Indiana Republican: ‘No One Has the Guts’ to Let the Poor ‘Wither and Die’

john-johnston-via-facebookA Republican in Indiana has once again proven just how much disdain the GOP has for the poor by saying one of the most disgusting things about them that I’ve ever heard.

During an online discussion about poverty, Republican John Johnston said of the poor, “no one has the guts to just let them wither and die.”

But to grasp just how much Johnston hates the poor, you really need to see his comments in their full context.

“For almost three generations people, in some cases, have been given handouts,” Johnston said. “They have been ‘enabled’ so much that their paradigm in life is simply being given the stuff of life, however meager.”

“What you see is a setting for a life of misery is life to them never-the-less,” he continued. “No one has the guts to just let them wither and die. No one who wants votes is willing to call a spade a spade. As long as the Dems can get their votes the enabling will continue. The Republicans need their votes and dare not cut the fiscal tether. It is really a political Catch-22.”

But Johnston didn’t stop there, “The voters are the ones in charge.  However when only 10-11 percent show up to vote, not much will change. People simply are not hurting enough, or simply happy enough that they will do nothing. Consequently the dole continues.”

It’s the typical “people are poor because they’ve been enabled” right-wing propaganda.  This fool seems unaware that millions of Americans work full-time jobs yet still rely on help from the government because they make so little due to his party continuing to oppose any hike in the minimum wage.

Are there people who abuse the system?  Absolutely.  But the way many Republicans perpetuate this myth that the majority of Americans living in poverty are living that way because they’re lazy is, quite frankly, pathetic.

Oh, someone might also want to inform him that there are more liberals than conservatives. Typically the higher the voter turnout, the better that is for Democrats – not Republicans.

That’s why Republicans are trying so hard to pass new voter ID laws that make it harder for people to vote.  They know the lower the turnout, the better it is for the GOP.

But once again John Johnston proved just how much Republicans loathe Americans who are living in poverty.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Robin DeAnne Lowry Seer

    This person(term used with bile in throat) is beyond reprehensible! Now he should tell us how “he really feels”! Good thing I’m a pacifist! GRRRRRRRR

  • Milla D Mac

    The only thinf I can say is he is right we do need a higher voter turn out… so we can ensure human filth such as him never gets any real power

    • donco6

      There are plenty like him ALREADY in power.

      • Joe T.

        Too true. Right now we need higher voter turn out to get his ilk out of power and to keep that voter turn out up so that those like him never have a chance to return to power and undo any good that was done in their absence.

      • Kenneth C. Fingeret

        Hello Joe T.,

        It isn’t just a case of higher turnout but fair and honest elections which would eliminate the right wing parties in the US.

      • wolfendenpackleader


      • Patricia Gibson

        So true like Paul Ryan, who keeps coming up with a new scheme to starve the poor.

    • janetmamajo4

      you had me worried for a minute, Milla…. what a piece of trash this guy is… compassion is not in the GOP’s vocabulary…..

      • Mark Marcum

        lets all quit work and let the government take care of us!!

      • janetmamajo4

        What are you talking about?

      • LostInUnderland

        I think maybe Mark thinks that democrats want to get paid to do nothing. He does not realize that people just want 50 hours of work to cover rent and food.

      • Athos

        Many people work 40+ hours a week and can’t pay their bills. Our taxes pay for assistance, basically subsidizing their employers. The real deadbeats are the corporations.

  • Sue

    These are the same people that kept insisting that the Affordable Care Act has a death panel! Who would vote for anyone with this mindset? Apparently there are a lot of people out there that agree with this.

    • Siobhan Elizabeth

      They are also against raising the min. wage to a living wage, which would pull the working poor out of poverty. Hypocrites.

      • momatad

        well, if they do away with the minimum wage, the poor, esp. the working poor, will have no other option but to allow themselves to be subjected to a form of indentured servitude that borders on slavery to those who have the $$$$. Those who have the $$$ will say ‘God has allowed me such largess that I can have slaves, just like the Good Book said’…….

      • Siobhan Elizabeth

        I don’t think they are going to try to get rid of the min. wage, although I am sure they’d like to. But they will continue to fight tooth and nail to make sure it isn’t raised. But I think you are right about what would be the result of no min. wage.

    • Secular_Humanist

      Recently I subscribed to one of their newsletters and was agast about the incredibal hateful language used towards democrats. Ridiculous lies, no sane person could believe are spewed, no wonder republicans behave the way they do.
      Republican politicians can only survive preaching hate, they have nothing els to offer!

  • worrierking

    I hope the DNC has the balls to run ads featuring these people. The article doesn’t mention it, but I’d bet my life that Johnson is a self-proclaimed “Christian”.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      21st century schizoid christian

    • mojones1

      They call themselves Christians, but evidently have never read the New Testament. They base their hateful vitriol on the Old Testament and completely ignore the mandate that Jesus set down to love their neighbor, feed the hungry, house the homeless, care for the sick and visit the imprisoned. They worship guns and money and Faux News. I call them Faux Christians and pray that their hearts and heads will change. Not holding my breath.

