Irritating Conservatives: Facts and Common Sense Thoughts Republicans Really Won’t Like

common-sense-saddens-republicansEvery once in a while I like to write an article listing a few facts Republicans really won’t like hearing.  For most, debating Republicans is a mind-numbing venture that should only be taken on by those who wish to punish themselves.

For me, I love presenting them with facts to see them try to ramble off whatever talking point they’ve been fed by Fox News and others within the right-wing media.

But it’s not just facts that Republicans seem immune to.  Common sense and logic seem to be two other traits conservatives seem completely devoid of.

So, in no particular order, here’s a few facts and common sense thoughts you can share with Republicans to drive them crazy.

Our Constitution and Health Care

In the late-1700’s, we didn’t have an organized military and required armed citizens to defend our outlying borders on a moments notice until help could arrive from the government.  The average life expectancy was also around 35 years old and a bad cut to the leg often meant amputation.  Could it possibly be that’s why the right to own guns is our Second Amendment but health care is mentioned absolutely no where?

Isn’t it a little asinine to completely base a modern society in 2013 on ideas written hundreds of years ago?  And don’t even give me “the Constitutional Amendment process.”  We will probably never see another Constitutional Amendment passed in our lifetimes.  The process for passing one, with a political environment saturated with big money and lobbyist influence, is simply not conducive to passing any kind of amendment to our Constitution.

Economic Improvement

Moving onto our economy.  We’ve gone from a point where we were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs per month to gaining hundreds of thousands.  In fact, there are some months where the headline, “Economy Only Adds 175k Jobs” is considered bad news because the numbers didn’t beat estimates.

For those who are mathematically challenged, gaining nearly 200,000 jobs as opposed to losing 200,000 jobs is actually a great way to define economic improvement.

If you really believe our economy hasn’t drastically improved under President Obama, you’re simply living in denial.

Oh, and we can still blame Bush for the areas of our economy that are slower to improve.  Cleaning up a mess is always much harder than creating one.  When we’re still having to fix problems caused prior to January 2009, those issues didn’t suddenly become President Obama’s fault simply because Bush’s time in office ran out.

And can you people be honest with yourselves for once?  If a Republican president came into office in 2009 and created nearly 8 million jobs, presided over record stock levels, killed Osama bin Ladin and reduced our year to year deficits by their largest margins since World War II — you’d be calling him a Republican hero.


I’m a Christian and I love my faith.  If you’re a Christian that’s great too.  Faith and religion can be wonderful things in our lives.  Well, our personal lives.  Keyword being personal.  

Religion is something that’s rarely a good topic to be discussed in public because it’s something that millions of people — many within the same faith, mind you — strongly disagree on.

Which is why a strict separation of church and state is vital for government.  If you want more religion in your life, go to church more often.  Don’t try to force it into our government where it has no place.

The Media

Conservatives are right about one thing: the media is often a joke.  But it’s the conservative media that’s by far the worst.  At least MSNBC openly admits they lean left.  Fox News tries to portray itself as “Fair and Balanced” while being neither.  Then some of your biggest “voices of conservative media” are some of the most reprehensible, paranoid and disgusting people in all of the media.  People like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter.  People with next to no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

I love how facts often suddenly become “liberally biased” simply because they might not support your ideology.  Take climate change, for example.  It’s amazing how not too long ago climate change was pretty much an accepted fact — until some within your party decided that something supported by the vast majority of the global scientific community wasn’t as credible as the “science” done by right-wing think tanks like the Heritage Foundation.

And at least liberals get their news from a variety of sources.  You people only trust Fox News.  Why do you think their ratings are often higher than everyone else?  It isn’t because they’re better, it’s just because conservatives have been brainwashed not to trust anyone else.


Whenever I talk about trickle-down economics I rarely get the sense that conservatives actually believe in it.  They do, however, seem to support the popular Republican economic theory because the “dirty America-hating liberals” oppose it.

I think it’s funny how basically every credible economic statistic since trickle-down economics was put into place in this country shows income inequality has never been greater or wider.  The rich are richer than ever before while the poor and middle class continue to fall further and further behind.

The promise of trickle-down economics is that the more the rich have, the better it will be for the rest of us.  Well, over 30 years since trickle-down economics was chosen as the scam to con millions of Americans plan usher in new economic prosperity — we’re still waiting for it to “trickle down.”

Honestly, how much richer do the top 2% need to get before we say, “You know what?  This is a load of crap.”

Then again, Fox News will never say that, so conservative voters will never believe it.

