Inform a Republican: Under Obama, we’re off to our best Private-Sector Job Growth since 1999

obama-smilingHere’s a fact most Republicans won’t want to hear—yet they can’t dispute (just ask Politifact):  In the first half of 2013, we’re off to our best private-sector job growth since 1999.

Which is funny, considering all Republicans have told Americans since Obama became President was how awful he’s been for jobs.  But then again, as I’ve said plenty of times, “fact” and “Republican” aren’t two words that often go together.

And despite the fact we’ve had this 14-year high in job growth for the first half of the year, Republicans continue to perpetuate this myth that President Obama has been terrible for job growth and “Obamacare” is a “jobs destroyer.”

But before I continue, let’s look at the numbers Politifact used in their fact check:

Private-sector jobs numbers December-June:

2013 +1,234,000
2012 +1,146,000
2011 +1,209,000
2010 +344,000
2009 -3,876,000
2008 -861,000
2007 +688,000
2006 +1,109,000
2005 +1,211,000
2004 +1,111,000
2003 -366,000
2002 -531,000
2001 -773,000
2000 +953,000
1999 +1,296,000


First I would just like to point out a quick fact this chart also shows.  It seems that 4 of the 8 years Bush was President we lost jobs during these same months, whereas we’ve gained jobs under Obama in 2010, 2011, 2012 and now 2013.

And I can already hear Republicans, “But look at all the jobs we lost in 2009 under Obama!”  If that is your argument, you’re already admitting that he’s been a success.

Anyone capable of applying any kind of logic knows that Obama inherited a rapidly sinking economy.  The vast majority of the jobs he lost happened during his first 3 months in office—when his policies hadn’t had any time to take affect.  In fact, we saw job losses cut in half 2 months after President Obama signed his 2009 stimulus bill.

To see a true rundown of Obama’s record on jobs that Republicans don’t want you to see, check out this link.

Combine these jobs numbers with a stock market that continues to set records, and many corporations seeing record high profits.  If Obama is a “socialist” as many Republicans continue to claim—he’s the worst socialist in human history.

And let’s not forget, these jobs have come with absolutely no help from Republicans in Congress.  In fact, we’ve had this private-sector job growth despite the fact Republicans have done all they could to sabotage our economy.

We’d have even more jobs (and lower unemployment) if Republicans hadn’t insisted on budget cuts which have led to over 1 million public jobs being eliminated due to their austerity push.  Because as we all know, tax cuts for the wealthy and subsidies for big oil are more important than jobs for average Americans. 

So while Republicans like to continue to perpetuate their propaganda about jobs and our economy, the facts just don’t back up their rhetoric.

While we still have a long way to go, our country is moving forward—which is something Republicans continue to do their best to try and prevent.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • CRC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The 162,000 jobs the economy added in July were a disappointment. The quality of the jobs was even worse.

    A disproportionate number of the added jobs were part-time or low-paying — or both.

    Part-time work accounted for more than 65 percent of the positions employers added in July. Low-paying retailers, restaurants and bars supplied more than half July’s job gain.

    “You’re getting jobs added, but they might not be the best-quality job,” says John Canally, an economist with LPL Financial in Boston.

    • awakeinwa

      nitpick much.

      Part-time and temp work are always the first to pickup. It is how firm’s assess how firm the labor needs are vs. actual demand.

      Over time, more will get hired full-time. IT is a virtuously good cycle. Now that we are staying above 150k and trending toward a 200k/mo steady state, that will drive consumer demand which is a lagging indicator. Population growth compels new housing. 10-yrs cars require new ones. Americans and corporations have deleveraged quite a bit.

      The risk of another 100x bet bringing down the economy was addressed via financial reform which is going to raise capital reserve requirements to record levels beyond Basel 3 requirements.

      Net, given where things stood with W and what he handed to O on day 1 and where we are now, with markets at record levels because markets are indicators of *future expectations*, the recent and current weak earnings is a lagged indicator that does not account for the self-sustaining and growing labor market that will continue apace

    • Since the “trough” of the Crash, we’ve added over a million jobs in restaurants and food service. Now, that sounds crummy…. out of seven million private sector jobs, one million in food service? But restaurants and fast food places are NOT going to be adding jobs unless people have money to spend to go out to eat. Food service jobs ARE a leading indicator, and a higher portion of the first jobs added back after a recession are food service jobs… in every recession since the stats are easily available…. 1992, 2001, and most recently 2008.

      Remember… someone has got to be eating in those restaurants. Otherwise restaurant operators and fast food places would not be hiring so many people.

