I’m Sick & Tired of These Bullsh*t Media Excuses for Why People Support Donald Trump

While I know why most members of the mainstream media try to at least appear somewhat impartial, if not out-right play dumb at times, I’ve about reached my limit when it comes to hearing people try to have “deep and complex debates” concerning why Donald Trump has become so popular with many Republicans.

It’s absurd.

This is not rocket science. Anyone who’s been paying attention to Republican politics for the last few years (decades, really) knows exactly why Trump has managed to become a Republican superstar and the overwhelming GOP presidential candidate.

Because he’s pandering to the bigotry, racism, hate, paranoia, prejudice and overall ignorance that the Republican party has embraced for decades.

But despite that obvious fact, there are still “daily discussions” all over the news with pundits “dumbfounded” about Trump’s meteoric rise within the GOP.

So I decided I’d go through a few of the ones I hear often that have ticked me off the most.

1. He’s just telling it like it is: Excuse my language, but that’s complete bullshit. Donald Trump isn’t “telling it like it is” because practically nothing he says is actually true. Just because someone says something repetitively, rudely and confidently doesn’t make what they’re saying remotely accurate or factual.

2. He’s tapping into the anger of Americans tired of the status quo: No, he’s not. He’s pandering to bigots, racists and paranoid people who think anything that’s not straight, white and Christian isn’t really a part of “American values.”

3. He’s an outsider: Okay, this is partially true. Donald Trump has never been a politician. But neither has Carly Fiorina or Ben Carson and they never saw the overwhelming (and sustained) success that Trump has this election.

4. He’s not an elitist:  This one actually makes me laugh. Can someone please explain to me how a multi-billionaire who came from a family with a whole lot money isn’t an “elitist”? Does Trump live a modest life? Because last time I checked, the guy slaps his name on damn near everything he can and brags about how rich he is nearly every day.

5. He’s against trade agreements and has promised to bring back American jobs: So, let me get something straight. Donald Trump is running on a platform of bringing jobs back to America and how trade agreements have cost Americans jobs – says the guy whose business manufactures products in China, Mexico and other overseas markets? Seems rather hypocritical when, as a supposed “advocate for American workers,” he was left with the option of creating manufacturing jobs here in the U.S. to make his products or outsourcing them to cheaper markets – he chose to use cheaper overseas labor.

6. People feel betrayed by the Republican party: Alright, I can see that on some levels. Republicans have spent years making bold promises for political gains on which they knew they could never deliver. That being said, is someone who’s openly admitted to trying to buy and bribe politicians really the best person to restore “dignity” to politics? After all, if the GOP was corrupted – it’s rich people like Trump who were the ones corrupting it.

7. He’s masculine and tough, a real man’s man: Seriously? The guy who’s so thin-skinned he lashes out at anyone who criticizes him, while being clearly insecure about the size of his hands and whining about anyone who he feels is being “unfair” to him is “manly, tough and masculine”? Please.

8. He’s saying what a lot of Americans have been thinking: Sure, this is true. But just because there are a lot of bigoted, ignorant and flat-out stupid people in this country who believe a lot of information that’s not factual or even remotely true, is that really a noteworthy quality? There’s a reason why it’s been proven that the less educated someone is, the more likely they are to be a Donald Trump supporter.

There are more, but I think I’ve made my point.

I’m just sick of it all. The rise of Donald Trump shouldn’t have really been shocking – it should have been expected. For decades the GOP has pandered to and empowered the most ignorant among us. Then in 2008, with the rise of the tea party, these folks officially had organized representation in our government.

And now that they have a president-elect who’s perfectly pandered to the racism, bigotry, paranoia and ignorance that’s driven the Republican party for years, some people are still trying to play dumb as to why Trump has managed to become as successful as he has thus far.

When the truth of the matter is, someone as vile as Donald Trump becoming the face of the Republican party was never a matter of if – just when.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Libertarianski

    Could it be what the left has to sell isn’t what the MAKERS in this country want??

    • Moby2010

      And racism, bigotry, hate and violence are? Get a grip stud.

    • Thelowdown

      I’m a liberal. About as far left as the come, aside from my stance on guns(which I think are fine, assuming we do put more strict criminal and psychological checks in place). I’m not a “taker” as you put it. In my 39 years, I collected unemployment once, at 19 after a lay-off, I have never needed food stamps or other assistance, I’ve had the same job for a long, long time. So by your definition, I’d be a maker too, right? As one, I have NO problem with my taxes and such going to help those that need it.