I’ll go ahead and cut if off there.  I think I might just make this a series because there are many more areas I would love to have covered, but the article would end up being thousands of words long.

So, maybe a “Part 2” in the future?  I guess you’ll just have to keep an eye out and see.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Richard

    I always enjoy your reading your stuff and I try to share it with my Republican acquaintances, but I’m getting tired of being called a libatard and its all lies and bullshit. How can I get through to them?.

    • cmad60

      You can’t! They’re impervious to facts! Kind of like having a rock for a brain….

      • Jim Bean

        Facts? Like the fact that the stock market is so high because Obama is an economic genius? (Its really so high because Obama is printing money to pervert economic reality and raising taxes on you by devaluing your dollars with money he printed and took for his own purposes.)

    • Jacques Miller

      You won’t. You’ll lose family and friends. It’s a condition of the Tea Party, just like with the Jehovah’s Witnesses they must shun those who don’t agree with them.

  • ml

    ONE CORRECTION: If a WHITE Republican president came into office in 2009 and created nearly 8 million jobs, presided over record stock levels, killed Osama bin Ladin and reduced our year to year deficits by their largest margins since World War II — you’d be calling him a Republican hero.

    • oldngrumpy1

      Anything other than “WHITE” Republican President would be an oxymoron anyway.

      • mmcangus

        There was a short period of time when Colin Powell could have been a Republican President of color, if he had run. But, that was before the rise of the Tea Party.

      • Jim Bean

        And any black republican is instantly marginalized by the Left who (without any inherent racist bias) accuse him of being an Uncle Tom.

      • Aaron

        Still don’t know who this Tom fellow is.

  • Proudscalawag

    The economy has improved but I can’t say drastically–but then, that’s the fault of the G.D. Republicans who ab-so-lewt-ly ree-fuze to work with that (to quote from their apologies for minds) n*g-n*g defahlin’ our Whaht Heouse!!

  • regressive rightwing trash

    after a certain point I tire readily and easily as the “refutists” who occasionally occupy these threads such as “bine 649″(?) or “strawaway” or any other white trash crybaby regressive “republican” simply ignore the facts when presented to them in a format quoting the CBO or the US Treasury for hard-core FACTS pertaining to the economy or executive orders or spending or WHATEVER. Ergo: I just waste their time calling them crybabies and then they tell me im an angry black man in a ghetto( Im white living one block from BEACH in pompano bch FLA) or im a moocher who subsides on welfare and food stamps( OPPPPS: self employed chef) or I drink the FOX “news” vitriolic verbosity “KOOL AID”. I do find myself overtly wanting to get cretins such as rush Limbaugh and michelle “no tits&hating her life” malkin and bill O’reilly and sean Hannity and mike Huckabee and glenn beck in a nice octagon with no referee and simply seeing who walks ( or limps) out smiling,,,,I hate these scumbags but I will eagerly confess that if FOX “news” signed me to a 10 yr 500K contract to have an anti OBAMA show on primetime I would signup instantly!!! Then I could interview sarah palin and when off camera coerce and entice her into my bedroom ( providing she brings a 12 pack of VERY COLD YOO HOOs for me or otherwise forget it!! ( as BUGS BUNNY would say ….” Im a real stinker,,aint I?”)

  • Jeff Stone Stone

    This, my American friends, is why you need a true leftist party in the US. It always amuses me when the GOP call the Democrats ‘socialists’. In any other Western democracy, the Democrats would be the centre-RIGHT party, and the Republicans would be the far-right lunatic fringe no-one pays any attention to. The lie that universal free healthcare directly equates to tyranny is exposed every day by the countries that have it…every single of them is a prosperous stable democracy where freedoms of the press/religion/association are so ingrained and so strongly upheld that they are simply taken as granted. The idea of oppressing anyone on the grounds of race or creed or anything at all are just so abhorrent the idea doesn’t even occur. THAT is freedom, not the corporatist oligarchy of America. A country that has true freedom does not have to keep saying that it does. Ring any bells?

    • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

      Non Americans like you prattling about US politics only know what you imagine.

      • Gary Menten

        Which is still twice as much as the average American “conservative” knows about America, and 10 times what the average American of any stripe knows about the the rest of the world.

      • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

        Must be true, if your dingbat OWS hacky-sack buds say so.

  • janieliza

    I believe the Republicans HAVE removed religion from their politics. They use religion only to get elected. After they are elected it is pretty much anything goes…. for both parties.
    Dems just don’t like losing to liars.

