ISIS is Just Another Problem Caused by Bush that Republicans are Blaming on Obama

bush-laughingI’ve absolutely hit my limit with Republicans trying to pin all the violence in the Middle East on President Obama. Let me just go ahead and say what hardly anyone in the “mainstream media” will actually say: All this chaos in the Middle East began when George W. Bush invaded Iraq, triggering a massive destabilization of the entire region.

Though most of us know that already. Well, at least those of us who know how to think for ourselves.

But it wasn’t just Bush invading Iraq that caused all of this. It was the complete incompetence shown by his administration following Saddam’s removal from power that was real catalyst.

He took us to war based on a lie, with no plan on what to do after Saddam was out of power, and absolutely no exit strategy. And after he signed the SOFA agreement requiring all of our troops to be out of Iraq by the end of 2011, it was only a matter of time before some radical Islamic group tried to take over Iraq.

And let me go ahead and state another little “fun fact” since I’m on the subject: Had the Bush administration told the American people that going into Iraq would have required a decade (or realistically longer) commitment, almost nobody signs off on that. You don’t sell the Iraq War to the American people by saying, “This mission will require an indefinite American presence in Iraq.”

Which is pretty much what it’s going to take to keep Iraq stable and out of the hands of some radical Islamic group. Because even if we defeat ISIS, driving them out of Iraq, it’s only a matter of time before another group takes their place. Unless, of course, thousands of American troops stay behind.

President Obama really only has two options:

  • Start another war. – or –
  • Let ISIS continue doing what they’re doing.

And let’s face it, the second option – really isn’t an option.

Don’t think for a moment that it was just a coincidence that Bush signed the SOFA so that American combat operations would end right after he left office and the complete removal of all U.S. forces would happen a couple of years later. Bush and his cronies knew that once American troops were gone, Iraq would slip back into chaos. And whoever the next president turned out to be would be the one blamed for it.

And that’s exactly what happened.

There’s one thing I can say with absolute certainty: If not for the absolute incompetence shown by the Bush administration with their handling of Iraq, the world would have never heard of ISIS.

But, like clockwork, Republicans have been right there this whole time blaming all of this chaos on President Obama. Just like they have with every other mess the Bush administration left him to clean up.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Stephen Barlow

    McCain had not expected racism to be such a factor in 2008. He chose Palin because she would lose him the election! Romney or Huckabee would have been a slam dunk. Why else would McCain mount a mimic campaign of change while promising to continue Bush policy?

    Because the REDs failed to push the eminent collapse back past the election with the March 2008 Tax Rebate, how else could John guarantee failure OTHER THAN PICKING PALIN and leaving the sty gate open?

    The plan was obstruction and win the STATES to gerrymander the next decade of Congressional under sight and government devolution.

    The only chance Dems have in 2014 is bald faced truth. “America, why invest your vote in DONOTHING CONGRESS? the RNC is terrorizing you with ISIS fearmongering while Republicans REFUSE to even debate America’ s Defense on the floor of the house.

    NO FARM BIL, HIGHWAY BILL, NO VET’ S BILL NO MOTHING but stagnation and gridlock. Is THAT HOW YOU WANNA WASTE your only vote?

    Put someone in office who will actually Do Their job

    • Masmani

      You can blame Dingy Harry for a “do nothing Congress”. There are 350 Bills passed by the House the he refuses to allow a vote on.

      • forpeace

        Are you that delusional?

        Just name 150 of those 350 bills that passed by the House are are sitting in Senate, and also provide an accurate link to your lie.

      • Masmani

        Search it yourself. The site administrator doesn’t allow links to sites that disprove leftist blather.

      • Stephen Barlow

        BULLSHIT!?? Breitbart, Red State and Town hall are all welcomed welcomed for massive ridicule.

      • Masmani

        Don’t believe me? go to the government sites. See for yourself. Pull your head out of where it’s been.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…

      • forpeace

        Just post the names without a link, you liar.

