The Indictment Of The Indictment Of President Obama

americanspringGet comfy, this is going to be a long one. Herein you will find the “indictment” of the President Obama by the mental giants behind the Operation: American Spring debacle. I’ve left each section’s content/intent intact, and made rebuttal/commentary/mockery as appropriate afterward in italics. Drawn directly from their site , with some spelling corrections because they drove me nutty. Just because you’re going to be a right-wing militant terrorist and traitor, it doesn’t mean you can also abandon the use of proper spelling.

Articles of Impeachment: Barrack Hussein Obama and charges of criminal offenses and activities
1. Conspiracy and intent to defraud; RE: General Motors, Chrysler Corporation, and the American Auto industry, UAW Autoworkers unions. (… Really? You call repayment of the loans, with interest, being defrauded? Interesting… What color is the sky in your reality?)

2. Racketeering: Un-Constitutional and Illegal seizure of private property; RE: General Motors, Chrysler Corporation. (BZZZT! I’m sorry, that’s incorrect, but thanks for playing. No private property was seized, stolen, misappropriated, or even looked at funny in the bailout of the American car industry. Private control was maintained throughout the process. A whole mess of jobs WERE saved, though.)

3. Racketeering and Conspiracy to Defraud: RE: Healthcare; Willful and intentional overthrow and attempt to destroy American private insurance and health care industry. Conspiracy to defraud the American people, RE: SEIU and union leader Andy Stern. (Those devious fiends! Overthrowing the insurance and healthcare industries by bringing it massive numbers of new, healthy customers! How can they POSSIBLY do business by being shackled with so much… business? Income? Profit? I mean, what’s supposed to be the destructive part of that? Is this some kind of far-right “logic”?)

4. Racketeering, Fraud, Un-Constitutional and Illegal seizure of private property. RE: Gulf oil wells, Private Oil industry assets, RE: PetroBrazil, George Soros investments. RE: Obama administration ban/moratorium on Gulf oil drilling, Forced closure of existing American owned oil company assets located in the Gulf of Mexico. Financial contributions to Petro-Brazil. (Ah, I was wondering when the boogeyman of Soros would appear. It’s bunk, of course. Someone needs to read what racketeering actually means to this fellow, I’m not sure he’s capable of the task himself. “Forced closure of existing American owned oil company assets located in the Gulf of Mexico”… translation: they were forced to “use it or lose it” on RENTALS of oil-drilling sites that companies had optioned but never even touched. Not their property, so not their assets. The moratorium was to protect American citizens, some of whom died in the explosion at Deep Horizon, and Gulf industries like fishing from further accidents until it could be verified that the safety measures in place were sufficient. The moratorium impacted 33 deep-water drilling sites, less than 1% of the 3,600 oil and natural gas production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico… hardly even a bump in the road.)

5. Derelictions of duty, failures to secure the US – Mexican border. RE: Illegal immigration. (The border is secure against ACTUAL threats. Mexicans here without green cards are a problem, but not an invading army. The invading army would be the one proposed to take the law in its own hands, under the O:AS plan, and act against its legally-elected government.)

6. Interfering with a Sovereign state and the states rights to self-defense of its citizens. RE: State of Arizona, And Arizona law to enforce immigration and the states right and obligations to defend it population against violent illegal drug smugglers. (Arizona is not sovereign; it is a sub-unit of the United States. Immigration control is not a power EVER granted to a state in our legal system, NOT EVER. Furthermore, defense does not require the right to harass every brown skinned person on the off chance that they might be a smuggler.)

7. Obstruction of Justice: Deliberate and willful attempt to impede and obstruct the duties of sovereign states dully-elected law enforcement official from enforcing both state and federal immigration laws. RE: Arizona County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. (See above about sovereign states. The only sovereign state around here is the United States, period. Arpaio is a criminal himself. He violates human rights on a whim, and is lauded by other criminals for it. He’s also a local sheriff, thus he’s outside his bailiwick dealing with federal issues unless he’s requested by those agencies that DO deal with them. Oh, and those state immigration laws? Unconstitutional! Boom!)

8. Interfering with the sovereignty of the State of Arizona: RE: The Obama administration’s state department reporting of Arizona’s immigration law to the United Nations for alleged “human rights violations”, an entity which has no jurisdiction or authority over the States or over this Country. (Again, not sovereign. The US government has the right to report its human-rights violators to whomever they like, and since Arpaio IS one…)

9. Dereliction of duty and failure to carryout the duties of his office of President of The United States of America, failure to comply with the oath of office under the Constitution of the United States: RE: Failure to provide a stable form of currency; Excessive deficit spending and deliberate attempt to devalue the American currency system. RE: Cloward and Piven plan to destroy the American economy, “Overwhelm the system”. (Now this is an interesting intersection of don’t-know-how-the-government-or-the-financial-system-work and right-wing paranoid conspiracy. The president has no authority to stabilize currencies… not that ours needs stabilizing. It’s the international trade currency for a reason. Cloward and Piven? Whomever wrote this needs to watch less Glenn Beck; it’s a reactionary paranoid fantasy.)

