Interview with Trump Spokeswoman Goes Completely Off the Rails, Claims NRA is ‘Bipartisan’ (Video)

If you’ve followed Donald Trump’s campaign at all, odds are you know who Katrina Pierson is. While surrogates don’t get “ranked,” per se, I would say she’s right near the top when it comes to people who represent his campaign.

And she’s an absolutely unhinged imbecile — just like the candidate she supports.

I reached a point a long time ago where it’s impossible for me to take her seriously. Even those who are forced to have to interview her seem to struggle to maintain their professional composure throughout the whole ordeal.

Take for instance an interview she had on Wednesday with MSNBC’s Kate Snow that went off the rails when Pierson continued to give answers to questions that didn’t remotely address what was being asked — then used “logic” that was even more asinine than her actual answers to defend her idiocy.

When Pierson was asked by Snow about Trump’s “Second Amendment” comments he made on Tuesday, she tried to claim that he was referring to the “bipartisan” NRA.

“The NRA is a bipartisan organization,” Pierson stated. “And that is also left out of the discussion in the media, considering how there are even Democrats who won’t touch gun legislation in an election year because the NRA has been able to take out Democrats as well.”

Yes, there are some fairly pro-gun Democrats out there. However, to claim that the NRA is a “bipartisan organization” is an absolute joke.

After Snow pointed out that most people took Trump’s words to mean something completely different, Pierson responded with even more incoherent rambling about the NRA.

“No one is even talking about the power of the NRA,” Pierson replied. “They have been able to stop senators from appointing people who are hostile towards the Second Amendment. And that’s what he’s talking about.”

Playing along with Pierson’s obviously preposterous claim that Trump was referring to the NRA, Snow asked her if there should be any concern among voters over the fact that he often says things that are interpreted by most people one way, only for his campaign to insist he meant something else later.

“If his words are misinterpreted as president, he will not get a do over as president of the United States,” Snow said. “I think that’s what a lot of people are reacting too here. You don’t get a do over.”

Instead of addressing what Snow had just said, Pierson started ranting about how “horrible” Hillary Clinton is — which had nothing to do with what was actually being discussed.

“You have no concern about his ability as president, if he were president, to make an argument with foreign leaders, in negotiations and not be misconstrued or misunderstood?” Snow asked.

“He wasn’t talking about policy,” Pierson shot back. “He wasn’t talking about implementation of policy. He was talking about what would happen if Hillary Clinton were to be elected and he was absolutely right.”

“I’m speechless because I’m trying to follow your logic here, Katrina, and I’m having a hard time,” Snow said after sitting silent for a few seconds.

“I can tell,” Pierson responded.

I legitimately felt bad for Snow trying to conduct this mess with a straight face. There she was, trying to have a serious conversation about Trump’s extremely dangerous remarks, and Pierson kept going on illogical tangents about the NRA and Hillary Clinton while ignoring the valid points Snow was trying to discuss.

Of course, this is nothing new from Pierson. Throughout Trump’s campaign she’s made a fool out of herself by providing answers to questions that often have almost nothing to do with what she was actually asked. There have been times where you could tell that she wasn’t actually aware of what Trump had said, yet she was trying to answer for it anyway. The fact she’s one of Trump’s top spokespeople speaks volumes for what a sideshow his entire campaign really is.

Watch the interview below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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