      • Masmani

        You guys get nasty when your little fantasy world is threatened.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Not the 54 crimes against humanity to repeal PPACA. OR the tax cuts for business NOT MANDATING job creation.

        That leaves cutting food for mothers and children, unnecessary Military Waste increases, and short term patches for long term issues that would be and always have been rubber stamped for WHITE administrations.

        Oh, and the Congressional pay raise.

      • forpeace

        Indeed, or how about Ted Cruz’s $24 billion cost of government shutdown for 16 days to build his Fundraising Lists. Darrell Issa wasting millions of dollars on his non-stop investigations on IRS and Benghazi, and there are so many more.

      • Stephen Barlow


      • Dwight Louveau

        Facts are inconvenient obstacles to overcome, seems dems and the liar in chief keep running head first into damning facts.
        SOFA agreements are routinnely negotiated and renewed with diplomatic input from both sides. Seems Nobama was so anxious to get all combat troops out of Iraq that he wasnt interested in applying diplomatic pressure to renew the agreement. Nobama knows nothing but politicisizing every situation to make himself look good, facts be damned.
        Hows Obamacare, Fast n Furious, Bengazi and the IRS scandal going to tarnish the chosen ones legacy? When the truth comes out after Obozo is out of office he will only be a legend in the minds of his koolaid drinking sycophants!

      • Stephen Barlow


      • Masmani

        Research yourself or are you afraid of the facts?

      • Stephen Barlow

        Sense would be a COMPLETE accounting of the facts. Which a luxury NO Gopfool can ever afford.

        Nonsense is your severe edited semi half truths.

      • Masmani

        You’ve really bought into the GOP/Democrat rah rah stuff haven’t you! Boehner and 0bama will both be laughing and spending our tax money. Wake up!

      • Stephen Barlow

        Blah blah blah

        What’s your masterstroke of genius plan? Griping America to prosperity and security?

        Blah blah…. Blah.

      • Stephen Barlow

        NOT ONE WHICH BENEFITS OR SUPPORTS the will of the people.

      • Masmani

        Stephen, The House represents the people as much as the Senate. You’re just too vested in one side to see the truth. Republicans and Democrats are RAPING this country. Wake up!

      • Stephen Barlow

        You were yammering how great all those useless waste of time Boehner Bills are… Now you admit lying? Or admit you are just unintelligible blather not worth a fart, let alone a shit.

  • forpeace

    Yes, of course GOTP blames everything including ISIS on President Obama, I would be surprised if they wouldn’t have done that. That is because the U.S. history started from January 20, 2009, and President Obama is the only 4 term President in the U.S. history.

    Here are some educational information and simple facts about ISIS for GOTP. I do my best to use a very simple language so they can understand:

    There were NO al-Qaeda in Iraq prior to George W Bush and Dick Cheney’s illegal and based on lies invasion of Iraq.

    ISIL or ISIS, is an active terrorist militant group influenced by the Wahhabi movement which grew out of al-Qaeda’s affiliate organization during the U.S. led occupation of Iraq (thanks to George W Bush and Dick Cheney).

    ISIL or ISIS, is an unrecognized state and active terrorist militant group in Iraq and Syria, they are Sunni Wahhabi Muslims, that’s why they want to destroy anyone who is not a Wahhabi including other Sunni and Shiite Muslims, or any other religion.

    The organization is led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, an obscure figure regarded as a battlefield commander and tactician.

    Even al-Qaeda considers ISIS as extremists!

    • Masmani

      You really buy into that Republican/Democrat hype? Wise up, they’re working together.

      • forpeace

        Did I hit a nerve?
        You must be a really confused person, aren’t you?

        In one hand on top of the page you were lying to defend Republicans, in other hand right here, you are opposing both Democrat and Republicans. What is wrong with you?