  • Raz Lemons

    I’ve got something to say about these advertisment Polls, They are always sponsored by some rightwing wonk like Newsmax ( as in this article ), If you click on them and vote in support of the President you are prompted to go to your email to get the results however of all the polls I’ve taken I’ve yet to see the results in my mail, I honestly believe that they only count the anti vote and discount the supporters, Try this yourself and see what happens.

  • FD Brian

    How come a person who has kept all their newspapers and magazine for the last 20 years and hasn’t taken the trash out for 10 is called a hoarder, but when someone like the Koch brothers who have more wealth than they would ever need is just a successful person, why are they not called hoarders? I’ve seen mental health professions say that the very wealthy exhibit personality traits very similar to those who are hoarders.

  • Jim Bean

    This is left-wing brainwashing at its finest. (Economic Improvement) Replacing lost full time jobs with part time jobs is hailed as a ‘victory.’ The mess Clinton/Reno made of the economy by forcing lending institutions to make sub-prime mortgage loans is still Bush’s fault. The record stock market (bubble) created by Obama printing money to pervert economic reality is also titled a ‘victory’ – until it bursts – then it will be Bush’s fault. (Religion) Government forcing religious institutions to use their own money for purposes that contradict their religion is spun as ‘government preserving separation of church and state.’ (Media) MSNBC is given accolades for being ‘admittedly biased/dishonest. Fox News is ridiculed by the author for being number one because most people are less intelligent than he is.
    The author hints that he may make this a series (as his over-active and possibly hemp-altered imagination produces more nuggets of delusion.) I look forward to reading it.

    • Gabe Freund

      You are a prime example of what the author states in his article so you add more positive evidence to his argument. By your history you’re a troll but I’m bored so I will retort without any insults even thought you’re a troll on this site. Mortgage loans, the recent judgements against the largest lenders once again prove that they knew exactly what they were doing and made subprime loans because it was extremely profitable. Also fault mortgage brokers for the huge part they played in the debacle. Financial institutions are as guilty as the irresponsible people who took the loans. The bubble as you call it. Of course zero interest rates are partly responsible, but if you knew about economics you’d see the real improvement in macro indicators. As you say the job picture needs to improve but your tea bagger friends are trying their utmost to prevent that. Stock market multiples are not as high as in 2007 or during the .com bubble so this is not a bubble yet. Institutions needed to comply with the law of the land, thus is not an Islamist state. Forcing religious beliefs upon any one by restricting their labor rights or benefits is not allowed in true secular states and the US was founded as one. And finally Faux News, it may be #1 among a narrow segment of the population. So is American Idol. And there have been academic studies that have shown that Faux viewers are less informed than non viewers. Rutgers University conducted one such study I believe. And you are a good example, repeating fiction that you hear from Faux.

      • Jim Bean

        Bankers were not enthusiastically making subprime mortgage loans until Reno sued them for not doing it. True or False? Reno was ‘wise’ to force lenders to loan $150,000 to build a home in a neighborhood where the market value of the house upon completion would only be $40,000. True or False? Reno exercised good judgment and civic responsibility when she assumed bankers would sit back and eat the loses. True or False? Additional infrastructure and public servant jobs would: (A) produce new tax revenue, or (B) consume more of the existing tax revenue? Forcing employers to do something that contradicts their religious beliefs violates their freedom to practice their religion, True or False? Employees do not have the freedom to choose employers whose beliefs reflect their own, True or False? A Google search for ‘Rutgers University Fox News study’ reveals absolutely nothing in support of your claim, True or False? The four year study by The Intelligence Institute demonstrating that Fox Viewers were the least knowledgeable was widely disseminated and universally embraced throughout the Liberal community even though The Intelligence Institute does not exist and the whole thing was a hoax perpetrated by someone who will only identify himself as P. Nichols, True or False?

  • fafhrd

    1. ” Could it possibly be that’s why the right to own guns is our Second Amendment but health care is mentioned absolutely no where?” Your premise is one possibility, but the more likely one, is that the colonies having been oppressed by the British crown (attempted restrictions on gun ownership, housing foreign soldiers, taxation without representation) recognised that individual liberty would be better safeguarded from oppression, by personal ownership of weapons. But again, it’s just possibly. There is no fact presented in speculation over a possibility.

    2.a. “For those who are mathematically challenged, gaining nearly 200,000 jobs as opposed to losing 200,000 jobs is actually a great way to define economic improvement.” Except, this is only part of the number now. In 2008, the jobs decline was noted by people leaving the workforce in greater numbers than were being hired. Now, a gain of 200,000 jobs, yet winding up with fewer people working at the end of the month than started that month, while a cause for celebration of new hires, neglects the fires, retires and just quit looking. A shrinking labor participation rate is not a sign of a growing economy.