      • Mike Stidham

        And it is the Old Testament where the prophets raged against those in power who oppressed the poor and needy. Ironically, it was reading the Old Testament that turned me away from the GOP after years of being a yellow dog Republican.

      • Edwin Buchanan

        I also turned away from the republican party. I just got sick of listening to Fox News spout their lies day after day. It is no wonder they are registered with the FCC as an entertainment station and not as a news station. As an entertainment station they aren’t required to tell the truth.

      • newsenior

        I think at most, the mindset of most of these people is that it is up to ‘individuals’ to help the poor, not a socialist endeavor to use taxpayer money to support safety net programs like welfare. In a socialist context, Everyone pays a little to help a lot or receive benefits themselves if needed to be able to keep going in hard times not of their own making (unemployment, Social Security Disability etc). Individual charity is at their whim if so inclined and hap-hazard. It cannot do the job that is so needed in this rigged economy. Talk about palins ‘death panels’. They all need to be exiled to some shithole and have to grovel for their next meal.

      • Charles Batchelor

        Yes we do, it’s why we don’t think it’s the government’s job to take care of the poor but Charity organizations, they’re much better at it then government.

      • Nancy

        “charity organizations are much better at it than the government” Says WHO? Have you talked to someone who runs a food pantry or a mission? They are only able to provide for a miniscule amount of the needy and they are the first ones to admit it. What makes government issuance of the programs so difficult is the vast amount of regulations and over sight to guarantee that everyone is treated equally and fraud is kept to a minimum. Charity organizations have none of these regulations. I know this because I was a DHS case worker and supervisor for years but I was also the county Community Resource Coordinator. What are your credentials for making such a sweeping statement?

      • gingerland62

        Not to mention, the money small charities that provide community support, get from government. Why do people need to be reminded what history has already taught us about the rich devouring the poor?.

      • Mark Marcum

        as soon as you said DHS case worker, your credibility went right out the door!

      • Nancy

        Yes, because someone who has worked in the field and knows more than than sound bites spoon fed to you has no credibility. Funny how some careers automatically qualify you as an expert of all things and other careers automatically disqualify of any knowledge.

      • Mike Green

        I think it is obvious that you are not poor

    • Rita Cerniglia

      A lot of people claim to be something they are not.

    • Beckie Ann

      This variety of ‘Christian’ believes gawd rewards good people with wealth. So the poor are awful people…not a doctrine that’s in their Bible of course, but Jesus is too inconvenient.

      • Rick

        It’s part of the “prosperity preaching” of the south. They are a bunch of heretics in my opinion.

    • JenniferL

      I don’t know that he’s a Christian, but I do know him personally. He was the ROTC Instructor at Portage High School. His comments make me extremely sad, given that he seriously helped my family through some tough times when we needed it.

      • LostInUnderland

        Apparently he ALSO does not have the guts to let people wither and die. It is hard to walk the walk, but running your mouth is easy. LOL

    • barbaralee12

      This is all they need to do.Run the ads and make them eat crow watching it.

    • Nicholas Outland

      Yep. Records indicate he lists himself as a Christian. What a hypocrite!

    • Anand Yogendra

      which Jesus ????

  • DavidD

    This guy doesn’t look like he sees the light of day much.Maybe they had to photograph him in the half light because the full light will turn him to dust.

  • sfwm.son

    as he holds his pooch, who through not fault of its own, probably gets more spent on it that the working poor make in a month.

  • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

    why do I- as a middle aged man who is NOT broke– have this overwhelming urge to meet him ( with NO ONE around) and physically and SLOWLY punish him to death with my hands and legs? Im not at all violent but it just seems the RIGHT thing to do: and add glenn beck and rush Limbaugh and michelle malkin to that fray. Michael Grimm also I would want; and do him FIRST as he seems in pretty good shape

    • TTan

      Not Michelle Malkin. There are other ways to hurt her and derive greater pleasure from it. One way involves spreading her legs and mouth wide open!

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        remining her that she has no boobs and her easy2see self hatred regarding this is the springboard for her hatred,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, come2think of it: regressives all over the “right” seem to have no breasted women!!! michelle Bachmann/ dana perino/ megyn Kelly/ judge Jeanine pirro ( uggh)/ andrea tantaros/anne coulter/ laura Ingraham/Juliet huddy……………….. no WONDER the rightwing shows are sans humor!! such inner demons!!!