    • Be The Example

      You are woefully misinformed… I guess you have a degree in Military Intelligence right? My bet is no. Try this one out. AQI a.k.a Al Qaeda of Iraq, and yes they were absolutely present before we invaded Iraq which was done by the power of Congress. Not illegally. I am all for a good debate and even an intelligent conversation but come to the table informed or don’t waste people’s time. Politicians can nit pick each other all day long, who cares. That doesn’t magically make Obama right or correct or even competent.

      • John Weber

        They got the congress to back them for the illegal invasion of Iraq on nothing but phony information that they were selling not only to congress but made Powell to lie for the 4 master minds of this who were Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld. Powell who was once a very proud soldier who rose all the way to the top by being Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. Once it finally became evident that he was given nothing but lies with pictures too for the UN as well as the whole world to hear and see he has dropped out of sight. Once a very promising candidate for political office as a republican, he seems to have put those aspirations in the trash can where he now wishes he would have put the folder of B. S. he was made to feed to the world. It was the same information that was presented to our congress which brought about a passing vote. Pardon me for questioning your fact filled statement since it has become apparent that you hold a degree in Military Intelligence as you can spot a person who does or doesn’t have one but dared to fall back on having one. Let me guess, you hold a Doctorate Of Military Intelligence no doubt from your studies at West Point. So for now on we all and especially you Ms. Forpeace shall out of respect for his superior intelligence please refer to the former Be The Example as Dr. B. S. since he is certainly full of it.

  • Patrick Gerow

    Do you have a medical marijuana license? You can’t be serious? Obama is the one who pulled the troops out before the job was done and the area cleaned up.

    • Idunsasppl

      Actually, the agreement to pull out of Iraq was signed by Bush. Once it was signed, there was nothing Obama could do but comply. Why is that so hard for you to understand? Bush signed the SOFA agreement, which was the blueprint for pulling out of Iraq. Medical marijuana? You need some drugs to help you get back to the real world.

      • Patrick Gerow

        So you believe that Obama actually had to do what Bush allegedly signed? You Liberals always mixing words. First he signed the agreement to pull out, then it was a blue print. And beside that, who asked ya?

      • Larry Wasnesky

        President Obama offered to leave 30,000 , it went to the Iraq Parliment, they voted no and they wanted us out by the agreed upon date, the end of 2011. We would not be having this discussion and the mess in the middle east had Bush not invaded and occupied Iraq in the first place for no reason. There is a good reason why Bush, Cheney and gang are wanted by the Hague for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

      • stealthattack

        Yeah the same war Al Gore supported and encouragef. Your mom is a hoe.

      • Ronald Kimmons

        “Actually, the agreement to pull out of Iraq was signed by Bush. Once it was signed, there was nothing Obama could do but comply.”

        I call BS. Obama’s campaign “promise” was to pull ALL troops out of Iraq immediately – much faster than Bush had agreed. The fact that he didn’t end up doing this just shows that we elected the wrong man. (Oh, and I do remember how all Democrats were calling for the immediate removal of ALL troops from Iraq from the day the fighting started.)


      • Pipercat

        Status of Forces Agreement was signed by the Bush Administration. The current administration was in negotiations with Iraqi government until an impasse was reached. The sticking point was immunity for outside contractors. The parties that wouldn’t budge were the Iraqi government and the defense department.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Holding contractors liable for War Crimes should be simple. Either the US CONTROLLED them or not. IF they were PAID IN FULL, then it’s tacit approval of contractor performance. Which means they were contracted to COMMIT WAR CRIMES!!!

        IF contractors FAILED their contract specs by commuting war crimes, then they need to refund payment to the taxpayers and stand trial, both individually and corporately.

      • Pipercat

        Great, but that’s the problem with intransigence, nobody wants to compromise or make a new proposal. Regardless, that’s why there was no agreement.

      • stealthattack

        Wrong again you stupid b-tch. Bush’s agreement wanted 50000 troops left in Iraq . Obama wanted nearly zero.
        You stupid b-stard.

      • Mr. X.

        No, that is not true. While the agreement was signed by Bush, it could have been renewed or renegotiated. Obama wanted to take credit for ending the war and made little to no effort to renew the S.O.F.A. The left cheered and ignored the warnings from the Military and Bush that this would happen.

