Instead Of Accepting Climate Change, The GOP Has Declared War On Scientists

fox-news-dumb-climate-change-headline97% of climate scientists not only agree that climate change is happening, but also that humans are making it worse. Global temperatures are rising, as well as sea levels, which is likely causing larger and more intense hurricanes like Katrina and Sandy.

President Obama and other world leaders are currently meeting in Paris at the United Nations climate conference. He has pledged to decrease American greenhouse gasses up to 28 percent by 2025, but the White House has also made it very clear that Republicans are extremely hostile to nearly anything to battle climate change or protect the environment.

It’s not that Republicans don’t believe in climate change – I think that many of their lawmakers do realize our climate is changing for the worse – but they’re too deep in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry to care about the future.

The best example of this is Texas Congressman Lamar Smith, the head of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. Lamar Smith not only believes climate change isn’t real, but he has made it a point to harass and attempt to discredit NOAA scientists who connected global warming to the use of fossil fuels.

Via the Dallas Observer:

On November 4, Smith used his authority as a committee chairman to demand that the NOAA scientists send him a stack of documents related to their research — including all communications the scientists made to each other. “Your failure to comply … may expose you to civil and/or criminal enforcement mechanisms,” his letter warned. Smith’s reason for the subpoena is vague. In another letter Smith wrote on November 19, this time to the U.S. Department of Commerce, he claimed that a whistle-blower told him the study was “prematurely rushed to publication … [raising] concerns that it was expedited to fit the Administration’s aggressive climate agenda.”

Smith’s subpoena and accusations were swiftly criticized by Dallas’ own Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson, who is also on the science committee. “In six separate, and increasingly aggressive letters, the only thing you accused NOAA of doing is engaging in climate science,” Johnson fired off to Smith in a letter of her own. (Source)

Lamar Smith hasn’t just used his subpoena powers to go after climate change scientists, he has also done the same thing to the EPA in an attempt to vilify the government organization and insinuate they were trying to exert more control over private property.

This is the same strategy the Republican Party used in the years-long attempt to take down Hillary Clinton on Benghazi, that backfired on them horribly. They’ve also tried this with the false Planned Parenthood videos, a propaganda campaign which may have contributed to the mass shooting in Colorado last week.

Whether it is Hillary Clinton, Planned Parenthood, the EPA, or climate change – the GOP finds themselves on the wrong side of science and the facts, so they try to slander the messenger instead. The responsible thing to do would be to accept climate change exists and figure out more we can do to slow it down, but that isn’t going to happen as long as the fossil fuel industry has so much influence in Washington.


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