    Additionally, due to current policies, more than half of those jobs created now, are part time jobs, compared to full time jobs. Many employers aren’t hiring to stay below mandated levels… That is why this is the slowest recovery ever.

    b. “If a Republican president came into office in 2009 and created nearly 8 million jobs, presided over record stock levels, killed Osama bin Ladin and reduced our year to year deficits by their largest margins since World War II..”
    Again, you are speculating, and on several topics. “Created 8 million jobs”, but have 11 million fewer people employed. “presided over record stock levels”, is that due to actual economic activity or is that evidence of the devaluation of the dollar from $85 Billion being printed every month to support the stock market – every month for last 4 years. “killed Osama bin Laden”, the president didn’t actually do this, he may have authorized the military strike that did, but the president wasn’t involved beyond saying yes or no. Clinton let bin Laden go on three separate occasions by not letting the military act. “reduced our year by year deficits by…”, Since Bush didn’t actually get presented with a budget to sign for 2009 (thank you Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid), the Stimulus act of 2009 and an Omnibus spending bill were added to the government’s baseline spending for 2009, exploding the deficit by a factor of 4 over any deficit that Bush may have had. No budget has been approved by this administration since then.

    Religion. No facts presented, no argument presented to rebut.

    Media. Many opinions presented. No facts.
    Oh, climate change? Nobody is arguing that the climate isn’t changing as has done for millions of years. The argument is over the posited cause, since the speculated cause isn’t having the theoretical effect. The model isn’t working. And 53% of meteorologists don’t support the man-made climate change theory.

    Taxes. No facts presented regarding taxation. Nice speculation about income disparity, but how does income relate to taxes?

  • Amanda

    Although I agree with most of what you said, I don’t think gun rights should be abolished, although I would agree that common sense should reign. To me, gun rights are a women’s issue. Simply put, we have the right to defend ourselves. In the late 80s and early 90s I was stalked by my ex-husband. He had assaulted our children. I had to be hospitalized for concussions three times and during one episode when he gave me a concussion, he lacerated my head with a pop bottle.Our children had needed care in the emergency room because of him. He had also held a knife to my throat and then the children’s threatening to kill us. This all happened in spite of the Personal Protection Order (PPO) I had. After he held the knife to our throats, I knew I had to do something serious to protect us.The stalking and threats only stopped when I got a concealed weapons permit. I made sure his attorney overheard me talking about this when he was eases dropping at the county sheriffs and he didn’t know I had seen him go in there. I also made sure that he knew a state police officer that is a friend was teaching me to use it. The stalking immediately stopped. He never stalked me again and he no longer harassed me over the phone. My children and I might have been a statistic if I hadn’t did this.

  • Michael Siever

    I’m sorry, but I believe that “common sense” is an oxymoron, as it doesn’t exist. If common sense existed, we would have no need for seat belts, the teen pregnancy rate would be zero, the divorce rate would be zero, and the Republican Party would have ceased to exist after the 1980’s. I prefer to use the term “good judgment” in lieu of “common sense”, since it’s more practical…

  • Jw

    I agree on all points of this blog. Unfortunately, it is written so offensively that there is no hope of using these wise words to bring about change. You don’t need to convince liberals, and yet they are the only ones who could read this article without feeling insulted.

  • thesquire1

    Trickle down economics is merely an alternative to ‘trickle down religion’ – i.e. as long as you follow our (the rich and powerful) instructions you will be rewarded the next life….suffering is good for you in this life and we (the rich and powerful) will help you with that …you can die helping to make us the rich and powerful, its ok there is a reward waiting for you afterwards….LMAO
    One cant help thinking that FOX wrote the bible…!

  • Bode Gibbs

    Using strike-through is annoying. Don’t do it.

  • Aaron

    I sometimes get these right-wingers that try to express their views to me while I’m at work.

    I’m a cashier. Yes, there are people so insecure with their own beliefs that they need to dump it on some random person who is working. It’s quite hilarious, actually. I usually just laugh.

  • Billy Pilgrim

    You touch on it here, but one of the more pernicious right-wing / anti-human tactics is to label a viewpoint as being a ‘liberal cause’ whether it truly is, whether or not opposing it is in the best interests of their followers. You want to rescue a failing business? Just plant a story that atheists / gays / women / people with college degrees are boycotting it. The anti-human side will come out in force to protect that business from the wrath of the liberal elitists.