    • forpeace

      Are you that dense or simply a liar?
      Why don’t you people bother to read before posting nonsense?

      In December of 2011 we did pull all of our troops out of Iraq. But we didn’t do it because of President Obama’s policies – we did it because of a Status of Forces Agreement (sometimes called SOFA) that was signed while George W. Bush was still president. This agreement, again signed by George W. Bush, set deadlines for the end of U.S. combat operations as June 30, 2009 and for all U.S. forces to be pulled out of Iraq by December 30, 2011. So when they say “Obama pulled U.S. forces out of Iraq in 2011 leaving the country to fall into the hands of terrorists,” the reality is he was following an agreement that George W. Bush had already signed well before he became president. Again, this is just another example of Republicans trying to blame something on President Obama that was caused by George W. Bush.

      • Patrick Gerow

        the part you don’t understand Blondie, is your president could have said, ‘we are not going to honor that agreement, i’m in charge now” ; but no he didn’t do that because he thought it was a good move even though his advisers said no don’t do it. So wake up and smell the coffee and stop pretending you are a political commentator and go check your make-up or something. Men are trying to get business done here! forpiece!

      • forpeace

        Calling me “Blondie” and “forpiece” shows how ignorant you are.

        And, you call yourself a “man?”

        You are an embarrassment to all the REAL men out there.

      • Patrick Gerow

        oh stop, you are hurting my feelings! thats why you have to go by a fake name, you are an embarrasment to all the free thinking people out there who believe in hard work and dedication. go back to your fantasy world, dreamer!

      • stealthattack

        You are a fat piece of sh-t woman. The status agreement called for residual troops by Bush. Obama wanted low to zero trrops there you idiot.

      • Larry Wasnesky

        Really, what an asshole.

      • Patrick Gerow

        Yea Larry? thanks for your 2 cents. who ties your shoes in the morning?

      • Dan Coffeen

        You’re exactly right, on the circumstances. But I think a case could be made that Bush was using foresight, based on intelligence and onsite advice by his military advisors. To forecast that Iraq would need ongoing support and an indefinite timeline wasn’t rocket science. Obama however seemed to be primarily concerned with honoring his campaign pledge, a worth while cause to be sure, but once he was in the chair, I get the sense that hubris took over, and he felt the need to broadcast the timeline for withdrawal, which was simply a signal to militant Islamists to just wait until the withdrawal, and start right back in. Which is exactly what happened, and why Obama is now eating his words and actions with resumption of hostilities.

      • Be The Example

        The SOFA means that you keep troops there. We however didn’t. Obama didn’t honor the agreement. Obama offered a number of troops that he knew would be rejected and then pulled out. Obama made the decision, Obama ran his entire 2012 campaign on it, and Obama has no love for and has not supported our troops in any way. He doesn’t listen to our Generals who know what they are talking about and then finds ways to get rid of them when they disagree with him. Bush had already signed the agreement but the agreement was that we would be pulling out in 2014. Obama did not honor the agreement in fact Obama found ways around the agreement. If he had any real knowledge of foreign policy and military operations maybe we wouldn’t be where we are now. As it is now the average military family is consistently be screwed by this POTUS.

  • Pipercat

    Dead wrong on this one Allen. As much as I’d like to blame Bush for the things he did or didn’t do, this situation is not one of them. This was created by Iran when it decided to intervene in the Syrian civil war. When Hezbollah joined the fight on the side of the Assad regime is when the call for jihad by the Sunni Arabs. Stage one devolved into a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, stage two further disintegrated into chaos as all sides are fighting in all directions. Now the cancer has spread and the outcome will be years of meaningless conflict. Stage three has the rest of the world involved in this fucking nightmare.

    Just goes to show that people, no matter who they are, don’t learn from other people’s mistakes and, also, learn to mind their own business.

    • Stephen Barlow

      It’s time for Second Amendment VOTING!!

