Iowa Law Now Allows Legally Blind Individuals to Carry Guns in Public

iowa-gunYes, you’ve read that headline correctly.  In Iowa you can be legally blind, unable to drive or even read the application which is required to obtain a gun permit—but you’ll still be legally allowed to carry a gun in public.

In what I’m going to assume is an unintended consequence of allowing individuals with disabilities to legally obtain firearm permits, Iowa now allows for legally blind citizens to carry loaded firearms out in public.

And no, this is not The Onion (although they did mention the story on their site).

People that can’t drive a vehicle because their eyesight has deemed them too dangerous to operate a vehicle, and who couldn’t even fill out the application for the gun permit due to their extremely poor vision, are legally allowed to own, carry and potentially operate loaded firearms in public.

Because what could go wrong with that, right?

The director of Disabilities Rights Iowa said excluding blind people from being able to obtain these permits would violate the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Which might be true, but at what point does common sense need to take over decision making?  Just because, as the article claims, there is special training for blind individuals to operate firearms doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to allow these individuals the right to carry loaded weapons out with them in public.

And don’t even tell me this has something to do with trying to violate an American’s Second Amendment rights.  This is about common sense.  

Should legally blind people be allowed to own guns?  Sure.  Should they be allowed to operate firearms?  Why not?  As long as it’s done in a safe environment with supervision, I say go for it.

But if you ask me if legally blind individuals, who can’t even fill out the application for the gun permit because they can’t see it, should be allowed to carry loaded weapons in public—you’re out of your mind.

While a few might use the “self defense” argument, someone who is legally blind is far more likely to shoot an innocent person rather than their attacker.

Which I might understand their argument on some level, but seriously, blind people carrying loaded guns?  Who really thinks this is a good idea?

At some point, logic and common sense must dictate law.  And while I sympathize with anyone who is legally blind, I just can’t see how, on any level, someone who is deemed too unsafe to operate a car should be classified as “safe” enough to carry a loaded firearm in public.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Mase

    Kind of ironic these people who cant read a guns n ammo mag will be allowed to use a gun of their choosing. NRA membership is going to go through the roof.

  • Bendwat

    In a similar vein, I wonder how the 107 year old man in Arkansas was able to recently purchase the handgun he used to shoot at the SWAT team.

  • Terry Hatch

    Only in America.

  • Lea

    Stay the heck out of Iowa

  • redneck

    Hey should you be stripped of other constitution rights just be cause your blind may those who are shouldn’t be allowed freedom of speech

    • Also a redneck

      dont be retarded. if you’re blind, the right to bear arms is sort of trumped by the fact that you can’t see who you;’re shooting and they could hit you or your child or anybody. thye might think they’re being attacked when they arent and shoot an innocent bystander who was about to ask if they needed help crossing the street. this is a ridiculous law and shouldn’t have been made. or at the least it should have been worded differently.

      there are application processes required to qualify to carry a gun, and i believe “can you see how many fingers the store manager is holding up?” should be one of them.

      • stupidpeopleareruiningamerica

        Being legally blind is not the same as being completely without sight you moron. Legally blind is having vision worse than 20/200. So people who wear glasses and contacts with a higher prescription should not be able to carry a gun? Read something informative please.

  • Suzie

    Say what??? This is just plain crazy! Who, in his/her right mind cannot see the irony of this law in regards to blind people. Common sense that if you cannot see to drive a motor vehicle, then you cannot see to shoot a gun. I swear the people making these kinds of decisions are totally cra-cra, and should not be in a position to make these decisions.

  • John Hancock

    A hostile attacker won’t know that person is legally blind but will know their victim is armed and will leave that law abiding citizen alone.

  • quinn stilletto

    Stupid people are allowed to carry guns and that’s even worse.

  • dancer61958

    On a roll with the great articles tonight! Thanks… gave me a chuckle for the night. I will remember to stay away from Iowa

  • Auntiebob

    Makes perfect sense, when you consider this is from the state that produced Michelle Bachmann.

  • JamieHaman

    lol, pretty clearly a lot of people don’ know what it means to be legally blind, or have any idea how much vision is possible in that position. I may not be able to read, or even see the highway sign a half mile away, but I can sure recognize the stranger in my home. Legal blindness does not mean only that blackness of vision as seen on TV folks.

  • walter77777

    Surprisingly a blind person can learn to effectively defend themselves with a sword. Many years ago I practiced Kendo (Japanese full contact fencing with bamboo swords) wit a blind man and his blind wife. I very rarely scored points on either of them.

  • just saying

    Whoa!- Dare Devil is not on TV anymore 😛

  • citizenA

    You are an idiot. Legally blind does not mean completely without sight. And yes people may be deemed unfit to drive a car but what you leave out is that legally blind people are only unfit to drive if they are not wearing corrective lenses i.e. glasses/contacts. I am legally blind and wait for it, I can read and fill out applications, I can drive (with corrective lenses) and I can shoot a gun and hit the target just fine. And if I were carrying a gun for self protection and ever had to use it I guarantee that I would not be “far” more likely to shoot an innocent person. You should not be able to report “news” if this is your idea of what to tell people. You are just trying to shock people without giving them the whole story. Not journalism to be proud out.