      • booboo

        What these women lack in assets, they over-compensate with tongue-lashing. They remind us that such women’s only attractive quality is their bodies.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        yeah baybeee,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, my kinda chauvinism!!!
        GOOGLE ” Marilyn lange ” photos— best looking woman ever

      • Laura Marshall

        You are, hands down, the biggest piece of shit I’ve encountered today. Don’t get too upset though…the day is young. But you’ll always be garbage.

      • donco6

        How about we not use any rape allusions?

      • momatad

        I understand that, but my first thought when I read this was to show all and sundry that what escapes one end is similar in substance as to what escapes the other.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        hmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that is a valid alter point!!

      • robingee

        Come on, man. Don’t talk like a goddamned animal.

      • JohnVHedtke

        Yes, I must agree: using rape allusions is *not* cool. I understand where you’re coming from, but we need to stop talking about raping women as an object lesson, a punishment, or anything else.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        naaah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, no rape – that’s not cool: an no sex with her anyway as she is painfully micromastial ( hence her self loathing and public angst)
        perhaps hammering broken glass up her rectum with a cactus? ( shes kinky that way)

  • mike

    Just another out of touch old white guy who hates that minorities aren’t starved out of existence.

    • momatad

      yep, we, the great WHITE men of old, will attain power by attrition. Let those who rail against us suffer the slow lingering death of poverty. Then it will ‘just be us’, those who ‘deserve’ the power. But then who will be their servants? *Illegal immigrants*?

      • mike

        It is amazing isn’t it? They say that Obama is importing lifelong democrats. Have they ever considered that the kids could grow up to be republicans? Or have they decided that regardless of the way things turn out these brown kids don’t deserve to be treated like human beings? If most republicans weren’t such short sighted assholes to everyone, maybe their party wouldn’t be snuffing itself out of existence. The only thing keeping them afloat, money, is going to run out eventually, as the investors see diminishing returns (like two lost elections in a row, with a third and fourth soon to come…)

      • Joe Benten

        And there are large segments of citizens of the United States who they don’t want to treat as human beings namely Women and the GLBT people of this country!

      • mike

        Mindbogglingly short sighted… It is too bad too because the deems have no real fire under their ass anymore. It’s not too hard to beat the “make it hard for poor people to vote otherwise we can’t win” party.

      • Lacey Gentry

        The reverse can be said for conservatives who fallaciously believe they are breeding and raising the next generation of Republicans. Funny thing about making predictions about things that are beyond your control is that you really have no control out the outcome that your efforts will produce.

      • lauralei99

        well, they want abortion and birth control outlawed so that there will always be a fresh supply coming in.

  • Na_na99

    Christians (and Muslims) are the worst misanthropists this world has ever seen and with the majority of the world being either one or the other it’s no surprise that we’re in the trouble we’re in.

    • mojones1

      Real Christians do not espouse this jerk’s views. Christianity has been twisted and turned into something unrecognizable by the self-righteous lunatics who do not follow the teachings of Jesus, but thump their bibles and quote the Old Testament as if it was written by Jesus. The New Testament is completely foreign to them. If Jesus came back today and confronted them they would call him a “libturd” and draw their AK47s on him.

  • FD Brian

    at least one of them has finally come out and said what they were all thinking, it actually gives credence to what we all knew was true.

    ps. how very Christian of him.

    • Joe Benten

      FD Brian, I totally agree with you however can I make one suggestion? Please change your statement from “what they were thinking” to “what they ARE thinking”. Once it is in their brains it stays there and the rhetoric plays like the broken records of the Repugnicant Xtian conservatives!

  • Gregory C Jarrett

    …loath the poor and do all they can create and maintain a poor underclass to step on and over….That’s the GOP way…

  • Grow-It-Organically

    Most of these guys also claim to be Christians, they just conveniently ignore all the things Jesus said about helping the poor, or what Jesus had to say about the odds on a rich man getting into heaven. Ayn Rand is their god.

  • Nella Leos

    Johnson you make general comments based on your personal feelings you obviously have not been reading the posts, blogs, stories of the Amerif and unemployed.I’m 51, part of the federal extension that was not approved. I worked for a company for the last 17 year’s and they laid off several employees and outsourced to another country. What you should be doing is fine the US companies that outsource US jobs, I WANT TO WORK

  • Brian Kowalczyk

    There are 2 sides to every story. Just because one man made a statement that was ignorant, doesn’t mean that’s the way republicans feel. We see some of these programs to help the poor only help a few select people. Often these programs have a lot of unintended consequences such as a lost of jobs.We often look at a shot from the hip statements instead all the pros and cons to analyze what is happening.

  • Muffin Man

    ONE of the problems with what he is saying is….who decides where that line is? Would the 1% let every single one of us that does nothing to benefit them wither and die? I don’t want to find out.

  • PeachyBreyer

    What a disgusting excuse for a human being!

