Iowa Republican Finds “Shocking” Number of Cases of Voter Fraud During 18-Month Investigation

1491116_10152104404737489_1947797890_nThe assertion by many Republicans that “rampant voter fraud” makes stricter voter ID laws necessary is probably in my top five most ridiculous things Republicans claim.

Not only is voter fraud not an issue — in any way — but their furious attempts to find it have produced laughable results.

Yet none of this has deterred Republican legislatures all across the country from spending a great deal of time and money to prevent this “horrific problem” that doesn’t exist.

Case in point: Iowa Secretary of State Matt Shultz, who’s spent around $150,000 on an 18-month investigation into voter fraud within the state.  How many cases of “fraud” did he find?  Exactly five — in a state of over three million people.  

Oh, and would you like to take a look at these five cases?  Here you go:

Of the five guilty pleas, three of them involved felons who had completed their prison terms but whose voting rights had not yet been restored when they went to vote.

In another case, a woman cast an absentee ballot for her daughter, who had recently moved to Minnesota and told her mother that she had missed the registration deadline there. After learning her daughter ultimately did vote in Minnesota, the mother self-reported the double-voting incident to the local county auditor’s office, resulting in a $147.75 fine, according to The Des Moines Register.

In the fifth guilty plea, a man was incidentally charged with voter fraud after a drunk driving arrest revealed that he had stolen his dead brother’s identity to obtain a driver’s license.

So, three were felons who had served their time and hadn’t yet had their voting rights restored.  Another was a woman who turned herself in and the last one was someone who had stolen his brother’s identity.

I’m sure glad Mr. Shultz has spent $150,000 investigating the “rampant voter fraud” that’s obviously plaguing the state of Iowa.

You would think these meager findings would be enough evidence for Mr. Shultz to end this pointless investigation, but apparently not.  He’s indicated that he fully intends to proceed for the next six months until the entire investigation is complete.

But then again, we all know the truth.  These new strict voter ID laws have nothing to do with voter fraud (because, again, it doesn’t exist) and everything to do with trying to deter voters who don’t normally vote for Republicans from voting at all.

If anything, what these laws have done is created the real problem of people who have legally voted for years being unable to do so because they fail to meet one of the new requirements.  That or some have given up trying to vote altogether because the process for having the right to vote is simply too difficult for them.

Which is exactly what these Republicans are hoping for.

It’s why they think they don’t need to worry about being better, or appealing to more Americans by being more mainstream, they’re just going to rig the elections.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • badcatmomma

    There are another eleven cases pending in this rampant abuse of our system. Wow – a total of 16 cases. Part of the issue is you can register to vote when your go to the DOT for your driver’s license. After waiting a couple of hours in line, many don’t read the fine print of the application and register when they are not eligible. How much of this “fraud” is due to government incompetence?

  • stimlin

    The real voter fraud is the GOP’s blatant gerrymandering and redistricting that has gone on recently.

  • Suzie

    You are right, the Republicans are trying to “rig the elections”. Isn’t that a criminal offense? Why are they getting away with this? Shouldn’t the Democrats be screaming that this is illegal? I don’t get it.

    • ForeverBuddha

      The Republicans know they won’t win if they let the people vote As Is. So, they are trying to rig the elections by making it harder for people who usually will vote against them.

      • Suzie

        ForeverBuddha: Thanks for your reply, but I know that. What I am asking is why this is being allowed to happen because it seems like it would be illegal. Why aren’t the Democrats challenging these actions? P.S.- You Republicans don’t need to put in your 2 cents. I am looking for a truthful and accurate answer.

      • terrykepner

        Because, the SCOTUS has ruled that gerrymandering is LEGAL!

      • Suzie

        Thanks, terrykepner. Wow, crazy decision, in my opinion.

    • littlelizard25

      Why don’t you post some proof of those alligations to back up your claim? It’s easy to make a claim about something, but if you want to be believable post your proof along with it. Otherwise it will be considered nothing more than another tea bagger lie.

    • Crysta

      Can’t you just smell the steaming pile of bullshit this bull dropped on us?

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        that’s it???? less than 7 total??? Hmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sounds like rampant abuse by liberals ONLY

    • Guest

      IF that were true, then this investigation would have found that … did it? Oh, it didn’t? Well imagine that! Where do you get your ‘facts’, from Fox News and Rush Limpjaw?

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      and the shitbag small dicked republican voters are crybabies as they know HILLARY 2016-2024 is next,,,,,keep crying

    • Kim Serrahn

      we are.

  • thpbbtt

    When his vacation expenses rival his predecessor’s, then you can run your mouth, until then you are ignorant, racist, individual and should shut up.

  • littlelizard25

    He has a right to go to Hawaii for vacation. It’s his home. It IS part of the United States you know. As for the vacation rental, he pays for that out of his own pocket. Research will verify that, if you need help ask the 4 year old in the trailer with the wheels on it down the path from you. BTW, did you cry like this when Bush was at Camp David for Christmas, and decided to take AF1 to Crawford, along with all his staff, press, etc just so he could watch the fireworks for New Year from his “ranch”?

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      according to white trash regressive crybaby republicans Obama should work for free,,,,,, and TEA PARTY white trash should get free tea

  • Sharon Patrick Rodriguez

    He and Steve King were the two worst things that ever happened to this state!

  • moe/larry & curly keys

    wanna compare his( obamas) vacation time with that of Reagan and GW bush??? NO??? geee…………. that’s surprising

  • Gandalf

    You’re concerned with $4 million spent on Obama’s vacation (which doesn’t even come close to rivaling the amount spent on Bush’s, by the way), yet you’re not concerned with the millions of dollars being spent enacting extremely restrictive voting laws specifically designed to disenfranchise legitimate Democratic voters? Wow, for someone whose party constantly attacks the left for supposed Constitutional violations, you sure as Hell aren’t worried about your own party’s violations.

    In addition, before you complain about Obama’s Christmas vacation, you should probably compare the number of vacation days taken by both Bush and Obama at this point of their presidency. The difference may shock you (I assume it will because you appear to be of lower than average intelligence, and any number over 10 is probably astounding to you).