The Inhumane Slaughter That’s Happening at the Olympics is Heartbreaking

dog-olympicsI’ve said it on several occasions that when it comes to this year’s Olympics, I’m refusing to watch a single minute of any of the events.  I wouldn’t call it a boycott as much as just a choice not to participate.  I’m not going out of my way to not watch, I’m just refusing to make any effort to watch.

Now this has caused some to slam me as being “unpatriotic” in some way.  I just don’t see it that way.  The athletes participating in this year’s Winter Olympics are going to win a medal with or without a single American viewer.  When we tune in to these Olympics the athletes don’t really benefit, the advertisers and networks involved do.

I support all the athletes competing this year and wish them all the luck in the world, but I simply cannot in good conscience have anything to do with any kind of support for this event being held in Sochi.

Most people are well aware of Russia’s deplorable LGBT policies, the fairly high risk of some kind of terrorist attack being carried out and the disgusting accommodations the athletes and other visitors have had to endure.  Things like no hot water, bins for used toilet paper, no shower curtains, filthy rooms, dangerous water – the list goes on and on.

But beyond all of that, there’s an even worse event going on in Sochi that very few in the “mainstream media” are reporting on.

It’s the needless slaughter of thousands of stray dogs.

Apparently Sochi has an above average amount of stray dogs roaming the town, and officials in charge of the event deemed it necessary to “rid” themselves of this “pest problem.”

See, they’re treating these dogs as “pests” (like we treat roaches, ants or other insects) rather than dogs.

It’s an issue Keith Olbermann has reported about in great detail the past few days.  Which is really the only reason why I’ve heard in such great detail about the horrific treatment of these animals.

You can check his segments out here:

Olbermann talked about how dogs are being shot with poison darts, or fed poisoned meat, in order to rid the town of this “problem.”  Not only that, a pest company was contracted to carry out the slaughter of these innocent animals with the owner of that company calling the dogs “biological garbage.”

The darts being used apparently are some kind of muscle relaxers which causes the dogs to suffocate.  A witness said they watched a dog who had been hit with one of these darts die.  A death which took 90 minutes. 

He also pointed out how many of the strays don’t have a home because their family’s homes were torn down to make way for the Olympics.  In other words, they lost their homes because of the Olympics, now they’re being killed because of them.

He also made a great, yet heartbreaking point.  It’s the friendliest dogs that are the easiest to kill, because friendly dogs are easier to catch.  They’re the ones who just want attention.  Just want someone to show them love.  Just want someone to pet them or offer a treat.

They’re the ones being slaughtered first, and most often.

Being an avid animal lover, this absolutely infuriates me.  I have dogs and anyone who says dogs (or any animals for that matter) don’t have feelings or emotions doesn’t know what in the hell they’re talking about.

My dogs show fear, love, happiness, intelligence, sadness, excitement, joy – hell, I swear they’re even sarcastic at times.

When I’m getting dressed to go somewhere, they sulk in the corner.  They know I’m about to leave.  When I come home I know I won’t be able to do a whole lot for at least the first 5 minutes because they’ll be too excited to see me.  When they’ve done something wrong they’ll often hide (knowing they’re in trouble), and if I grab a ball it’s like watching a kid’s eyes light up as if you’ve just given them a brand new toy.

So yes, this story infuriates me on a level that it was literally hard for me to watch and take in.

I’ve never liked bullies of any kind.  If you’re bullying another person – or an innocent animal – in my mind you’re an absolute coward and I’m ashamed that you even exist.

But even outside this disgusting slaughter of these thousands of stray dogs was the “slip up” (if you will) by the nation’s Deputy Minister, where he spoke about the conditions inside the hotels:

“We have surveillance video from the hotels that shows people turn on the shower, direct the nozzle at the wall and then leave the room for the whole day.”

Apparently it was around this time that an aide pulled a reporter away as the Deputy Minster had just admitted that there are surveillance cameras in the showers.  This is also the man helping perpetuate the propaganda coming from many Russian leaders that the stories of dogs being slaughtered is just an attempt “by the West” to tarnish these games and embarrass the Russian government.

But of course it is.  It’s completely plausible that reporters from all over the world somehow came together in some elaborate conspiracy to tarnish the games and the Russian government by making up extremely detailed stories of the horrors that are going on over there.  Usually with pictures or video to go along with the stories.

What next, people trying to perpetuate the idea that the vast majority of the world’s scientists have collaborated with each other to fake climate change?

Oh, wait – never mind.

But there is one good story brought up in all of this tragedy.  A man apparently drove 1,000 miles from Moscow, shoved 11 stray dogs in his car, then drove them back home.  A feat he’s going to try to do again in a couple of days.

I wish I could do the same.