      • Pipercat

        I’d be happy for 70% turnout voting.

    • My Yoga Video

      ISIS started in Iraq not Syria. They grew big in Syria but did not start there. So you are half right about Hezbollah … to try and be the only right person is the mistake of the ego … the ego never gets it right because it is so easy blinded by the supposed prize at the end that never occurs.

      • Pipercat

        Clifton was denying the antecedent wrapped up in a simplistic straw man. As such, the outside players, their origins and their participation is irrelevant.

  • Noside just truth

    The point is that the war in Iraq was started based on false intelligence by the Bush administration. George,Cheney and Rumsfeld should all be charged with war crimes.

  • David Victor Furman

    “Well, at least those of us who know how to think for ours’elves.” Which obviously doesn’t include the author of this piece. With my own PhD in Political Science I can point out that after 6 years in office, Obama’s excuse that it’s all Bush’s fault has exceeded its shelf life and it is about time Obama took the credit for his own policy failures.

    • Larry Wasnesky

      Had Bush not invaded and occupied Iraq for no reason, we would not be having this conversation, plain and simple. 4,500 Americans dead for nothing, 180,000 innocent Iraq’es dead for no reason, Hundreds of thousands wounded for nothing. When all is said and done in Iraq, it should run the taxpayers almost 4 trillion, for the war that the Bush administration said would pay for itself in oil subsidies, We are still waiting for that just like we are still waiting for Regans economy to trickle down. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice are all wanted by the Hague for war crimes and crimes against humanity. That probably makes you proud. I do wish Obama would have turned the scum in to the Hague to let them slowly rot away in prison for what they did to our soldiers and the country of Iraq, who did nothing to us to warrant an invasion and occupation and the murder of 180,000 innocent Iraq’es. ISIS was formed in 2006, because of failed US mission to eliminateAL-Qaeda. In 2006 Obama was Senator Obama and in 2003, Senator Obama voted no to go to war in Iraq. I guess he knew better all along. The Bush Iraq war blunder will haunt the USA for decades.

      • stealthattack

        ISIS formed in 2011 the day after Obama pulled put the troops. Your mom is a wh-re. Typical Dem.

        Obama wasn’t in the U.S Senate until 2005
        you idiot.

  • Be The Example

    The SOFA agreement signed by Bush had our troops out by 2014… Not shortly after Obama took office. He began pulling out the forces in 2009 and he ran his entire 2012 Campaign on the Fact that he “ended the war in Iraq.” Be original. Be a reputable columnists instead of calling names. The fact is that once the POTUS takes office the issues are his but he seems to be very good at passing the buck. He has no leadership skills or qualities that would make him an appropriate leader. He never finishes what he starts… and spins the truth to meet his needs consistently. Bush’s is time is past. What ever mistakes that Bush made are his. We are into this President’s second term and he still can’t take any responsibility. But he sure does throw around racial slander with ease, make snap judgements without following the law, and breaks the law to suit his needs. He hasn’t done anything for women (I’m a woman) hence the all of a sudden speech given by FLOTUS for the equality of women in the workplace and she gave that speech to the UN. Last time I checked the UN doesn’t make US policies. I am sure this was done as a distraction to keep people from focusing on his countless failures, and now even his own party is distancing themselves from the self proclaimed “rockstar/messiah” of the United States. I am counting down the days till an actual leader gets in there and does something right. Big Government = Big Problems for average Americans.

    An Average American!

  • mike

    Progressing forward to Armageddon, but before that we will rule the world with the antichrist for a few years before he turns us all into part human part animal part nephilim demoniacs…yes sir ree Bob let’s keep moving forward!

  • Robert

    Iraq had nothing to do with 911.It was a bad mistake, The U.S. should have
    Nuked Mecca in Saudi on Sept 12 2001. Instead bush destabilized the middle attacking Iraq.he should have not stopped until he caught bin Laden
    Now we have Isis. Thanks alot. Bush!