  • Sweetpeace

    Doesn’t each person have a human right to set the price of his/her own “capital”, her labor, her skills, her aptitudes, her time, her family’s time, the resources she invests in working, all of the alternatives she doesn’t pursue because of the work that she is doing. Doesn’t a person have a human right to set the price of these things? Or are our lives for purchase at the price set by those with the political power to do so? Are we slaves?

    Is a paycheck a real value appropriate for exchange for the real values sketched above? NO. A paycheck, or even cash, is/are DERIVED values, the value of which is arbitrary and not under the control of those who are expected to exchange THEIR VERY LIVES for them. WHY is it any wonder that so many decide this politically fickle deal isn’t good enough exchange for the only REAL value they have, their own lives. It’s a SHELL GAME and many people know it. Nothing is worth what they say it is worth, not even themselves. What good capitalist, even, would invest their worth in such POOR and fickle returns.

    The only stability in the whole system is that which is artificially cultivated as a counter-weight to the instability and when that becomes expendable it too will be liquidated for profit in a PRIVATE money system that owns all of us.

  • pj jones

    I agree with this guy to an extent… Something has to be done about this entitlement shit… Nothing pisses me off more than some black lady sporting a range rover and an iPhone 5 busting out her ebt card at the register… Have them wither and die? I don’t agree with that but something needs to be done as far as how long they can collect benefits maybe the ones that don’t work could go to job training of some sort to get em off the taxpayers dime. I also believe they should be drug tested. They should be able to pass a drug test to get their check, if I gotta pass one to earn it for them…raising the minimum wage hurts everyone it makes costs of goods go up and employers to cut jobs how is that good for anyone??? And all this welfare shit is making china feel that with all that money going to welfare and shit we as a country cannot pay our bills!!! Which one day will cause the collapse of the us dollar and plunge our country into oblivion…democrats used this free shit to buy votes…if all the democrats wanna be communist then maybe they should go to Russia or any other communist country to see how its working lol there is no magic money tree people…this country was founded on us all working together not 1/3 working and the other 2/3 freeloading…

    • robingee

      “some black lady sporting a range rover and an iPhone 5 busting out her ebt card at the register”

      How often do you see this? Are they always black?

    • mojones1

      I smell a troll regurgitating Fox News talking points. PJ you have never seen “some black lady sporting a range rover and an IPhone5 busting out her EBT card at the register” and we all know it. You can not back up any of your stupid assertions with facts. Most of the poor receiving aid in this country are working some crappy minimum wage job that is making fat cats like the Walton family filthy rich when they could pay a living wage and still be wealthier than a normal person’s wildest dreams. Get real and stop spewing your bigoted stupidity.



      • Brian O’Connell

        Not to mention some poor people keep their phones and cars because they need them to (dun dun dunnnn) find work, or already hold jobs making minimum wage, and still qualify for food stamps.

        These Fox news drones will only believe someone is truly poor when they’re in burlap sacks living in fridge boxes (and some of them will claim even then that they’re well off).


      pj you are NOT an AMERICAN then– You are WRONG– You yourself right now are being entitled to stand on the spot you are in right now– We all pay taxes– even the poor– every time we go to the store we pay taxes period– Think about what you are saying as you are absolutely WRONG. Our country was founded on the principle of taking care of each other– A country founded on GOD and religious principles as the ships brought forth the religious persecuted from countries– our Statue states the truth– You are a HATER for documenting like you have– but I will lay down what our statue at Ellis Island says and what our principles are founded by– I suggest you leave this country as it is NOT what your DREAM is all about–fool!

      Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
      With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
      Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
      A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
      Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
      Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
      Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
      The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
      “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
      With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
      Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
      The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
      Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
      I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”


      GO FUS and have a holiday in cambodia idiot!

  • Beverly Brown

    Lets see whatcha made of butt wipe do it. I betcha he’s claims to be a Christian.

  • harryandthephoenix

    Matthew 25:36-43. True Christianity:
    34-36 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Enter, you who are blessed by my Father! Take what’s coming to you in this kingdom. It’s been ready for you since the world’s foundation. And here’s why:

    I was hungry and you fed me,
    I was thirsty and you gave me a drink,
    I was homeless and you gave me a room,
    I was shivering and you gave me clothes,
    I was sick and you stopped to visit,
    I was in prison and you came to me.’


      Beautiful and thank you so much for this– It gave me goose bumps

  • Prismatic

    People get used to saying these kinds of things around others who believe the same thing and assume that the larger public will agree with them. If everybody in Portage, Indiana thinks like this, it must be that everyone in the United States does too. Then when their remarks hit a larger audience as repulsive, they learn the dangers of speaking out without thinking.

    • Andy Kinnard

      Northern Indiana (where I live) is depressingly conservative. I’ve heard some of the most unapologetic and hateful rhetoric up here (that most people wouldn’t associate with Northern states). It rivals Texas and the Bible Belt for latent racism and heartlessness.

