses an archaic meaning of regulated meaning armed or equipped. It is actually a call for more arms in the hands of the people and less under the control of the government.

    Freedom of Speech does not mean that you can say anything at any time any where, it means that you have the right to speak your opinion on political matters no matter how stupid and ill-informed you are, or how damaging it might be to those in power.

    Equal Pay for Equal Work laws are very difficult to enact because there are no requirements for pay, other than the minimum wage. The government doesn’t set the pay for any given job, and people are free to contract for whatever they feel is fair compensation. It makes it difficult to prove that there is any kind of pay discrimination at all.

    As a liberal, it is being no more than intellectually dishonest to make certain kinds of attacks against the Conservative agenda. Focus on their clear errors and engage them on their failed policies and hate-mongering, rather than making spurious and bad arguments to make yourself feel superior.

    I think

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      When I ask my conservative brethren why I should vote Republican, all I hear are crickets chirping.

      • Mitch Alan

        Republican and Conservative are not interchangeable…

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        They certainly appear to be.

      • Mitch Alan

        No, A Republican, like Democrat, is a political party…A Conservative, like a Liberal, is a ideology, a belief system etc…Not all Republicans are Conservatives…as a matter of fact, on the national level, very few are.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      And I though Allen Clifton was being rather kind to conservatives. I didn’t read any hate into any of that.

  • MMAProfound

    Lol, this has got nothing to do with the article but I’ll get to that, but an ad comes up saying “Do You Hate Republicans?” Take The Quiz! Haha, of course we do!

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      I hate what Republicans have become. There was a time they were known as the Eastern elite businessmen.

    • I know I do!

  • Someone said “The biggest fear we face is a man that has no doubt in his mind that he is right.” Thus a Rebublicon!!!

  • rick

    saying that being against same sex marriage and implyling that it’s a violation of the first amendment, well pointless gun control is a violation of the second amendment. we don’t need more laws, we just need to enforce what we have, which is not being done. this entire post is horse shit.

  • TheChad

    As to your second point, by your logic we should outlaw cars (They allow vehicular homisides to occur), Alchohol (For drunk drivers, rapes, fights, ex.), knives (those stabbings don’t happen by themselves)……. I could go on and on but really, I shouldn’t need to point out the obvious.
    Agree most other points though.

    • nander74

      Vehicles, alcohol, knives and anything else you think you can go on and on about were not and are not designed, built, and sold with the inherent property and main function being that of doing another living thing harm or causing another living thing to die.

      I will concede that if you can name ONE other thing you can do with a firearm besides shooting a living thing or practicing/pretending to shoot and cause harm to another living (target shooting) then you might have a point.

      Setting aside the fact that you have to be licensed to drive a car, or in many cases licensed by the state to sell alcohol, can you transport people with a gun? Accelerate a fire on wet wood with a gun? Cut a rope, or prepare food with a gun?

      Don’t be so sophomoric in your thinking – you only serve to embarrass yourself.

  • Sure: my mom of 3, one of whom is special needs, did it by working full time plus having my grandma baby sit us. There was no CHP+ back then, but we as a family still got through. No fancy gameboys or computers, we lived poor but we had food on the table.

    As far as gun rights, they are being shot by mentally unstable individuals. In fact in one case, Boston, it wasn’t even a gun! *shock*. It was something ALREADY ILLEGAL. Apparently they “didn’t care”. Totally shocking to some.. There are many, many ways for people to hurt others, guns are not the only way. Restricting MY gun rights, just to make yourselves happy, only restricts my ability to defend myself, but criminals DONT CARE.

    I’m totally with you on the pro-choice and gay rights bits, though, but then, I’m a moderate libertarian, not a RWNG or a libtard.

  • UtahTwisted

    Women are paid the same wage for the same job. The gender wage gap is a “false” statistic based on comparisons of “similar” jobs determined by some arbitrary measures. For example these studies say that teachers (predominately female work) should be paid as much as truck drivers (predominately male work). But within the category of teachers men and women are paid the same based on tenure, education, etc. and within truck drivers, men and women are paid the same as well (generally). The comparison of “typically male” jobs to “typically female jobs” is biased from the beginning. There is no real wage gap – there are job pay gaps that tend to be gender based. Not the same thing.