So while I will cheer on our American athletes and wish them all the luck in the world, I simply cannot in any way give my support to these Olympic games.  If that makes me “unpatriotic,” so be it.  And while many people might not agree with me, deep down I feel it’s the right thing to do.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Bean

    Ever seen a rat in the process of dying from D-con? It takes days during which the little rodent is crazily trying to quell their thirst. – The active ingredient of d-Con baits is brodifacoum, an anticoagulant commonly used in pesticides, which inhibits the rodents’ abilities to digest food and water, making the rodents become starved and dehydrated after eating enough bait.- Only those officially authorized to assign varying values to different life forms are qualified to render judgment on Russia’s handling of their stray dogs.

    • Anthonij

      Indeed… I started to respond to this article expressing my outrage — and I am outraged — at the horrible behaviour of the Russian government with regard to all sorts of issues that touch on the Olympics in one way or another… But as I wrote, I realised that many of the criticisms to be levelled at the Russians can be levelled at Americans too… there are differences, to be sure, but mostly of degree and the level of governmental involvement… Unfortunately, hatred of gays, government surveillance, rampant corruption, animal cruelty, etc… these are all not foreign to this country…

      The Olympics… too much money and politics involved these days… I am disinclined to follow closely but will still look in a bit to admire the talent and hard work of the athletes in those events that I appreciate most…

  • LindsayCA

    I will NOT be watching the winter Olympics!!! I am a huge animal lover and those Olympians can talk for themselves, the animals cannot! I’m just thoroughly disgusted with these people!

    • Bine646

      Yup in America we do it differently- we employ full time animal control agents to come capture these animals before you see them or before they become a problem. Then we just kill them behind closed doors and burn the evidence- we are so much better than Russia

      • LindsayCA

        Yeah its called The No-Kill Revolution and if you’re so much talk, what are you doing about it in your community? How many have you helped to get adopted? How many have you picked up to foster?

  • Kristinfan413years


  • worrierking

    The Russians seem to have something to piss off everyone.

    Killing dogs, cameras in bathrooms, harassment of anyone not straight. Think I’ll skip it. America should have boycotted them this year.

    • Gidawdah

      And bulldozing homes to make way for the Olympic village; removing people who dont count from their homes.

    • strayaway

      Next thing you know, those Ruskies will employ drones, tap everyone’s phone calls, and have the Bureau of Taxation harass Putin opponents. The thing that is really bothering me though is the lack of snow. All these architecturally uninspired winter Olympic venue buildings surrounded by snowless concrete looks like a tacky version of Pasadena. It just isn’t right.

      China just made it illegal to sell dog meat when they had their Olympics. That shifted the production of dogs to other places. Maybe Russians should be lauded for not eating dogs and letting them loose instead like in Detroit.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        ya wanna see a lot of loose mangy dogs??? go to southern ( white trash) states such as Alabama and Mississippi and Georgia………… they run amok

    • Bine646

      Guess youve never been to an animal shelter in America huh… think we just release these pets out to the pasture?

      • SickofRussia

        Dogs have a better chance in American shelters than in Sochi. Shown to people who want to adopt given medical care and fed. Not the same as kicking their family out of town leaving them abandon then killing them slowly painfully and alone on the street. Nice try though.

      • Bine646

        Have you been to a shelter in the states? Go volunteer then let me know- how much better we are

      • numcin212

        I DO volunteer at a shelter in the states. The dogs are exercised 15 minutes every 2 hours and fed. The cats are also socialized 15 minutes every 2 hours. This may not seem like much time, but they are given lots of attention. I have volunteered there over 2 years and to date only 2 cats have been put down – neither would use a litter box – therefore not adoptable. Not too bad as far as shelters go.

      • Bine646

        One shelter out of how many? Glad to see you took care of the animals but many do not- animals are put down hourly, cremated and the ashes spread….

      • adela

        agree…………..but most of the time we given them a merciful death not a life of torture

      • Bine646

        They are stray dogs? We also poison them to kill them in some cases

  • david

    Agreed the Russians lost many supporters plan no support period….from me.

  • estfar

    Love Keith Olbermann. I consider him daring and on the money. Too good for MSNBC who is losing the best journalists because of their fear. On the other side, you don’t see Fox and liars handing over the trash they’ve collected each time one of them is offensive or lies to audiences. In fact those are the things the network will give you a bonus for.

  • Bren

    I will also be rooting for our athletes but will not watch one bit of the Olympics. The fact that they are calling these dogs biological garbage is not only heartbreaking, but inhumane.

  • terry horn

    Socialism, Its wonderful isnt it? They spread the wealth over there a long time ago. They had 7 years to get this ready.Still no door knobs, toilets not finished. Because it does’nt matter if your the best carpenter, Mason, Auto Mechanic, Policeman , Plumber, etc. You all get paid the same no need to excel. No latter to climb. No goal’s to set. The Government own’
    s you and does not trust you. You have no means of defense against a tyrant. Screw it. Why try.

  • Leah Boule

    I totally agree with you in every way. Thank you for this article . I pleased that Keith O is reporting on it too. I see little of anymore because I’m not a sports fan. I never missed him on MSNBC.

  • adela

    Shame on those pigs, poor dogs
    if you see abuse of any kind on animals call 911 I always do.