  • Marquisha Washington

    A quick view of “Major” Johnston’s Facebook page is like a trip down Yankee Doodle Dandy Lane. While we should be proud to be Americans (and I am) it sickens me when politicians use patriotism as propaganda. It’s like religion. The most truly faithful don’t have to flaunt it.

  • CitizensArrested

    One must wonder what the pastor of this morons church thinks of his views of the poor.

    • mojones1

      He probably got his opinion there.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        and is a part time pastor

  • robingee

    “No one who wants votes is willing to call a spade a spade.”

    Dude. Really?

  • Gary

    I work a fulltime job in retail (the only job I could get). I used to receive $90 a month in food stamps and that made the difference between eating and going hungry. They took it away several months ago. I work very hard but still there are nights my family is forced to go hungry. The story makes me sad not angry.

  • Dorothy Dill

    What about the handouts to the wealthy. They are the real takers. Year after year republicans hand out large tax credits and subsidies to the wealthy who in turn line the pockets of the politicians. The handouts they receive cost Americans much more than the assistance the single mother gets to feed her children, and the money they receive only helps them fund their luxurious lifestyle. Please. You want to talk about people getting handouts and politicians getting votes for those handouts…..then lets start with the 679 BILLION the republicans just voted to handout to thier rich friends.

    • And corporate welfare for large corporations

    • Eg Kbbs

      They earned all the money they get. /snark

    • Sheila A. Donovan

      So right, Dorothy. Oops “right” is an unintended insult. I mean, so correct, Dorothy.

    • Kevin Reutzel

      the poor pay no taxes and get back more than they would have put into the system… earned income is a load of crap… those people didn’t earn squat.. it is a handout… a subsidy… what ever you want to sugar coat it with… get them off their arse and working and not playing the game of how to work the system and drive a nice new car and get free groceries while the rest of us that work drive a piece of crap and buy our groceries and pay our taxes with no help from the govt…. I don’t think it is right that the actual working class has to pay for the free ride of those happy with working entry level positions

      • KD

        Who are these mythical people, content with working entry level positions that are, as you are implying, apparently turning down all the higher paying job offers they supposedly have in order to stay on government assistance? Do you realize how insane that sounds? That’s borderline conspiracy theory

      • Paul Duca

        It’s how he’s kept content….having a “them” who live only to take from a superior creature like himself.

      • Lacey Gentry

        In the microcosm that is my own household I earn none of the money and therefore pay none of the taxes- all of those contributions come from my husband who works for pay everyday. What I do, however, is an ever growing list of little tasks that keep out household running and make it possible for my husband to leave the house and show up for work every day. Everything that I do has a cash value that our society has assigned to it, represented by the amount that the people I do it for would have to pay someone else to do it for them if I weren’t willing to do it for free and it still needed to be done. A few examples- My grandmother who has Alzheimers needs someone to shower her. I do this for her free of charge, while the staff of the facility she lives in charges her $15 each time they have to assist her because I am unavailable. Same service, free when I do it, $15 if someone else does it. Less valuable if I’m the one holding the washrag? I also shelve books at the library, free when I do it, whatever the librarian’s hourly wage is when she does it. The laundry that I do for 2 children and 3 adults, free when I do it, whatever the dry cleaners would charge to do it if I didn’t. In my situation I do these tasks for free because I have the luxury of not needing to charge for them, but they don’t lose their value just because I’m not demanding a paycheck to do them.

        There are poor people all over the country who aren’t just sitting on their butts collecting handouts. They may not be sending taxes in to the government, but they are performing tasks free of charge that the people they do them for would otherwise have to pay for. Their efforts are no less valuable just because no one is willing to pay them for the time and effort they put into them. The economy doesn’t just benefit from people working in exchange for pay and sharing some of that pay with others, it also benefits from people who willingly or out of necessity work for free because it means that the economy doesn’t have to grow to meet the demand of paying everyone for every single thing they do.

      • Suzy

        What idiot told you that the poor pay no taxes? I certainly paid them when I was poor (and still do). My daughter is poor AF and she pays taxes.

  • freyja

    Another Ayn Rand follower????? . Wait…was there not a particular character in a Dickons ‘A Christmas Carol…’.”then let them die and decrease the surplus population”

  • mojones1

    Democrats and Independents need to come out in force and vote these vile creatures out of office. I have never seen such a hateful, hate-filled bunch, and they are so much worse since the Tea Party hijacked the GOP.

  • Conservatism is now defined as abject, wretched, heartless SELFISHNESS.

  • Prismatic

    The point is that these people really care about their viewpoint and turn out in elections, even local primaries. Liberals and progressives don’t seem to have any fire in them until they get stuck with one of these guys in a position of responsibility. If you don’t vote, don’t complain, just shut up.

  • croixscout

    So if we are going to go Darwin, why not include the corporations and others….