      Now, what exactly is the right selling? Can you answer that? What about those clowns is so appealing to you? Is it the rampant xenophobia? The Misogyny? Their pandering to the millionaires and billionaires in this country? Come on and tell us what is so awesome about what the hell they’re “selling”, and just TRY not to sound like an idiot in the process. I know, it’s hard.

      • noah vail

        extremely well put…count me among your supporters…republicans have nothing to offer but hatred and bigotry…

      • Thelowdown

        Thank you. Got to fight them every step of the way.

      • Jodie

        No not all repubclians. There’s some that are sick of Donald Trump and dont agree with his hateful ways.

      • Thelowdown

        The problem is they did nothing to stop him or others like them.

      • Jodie

        I know, they really didn’t.

    • Jodie

      NO…its NOT because of the left! It’s because we’re sick of hearing about Trump . I’m not a lefty i supported another GOP candidate but the media never focus on any of the good guys only the bad ones ,only the tremendously horrible terrible bully. Now sheeple think it’s trendy to hate other people for no reason .. and “say what you think” even when itit’s immoral and down right lies ie insulting people’s wives, accusing their parents in the JFK assassination just pure idiotic hateful stuff…
      Insulting anybody that disagrees with him… he’s a narcissistic vindictive horrible human being!
      Edit comment :
      No not human, I don’t know what species he is but it’s not a good one.

      • Pamela Ouellette

        They focus on the bad ones because they by far outweigh the good ones! If they focused on the good ones they’d have nothing to report!!

      • Jodie

        Yea, sell outs

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower


    People ARE sick of the status quo, and being f**ked over…BUT…sunk cost fallacy makes it too painful to admit they were wrong about the (R)s all along (who *were* the ones promoting the economic policies that f**ked these people over), and so they’re doubling down.

    • Jodie

      This article is spot on.
      The only thing people are sick of its trump in the news 24-7
      I would love to hear about other people and something newsworthy ,importanant .
      To heck with that hateful idiot and his hateful supporters. the media must want him to win cnn,msnbc and fox! all of those have lost their morals , have no principles or a bit of decency.
      Its NOT becaise “people are mad and fed up” blah blah blah! Its because some people like bullies hateful rude jerks. The media is just too afraid of Donald Trump hateful supporters accusing them of being bias. There is no excuse for the way the media is handling this! They couldn’t be too stupid to realize they’re helping elect him

      • Stewart Walton

        It’s all about ratings

  • Hillary and Trump……2 cookies from the same dough and cutter. Only Bernie is the real deal.

    • Pamela Ouellette

      Uh NO! She’s been working for womens rights and families for years and drumpf has NEVER done anything for anyone but himself!

      • Jamesfitz53

        You don’t have a clue, do you?

    • Michael Rath

      Bernie is out so let’s concentrate on Gary Johnson – the closest candidate to Bernie’s ideals and far better than either of the current front running candidates. Let’s make them the rear running candidates and get Johnson/Weld in front.

      • ph864

        Wrong, Except for Legalization of Pot , the dude a is as right has “Lying Ted Cruz”, Except Cruz is a Smarter Snake, Johnson is Ignorant and Dumb. Terrible Governor Worst Candidate !

      • Michael Rath

        You must be ignorant of Gary Johnson’s history. He is probably just a little right of center and definitely smarter than Cruz. You also have to be dumb to think he was a terrible governor. Either you are a shill placed here by Trump supporters or a shill of this organization supporting Clinton. Very typical of DNC’s strategy to spread lies about Gary Johnson. He doesn’t stoop so low.

      • ph864

        FACTS : This is what I know about Gary Johnson, The guy running for President and doesn’t even know about a Major Battle center in the Mideast, a Place called Aleppo in Syria in which over 100,000 people have been killed. Also when he was Gov. In New Mexico he had the Lowest Job growth rate of all southwestern States.
        Although I Despise ” Lucifer ” Cruz is a Smart cunning Snake , which at least places him above a Idiot who thinks he Presidential Material .
        The Guy ( Johnson ) is a Clown , Thats all !