      • awakeinwa

        precisely, labor spends first driving demand that then shows up in GDP growth. And while number of hours did not rise, personal income growth alongside durable goods rose solidly as measured by GDP report Wed.

        Now whether such labor spending holds, we shall see – will people go out and drive a strong summer per usual now with more income, or will they stay put. Will the decrease in car ownership and driving continue, and if so, will that dampen summer travel. Those are all valid questions.

        Akin to population growth and old cars, I think after 5 years of doom and gloom talk, people are ready to splurge a little

    • Emeraldeyes

      BLAME THE REPUBLICANS! This is exactly the way they want it because they think that voters will have a knee-jerk, uninformed, scared reaction – and vote for them! But the weasels have fought the president every inch of the way – everyone sees that!! That’s WHY they have to be voted OUT in 2014! He always said that he would be brutally honest with Americans, never lie and tell them not what they wanted to hear, but the TRUTH! And he has. Now it’s time to force the pendulum back to the centre from the far right.

  • Larry Thedishguy Blake

    Spin this, FOX.

    • dusty

      They don’t have to. Top 2 employers now, Wal-Mart, and Kelly Temp services. Try to think about it.

      • Pat Durkin

        and the top two before?

  • TJ

    Unfortunately a lot of the perceived growth has to do with the Wal-Marts of the world turning 1 full-time job into 2 or 3 part-time positions to avoid having to offer benefits. Aside from that, as CRC mentioned the quality jobs is not where we need it to be. There are plenty of working folks out there who still need public assistance which is pretty effed up in my opinion.

    • We’ve actually added many more full-time jobs than part-time jobs since the Crash… many more. And the number of hours worked per week is up as an average over the past 3-4 years, even in those low-wage places.

      I do agree that it is very disturbing that so many working people need assistance because they make so little.

      • awakeinwa

        in context that we were at precipice of great depression 2 4 years ago, it does not surprise me that so many were dunked under left beyond by 9 out of 10 dollars income gained going to top 1/10 of 1%.

        Food stamps, unemployment assistance, programs that gop deride as wasteful govt programs are all programs that blue states pay out more than they receive into fed income taxes to socialize red states that take in more than they give back in taxes.

        It is red states who are not paying for their poor. Rather than race baiting, GOP should focus on growing their states economy so they are not such a burden to the rest of the blue states plus TX that pay for their inept economic management.

        Mind your own shop before you criticize the rest of America for the very sin you commit in spades leaps beyond everyone else.

      • TJ

        It makes sense that we have more full-time jobs added since the Crash, but millions of jobs were lost during that period. As horribly as the bailout went it was going to bring a good portion of those jobs back. My point is that recently, most the jobs that are being added are of the burger-flipping, Walmart associate variety. Not to mention that the jobs numbers were not that great and 40% of working age Americans have no job at all.

      • Gray Bush

        Source for your claims?

      • TJ

        Concerning the millions of jobs lost during the crash, there was no particular source. I assumed common knowledge there. As for the 40% of working age Americans not having jobs, initially I had read that in the Huffington Post and the I.L.O. website. The ILO also mentioned that most jobs are in the service sector (the burger-flipping comments were all me, ha).

      • Emeraldeyes

        This chart clearly indicates that he’s net a few thousand jobs and remember the worst year was 2009 – he took office mid January – 2 weeks lost already – and the cause of it all – Bush, rode off in the sunset to leave the mess to Obama. THAT was Bush’s mess! But, the president owned it and hit the ground running and made it better. A pretty amazing accomplishment considering that he brought the US out of the worst economic times since the great Depression + 2 wars. Remember how awful it was?

      • TJ

        He has net a few thousand jobs, however we need to add about 230k jobs per month for our economy to grow and still below that. I realize most of what happened in 2009 should be placed squarely on Bush’ shoulders and I certainly don’t think a Republican in office would do any better (worse most likely). But just because you can out-run a handicap kid it doesn’t make you fast.

      • Emeraldeyes

        That’s one of the things that the Repugnicans have been fighting the president on – a national minimum wage! They WANT to keep the wages suppressed along with taxes and no nation the size of the US can survive that way! If the president gets a majority house after the next election, so MANY things will change for the better – starting with the standard of living!! It’ll make your head spin – and the Repugnicans’ collective heads will spin right off their shoulders. They’ll all have nervous breakdowns and panic attacks! Corporate taxes up, Wages up! Health costs down!