  • cratewasher

    The GOP seem to be barely a notch above livestock.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      donnnn’ be dissin the bovines!

  • southpaugh

    It is grossly inaccurate to paint all Republicans with the wide brush of dysfunction as in this piece. Nevertheless, the Republican party’s chronic villainization and scapegoating of the working poor and indigent of this country attracts the most base, cynical, self absorbed anti-social misfits within the American population. I give you the post-Birch Society Tea Party, The Republican House and Senate leadership, Fox News, Limbaugh, Beck, Palin and all the rest of the anti-American radical Republican RIght. And, John Johnston.

    According to Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen (*The Science of Evil, Basic Books, 2011) the condition is labeled Empathy Zero Negative. That’s not just anti-social or even sociopathic. This man and those similarly brain-functionally defective are psychopathic. Who has the guts to call them out at every turn on their sickness in the light of day?

    • momatad

      All republicans may not agree with him, but where are they to stand up and say ‘this isn’t right’.


    I cannot believe this guy– HE is NOT conservative– Because of the fact that Most conservatives believe in GOD and the essence of a spirit which transcends EVIL…. NOPE what this man is – EVIL– EVIL in the sense that he wants to bring harm to others– He Most Certainly is a TRAITOR– Traitor to a country that is founded on the principles of helping each other.

    This is ADOLF HITLER’S supreme plan– he began by destroying all who were not NAZI GERMAN TO his plan– HE DESTROYED the weak and who he felt in his mind was weak– Why do press people interview such morons?


    I cannot believe this guy– HE is NOT conservative– Because of the fact that Most conservatives believe in GOD and the essence of a spirit which transcends EVIL…. NOPE what this man is – EVIL– EVIL in the sense that he wants to bring harm to others– He Most Certainly is a TRAITOR– Traitor to a country that is founded on the principles of helping each other.

    This is ADOLF HITLER’S supreme plan– he began by destroying all who were not NAZI GERMAN TO his plan– HE DESTROYED the weak and who he felt in his mind was weak– Why do press people interview such morons?

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      shall we ask him exactly what he is TRYING 2 ” conserve”??

    • David Forbes

      Hitler was a christian

  • nogeeksadmin

    Stunning stupidity.

  • BakariC

    Yeah, at least he had the guts to say it, because that’s how they really think. Many in the wealthy class and the political lackeys really want people to just die. That’s why they are against universal health care. That’s why they allow for unlimited personal wealth. That’s why they are for the death penalty and for locking up poor people for drug use.

  • Charles Edward Pardue

    Besides the sheer callousness Rep. Johnson displays for human life by these remarks, it also perpetuates the myth of the free-ride on the public assistance.

    During the Clinton administration, the Welfare Reform Act of 1993 set new limits on public assistance to a three year maximum. Caseloads dropped 80% by 1994.

    Basic math shows that we’ve had these new limits for 20 years. Yet, so firmly is the myth of multi-generational families, living on welfare, established in the public mind, that a statement like this can go totally unchallenged.

    This idea is a fairy-tale, plain and simple, given credibility by retelling, like a bad urban legend.

    • julylaura

      Every time I mention welfare reform to Republicans, I get a blank or confused look. I blame the right-wing media for pretending it never happened.

  • Eg Kbbs

    Interesting that in the quote, immediately after saying no one has the guts to let them wither and die, next sentence is no one is willing to call a spade a spade.

    What a two-fer.

  • ryan cole

    Just another desperate republican trying to get votes from the tea party because this puke could never get a good job with his resume..worthless inbred dogshit of human being

  • Jim Frees

    Dear American-

    We are sorry.


  • giankeys luvs shemale porn

    delightfully ” Christian” of him….aint it?
    let him know that the majority of welfare and foodstamps are consumed by Caucasians in republican led states

  • kevan_mericle

    that dog he is carrying doesn’t look very happy! That speaks volumes!

    • Joe Benten

      It’s a prop. “Everyone likes a guy who likes a dog!” is their thinking.

      • kevan_mericle

        I have six dogs, and that dog looks stiff in his arms like that is the first time he ever picked him up!

  • Voter4America

    There are far more Republicans living in poverty than there are Democrats. Politicians mistakenly believe that poverty is a Democratic problem, because they equate poverty with urban poor people — namely, minorities. But the vast majority of people who live in poverty in America are in rural, overwhelmingly red states like Mississippi. It has often been asked, but I have yet to hear a Republican answer the question: If Republican prescriptions for the economy are so effective, then why are almost all of the poorest states in America deeply red states?

  • Tom Pryor

    If he’s so worried about other people not having the guts to ;et the poor die, why doesn’t he man up, put his money where his mouth is, and go murder some poor people? Isn’t that where his “logic” ultimately leads?