      • Michael Rath

        Go back and watch the entire interview with Chris Mathews. They were talking about another subject altogether and suddenly Chris just states “What about Allepo?” No lead in at all. He should have asked, “let’s turn to Syria. What would you do about Allepo?”

        Secondly, Allepo was not a major topic of the news and I doubt 95% of the population would have known instantly what he was asking, including asshole Trump.

        Third that is not a presidential killer topic. The current administration and his former Sec of State got us involved in it and as far as I am concerned is reason enough to keep Clinton out of office.

        I don’t no where you get your ‘facts’ but I’m guessing it was from one of many false documents the DNC is $55M dollars on to denigrate Gary Johnson. They fear him and will do anything to keep the millennials and undecided voters from moving towards Johnson.

        You are certainly entitled to your opinions about Cruz and Johnson. That doesn’t make you right. FACT: You know nothing about Gary Johnson. You are the idiot.

      • ph864

        I’m a Retired Army CSM who served in the Mideast for Years . I appartlely know more about Johnson than you , For I knew where Aleppo was, which by the way makes me smarter than both you and Him , You are a an ” Untermenschem “

      • Michael Rath

        LOL. Well I praise you for serving in the military. What unit were you with? I’m a Vietnam vet. Anyway, I don’t see how that allows you to know more about Gary Johnson than I or anyone else would. Apparently a vast majority of currently active military support Gary Johnson. Oh, and you knew where Aleppo is? Big fucking deal. If you think I am racially or socially inferior than you must be a Trump supporter which places you in the moronic category which means you are at the bottom of the cesspool. I don’t correspond with your ilk so I will be blocking your comments. Have a good day.

      • ph864

        Good , But I know your see this ! I’am not a Trump supporter ( Far from it )
        Keeping it Civil , a vote for a Unqualified Person like Rainbow Johnson is a Vote for the Fascist Trump. Wish you well in the concentration camp !

    • Eg Kbbs

      The odd thing is that most people I hear saying that use it to disparage those likely to vote for RHC while they, themselves, will likely vote for Trump.

  • jessica
  • Michael Rath

    You left out the fucking media using him to raise their ratings to get more advertising dollars, thus giving the fucking asshole retard free publicity. If they had just ignored him he wouldn’t be the Republican candidate.

  • Mike

    Political Science degree from Sam Huston State University. No wonder this guy doesn’t cite one quantifiable fact in his under-educated rant. He simply doesn’t have the analytical skills to support his argument.

  • Eg Kbbs

    Today’s news provides another item:

    Goes to show that the only way to deal with a bully is to hold them to account (and with Trump, you have to keep holding them to account for a long time) till they back down. Yet the media just lets him lie and lie and lie.

    Several things still repugnant about this:

    Trump didn’t apologize.

    Trump tried to deflect the blame to the false statement that RHC did it first (quickly and easily debunked). So much for the party of responsibility. Yet typical pattern of a bully when caught trying to deflect blame.

    Trump still claiming the widely debunked that Obama spent around 4 to 5 million to keep his college transcripts under wraps. (See not on previous paragraph. Add in that colleges can’t legally release transcripts without permission).

    Trump still promotes all sorts of tin-foil hat theories such as anti-vaxxer and appearances on infowars.

  • Jamesfitz53

    Here’s a good reason. Let’s have a litmus test for all public servants. After they take their Oath of Office, we get to hold them to it. In case you don’t understand, they swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC. They all treat that oath as a joke. And if you are of the mind to change our Constitution, here’s how you do it, You get a Two Thirds vote in both the House and Senate, get a Presidents signature, and then get 38 of the states to ratify it. But progressives say, That’s too hard, lets just ignore it and maybe it will go away, or my favorite……I have a phone and a pen, AKA executive order.

  • bill dollar

    24 years from now, after President Pence has been sworn in for what will be 2 terms, followed by the 2-term presidency of President Donald Trump Jr.,, America will be basking in its revived prosperity, peace and restored worldwide respect and admiration, Soros, the Clintons, and all but a small remnant of former Illuminati/NWOers are long dead, and ISIS just a bad memory, the New American Democratic Party will rise,embedded in the principles embraced by John F. KENNEDY, working NOT in opposition to, but rather in UNISON with the reborn Republican Party, and together leading this great nation toward an even GREATER , more united America than EVER!