  • skatesave

    We have known for the better part of a decade that 230K+ jobs are required just to keep up with population pressure. To hear that the 162K that were added are low-paying and part-time is not encouraging, whether they are supposed to be reflective of a true upturn or not — how long are we to listen to that broken record? Enough full-time jobs paying decent wages equal a real recovery, not mediocre statistics playing one on TV…

    • Wrong. We “have known” nothing of the sort. Because the population is mostly growing in the 55+ segment, (10 million extra 55+ people out of 10 million additional people in the civilian non-institutional population since Jan 2009), we only need about 70,000 to 80,000 jobs a month to keep up with population growth.. The portion of the population that needs jobs, that is. And that’s going to drop even further as the Baby Boomers move farther into the 65+ years.

      If we weren’t keeping up and exceeding population growth over the past 4 years, the unemployment rate would not be going down. Since December 2010, we’ve added about 180,000 jobs a month. 80,000 to population growth, 100,000 to make up for the jobs that were lost in the Crash of 2008. One tenth of a percent in terms of the unemployment rate equals about 150,000 people. That means that, in the 27 months since December 2010, we should cut into the unemployment rate and levels by about 2,700,000 unemployed people (27 X 100,000) or about 1.8% off the unemployment rate. We’ve taken 2 points off of the unemployment rate since Dec. 2010 and we have 2.8 million fewer unemployed people.

      So we need 80,000 to accommodate the growing population.

      Remember: BASIC ARITHMETIC– The unemployment rate will not go down unless you are accommodating growth in the population. The Carter years are a good example of that. Baby Boomers were entering the work force in droves in the 70’s along with their mothers. Yep, the kids were out of the house and the moms were heading back to work.

      We added more jobs as a percent in Carter’s one term than we have in the last 40 years… But the unemployment rate was exactly the same when Carter entered office as when he left. (It had gone down, but it came back up a bit in 1980.) So 10,500,000 new jobs did not one thing… .Nada… to the unemployment rate when so many people are pushing into the labor market.

      I would advise you to 1. Spend some time… actually a lot of time.. poking around at the BLS website. and 2. Stop listening to and reading whatever/whoever you are listening to and reading. You aren’t getting a full picture.

    • Emeraldeyes

      Consider that the Repugnicans have fought him every step of the way – his focus has been JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! Believe me, corporations are not going to suffer if the national minimum wage goes to $9.50 or even $10.00 per hour. They’ve said NO! NO! NO! So blame the GOP for the low paying jobs. Vote them OUT in 2014 and you will see a dramatic change with a Democratic Congress!

      • Jim My

        and I guess all of those quality mcdonalds jobs are helping all americans out, right? the democraps have got everyone buffaloed period. Oh wait, I forgot, now the democraps are demanding 15.00 an hour for micky dees employess, yep that’s the ticket to success alright. N O T

  • 3billy123

    This article is basic bullshit.
    I won’t get into the part time jobs but ironically the stock market is so high because the economy sucks so badly.
    Corporations are lean and mean and the Fed is pumping so much money into the market that interest rates are effectively zero leaving basically stocks as the only viable investment.

    • Emeraldeyes

      STOCKS are for the wealthy. Please – we’re talking bread and butter – hand to mouth, food in kids’ mouths here, paying rent and mortgage! Your whining is so typical of the poor millionaire! Repugnican ethics. I think you’re definitely on the wrong site! Get out of here!!

    • Kipper Allan

      Are you stupid or insane? Or just plain dumb? You must not know anything about how individual economic decisions are made or you wouldn’t make such statements and pretend they represent factual analysis. I never use expletives, but when ignorant people make assertions, it just drives uncharacteristically nuts! Just go back and get tutored in Econ 101 and then come back and make sense. Jesus Christ! Did you make these people, too.

      • 3billy123

        I was a financial advisorfor thirty years. I think I know a little bit about how markets work.
        Hint:look up Ben Bernacke and what he’s up to.

  • Emeraldeyes

    He’s gained back all the jobs that were lost and the worst year was the year he took office – which means that the president couldn’t be held responsible for those job losses because they were clearly the hangover from the Bush fiasco in 2008! If he hadn’t hit the ground running it would probably have been 1.5 times the 3,000,000 jobs lost! The Rupugnicans would still have been dithering about what to do at the END of 2009! This is a clear example of the innovative and strategic thinker that this president is!

    • Jim My

      strategic thinker? O M F G help me please…….yes he is, he has strategically killed 4 americans, he has strategically managed to lay blame on everyone but himself, and the “blame bush” is old and tired. You’ve been blaming bush since ofama took office, at what point in time will it be ofamas fault?

  • David Wheeler

    So how many of these jobs are fulltime? I would actually like to see the numbers of full time vs part time…….

    • Pat Durkin

      as opposed to 2007?

  • chigbo.obienu

    can’t fight for job creation – the jobs are always there. You can
    fight for better conditions of job – to make it worth while!