  • 46RayCharles2

    Rich…this basturd got the mind of a… serial killer

  • Mary Kaye Huber

    His pic alone speaks volumes….. pasty, smirking , apathy must be his daily mantra…

  • krisshanahan

    The world over, the conservatives are the most militant, the most likely to think only their way of thinking is correct, to pretend, in the most superficial way, to care about the poor and defenseless, while actually trying to rob them and victimize them in every possible way while at the same time proclaiming loudly how it is all their fault. In essence they lack any real empathy for another human being and do not possess the ability to empathize. They know enough to know they should pretend they care as they are clever monkeys but they in reality, care only about themselves and getting their way. And they often are, or pretend to be, very religious or have some other social belief system and can even be religious leaders. These are the ISIS members, the Al-Queda, Boko-Haram, the Nazis, the Netenyahu group, the KKK, American ultra-conservatives, the Pol Pot gang, the Maoists, and Hammas. They are responsible for most of the suffering of man. People need to identify this and turn away from these hate groups rather than get sucked into them because of a character flaw such as racism, or feeling sorry for themselves for not being rich enough.

  • krisshanahan

    Conservatives- just go back to hell where you belong.

  • Eric

    Wolf in sheep’s clothing….

  • Margery Bagley Welch

    ‘No One Has the Guts’ to Let the Poor ‘Wither and Die’

    How disgusting. I sure have the guts to let the GOP wither and die. Who is with me?

  • Mike Rubin

    So much for that whole “Christianity” thing. This deep thinker is just one more face of dead-souled, compassionless, narcissistic, self-absorbed, “I got mine,” “not my brother’s keeper,” anti-social-compact, cheapfizzuck objectivist modern American conservativism.

  • Darrell Stephens

    I can only speak for Blacks we survived slavery Jim Crow Reganomics and just say no from current crop of republicans. Can his base do the same.

  • Jimbo

    I am from Indiana and I will be sharing this!!!!

  • PattieStarr

    The tide of fortune can turn on a dime and wipe away this bigoted, stupid asshole’s money. If we should be fortunate enough to see it happen, I’d like to think we would treat him better than he treats those to whom this has already happened. I can only pray that Karma is a real thing.

  • KenBurch

    And this guy probably thinks Jesus agrees with him.

  • Nicholas Outland

    One of the things that floors me is that a state like MISSISSIPPI is one of the poorest in the nation yet has mostly conservatives. Many do receive public assistance but feel they deserve it– the economy being as bad as it is and all. They badmouth Democrats, Liberals, slam Obama (based on prejudice, not what he has managed to accomplish), vote Republican, thump their Bibles, and almost word-for-word spout off the same tired nonsense most other Republicans use to divide the nation. Plain ignorance.

  • jonquilofmars

    What a lovely Christian man. Not.

  • Equality Jones

    Wars…good. Corporate profits at any cost…good. Fellow Americans in need…bad.

  • Sheila A. Donovan

    I had to shake my head and read it again. Hard to believe there are people dripping with such hatred. Sickening. Shocking!

  • wolfendenpackleader

    And yet, 9 out of the top 10 food stamp and welfare precipitants live in RED STATES. And ironic is the fact that the Teabagger/Republican Party are the ones making laws against abortion and in many instances, contraception, thus making those least able to afford to have additional children to literally drown in them.
    If they hate the poor so much, it is insanity to deny women the right to regulate the number of children they have and as for the comment for women to keep your legs closed. Can’t men divorce their wives in America for refusing to “put out” or to preform their “wifely duties ?”
    Hey GOP MEN, you can’t have it both ways. So sterilize yourself and do society a huge favor and don’t reproduce.

  • AlfredLehmberg

    Irony… this suppurating pustule of an effulgent drongo is against the family planning, birth control, and sex education at the _root_ of an over-population contributing to human beings needing to be allowed to “wither and die.” VOTE THESE PSYCHOPATHS FROM THE PROSECUTION OF THEIR HORRIFIC IRONY! ALLOW _THEM_ TO “WITHER AND DIE” IN 2014!

  • Caroline Guillory-Ross

    This man is a large, steaming, noxious pile of dog poop.

  • docsane

    Okay, but he has to watch a poor person wither and die in front of him to prove that he has the guts.

    Did I say “has the guts”? I meant “has the withered, blackened soul”.

    I wonder if he has the guts to explain to the person doing the withering and dying that he’s a good, Christian man who just has his best interests at heart.

  • Anand Yogendra

    Which JESUS, AssHole ?????

  • ReaderV

    He opened his mouth and nothing but pure evil fell out. Shame on John Johnston

  • DannyEastVillage

    I don’t get what’s up with poor people: We keep shitting on them and yet they keep smelling of shit! What’s up with that???

  • Jeremiah_the_Bullfrog


  • Kinsey6

    This man is truly evil. What a scumbag.