10. Attempt to destroy American Economy and private industry: RE: CAP & TRADE and Climate Change legislation. RE: EPA rules and legislation regulating industry. (Puh-lease. Regulating pollution is not an assault on the viability of either industry or the economy. He must have been getting tired by this point; the stretches are getting long.)

11. Conspiracy to overthrow the Constitution and Sovereignty of the United States of America. RE: Obama administrations planed attempt to redistribute the wealth and sovereignty of the Nation through the United Nations. RE: CAP & TRADE and Climate Control legislation. (This makes zero sense, and I’m not even going to try to comprehend. It’s like saying, “You killed my dog!” because the other person changed the TV station.)

12. Endangering American Defense and security and the defense and security of America’s closest ally: RE: Obama Administration recent actions in regards to Israel and his Anti-Semitic positions towards Israel. (Oh no, our defense is endangered because we didn’t let Netanyahu bomb Iran! The horror! Really, by this point, the idiocy is getting neck-deep.)

13. Endangering American Military personnel while serving in harms way in Afganistan: RE: Obama’s failure to make timely and expedient decisions regarding troop levels increases requested by Military commanders. (Yeah… except that he DID send more troops. I note that there’s not a single comment about Bush keeping the troop levels low for pretty much his whole administration… Wonder how that oversight happened?)

14. Treason: RE: Items 6, 8, 9, 10, 11. All of these grievances occurring during a time when the United States is at war against terrorists. (Newsflash: it’s not treason, because the War on Terror isn’t an actual war. Here’s the definition of war: a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state. See, in order for it to be an actual war, there has to be a nation or state on the other side. What we have currently is a worldwide police action, military being used to strike at criminals. If it WAS war, then the other side would be subject to the Geneva Convention on how prisoners are to be treated. Gitmo doesn’t meet those standards.)

15. Treason, and Conspiracy to commit treason. RE: Attempts and planed legislation to regulate free speach and free commerce over the Internet. RE: Cass Sunstein regulations regarding the Internet. (First, there are no proposed regulations on the internet; in fact, business just got a big leg up from the FCC in manipulating it to its own desires, without government involvement. Second, if you actually knew anything about Mr. Sunstein, you’d prefer his position: he favors opening up political dialogue so that many points of view are discussed and available. Who knows, maybe even your batcrap-crazy brand would get some more attention! But then again, considering that you don’t even want to recognize legitimate elections and would prefer to install your own ultraconservative junta, I can see how you might not want anyone seeing anything but your True Way.)

Defendant; Barrack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America. Co-defendants and co-conspirators: Representative Nancy Pelosi, California, Chairmen of the Congressional House of Representatives. (Document is showing its age, there.) Senator Harry Reid, Nevada, Chairman of the Senate. Representative Barney Frank, Massachusetts, Chairman of the house financial Services committee. (Too late! He’s gone, you’ll have to find another scapegoat.) Andy Stern; Former President of SEIU. Valerie Jarrett, Advisor to President Obama. George Soros, Hungarian-American currency speculator, stock investor and political contributor. Reported to hold extensive stock assets in Petro-Brazil. (How can a private citizen be held responsible for the government’s “crimes”, even if any of the assertions were the least bit accurate, which they’re not? Why not indict the Rothschilds, while you’re at it, and go the full conspiracy-nut route?) Cass Sunstein, Advisor to President Obama, Administrator of the White House Office of information and Regulatory Affairs under the Obama administration. (I shan’t repeat myself on him; anyway, he’s left the government.) Al Gore, Former Vice-President of the United States. Hillary Clinton: Secretary of State under the Obama administration.
This list of individuals is not and should not be considered as complete, and the list of individuals who may be indicted under various criminal charges should not be considered limited to those listed here. (Of course, because you never know when you’ll need to send more Traitors to the Revolution up against the wall! Stalin would be proud. In the modern far right, his philosophy of terror, lies, and wide-ranging witch hunts has found its new home.)

That’s it. Overall, I think you’d be challenged to find a less accurate or more specious document. Its relationship to reality is passing at best; its relationship to sanity is even more tenuous. It is a testament to the greatness of our nation that dribble like this is allowed to exist without the author being “disappeared” into some gulag. It is also a testament to the damage irresponsible “journalism” can and has done to impressionable individuals.

Whew! I promise, the next one will be shorter.

Jason Francis

Jason Francis is a red-state liberal, residing in the heart of Dixie where he gets to watch the train wreck of conservative politics up close and personal on a regular basis. He's lived in affluence and poverty, in both urban and rural settings, attended both public and private schools, and has visited most of the US at one point or another.


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