The Illogical Musings of a Gun Nut Who Wants More Guns Even After Admitting They Cause More Violence

Not the guy I talked to, but bears an eerie resemblance to him.

I’ll admit, I’m starting to kind of enjoy debating gun nuts.  It’s not that they don’t drive me crazy, but the evidence is so overwhelmingly against their stance that it’s actually amusing to see them try to defend it.

Even if you ignore the vast amount of stats proving that guns lead to more gun violence, common sense and simple logic still isn’t on their side.

But while discussing guns with someone who referred to themselves as a “lover of all guns and hater of all things anti-gun” (aka a gun nut) I asked them a simple question about gun homicides:

If hypothetically we could eliminate all guns within the United States, do you really think the nearly 9,000 Americans who are killed each year by guns would simply have been killed some other way?  In other words, without guns, would our homicide rates rise or fall?

At first, they didn’t seem to grasp how to answer the question.  See, one thing I’ve noticed about gun nuts is that they’re great at spouting off talking points, but struggle when asked to use critical thinking to support their stance.

Then they finally said this scenario wasn’t feasible, making it irrelevant.

I had to inform them that relevancy wasn’t the point – the point is to identify a fact.  What I was asking was if there were no guns, would other weapons simply replace guns causing homicide rates to remain constant or even possibly rise?

Finally they tried to claim that murder rates would actually increase, because people wouldn’t be allowed to defend themselves.  So they believed at this point that without guns, people would turn to knives or blunt objects to murder people.

That’s when I asked, if that were the case, then why aren’t countries like England, Germany and Australia which have much stricter gun control plagued by rampant knife/blunt object homicides?

He really didn’t have much of a response for that, still sticking to his belief that guns make us safer and if we got rid of them crime would increase.  Of course, he cited Chicago as an example of what “tight gun restrictions” will do to a city.  Though I immediately pulled out my phone to let him read an article I wrote showing that by state (which is a much better indicator of gun violence) those which led in gun violence were all fairly pro-gun.

After a little back and forth about how suicides are overwhelmingly committed with guns and it’s proven that in domestic violence cases when the abuser has access to a gun it’s far more likely to end in a homicide than if they didn’t, he finally admitted that homicide rates wouldn’t increase.  Heck, he finally admitted that they would most likely decrease.

A great epiphany had been reached.  His view of guns would be forever changed, right?


“Our Constitution gives us the right to own guns and that shall not be infringed!”  

So here we have an avid pro-gun supporter admitting that if we didn’t have guns homicides would most likely decrease, refusing to support any form of gun regulations all because of our Second Amendment.  And even after admitting that without guns our homicide rates would fall, he still maintained that guns make us safer.

And that’s what you call cognitive dissonance.

It goes back to what I’ve said before, just because someone has the right to do something – doesn’t make what they’re doing right.

Just because we have the right to own guns, doesn’t mean we can’t pass sensible regulations to curb gun violence.  Even if we only reduce gun violence by 25% by getting some of these guns off our streets, that’s over 2,000 lives saved every year.

But the “logic” these gun nuts use is astounding.  I’ve always called it an unhealthy obsession.  While many claim it’s all about “self-defense,” I think it’s more a mental insecurity where guns make them feel more powerful.  That’s where this “we’ll overthrow the government” nonsense comes from.

They honestly feel that by having a few guns, that gives them the power to overthrow the government whenever they might feel inclined to do so.  Even though anyone with even the slightest bit of common sense knows that’s a ridiculous notion.

But, to me, that’s what all of this breaks down to.  Many of these people are paranoid and insecure.  Mix that with an unhealthy obsession with a deadly inanimate object, sprinkle in a little bit of an inferiority complex…

And you’ve got yourself a gun nut.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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