  • Charles Batchelor

    And there aren’t more Democrats then Rebulicians or more correctly, more Liberials than Conservatives.

  • Heidi Randolph

    I agree many are free loaders, however, many are trying to claw their way out. And theboath should be awarded appropriately. As far as voter ID. I don’t disagree with this. If you are who you say you are, so what. Everyone should have an official ID of some sort. We I’d for alcohol, cigarettes, planes, will call tickets…i don’t think an ID to vote is crazy.

  • Morgan

    I fully agree with your statement: “It’s the typical “people are poor because they’ve been enabled” right-wing propaganda. This fool seems unaware that millions of Americans work full-time jobs yet still rely on help from the government because they make so little due to his party continuing to oppose any hike in the minimum wage.” I might add that those in the poorest category are the ones who vote Republican.

  • These assholes know we can hear them. Right? Since they appeal to the lowest common denominator it works for them. Disgusting.

  • Bill Sech

    No one has the guts? Its more like stupidity. People aren’t going to let themselves wither and die. They are going to do what they need to survive. They will group, organize, and act by the hundreds and then thousands. They will move through neighborhoods like his and take what they need. Fool.

  • Viir Exeter

    Funny, Republican John Johnston, as the RED STATES are the biggest welfare QUEENS.

  • Don Jordan

    I just love the internet for research! This scumbag Johnson made his living off bloated government contracts and subsidies financed by overburdened taxpayers. As best as can be found out, he hasn’t done an honest days work in 4 decades!

  • Sunshine1011

    Well, all politicians get are “hand outs”, so should they whither and die?

  • Joebobjones

    Welcome to the Internet, Johnston.

  • Jeffrey Barber

    I sure hope he doesn’t consider himself a Christian. Then again it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Soothsayer123

    This guy watches “A Christmas Carol” and “It’s a Wonderful life” at the holidays and cheers for Scrooge and Mr.Potter.

  • yes god forbid we give hand outs in one of the wealthiest nations on earth

  • bluesharp

    Witchcraft…Satanism…The polar opposite of the New Testament.

  • D Lemon

    WWJLD – Who Would Jesus Let Die?

  • Vince

    Trouble with your statement John Johnston is the Rich dont want to help the poor all they do his hoard there money and treat the poor like 3rd class citizens i have been around some wealthy people in California the way they talk and mistreat poor is horrible. Do the republicans really think churches can take care of the poor in this world well i see a lot of churches closing the money is not there for them to keep themselves open. Yet the Republicans expect churches and individuals to do it. I fractured my spine i am on SSD but the Republicans talk about it as if it was an entitlement well im sorry i worked my azz off sometimes working 3 jobs i have my own house its paid for no mortgage my kids are all grown up and living on there own does this mean i am to be forgotten about because if Republicans had there way people like me would not be able to collect SSD i would be put in some kind of home like they did back in the 1930s left and forgotten about or i would have been a burden to family. Republicans want to get rid of a lot that helps the poor. I hate to say it but i just wish one day they were in our position did i ask to get hurt no i got hurt while WORKING i was doing the right thing but as far as Republicans are concerned i am the poor now and i should whither away and die i should not be given entitlement (Social Security Disability) something that i deserve its not an entitlement i worked 3 jobs i raised two children on my own may i add, when my wife left them with me so i raised them not once did i ever collect Food stamps or welfare. But now when i get hurt on the JOB most republicans view me as a person that doesnt deserve what i put into SS im just a leach that should whither away and die. Im sorry but people like John Disgust me i am hoping the turnout is extremely high and Americans that complain that Republicans are in office and treat the poor like this should get off the duff and get down and vote them out high turn out will defeat Republican advances they have made. Each and every week while i was working the 3 jobs i had i was putting into SS if from the time i started working i had the ability to invest that money i would be getting a heck of a lot more money than these Republican idiots are complaining about and if they the politicians kept there crooked little hand out of the SS pot and never took money out it would be just fine right now but did they ever put the money they took out back? I do remember Mr Hoffa going to jail for dipping into the retirment funds for Teamsters back in the days he went to jail for it but at least he was putting the money back with interest. But our crooked politicians do the same they dont put it back with interest and then tell us that its an entitlement now that is criminal in itself i think we should go back get the names of anyone who dipped into the SS fund and have them arrested just like Hoffa was send them to jail and force government to repay ss the money they stole from it after all its our money my money your money that was taken and that is the same as stealing.

  • Mr. Curmudgeon

    No one has the guts to let the poor wither and die. Least of all Jesus.

  • Bob Deveny

    He’s right on many levels, and the author has some good points as well despite his clear disdain for any opinion other than his own. Yes, there are millions of working poor. There are also millions of 2nd and 3rd generation welfare queens. If we turned off the spigot to the able-bodied, we wouldn’t need as many illegal immigrants as we do for the jobs that can’t otherwise be filled.